Things are Changing

My life has taken some drastic turns in the last 5 years. I’ve gotten divorced, moved houses, been single and dated, finally landing in a fulfilling relationship. I’ll be 50 next year and my kids have gone from 3 & 9 to 8 & 14. My son will be starting high school next year!

Lawyer to Blogger

Before I was a blogger, I was a lawyer. Then, I was a blogger while I was a lawyer for a long time. Eventually, I traded my law career for blogging full time.

When I started blogging in 2010, I was chronicling my journey into motherhood, our new home, and all the fun that comes with decorating a new house.

In 2015, I struggled to make the jump from full-time lawyer to blogger because I didn’t want my hobby and creative outlet to be a JOB that I was a slave to.

In some respects, that’s what ended up happening. It’s hard to separate life from business when your life IS your business.

The way I earn money is through brand partnerships, advertisements on my blog sidebar, and via affiliate links. That means, when you click one of my affiliate links to a retailer and complete a purchase, I earn a small commission.

Bottom Line: I have to link items and you have to shop my links for me to earn a living.

But, in my soul, I don’t believe THINGS make us happy or fulfill us.

To the contrary, I’ve found more peace and fulfillment the more I’ve decluttered and let go of stuff. I’ve been more relaxed now that our spaces are more minimal. I’ve been happier. I can pay attention to my daughter without thinking in the back of my mind, “I should be cleaning or organizing or . . . “

I’m at a real crossroads in my life and career because, in my soul, I just want to talk about minimalism and simple living and how to be more present in our relationships and do things that are meaningful and bring value to our lives and those around us.

I want to talk about leisure activities, finding our deeper purpose, and staying healthy and strong well into our older years.

Yet, I still have to pay the bills and currently, that is through my work, much of it which includes “selling things.”

I’ve been praying and keeping my heart wide open for God to show me my path forward.

Going Forward

I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with shopping and liking nice things and wearing clothes that make you feel amazing. Heck, I like those things and do enjoy sharing them with you.

I just want to change my approach and figure out a way to support my family that’s less reliant on shopping links.

I’m sharing these innermost thoughts with you because you may notice a change in my blog content and I want to give you a heads up. I hope you’ll stay with me as this is a work in progress.

Some things will stay consistent – I’ll continue sharing my life, and the things I use and appreciate in beauty, decor and fashion. I will still share ways to style pieces and create different outfits, but I plan to incorporate more simple living posts. Hopefully, at least one a week.

Going forward, I will start incorporating more about how I minimized my home and you can too. I’m gifted and passionate about organization, so I can share that too. And maybe ‘slow productivity’. I’m still about getting things done, but also having less to do.

I’m not a full-blown minimalist, but maybe I’m minimal-ish, or I’ve heard it called “cozy minimalist.” I’m not there yet, but I’m leaning in that direction.

It’s scary to start charting a new path when the one you’ve been on has been fruitful. I’ve been able to support my family and being financially secure is so important to me- especially as a single mom.

But, my insides are longing to share content you can’t link.

My prayer: Lord, please open the doors of creativity and let my true purpose be a blessing through my work. Let it bless the people it touches. Help it support my family. You’ve always been so faithful. I’m wide open . . . Amen.

Surely, I’m Not Alone

As I’ve been contemplating these things, I think “There has to be other women like me out there. Women who want to declutter and minimize, but still have beautiful homes and wardrobes they enjoy. There has to be women who are exhausted by life and commitments and need their homes to serve them, instead of the other way around. There has to be women who enjoy shopping, but need a break from it sometimes.” There has to be a middle ground of ladies like us, right?! Let me know if that’s you in the comments!

Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear what kinds of content would be of most value to you here. There are no wrong answers. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

And if you like my simple living content, you can find more here.

Also, please consider subscribing to my blog and sharing it with a friend. As a THANK YOU, I do a $500 giveaway for subscribers every month! 🙂

Have a fantastic day friend!

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. Love this so much… long time reader here and I so appreciate the direction you’re going in as well as your honesty about it… I have steered away from mostly all of the blogs I loved for years because truthfully the excess and constant shopping links were not a good influence on me. Yours is still a constant because of your authenticity and honesty, and I am excited to see where you go next! My one request is please never stop your Nordstrom yearly try ons with Ali Shaun, those are my favs and I find myself laughing along with you girls and looking forward to those! Feels like I’m shopping with friends! I read recently, “Wherever I go next, trust that God is already there” and it seems appropriate to share with you! You’ve got this!

      1. I LOVE this post and I resonate with it so much. You are my go-to source for tips on simple living and decluttering (and also fashion for moms!). I look forward to your posts.

    1. I love that you’re seeking God’s will for your life and open to whatever He has for you. You’re bound to succeed with that type of openness, because He blesses those who seek Him first. 🩷

      I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time and it sounds like you’re going to make it even better. I love the idea of cozy minimalism and look forward to learning more about that and organization tips, along with outfit ideas and styling. Thanks for all of the work you put in so all of those things are easier for the rest of us!

      1. I am so excited that you are sharing your personal evolution! I have a feeling it will bless you beyond what you ever considered because it is from your heart! Thank you for the inspiration! As we age and become wiser with you, I imagine we are all wanting to simplify and get to the meaning and nectar of our lives…we are with you! Lead the way…

      2. Love this! Please continue to share house updates, fitness tips and what you’re doing and day in the life type stories. I enjoy reading your blog for the way you are relatable and engaging and NORMAL!

    2. Megan
      I’ve been loving your honesty and shift on how you’re feeling. I’ve been looking around at all my stuff and thinking “this use to be money”. I am also looking to manage my things less and spend time on my family and friends. Maybe vacation more. I’ve also been wanting to edit my wardrobe. I would love to see posts about capsule wardrobes basics, ways to style and what to add for the seasons. Ways to style a great quality basic a few different ways. Maybe capsules wardrobes for vacations? I feel a shift among my friends in this direction of wanting to buy less. They are still buying and looking for great recommendations, but I feel they are looking for the perfect girlfriend to give them their tried and true things they love or new find. For me you already built my trust in the products that you do talk about. I’m still here to listen to the recommendations and for how you are reducing the stuff you purchase. I’d love more emails/blog posts about life, how you’re feeling about reducing your clutter, how you’re organizing, how you are finding it effects your relationships (do you have more time, are your friends following your lead). I think there is a way to still recommend products you believe in, post about what you want to talk about and support your family. I’m in for the ride! Maybe a podcast?

    3. I’m all in!!! I love your thoughts for your new content!! That’s exactly what I’m looking for – organizing my home so that it’s more of a place of peace so that I can enjoy it’s purpose – a cozy space to enjoy the people in it. 🩵🩵

  2. I’m here for the new content. We all grow and it’s natural that you blog will change. Can’t wait to see what is next. Wishing you all the best.

  3. I appreciate the new direction, and it’s impact on your life (income. I hope that there’s a way for you to continue to provide quality content (decor and fashion ideas, as well as life changes) that allows you to support your family as well. I’ll still be here!

  4. Hi, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, and love you for saying it all. I’ve been a long-time reader, forever. I’m slowing my pace, too, and I find meaning in my relationship with Jesus and my friends and family. I’d love content about peace, contentment, finding calm, etc. I understand you have to pay the bills. Please let us know how to best support you, so you can do that. I want to- if I need to click on links, or ads, or whatever, I want to know that. Seriously. I love your heart. Peace and grace over you, sister.

