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Hi friends!  Happy Friday!!  How’s your week been?  We have Week #2 of school down and now we’re in a much better groove.  I’m usually in bed by 9:30 and getting up by 6 and it feels great!

We’re also more than halfway through the fitness challenge!  How is it going for you?  Access all the FREE workouts, meal plans, and fitness trackers here.

I’m so glad y’all are enjoying my new series Tuesday Goodies!  Next one is a fun one too.



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Your Coziest Fall & Neutral Fall Decor

Hi friends!  Happy almost Friday!  How’s your week going? Today is a fun day – two of my favorite people were born today!

Brian and my longtime (25 years and counting) friend Maggie!  So funny that they share the same birthday!  I guess I like Virgos -my Mom is one too.:) We’re taking Maggie out to lunch at Perry’s Steakhouse today, and then we’re having a special dinner for Brian with his sister and her husband.  It’ll be my first time meeting them, so fingers crossed it goes well!  What should I wear?! 

I’ve started sprinkling Fall decor around my house and it’s gotten me so in the mood for all things Fall and cozy! 

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Just (the BEST) Sales

Wow! I just increased the font size on my computer and it’s a whole new world! Man! I have reading glasses that I definitely need to pull out more, and I’ve already increased the font size on my phone, but I don’t know why I waited so long to change it on my computer.  It’s so much better!  Have y’all done that or is it just me??

I’m so glad y’all like the Tuesday Goodies series! I just uploaded a new one to Stories yesterday and saved it to a highlight, but you can always find it on my blog here

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Tuesday Goodies : Little Things that Make Life Sweeter

Hi friends! How was your weekend?  Mine kicked off with a super fun date night on Thursday!  We went to Brasserie 19 and had good wine, a delicious meal, easy conversation and lots of laughs.  It feels so good to be having adult fun again!  I know y’all want all the dirty details, ha!, so I started working on a ‘dating after divorce’ post that I’ll share as soon as it’s ready.  It’s taking me awhile since there’s so much I have to say on that topic, but stay tuned!

On Friday, we celebrated the first week of school in the books! 

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Fall Dressing Room Outfits

Hi friends! Happy Friday!  I’m so happy to have Week #1 of school in the books! Things are certainly different this year with having to complete a health screening every morning, sending the kids to school in masks, and taking their temperatures before entering the building.

Plus, now we have to drop the kids off from the car and can’t walk them inside. I’m super proud of how well the kids are doing with it and so thankful for all of our teachers and faculty. They have worked tremendously hard to make the school year happen and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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