Houston Update & Amazon Fashion Faves

Hi friends!  It’s SO good to be back here with you for a brand new week with power, heat and water!  Last week definitely took a toll on us, but thankfully, things are pretty well back to normal for us.  ♥ I know lots of people are still feeling the effects of the storm with broken water pipes, school cancelled, and all the things that have gone along with this unprecedented Texas weather event.

It’s been heartwarming to see us all pull together to help each other and, if you missed it, I shared a list of resources and links to help in my weekend newsletter. 

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Houston Storm Update

Hi friends!  It’s been a wild couple of days here and I so appreciate the messages and ‘stay safe’ sentiments y’all have been sending!  My internet is super spotty, but I’m feeling the love. ♥

Sure enough, we got the predicted freezing weather and snowfall, but we didn’t expect to lose power and heat and water!  Ug!  Millions of people across the Houston and surrounding areas are without, shivering in their homes.  I’ve heard they’ve set up warming shelters at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Lakewood Church, and Gallery Furniture if you know someone in the area in need.

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Amazon Beauty

Hi friends!  Welcome to a fresh, new week!  Did you have a good Valentine’s Day?  Brian gave me the most beautiful red roses I’ve ever seen. ♥ They are so big and fully opened and just gorgeous.  He had them delivered and I was so surprised!  Usually when my doorbell rings, it’s cardboard boxes or a bunch of kiddos. 🙂

I gave him a heart-shaped box of chocolate caramels and wrote him a card.  It was our first Valentine’s Day together and so lovely to just be in each other’s lives.  I hope you had a wonderful day and felt the love.

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Dressing Room 2.12.21

Hi friends! Happy Valentine’s weekend! Do you have any sweet plans?  We’ll be taking it easy, with nothing major on the agenda and that’s fine by me!  As you could probably tell from yesterday’s book post, I’m definitely in a season where I appreciate moving slower.  Of course, I love to GSD, but that’s work mode and there definitely needs to be a slow gear too.

Jordan had been sleeping with me and now it’s time to get her to sleep in her ‘big girl’ room again.  The first night was rough and,

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Books I’m Reading in 2021

Hi friends!  I hope you’re week is going amazing!  I can’t believe we’re already this far into February with Valentine’s Day just around the corner!  At the beginning of this year, I cancelled my cable.  I’d been thinking about doing it for a long time and honestly, I don’t miss it!  There’s still plenty of watching options available since I have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video (Mad Men is on there;) and YouTube.

I do love HGTV, Bravo and Food Network, so if I really end up missing those networks, I can always subscribe to Hulu in the future. 

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