      1. Love your transparency and agree with all this. I’m older than you (just turned 59) and have realized how little the “things” in my life matter. I have considered deleting instagram because it encourages me to buy more. Instead I have been curating my feed to more content that feeds my soul. I love the direction you are taking. Totally understand that linking and brand content needs to be a part of it but your integrity is what keeps me here!

  5. I’m a long time follower here—way before instagram land! I, too, consider myself “minimalish”—I like and thrive in clean, uncluttered spaces. And after 58 years, things aren’t important!! I appreciate your honesty always and keeping things real by sharing your heart! You are one of the few blogs i still really enjoy—keep up the great work and I pray God will give you clear answer on what you are to do going forward! Much love, Dawn

  6. I’m so happy you are making this change! I too am finding myself at a point in life where I want less stuff and if I am buying anything it’s with intention and purpose. I do understand you have to make a living and can’t step away completely from affiliate links though! I look forward to reading about your new journey!

    1. You get exactly what I was trying to convey Teresea. It’s going to be a delicate balance going forward, but I’m keeping my intentions at the center. I’m excited to share some new content with you!

  7. Good for you! I too have stop following blogs and you tuber’s who only try to sell me “stuff”. It has become overwhelming. I miss the days of blogs being more conversational and sharing knowledge. I don’t mind sometimes discussing amazing products and that being shared or house tours and products shared, but the consent Amazon shopping…I’m over it. I stop following Casey, Hi Sugarlpum because she has become a walking billboard, it’s like choosing to watch commercials. I don’t want my head space filled with that. look forward to your new informational content 😊

    1. I appreciate you Angie. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for so long and I remember the old days too. Having lots of comments on these posts is reminiscent of those older days and it feels really good. Thank you for being here.

  8. Be you! I feel the same as the comment above—so many blogs I used to love focus ONLY on buy, buy, buy. I completely get it that people need to support their families-but the culture of “more things” is such a dangerous one. It takes courage to change—keep being courageous even if those around you that mean well— think you shouldn’t.
    Excited for the change!

    1. Courage. Thank you for pointing that out, I guess it does take courage because if I’m being honest with myself, I have been fearful of making a change. But, it’s almost like I can’t not if that makes sense. I’m praying that everything will work out as it should.

    2. I agree. So many accounts are just full of stories now it’s like watching one long advert, which I skip over on TV! 😉
      I must be following for about ten years and I’m in Europe so a lot of your links aren’t relevant for me (sorry!) but what kept me interested were your fitness challenges/ healthy lifestyle stuff/take care of you and recipes. I enjoy following you because you seem very genuine, reflective and interested in growth. I enjoy seeing your Tuesday goodies even if I can’t buy them from the sites!
      I’ve noticed a slight turn in the minimal direction. Loved your latest deutter post! I’m looking forward to what you choose to share next. And as others have said, it takes courage, which in itself is inspiring!

  9. Yes!!! This is why I have continued to check in with your blog after dumping so many others. I get that you will have links – you have to have an income source . But I can handle that (and will sometimes purchase) because there is other engaging content.

    It is so refreshing to know you are mindful of this. I can definitely sense a different vibe from your blog.

  10. Megan – yes! I feel the same way in my life. I only want things in my home that are special and have meaning. I’ve followed you for years and always enjoy the life style, food, exercise posts way more than the clothes. You will be great!

  11. Megan, absolutely love the direction you’re taking your blog! I totally agree with the previous comment, used to follow a lot of lifestyle bloggers and began to feel way too materialistic. I love a cozy minimalist lifestyle and share your passion for organization! It’s so much better for my brain to have a streamlined home and wardrobe. Slowing down and being intentional about what I bring into my life is very important to me. Keep going in the direction you’re heading, we’ll be there following you!

    1. My brain too Laura. Since childhood, I always preferred a clean and uncluttered space. Thank you for sticking with me as things start to shift.

  12. I love this idea and I’m here for it! I’ve grown tired of the constant links to urge us to buy more and more and have unfollowed many of those accounts.
    As I’ve gotten older, I’m 56, I’m trying to focus more on the future – traveling, being content with less, saving more. Clutter stresses me out and I’ve always wondered do these women even wear half of these clothes? How much does one person really need?lol.
    I can’t wait for the new content- you have and continue to be my favorite influencer/blogger!

    1. I appreciate that so much Deb. I’ll be 50 next year and I’m also examining my life more and thinking about how I want it to look and feel. And yes, how many clothes can we even wear? I’m asking myself that question as I declutter my closet. Thank you so much for the compliment!

  13. I am very proud of you for listening to that “voice” inside of yourself. I do believe that is how God to talks to us. I am a very long time reader. I love all of your posts and appreciate how you select items of all different price ranges. One of the things I have been enjoying is your OOTD on Instagram. I have a hard time deciding what to wear and you not only help me get dressed but you also help me pack for trips. Follow your heart!

  14. “There has to be women who are exhausted by life and commitments and need their homes to serve them, instead of the other way around.” This hit!
    Me! I love shopping but I have… enough. Of everything. (Well, except groceries, with a teen in this house) Love this and excited to see what’s next!

  15. Thank you for your honest thoughts! I have noticed the change in your content and I am so here for it. It is so refreshing! I now follow only a few lifestyle bloggers, because most just sell things. Wishing you the best of luck balancing the income side of your business with what speaks to your heart!

    1. That is the challenge Lenka. I’ve built a business and now my family and I rely on this income stream. I don’t have the answers and that’s one of the reasons I will still share linkable content. I’m just hoping it’s more relevant and less of the focus.

  16. I’m in the same boat, so many changes this past year, separating from my husband, moving out and figuring out how to make it on my own with my teenage daughter. Although it has been a challenging year I am finding such peace in the serenity of our new place (much smaller than the home we build that I left behind) and finding a deeper connection with God and myself. I am so excited to go on this journey with you. God will guide your path! Thank you for the joy you spread each day, you are a part of my morning routine and I love that you aren’t afraid to talk about your faith, thank you for being YOU! 😘

    1. A separation can be such a traumatic event in our lives. So many emotions, but if we face them and work through them, I’ve found so much peace on the other side. Things aren’t perfect, but that’s part of the journey. I’m praying for you Celeste!

      1. Thanks Megan! That means so much and thank you for your prayers, I will also be praying for you. Prayer warriors are so important to have and such a blessing 💙

  17. Way.To.Go!
    This is amazing. It feels impossibly hard to make such a change, but the stirring of your heart is the Holy Spirit moving. Thank you for being obedient in listening. Huge step in looking at your life and what is worthwhile. You don’t know me, but I am so proud of you!!

  18. I hear tour heart in every word of this post! I’m here for whatever you have to share, and will support and cheer you always! You and our friendship is one of the best things to come from this crazy journey! Love you, friend!

  19. Very excited about this change for you and your readership! I think this new direction will resonate with so many. I am trying to be much more intentional with how I spend my money and what I purchase and bring into my home/life. Really looking forward to your new content and praying that new opportunities become available to you.

