HWH Fitness Challenge Week #4 | TRAMPOLINE WORKOUT

Good morning!  My emotions are running high this morning because we are traveling to California to visit Grandma Nola today. I’m so excited to see her and for her to meet Jordan for the first time.  I think Grandma will see a mini Megan in Jordan and that the 91 and 2 year old will really hit it off.  I just started bawling typing this, but it’s just because there’s so much love there.  Grandma Nola has been such an influential person in my life and I’m so grateful for her. I’m going to try very hard to stay in the present moment while we’re there and soak it all in. 

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1 Pair of Jeans | 15 FALL DENIM OUTFITS!

Happy Friday friends! We’ve had such a busy week with the Fitness Challenge, Workwear Post, Best Sales, and More Tips from Grandma Nola.  I love that her advice resonates as much with you as it does with me.  I just love and adore her so much.

She’s lived a vibrant, vivacious life and is slowing way down now, and at 91, her health isn’t what it used to be.  She’s still bright and sharp as a tack, but yesterday, my Aunt called and said we should try to see her soon. 

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Get Ready for You | Advice from Grandma Nola

My Take Care of You post was one of my most popular ever, and I’ve been blogging for 8 years! Y’all loved the wise advice from my Grandma Nola and she got a kick out of it too!  I was talking on the phone with her last week and she was telling me that at her age, 91, she remembers the past way better than what happened yesterday.


She has wonderful memories of growing up healthy and happy in rural Missouri, being raised by her Aunt Bernice and Uncle Mack.  They lived very modestly on the farm and didn’t even have electricity. 

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Just (the best) Sales

Hi friends! How’s your week going?  Mine started off so strong! I got my early Monday morning workout in, but by mid-day, a stomach bug had taken me out. Those are the worst, especially when they hit you outta nowhere. I’m better now and just trying to catch up.

I still had fun sitting in my jammies on the couch scouring the best sales this week for you!  This week is a good one!


TRIPLE POINTS at NordstromNordstrom Rack,

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Three Fabulous Work Outfits with a Pop of Leopard

Starting working at 16, I’ve had my fair share of interesting jobs.  I started at Dandy’s Car Wash, washing, vacuuming, and armor-alling cars after school and on weekends.  I loved earning my own money for the first time in my life, but my nails were a mess!  While still in high school, I worked at a flower shop arranging floral bouquets; a dental office, Famous Footwear, and TJ Maxx.

During college, I realized I could make a lot more money (in a shorter amount of time!) waitressing and bartending and that’s what I did to put myself through school.

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