March Rewind & Top Sellers

Hi friends!  I’m so happy to be taking a breather in Mexico with my wonderful boyfriend!  Sometimes I pinch myself that I even have a “boyfriend”, since it kinda makes me feel like a teenager to say that!

It’s also EASTER weekend!  Do y’all have any fun plans?  I’ll be celebrating with my kiddos when I get back and their baskets are already ready and waiting and I’m certain the Easter bunny will have hidden eggs by the time I get back too!


I always love seeing what y’all are interested in,

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Just (the BEST) Sales

Hi friends!  I hope your week is going well!  I’m knee deep in getting ready to go out of town and it’s super exciting and I’m also a bit frazzled!  There’s always so much to do before a trip.  I’m so glad that Brian is one of those kind of guys that jumps in and takes care of things to share the load.  He’s been so helpful!

And Tuesday Goodies was a fun one, if you missed it, catch it here!


Every Wednesday, I scour the internet to bring you great deals on things you might love,

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Tuesday Goodies

Hi friends!  I hope your week is going really well!  I can hardly believe Brian and I leave for Mexico on Thursday.  It was a trip we gifted to each other for Christmas and we’re finally making it happen!


If you read yesterday’s Dressing Room post, you saw that hackers tried to gain access to my Instagram.

I responded to an email that allowed them access to my account before I realized the email address was suspicious.  I also acted quickly and was able to change my password. 

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Dressing Room

Hi friends! Welcome to a fresh new week! I hope you had a wonderful, restful weekend. I sure did! In fact, on Friday, I overslept my 6 AM alarm and didn’t wake up until 8:07! Totally missed my work out with Matt and I think that that’s the first time that’s ever happened! 

I guess sometimes we really do need to catch up on our rest. It does our mind and body good!  

For my birthday, Brian gifted me a spa certificate and I used it on Friday afternoon to get a hydrafacial. 

I think I’ve only gotten three facials in my life,

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Our Spring Decor & Easy Easter Table

Hi friends! Happy Friday!  I’m so ready to welcome the weekend!  This week after Spring Break has been go, go, go!  I’m ready to slow down and savor the weekend.  It’s another one with nothing on the agenda, and I relish those!

Most of the time our lives are so busy, filled with to-do’s and activities and commitments.  We need that ‘white space’ so we can have time to be still, to ponder, to sleep!

I’ve had a mild headache for the last several days, and I think some extra sleep will really do me good this weekend!

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