  20. I like where this is going 🙂 i’ve been reading you since before i had kids, mine are 8 and 5 and i love seeing how they grow next to yours.
    if i would propose topics i would add:
    – minimalism in life with kids- how to not give them too much of what everyone has
    – simple cooking/meal prep things
    – vacation/ to do with kids as slower paced life.

    Will be here for the journey! thank you!

  21. Thank you for the prayer, I will be praying it as well. I am about to turn 64 this summer. Retired from teaching, started a baking blog years ago (that I am sure I am the only follower!), I tutored kids during Covid and now work part-time retail. Recently questioning whether retail is really my purpose, completely understand what you are saying. Been thinking of past experiences to lean on for my next chapter, but didn’t think about something new going forward. Have family responsibilities but still want to find a job that feels purposeful and works with my family. AND want to organize my house better! I am all in for your new content!

    1. Hi Jo! That’s my mom’s name! And my next door neighbor is a retired teacher and I just adore her! I hear where you’re at, we’ll be praying for each other and seeing where God leads us.

  22. I’ve found myself contemplating these exact same thoughts for a bit now. I’m here for it so follow what your heart is telling you to do and trust God in the process of it all.

  23. I LOVE this!! My word for the year has been “simplify”. I have been working on decluttering and more organization in my home. I’m excited for this new direction and new blog post ideas as this falls in line with where I am at in my own journey through life. Excited to see where God takes you and how your platform can serve your community.

  24. Love where you’re going with this! Love your honesty! Will be following along to see where it goes – and hopefully participating as well! 🙂

  25. I love your content so much and completely resonate with everything you wrote. Thank you for being brave enough to pivot and follow your heart!

  26. Love this! Long time follower. I am so tired of “fast food” content. I understand and respect the business aspect of blogging and instagram but it feels like that is all it is now and that the inspirational or creative content is gone.

  27. Megan! I am here for this!
    I have followed you for a while and you are still a top fav. I am excited to see what is to come for you…it’s always fun to shop and get pretty things, but it seems like that is all I see now in blogs and on insta. I will continue to follow and support and can’t wait to see where you go!

  28. I love this! I am so happy for you. I have been following you from the beginning. I am also a divorced mom with a sweet 16 year old. I am also going to be 50 next year, we have a lot in common. Although been way to scared to put myself back on the dating scene. I too can get caught up on clicking links and buying things because I am “influenced” but at the end of the day, I am the same, I don’t want all this “stuff”. It also adds up and really want to spend money elsewhere.

    I can totally understand you going through this process and figuring out your career and what’s best for your family.

    It’s funny there’s a few bloggers i have followed a very long time and I feel like they are my friends! However I hardly have time to comment or respond!

    Bottom line…I will be here cheering you on!

    1. Kerri! We are similar in so many ways! I can definitely relate to the single mom life. If you want a partner in life, take courage and give dating a try:) When I first started, I tried to not put too much weight on it, keep it light. My attitude was Just get out and have some adult fun. Whenever you’re ready!

  29. Just wanted to echo what everyone is saying! Been following a long time and the older I get (46) the less “stuff” I want. I want a small closet of things I love and feel good in. Cozy minimalist is also how I would describe it. Like so many others I’ve stopped following people who are showing 10 $400 necklaces that they just HAD to have, or three versions of the same expensive shirt. I’m craving peace and simplicity and less and I keep editing what I have in our home. So I’m also happy and grateful to be along for the ride. You always seem so genuine and like someone I’d love to really know in real life. Keep doing you! <3

  30. I love that you’re seeking God’s will for your life and open to whatever He has for you. You’re bound to succeed with that type of openness, because He blesses those who seek Him first. 🩷

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time and it sounds like you’re going to make it even better. I love the idea of cozy minimalism and look forward to learning more about that and organization tips, along with outfit ideas and styling. Thanks for all of the work you put in so all of those things are easier for the rest of us!

  31. Thank you! I like many others have stopped following people due to their “stuff”. I don’t need the clutter virtually or physically. I appreciate your honesty and the shift. I have been moving to more minimalism-ish too. Look forward to content on decluttering, simply joys and capsule style wardrobing.

  32. A beautiful post that is brave and real. It resonated so much as I find myself in that same place BUT the more people I follow are selling … I am buying. I don’t like how that feels for me and yet I keep consuming. That is obviously only my problem but I feel that in a way we are feeling the same things. Too much emphasis on things.
    I think in all our jobs, we’ve had to figure out a balance. Do I work the extra hours for more money, or do I go home to my family? Maybe you make an income to support your family but not lavishly? And I promise that isn’t a judgement just me processing.
    I love your heart. I’m excited to watch the change.

  33. I don’t follow many people, but have always loved your approach with blogging. I’ve been a similar path- divorce, single mom, dating, and now have found a fulfilling relationship, and I completely agree and support how you feel and your desire to minimize and alter your content. I just read a passage (I teach English) that says this:

    In order for growth, we must prune our lives as we prune a plant. Cut back and trim up, minimize. This will allow for new growth to take place.

    It rang so true for me at this point in life, and I hope it offers you the same amount of peace and confidence moving forwards with this change. You’ve been my favorite blogger from day one (semi new to Insta and don’t follow many) and I’m excited to see what’s next! Good luck! -minimize

  34. This is lovely news, thank you for your open honesty, & I agree with so many others that your true nature has always come through your blog & is the reason I’ve continued to follow you as a “virtual friend” & have cut out so many others. About 6 years ago I left my career in order to create a slower lifestyle & take better care of my young kids & aging parents, I do work some hours at a much more fulfilling job but I make way less money, which has therefore caused many more changes in life, I do still struggle with the meaning of being “successful” & therefore with self-confidence, since our society places so much value on economic status, but I’m here with you on this journey, leading with the heart.

  35. I LOVE the new content. We remodeled our house in 2020 and I found that having less stuff made me so much happier and calmer at home. Please don’t stop sharing the holiday ideas. I get so many of my gifting ideas from you girls and the things that you all love. You are an encouragement to me. Sending prayers for you.

  36. Megan, everyone here has said it ALL—but I completely agree with everything you said. ALL.OF.IT. Long time follower of yours and will continue to do so. Very proud of you for following your heart on this new venture.

  37. Like the others before me, I am so here for this change. I’ve followed you forever & continued to, through the business side of Instagram. While the fashion side was fun early on, I love your style & am aware of the “job” factor, it became totally overwhelming & I could not relate to the glut of these posts. I continued to follow because you offered the perfect balance with your health, beauty, food, decor, life & faith posts. Your heart showed through in every post & you truly have the gift of making us feel like a friend. I will be praying along with you that this shift will open up a new burst of lucrative creativity for you. I look forward to this new direction so much & will continue to follow along on your journey, my friend. You have a beautiful heart & soul & I wish you peace during this transition. xo

  38. I’m here for this!! We don’t have a lot of income so I pretty much rarely shop–even though I love clothes and decor! I love organizing and cozy minimalism, and being type-A, I love the idea of a slower productivity that’s more peaceful and focused on what really matters: our families instead of just never-ending house chores (I feel out of control when the house and chores are behind, and being a homeschooling mom of 4 (including a curious toddler), ‘behind’ is pretty much my state of existence these days).

  39. Yes yes yes! I originally found your bl9g because you were a petite mama like me. But I’ve continued to follow your blog because of the changes you have gone through. I wholeheartedly support this new arena and can’t wait to see what it brings.

