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Mid week and I’m feeling it!  Yesterday I picked up James and Jordan from school early to make it to his dental appointment.  While we were waiting in the waiting room, Jordan fell and hit her chin on the little table.

I watched it happen almost in slow motion and knew immediately it was gonna hurt, but I didn’t realize that it split her chin open until I saw the blood.  Those cuts bleed so bad, but thankfully she was able to avoid stitches.  Poor thing! You always hate to see your kids hurt.

I knew she was okay though when she kept wanting to play with all the toys in the waiting room. 

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Dressing Room | Old Navy & Target

Good morning friends! Well, it didn’t take long – both of my kids woke up yesterday saying they didn’t want to go to school.  Jordan came home without napping and was in total beastmode!  So super grumpy, but we had an early dinner and early to bed, so hopefully today is better!

I’m so glad you liked Friday’s Amazon post and yesterday’s LOFT post– both try-ons are saved to my Story Highlights.  I think it helps to see things live and in action and videos are always more personal.


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Dressing Room | LOFT – HUGE FLASH SALE

Good morning Monday!  How was your weekend?!  On Friday, I felt like I had been hit by a truck with how exhausted I was with the back-to-school logistics and emotions.  It was a lot and only half a week!

Jordan might have gotten the ‘first time at school bug’ because she’s been all stuffed up and runny nose this weekend.  It hasn’t dampened her spirits though, she’s still as fun and feisty as ever!

And now it’s week two of school – a full week, so we’ll see how this goes.  Luckily, I spent Sunday evening getting everything prepped and ready,

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Amazon Fashion Faves

Hello friends and happy Friday!  After today, I can officially say we survived the first week of school!  And it’s only been three days!  I’m exhausted, the kids are exhausted and we all need a day to decompress from all the newness, excitement and stress that comes from going back to school.   I think this weekend we’ll just chill and recoup and get ready to do it all again next week!

I’m thrilled that you found this week’s posts valuable.  If you missed it, I shared my new August Loves, the Best Sales,

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Beauty Q & A

Good morning friends!  You have no idea how much your kind messages and commiserations over Jordan starting preschool yesterday meant to me.  Jordan started out having a great day, but when we walked into the school, she got scared and started crying.  Which, of course, made me cry!

Luckily, she was allowed to bring a comfort item from home and her Lovey did make her feel better.  We waited in line with her through assembly, then walked her to her classroom where she got to hang up her new backpack, put her new lunchbox in her special cubby,

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