Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Hi friend! I’ve done several posts about what I eat and my favorite sweet treats, and some of you have been curious ask about what my kids eat.  Today, I’m sharing the kinds of things I pack in my kids’ lunch and hopefully it gives you some ideas to make lunches easier at your house.

I like to make things as simple as possible and lots of times my kids eat the same things on repeat.  I don’t stress about them having lots of variety, but I wanted to give you several easy options in case your kids have different preferences.

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Your Weekly Faves & Best Sales

Just one more day until NYC!  I’d love your help deciding what to wear!  I need to finish packing tonight because I leave early tomorrow.  No matter how much I prepare for a trip, I always feel like I’m losing my head the day before.  But, I got this new makeup case and toiletry bag and can’t wait to pack it for this trip!


Every Wednesday, I scour the internet to bring your great deals on things you might love, want, or need. Here’s what I found this week!

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Help Me Pack for NYC

Hi friend!  We’ve got rain, rain, rain here in Houston and so much that school dismissed early yesterday and is closed today.  We don’t have good drainage, so flooding is always an issue when we get too much rain too quickly.  I’m hoping everyone stays safe.

I’m heading to NYC on Thursday to meet Brian and, in preparation for packing, I tried on some outfits that I may want to bring with.  On the agenda is two client/friend dinners, Brian’s birthday dinner, and walking around the city just sightseeing and popping into different places.

It’s supposed to be between 70-80 degrees with a 30-50% chance of rain. 

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Tuesday Goodies

Hi friend! Welcome to a brand new week!  Our family got together to celebrate my mom’s birthday this weekend and I love our time together.  I’ve mentioned before, but our family is so small, and I’m so thankful for our tight knit group.

I’m also really excited to be heading to NYC with Brian this week!  I’m meeting him there since he’ll already be there on business and we’ll extend his trip through the weekend.  We’ll be celebrating his birthday on Friday and I’m really pumped to get to explore the city this time of year!

Tuesday Goodies

Now onto today’s post!

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Amazon Fashion Faves 9.10.21

Hi friend!  What a frenzy of a week!  I guess that’s what happens when you have a long weekend!  I’ll take it!  I’m already looking forward to this weekend with the kiddos and a whole lot of doing not much.  But, the special part is we’ll be celebrating my mom’s birthday Sunday.  We love her so much and she’s a huge part of our daily lives!

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week and we had major technical difficulties streaming Amazon Live, but we finally got it working yesterday.

If you missed it,

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