  40. You are the one blog I actually still enjoy and I am very excited for the changes you will be making!!! At 60 I don’t shop as much and like a more clutter free life. My thing lately is to put together different outfits with clothes I already have so I would love content like that. Also love your food, recipe and exercise post.

  41. Thank you for this! My favorite thing about your blog is that you share YOU. YOU are why all these people are here and keep coming back! Good job following the gentle nudge inside of you!!

  42. YES! I’m a long time reader of your blog, the same age as you and also went through a divorce when you did after a very long marriage. I don’t have near the same income as I did when married and also realized I shopped online to try to temporarily cover the extreme unhappiness I felt from my marriage. I stopped visiting blogs I’d followed for years because I needed more depth, not shopping links. I love your blog, the eating healthy tips, managing money tips, organizing tips, all of it. Becoming more minimalist after my divorce helped bring some peace into my life so I love this path you’re on and can’t wait for future posts. Thank you!

  43. Hi Megan – not much to add as the ladies have written my thoughts perfectly already. But Id still love to wish you well and am so excited about the direction of the blog. Continued well wishes and prayers – it is beautiful when one chooses to live life as they desire. I am a long time reader as well and feel that this is so well deserved for you’!

  44. I am so happy to see this post. I personally have been at a crossroads of who to follow. The FOMO for stuff promoted on these blogs have challenged me financially. It’s an addiction!! I find my self unfollowing to stop from buying. Yet then I miss the in between posts that are just enjoyable to read!!! I look forward to continuing to read your posts and not feel influenced to buying things I don’t need ❤️

  45. Hi Megan. I’ve been following your blog (and Instagram account) for many years and after sampling many others, I’ve whittled my reading list down to very few with yours being one. We are in very different stages of life – I’m 64 with grown children and 6 grands. And, you are so petite while I’m a willowy 5’9” silver maned woman. Your content speaks to me and I’ve so enjoyed watching your transformation over the past several years, but especially over the last year. I love your honesty as you speak about your financial choices in budgeting for the things that you value most and as you move to a more minimal and intentional life. I love this direction, Keep going and thanks for taking me with you.

  46. Love this for so many reasons, but mostly you are so relatable! Good luck and I’m so excited to see what is ahead!!

  47. I’m so happy that you are finding a direction that allows you to find peace while making a living. As a 61 year old, I don’t need or want more stuff. I want my clothing to be stylish, yet minimal, and I want to declutter and live a more minimalistic in my home. May God grant you guidance as you seek this new direction. Thank you for always being a positive influence!

  48. I’m here with you too! I think for whatever reason we associated “ things” with sucess or… you have to have all the decor in your home so it was a sign of many things. I started feeling unhappy last year part due to life stress but I look around and I’m hanging onto like 14 cereal bowls for two people why? Idk.. I think the what if I need them.. I don’t want to waste the money and buy them again. Oh the I’ll wear that and haven’t for 5 years. I would love weekly declutter tips. I 🧡 this direction Megan and there are so many women that are stuck in this.

  49. I have followed you off and on through the years, but I’m 75 and have been married for 55 years and live on a retirement income; so all the pretty clothes and home goods started feeling over the top for my budget. Seeing those posts started making me feel inadequate and jealous if I’m being totally honest. I was just about to stop following you again, but I just felt a bit of a change coming from you. Now I’m excited to see how this turn of events will go.

    At our age, my hubby and I are beginning to get rid of the excess that doesn’t bring us joy. So I’m excited to see how you approach this topic. I’m also a Bible journaler, so I loved reading your prayer. I’m excited for you and your readers as you begin this journey.

  50. Spoke to my heart. Have been a loyal follower for many years. First as an outlet to help gain courage to end a difficult marriage while maintaining hope for my family, my core values, and sense of self. I too moved homes in the past year, got divorced and am now in a fully committed and loving relationship. I can also relate to wanting to slow things down as a single working mom. Less is more! and certainly opens the door for me to be more intentional. Bring on the new content, there is more to this life and I applaud you for daring to explore it!

  51. I think everything I have to say has already mentioned in previous comments, so I will just say DITTO. I love your new, fresh, simplified content. I think you will find a good balance between recommending quality items and producing authentic content. Way to go for following your heart.

  52. This is wonderful! I don’t remember how I came across your blog, but I’d guess it was an outfit on Pinterest. Then once I discovered all your content, I was hooked. This is still my favorite blog, and the only one I’ve continued reading over the years. I really appreciate the inspiration for time management, getting and staying organized, fitness, and fun, of course.

  53. I am so excited about this! I am 50 and understand what you’re going through. I love creating simplicity and a slower, more fulfilling life as I get older. I can’t wait to read your new posts and the new path the blog is taking. I also understand you have to make a living. Maybe you can get into partnerships with companies that sell items to make organization easier and/or create a downloadable program or booklet people can purchase? I pray you find the path that truly fulfills you and I would love to go on the journey with you!

  54. You are not alone, and others in the influencer space (I think) feel the same way. I’ve followed about 10 in the past decade and I am sensing a movement away from the constant buying frenzy that these platforms do foster. Yes we want tips and tips for good purchases but . . . can see how it becomes a rat race at times. So grateful for your recommendations but as one gets mature, there is truly less to buy. And that’s ok. Your food and fitness posts are what keep me here. Plus you and your kids are the same age as my kids and grands.

  55. I follow you for your personality, openess, health/fitness and minimalist content already. I typically scroll quickly through fashion stuff and hone in on your deeper stuff and experiments you write about. I loved your 9 week beach body experiment and followed it and had amazing results. I say- keep it coming and I’m excited to see your blog transformation!

  56. Oh boy do I understand. It’s so hard but God will show up, he always does, and He will guide you to something bigger and better. Love you and excited to watch you grow and change. Appreciate you sharing your life.

  57. YESSS!!! *That* sounds like exactly the kind of blog I want to read! I’m new to your blog, followed a fashion post link over here a couple weeks ago but it was your post about reducing expenses as well as the one about simplifying life that made me add you to my regulars list. I fully understand bloggers have to make money, but tbh some that I used to love have started to seem like it’s only ever about selling more stuff. (Only sponsored clickable posts vs how to style items you own, etc). It’s even more frustrating since many either only feature high end items or poor quality ones that I suspect they don’t really use. I’d LOVE a blog that includes some fashion and home decor but focuses more on quality of life!!
    That being said, I totally understand not wanting to cut your income or give up financial stability! But maybe it doesn’t have to be either/or. It might take some creativity, but can you shift your clickable links to be (at least partly) things that resonate with this new goal? Maybe look into a partnership with the container store or other home organization vendors? Even with your existing partners, look at new types of products. For example, Amazon and Walmart both stock home organization if you wanted to do a post on that. You could also have Amazon posts that feature new books you’re reading, especially ones that focus on decluttering and simplifying life. Or a roundup of garden products, from useful tools to cute pots and planters. Finally, I’d think of products and services you use that make life significantly simpler and reach out to those companies about partnerships. That being said, please keep the fashion and home decor posts too! But once you figure out how to monetize the ones you enjoy more, you can shift your ratio of posts as it suits you. (Sorry if any or all of this has already been mentioned but I didn’t read all the other comments). Good luck, praying you can find a new niche! I know how difficult that is, as well as how discouraging it can be to want to do something different and not know where to start.

