The Cutest Spring Shoes & Bags

Hi friend! Welcome to a fresh, new week!  We’re back from Spring Break and had a great time in San Antonio with my brother and his family.  There were lots of laughs and memories we’ll be talking about for years to come.  I shared some pics on my instagram if you missed my Stories this weekend.

This morning was a little rough since we never fully adapted to the time change and we’ve been loving sleeping in last week.  We were up til 10 last night, so I’m sure we’ll be feeling it today.  Do you feel the same?

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My Favorite Amazon Leggings & They’re Under $30

Hi friend!  Yay for Friday!  If you’re on Spring Break, I hope it’s going amazingly well!  We made it to San Antonio, but the weather isn’t as warm as we had hoped.  We’re still having fun together and enjoying the house we rented.  The Riverwalk is always so fun with so much to see and the river is dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day! ♣

If you follow me on Stories, you know I did a “no added sugar challenge.”   I can’t believe I did 7 whole days!  That’s 7 days without my beloved vanilla caramel creamer and using half and half and nut pods instead! 

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Spring Break Style

Hi friend!  I hope y’all are doing awesome!  It’s our Spring Break so we’re slowing down and taking things easy.  We woke up to surprisingly cooler temps, which has us watching the weather in San Antonio.  We’re heading there soon and plan to visit the Riverwalk (did you know it’s dog friendly?!) and Seaworld.

I was going to do a post about what I’m packing, but it’s looking like jeans and sweatshirts!  I’m bringing this one for St. Patrick’s Day! I also ordered this backpack to help save my back during our long walks.

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Amazon Fashion Faves 3.10.22

Hi friend! Happy Friday!  Our Spring Break starts today at 2pm and we’re kicking it off with a family dinner with Ali-Shaun and Marianna and their crews.  Really looking forward to that!

If you follow me on Stories, you know I’m on Day 3 of my “no added sugar challenge.”  I’m starting with just 7 days because I don’t even trust myself to go a full 3o days.  It’s already been super hard and I’ve had headaches.  I am sleeping really well, so that’s a bonus.  Follow me on Stories for daily updates!

We had a fun week on the blog,

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My New Bathroom Tour

Hi friend!  I’m so excited to share another room in our new house with you!  It’s been exactly one year that we’ve been here and I still love it so much!  Maybe even more now that we’ve lived here awhile and have really made it our own.

I’ve shown you the full house tour here and my closet here, today I’m bringing you into the primary bathroom where I get to get ready everyday!



And you know Luke is never far behind me .

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