Just (The Best) Sales

Good morning friends! Is your week flying by or dragging on?  Mine is flying with too much to do and too little time!

BUT, the good news is that our cool front arrived and yesterday was so enjoyable out!  We went to the park after school for some outside time, and then I celebrated one of my oldest girlfriend’s birthdays with an evening dinner on the patio at Giacomo’s.  We’ll take every minute of this glorious weather!

Today, it’s a short and sweet Just the Best Sales post.  Every Wednesday, I scour the internet to bring you great deals on things you might love,

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Thank you to JCPenney and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post.

You guys! Fall has found its way to Houston and we couldn’t be happier.  We’ve been sweatin’ through the heat and humidity with temps still reaching the 90s, but this week we’ve got lows in the 60s! It’s absolutely GLORIOUS!!!

I signed on for a 4-part collaboration with JCPenney and I’m sure you’ll enjoy these cute style/budget friendly posts.  I choose my sponsors carefully, and have enjoyed partnering with JCPenney in the past- especially last year during the holidays.  I got the cutest pics with Jordan and hopefully we can get more this year. 

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October Loves

Hello friends!  It’s amazing what some good sleep and girlfriend time can do for you!  A bunch of us went to Round Top this weekend for the semi-annual antiques fair and good old fashion fun.  We spend the day laughing and shopping and eating and laughing some more.  That 24-hour getaway helped get my mind clear and ready for the week.

I’m one of those weird people that likes Monday because I think of it as a mini “fresh start” every week.  As long as I get to spend some time reflecting, planning, and getting organized on Sunday,

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Hi friends!  We made it to Friday!!  It’s been a looong, emotional week for me and it’s really caught up with me.  This weekend, my girlfriends are whisking me away to Round Top for the annual trip that I haven’t gotten to go on in the past.  Round Top is a huge antiques fair with loads of decor, but also yummy food!  I’m looking forward to both, and of course, time with these mamas that have helped me get through this past year!

If you missed any of my posts this week, I shared my Life Update,

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Decorating for Fall with Amazon Prime

Hello friends!  How’s your week been?  It’s already been jam packed here with baseball practice, meetings with the teachers, and planning Jordan’s classroom Halloween party.

Last night, we also had our National Night Out and all the neighbors got together with the kids and had a potluck style dinner together.  We have a great group of families in our neighborhood and one of Jordan’s favorite friends, the sweetest 4 year-old boy, lives right across the street.  He often comes over to play in the evenings or on weekends and it’s so sweet to see how fond of each other they are.

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