  58. There are so many young Instagram women and very few showing how to age well. How to be a 50 year old who is trendy and fashionable but dealing with eyes that sag and wrinkles. I want to follow someone who is aging with grace and shows life after babies.

  59. Megan,
    This is so great!! I love your vision and love your honesty.
    I have been a longtime follower of your blog, before you had Jordan.
    Love your post and blog post.
    You have got this.
    I so look forward to watching and learning from your next chapter, journey.
    You are an amazing woman.
    Thank you for continuing your posts, your blog.

  60. Thank you for sharing your new plan and new perspective! I know many (including me!) will support you and cheer for you every step of the way. I have followed you for years and will continue to. I, too, have embraced a new lifestyle of streamlining my home and my daily processes, along with decluttering, focusing on being in the moment, and being more grateful for the small blessings each day. Cheering for you, Megan!

  61. I am a long time follower of your blog and I am really loving this post and everything you are doing. Your Instagram and blog are an inspiration to me and I am sure many followers. You show us just the right amount of things you love which are everyday, budget friendly things. I look forward to seeing your posts and stories daily and I enjoy how you explain and give us your insight on everything you show us. Keep up the good work !

  62. Wow. This blog brought tears to my eyes. Your authenticity and honesty is so BRAVE. How scary it must be to change directions, and go down a new path. But you are doing to absolute right thing – listening to your heart and trusting God. I will continue to follow you, and even more so because I trust that what you are posting is intentional and honest. Praying for continued success and peace in all you do!

  63. Yes yes a million times yes!!! I’m on this journey as well and while I don’t mind people I like sharing things bc if you wear a pretty dress I may want to also order it if I need it, but I can easily see how it would get to be too much. Here for the journey!!

  64. Seasons of life come into focus as we realize the journey we’ve been taking is naturally changing. I’m right there with you. I’m so genuinely happy for you. I’ll be here, following along.

  65. As a busy mom, I resonate so much with this. Decluttering and simplifying my life are of utmost importance. I’ve also shifted away from buying so many cheap clothing items from Amazon to more quality clothing that will last longer.

  66. Megan, you are such an inspiration to me! I’m closing in on an “empty nest” but I’m feeling a lot like you in wanting to carve out a simpler life. I love everything you put on your blog but the fitness, food, time management and personal posts have always been my favorite! I hope you will tell us how to support you even more moving forward (comments, visiting the blog, etc.). Thank you for this and other recent posts sharing your heart, it’s a breath of fresh air!

  67. I appreciate this openness and look forward for what’s to come. I am your age and even though I don’t blog, I feel like I too am craving change in my life. What that looks like right now for me, I do not know. I do know it is much needed. I look forward to continue to follow you for all types of inspiration!

  68. I don’t have much to add that these other lovely women haven’t already said. But, I have followed you for a very long time. I was drawn to your content because I am a petite lawyer who loved organizing. I stayed around because your son is very close in age to mine and we are similar age (I’m almost 46). I have enjoyed your content but the shift I have seen recently and what you are planning to do now is just fantastic! I am a minimalist and am always looking for good information about that as well fitness, budgeting, etc. tips. Most of all, you are genuine and straight-forward and that is hard to find!

  69. This post hits home and expresses what I’ve been feeling so much of the past few years. I am here for the new content! I’ve been following your blog since the early days (your oldest was just around a year old when I discovered your blog) and I have always loved your real life blog posts-organizing, motherhood, career, recipes, fitness. I am so grateful that you are going back to more of the old content! I have stopped reading many blogs that I followed for years because of the heavy focus on links and stuff. I really dislike fast fashion, consumer culture and reading posts to purchase too many things isn’t enjoyable. Our lives and homes should work for us for today, but we need to leave our world better for our children in the future. I love your writing style and am so excited for this change!

  70. I have been following you and your tremendous growth personally and professionally.
    I can resonate with your life decisions to focus on what matters.
    Your transitions sound a-lot like my own.
    Successful surgeon to a happy and meaningful work in Functional Medicine.
    Health and wellness is my passion but it didn’t always pay the bills. God has always come through.

    I believe you are showing all of us a way of living that most of pray for each day.
    Grounding, soul enriching, less chaotic!

    I like all your tips on how to organize and decorate a beautiful home.
    I love that you share your research in how you decided on certain furniture pieces.
    With of course keeping in mind budget and quality. I hope you are an affiliate with Pottery Barn (because of your research) I will be purchasing the outdoor furniture like yours. 😎

  71. I love this! Having turned 51 this year, I so feel you. I have 12 year old boy/girl twins and I too, have been thinking about what it important to our family – our values, what we want out of life. I’ve been thinking as I scroll through Instragram lately it’s a constant barrage of links to buy, even from people who I have loved to follow. I find myself just passing through their stories really fast or skipping them altogether because I’m tired of it. I’m looking to be inspired. Looking forward to this new journey with you.

  72. YES!!! So much this! I’ve been following you since Jordan was a baby, and I’ve always loved everything you share. But recently, I’ve found myself swiping through all the shopping posts, because honestly I’m burned out on all the shopping. I don’t need more stuff! You do you, and those of us that appreciate decluttering and organizing and whatnot will still be here.

  73. We already love you and will follow you no matter what direction you take! I need to lean into the “less stuff” mindset so I look forward to that content.

  74. I have read your blog for a long time and have always admired your transparency. I realize bloggers need to make a living by readers purchasing from the links but I have stopped following blogs that have become so heavy into selling you things. I also think many families would benefit from a simpler lifestyle and resisting the need to “keep up with the Jones” so I applaud what you are doing and wish you much success with this new direction.

  75. I’ve been following blogs for over 15 years and I’ve seen so many changes during that time. I think it’s perfectly natural to evolve as you enter new stages of life. When I was younger my budget dictated that I find less expensive items. I loved the “look for less” posts. Now as I approach my 50s, I prefer the fewer but better concept. As I purged my closet, I saw a consistent pattern of tossing the Target and Amazon impulse buys. Maybe start a series of items that you are saving for that you consider investments. For instance, I just treated myself to a new YSL purse. It was expensive but I realized it had been over four years since I purchased my last purse. I know you’ll figure out the perfect balance that will authentically represent you!!

  76. YESS!! I have loved your blog and others since the early years around 2010-2012 and found the ones I read based on my interests of organizing, decorating, productivity, and now also minimalism. I have continued following many blogs but usually only read the intro for the shopping posts to keep up with the life updates. I don’t want my house or wardrobe cluttered so I have to avoid most of the shopping posts so as not to be making impulse purchases I don’t need. My favorite posts have always been organizing/decor/productivity. I can’t wait to see more simple living and minimal posts. I want to support you supporting your family so I have always followed along and understand and commend you for hustling as a single mom! But really looking forward to what’s to come. Also want to say my very favorite post I used to look forward to in the early years was when you posted about resetting/decluttering/reorganizing after the holidays and giving a little house refresh tour in January 🙂

  77. I love this post. Thank you so much for being so honest. You’re one of my favourite bloggers and it was your fitness journey that got me going. Yes to healthy and mindful, with a splash of fun and fashion. Please don’t stop blogging!

  78. Wow, how refreshing, brave and authentic of you! Your feelings resonates deeply with me. I, too, have curated my content that I follow because of all the selling. It sometimes feels like infomercials. How much do we really need? Our American society is too much into consumerism and it doesn’t lead to true fulfillment. My motto is, “Less is More.” The more we have, the more we have to keep up with; cleaning, organizing and decision making. All of which are exhausting. All of this excess eventually goes into landfills.

    Moving forward, I would like to see you sharing your minimalism and how you did it, working out, healthy living, eating healthy, healthy habits, reading inspiring books and finding fulfillment in ourselves and others as opposed to “stuff.” I have read about some successful people who have adopted a “uniform” to lesson their decision fatigue. Perhaps, you could make examples of a summer uniform, fall uniform etc for all seasons to accommodate the weather. I live in Dallas and it gets plenty hot similar to Houston. Another could be making a list of priorities and mantra’s to keep on track. You are a beautiful role model for your readers and for your children.

    You are inspirational and I know by taking this new step, you will be rewarded in ways you never imagined both monetary and soulful joy. Follow your heart and please continue sharing on your blog. I am excited to see future posts. Thank you for being open and honest with us. Sending you a big hug and warmest wishes.

  79. I love the honesty , openness and new path forward. I look forward to following and embracing the shared ideas and approaches. I have often thought it must be stressful at times to have so much material items to review, try on, return, keep, etc. I have found my own items increasing by being influenced which is fun yet stressful. Stuff = stress. You are different … in a good way. I love the variety of what you share from health, fitness, recipes, mindfulness, simplification, decor , and beauty. Keep up the great work. Continued Blessings to you from a Midwest follower. 🧡

  80. Longtime reader here and I really appreciate your honesty. I’m mid 40’s and leaning more into minimalism, quality over quantity and experiences over material things as I get older. To be honest, the Amazon and Walmart content (not specific to your blog but in general) seems out of hand. Are influencers really wearing this stuff?! I personally have returned most of the Amazon fashion items that I have ordered so I am no longer influenced into those purchases. Lately I find myself leaning more into the health and wellness space. My body is becoming increasingly sensitive to lifestyle choices as I get older and I like seeing healthy, motivated women sharing what they are doing to age well.

  81. YES YES YES to all of this!!! Congrats to you for realizing what makes you happy and what doesn’t and making changes. Change is hard but as a long time follower, I’m here for it!!

    I hate that my IG feed and stories are just full of women pushing products and clothes and “stuff.” Recently I’ve been unfollowing people because it’s so unrealistic to be shopping everyday for a whole bunch of stuff I don’t need. I stopped buying clothes from target and Amazon lately because I’d rather spend more on one quality item instead of many cheap items. Instead of “stuff” I’d prefer to just hear about other people’s daily lives. Is her life like mine or totally different? How do you keep motivated every day to workout? What are you cooking this week? Just normal stuff. I will be following along on your new journey and can’t wait to see where it takes you!

  82. I love this. Thank you. I find with time and age , I don’t enjoy blogs anymore that are so heavily lined with links. I too and living more simply and seeing so many paragraphs describing buying a t shirt in 10 different colors, just does not appeal to me anymore

    I’ve always loved your honesty in your posts and how well you lean into life, no matter where it takes you.

  83. I love this Megan. Balance is important. I love to shop and put together new outfits, but how much stuff do I really need. I struggle with declutter. So I appreciate that your blog is a balance. It is much more enjoyable and informative than others. Good luck and follow your heart.

  84. Thank you or AMEN!

    The things I enjoyed most about reading blogs is a bi-gone era. Now…. the tidbits that brought me to the blog (in years long done) are mostly replaced with truly GREAT women who unexpectedly became “influencers” as a full-time job. And my readership and others helped to get you and others to this cool place, where you get paid because we come, and take action, and thus here we are in a consumer cycle about spending more and more and more.

    Now I go to the blog and see another spring cardigan just slightly different than last year’s cardi the influencer shared. And then I wonder… geez… this is a lot of consumption. And, at least PERSONALLY, I do NOT have that much money, closet space or time to continually edit my closet. (plus I really still like last years until I saw THIS ONE with the slightly different sleeves or buttons and never mind how lucky I am in general to be a consumer with some expendable income in general.

    So… I still enjoy reading those wonderful blogs, but they no longer fit ME, and in our world full of horrid things here or in other countries, it is almost upsetting to my soul. (But NOT the bloggers fault, btw.)

    Don’t get me wrong… I will keep following either way, but I think I am going to be among MANY who like it more.

    So – Have a wonderful day and take care to you and your family!!!

  85. I love this post! Good job following your heart! I will continue to read and follow. Keep asking God to show you the way and he will. You have always been my favorite person to follow. Praying that you find your authentic path…I promise it resonates with so many ladies like me!

  86. Looking forward to this-right up my alley! Have been constantly decluttering for a few years now-still have too much stuff! But I am getting there! I am sure I will learn a lot of tricks watching you declutter too! Thank you for all your future content!!

  87. I feel this in my soul. I am now an empty nester with my only child (daughter) graduated from college and moving abroad. I want to get rid of at least 50% of what is in my home. It’s just too much. And now, things I thought I was saving for her future home aren’t needed because it’s too expensive to ship overseas.

  88. Your blog has been my favorite for about 4 years. Your honesty and sincere regard for others has always shown through. Things like reposting Rhonda’s cookies instead of trying to sell a food product are typical of your posts. You share so much of your life already. If you feel compelled to change, we will go along with you. Being healthy and happy are good reasons for change. Be true to yourself keeping God and your family as your priority’s. Sharing posts on clothing, decorating and beauty are always appreciated too!

  89. Long time follower here! You and I are about the same age and I too am at a stage where I finally noticed how time consuming “stuff” can be. But I crave a simpler life I can live versus surviving. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I will say my favorite is the Tuesday goodies😊

  90. I found your blog because you were a contributor for I Heart Organizing! I would love for you to focus more on simple living and organization. 🙂

    I am especially interested in what you eat in a week and how you have maintained healthy eating for so long. I am looking for ideas that aren’t only healthy, but are also enjoyable/ sustainable…

    I am also curious how you organize/ declutter your closets.

  91. Wow, reading through all these comments and I love all the positivity and encouragement – I also feel the same as many commenters! Long time follower and I’m drawn more to your posts about organization, minimalism, creating a cozy home, kids, pets, and health, wellness, and self-improvement. I totally understand the need to monetize what you’re doing and maintain your income… Maybe a sponsored podcast, or partnerships with home and health brands. Lately it seems there is a lot of buzz around perimenopause/menopause and getting healthy/building muscle now for our later years (in general, people realizing the need for preventive steps rather than waiting until there’s a problem). I know I’d love to hear more about that stuff! Thanks, Megan – however your blog and business evolves, I’ll definitely be following along!

  92. Yes please! I totally get that bloggers need to make money for their work, and affiliate links are a great way to do that. But I find so many blogs just unreadable anymore because of the links, sales, etc. I don’t know what the answer is but I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  93. We are on the same page!
    My husband had health issues from November until mid March. He was experiencing a lot of pain so we pretty much stayed home. I am not one that can sit and do nothing so I started organizing my home. I cleaned, updated and organized so well, now that he’s better, I still want to stay home all the time. Lol
    A clean and organized home will make you fall in love with your home.

  94. Love this so much! As a working mom of four, I love and respect the ‘lean out’! Best of luck and look forward to following along.

  95. Megan, I’ve been reading your blog for over a decade! Crazy. I fully support your changes. And, honestly, there are so many influencers who market/sell Amazon clothes. Would it kill two birds with one stone if you featured/ affiliated with slightly higher end pieces that could be part of a capsule wardrobe for more minimalist people? Or you could share affiliate posts featuring your fave organization and cleaning products etc.

    I’m exited to read your new posts! Definitely cheering you on!

    1. over 10 years!!! Thank you Rachael! I’m so honored to have you here for so long! Those are good ideas to think about. I’m currently considering just one Amazon fashion post a month or doing them in a different way, and also incorporating different (higher quality) retailers.

  96. Hi Megan, I personally enjoy the lifestyle posts (life updates, healthy eating, fitness etc.) more than shopping and style ones. However, I’m fine if you continue to share shopping/style posts in some capacity. While I don’t do a lot of clothes shopping myself, I like some outfit posts (such as “What I Wore Lately”). I also really like seasonal content (how to enjoy the current season, celebrate holidays etc.)

    I’ve been into self-help and personal development for a long time, so posts about finding our deeper purpose sound like a great idea! And I like the idea of more simple living posts (and “slow productivity”) too. Hope that was helpful! 🙂


  97. Long time follower and was always rooting for you, but honestly I often questioned in my head really all these clothes and polyester, too…it just sometimes felt wrong and frivolous. But, I like you, so I stuck around. But, today I see you….I couldn’t agree more. I love the prayers, too. Even adding in your love of Christ would be great!!! Many blessings to you!!

  98. I felt like you were talking about me in your post. The shopping, being intentional, creating a greater purpose. Those are the things I love most about your blogging, which is why I’m a follower but such a poor contributor to your finances, I don’t shop much, so my apologies. I hope you can find a way to monetize your best work. Here for the transition and all the things you enjoy sharing. Much success always.

  99. I SO love the cozy minimalism/minimal-ish thought process and I have found it an extremely limited topic online (blogs, podcasts, etc). I have looked specifically for ideas around wardrobe and home and have been disappointed in the lack of content out there. I think that incorporating that into your content and talking about it in the ways that make sense for you would fill a niche that there are a lot of people like me are out there searching for!!! I hope that you find a path you are comfortable with and I am excited to follow along.

  100. Not one to mince here goes! YES! YES! YES! I ve followed your blog for a number of years. I’m sure I have contributed to your household income and have always trusted your judgement and honest reviews. That being said, I think you are totally correct in being ready to pivot! Some days I can imagine it is difficult to again try to describe the wonders of another pair of jeans..that sadly most of us probably do not need. I truly enjoy reading about your life, your struggles, your challenges, your family and everyday life!

    Just remember…..PUSH! Pray until something happens! It will come.

  101. Hi Megan, thank you for always keeping it real. You always have a variety of posts that never get boring. Your clothing picks are so beautiful and I enjoy your decorating. cooking and child rearing.blogs. What do you consider a fulfilling relationship, or a deal breaker? Would love a blog on this subject.

    1. Hi Sue! I love talking about relationships – an easy deal breaker for me is a smoker. I have close family that smokes and I love the person tremendously and don’t judge. I know it’s a strong habit that’s really hard to stop, but I don’t enjoy being around the smoke. One of the biggest things that fulfills me in a relationship is someone that I can know on an intimate level, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. It takes vulnerability and courage to really open up and share who you are. I love that Elliott is able to do that and that I feel safe with him to do the same.

  102. Hi Megan,
    You are my favorite blogger because you are so authentic and kind. You truly inspire me! I really admire your discipline. Your ability to work out consistently, achieve goals regarding your personal life and fitness. The tips regarding this could be life changing for us. I really need to give up sugar and take better care of myself. You seem to have a passion for that also.
    I also think that there could be an interest in makeovers to help others with tips, products, books, and clothing. It would be like shopping with our friend virtually. There would be links for that. I love that you shop at relatable stores like Loft. I know I would love this! Sometimes we need to feel more confident and we focus on what we don’t like about ourselves. We want to feel that we are good enough at home taking care of our family, at work by doing our best, and somehow looking and feeling good about ourselves. If you could help is with that, I think you would be successful. We buy the beauty product or new top hoping that it will make us finally feel and look better. It would also allow you to focus and highlight someone else which gives you more privacy.
    My suggestion is that you create what looks like a magazine that comes to life online with a little bit of everything that matters.
    I truly thank you and wish you and your family the best of health and prosperity! I will be here rooting for you!

    1. Thank you for all of those thoughtful suggestions Anne. Feeling good about ourselves is at the core of so much. I struggle with it too and have been working on just trying to accept myself as I am. Why is so hard sometimes?

  103. Long time reader and story listener here, back to when James was itty bitty! I’ll be 40 this year and I have been longing for change in my own life with all the “things”. I’m exhausted trying to keep up with the society we have now days. I’ve been off social media, especially FB quite a bit. I love to shop, but Shopping just brings more things in and I want to get stuff out! But, I still like nice things 🥴 it’s a work in progress and I can’t wait for the change! Good for you Megan! I love the minimal-ish! 😉😉

  104. I’m so excited about this new chapter in your life. Simplicity speaks to my heart and I can’t wait to follow along. I have tired to be very intentional with what I bring into my home and also with what clothes I buy and wear. I have followed you for many years. You are a true gem Megan.

  105. Thank you for this. I have been following along since before you had Jordan. I’ve seen how your blog evolved. I would love to see this new phase. Quite honestly as a 52 year old I’m tired of stuff. My kids are older and moving into their next stops in life. Clutter free is for me. (Now if I could only get my husband to follow) ☺️

    1. Oh I know, same with kids, right?! I’m lucky that my boyfriend is similar in his values when it comes to things and he lives very simply. My son is also pretty minimal, but my daughter loves her stuff and rarely wants to part with anything. I just try to lead by example. Thank you for being here for so long Dana!

  106. Loving and sharing your reflections. For years I accumulated unused stuff, then the need to put order in my finances led me to a decidedly more conscious consumption and shopping. I liked your blog when you were still a lawyer, I like it now and it will please with the changes and I’m sure God will show you the right way!!

  107. What a beautiful prayer, Megan!! God is faithful and he will show you the way. I am excited to see these changes and this is exactly the kind of context / mix of content that I like to read. Thank you for sharing your heart, and props to you for being willing to make changes even when it’s challenging. God created you for a purpose and He will use your gifts!!

  108. Absolutely love this and appreciate your honesty! Everyone evolves and we realize life is so much more than our things Or wardrobe. You have so much more to offer than just shopping tips so never doubt that! I’d love content that shows how you can use pieces you already have to achieve a “certain look” or how adding one new piece to your wardrobe can make multiple outfits. Either way I’m sticking around to see what’s next❤️

  109. I have been following you for a long time. I read your blog and follow you on Instagram. Yes! I make some awesome purchases that you share. Thank you for that.
    Hubby and I retired to Sun City in Texas eight years ago. We truly simplified our lives. We downsized our home. Sold, donated and got rid of stuff. When you live here you see how quickly lives change. On my street alone many have gone into assisted living or sadly passed away. There will be estate sales where everything that these precious people have is on display and sold for practically nothing. I don’t want my children to be faced with that.
    You are a beautiful light. God Bless You!

    1. I hope you are enjoying retirement and staying healthy and active. I’ve heard of Swedish Death Cleaning where people let go of things in their older age so their family doesn’t have the burden of dealing with it.

    2. Good point. Watching my grandparent’s possessions being auctioned off was brutal! 😓 92 years worth of stuff gone in a few hours.

  110. 100% agree with this direction you are thinking of shifting too…we all have too much stuff! I love your spirit and your outlook and will look forward to your perspective and thoughts in how to slow down and live more simply.

  111. I love how raw and real your writing is, and your posts around organization, fitness and GSD are always my faves. I don’t have much to add that all these other wonderful readers haven’t shared, but please know how much I appreciate your creativity and content and all you pour into your readers! Xo

  112. Can’t wait for your new content and to hear about your journey to minimal living! We retired from a downsized home to an apartment in a retirement community at age 62….that was 7 years ago. We got rid of SO MUCH STUFF….it is very freeing. We love living a less fussy life, and I still enjoy shopping, clothes, make up, but am loving the house things I have and not purchasing any more “stuff”. Can’t wait to follow you on your journey…Blessings to you and your family!

  113. I’m a long time reader of your blog (I’ve followed you from the early days) and am super excited to see this type of content!

  114. I have been reading for well over 5 years, and truly enjoy your blog. I am excited to read the new direction you and your blog are heading. I too am finding I need to simplify my home and need encouragement and tips to guide me. I think I am far older than a lot of your readers (closer to 70 than 65), I still work 50-60 hours a week, volunteer on two boards, and am a caregiver for my wonderful hubby (coming up soon on 44 years of marriage). Tackling the de-clutter will fall completely on me (and after all these years you can only imagine how much I’m looking at), so I’m trying to “save myself from myself” because it’s so overwhelming I can’t seem to start. I’ve always been a “get it ALL done now and in one shot” person, but my challenge is accepting I only have 15 minutes or less a day, and trying not to see EVERYTHING else that needs to be done…because FOCUS. I do enjoy all your posts (even the clothing, although my age/body wouldn’t work for most of them) because you encourage us to look beyond what we’ve always worn. Bottom line (sorry for the long comment), I will continue to be a loyal reader and will pray for you to go where your heart is telling you to go in a way that you find rewarding, and support your lovely family.

  115. I love this post! I do shop your links and I won’t buy something off of Amazon unless I see it on your blog because you have cut my returns down soooo much! I almost never return something you have recommended so I do love the things. I’m in a stage of declutterring too, so loving that content. I really would love more heath and nutrition content. Also recommended books/shows!!

    1. Thank you Jaclyn, I try to be specific with the things I share on Amazon. I’ve been sharing what I’m eating on my Instagram stories if you want to check it out, but I can add that here too. I’m currently rewatching Schitt’s Creek – such a good show!

  116. Love this. Frankly I only skim shopping posts as I dong need more stuff and our environment suffers from all the excess I live your fitness posts. Been a follower since your competition days. Please share more fitness and organization. Wish you the best on this journey!

  117. YES! I love blogs that I can actually read for content, not to have to buy buy buy. I like the stories behind purchases and getting to know the back story of your family/home life. (I remember when you announced Jordan’s birth on your blog….long time admirer of yours here!) As so many of your readers have already said, I find myself cutting back on all of the “stuff”. As a working mom to 4 teenagers, I constantly find myself surrounded by all of the things in their lives…sports stuff, school stuff, computer stuff, clothing stuff, hobby stuff. It makes me anxious to always be cleaning up and putting away. So if I am going to make a purchase these days, it better be something that I really love or they really need. But I also love having a nice place to call home, so I am all in for your journey. Looks like you have struck a nerve with so many of us-your followers are here for you!

  118. Long time reader (probably around 10 years) and sooooo on board with this plan! I am so over the clutter and need less to do so my house can work for me. I am tired of either feeling guilty that I’m behind in chores or not spending enough quality time with my daughter and husband! Here for all the recommendations!

  119. I’ve been following your blog for a long time and I couldn’t agree more. I’m more invested in you and your family than all of the clothes. Keep the Ali Shaun content though! And your favorite things recap! ❤️

  120. Megan,
    Thank you for your authenticity and honesty. I second the other comments! I have been following your blog pretty much since the beginning, and have been cheering you along your journey to a more fulfilled life. I have purchased quite a few items based on your recommendations, but I appreciate the intentionality to make a change and stop churning out content that does not feel authentic to you or your values. I have stopped reading many of the blogs I followed for years because I just didn’t want to be sold more “stuff”. It’s exhausting as a reader and I’m sure even more exhausting as a content creator. I really enjoy the more personal, intentional posts that feel like you’re connecting with a friend. Thank you for keeping your corner of the internet a place that we all want to come back to and visit! The best is yet to come!

  121. Hi Megan,
    I have to echo a lot of what has already been said. I have subscribed to and read your blog from your very first blog post and I am still here. That I appreciate your content goes without saying :). Your honesty and openness resonate with me. I get that it’s a delicate balance because you have to support yourself and your family but the constant selling is at odds with where your soul is at this point in your life. I will say that normally, I dislike reading what I think is a heartfelt post about something only to see affiliate links peppered all throughout it. BUT I keep reading YOUR posts because even though there are links, it FEELS different. I will say God’s got you. I made a major career change last year and it took a lot of faith and trust but God has provided for me and my family in ways that I could never have imagined. I like the slow living, simplicity content (the main reasons why I left my job of 18 years) and it is a journey for sure. I also like the organisation, fitness, and home decor posts. I will be sticking around to see what’s next.

  122. I am ALL in! I started following bc of your personality; sweet, down-to-earth, kind, etc. but most importantly bc I felt that you were GENUINE! I will 💯 percent continue bc I find myself very much in the I want/NEED to declutter phase of my life but I don’t even know where to begin. Every time of made some sort of headway; I feel like there’s another obstacle in front of me! Needless to say…you are doing an amazing job at it!

    1. Thank you so much Erika! I’m so glad you are here with me. It can be one step forward and two back, but we keep going. It’s worth it along the way and we learn and grow through the process.

  123. Can’t wait for this, yes yes and yes! Followed you from the start and love how you evolve and grow and find yourself.
    Sign me up 🙂 I have been on my declutter journey since life slowed down in 2020 with covid.
    I have a way to go and this is just what I need and will be here for your journey! I am in Sydney, Australia and love to hear more!

    1. I’ve always wanted to visit Sydney Niv. My grandma had gone there and raved about how wonderful it was, including the people. It’s on my bucket list. I’ve been decluttering too and now I’m making more passes around my home and being more ruthless. The more I get rid of, the better I feel.

  124. Great move! I always wondered what you do with the clothes from the endless try on hauls. Do you donate or return? It’s way too much for anyone person to wear

    1. Thanks Cheri! If I’ve only tried them on, I return. Stuff I’ve had for awhile gets donated. I’ve been seriously pairing down my wardrobe lately – I need to do an updated closet tour soon!

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