Good morning friends! We’re halfway to the weekend! And maybe a little more than halfway for those of you taking off Friday to get a start on your Memorial day weekend. I know I’m looking forward to it for sure!

Last week’s Dressing Room post was getting long, so I split it into two.  Today, you’ll see more super cute things for Spring and Summer and I’m also highlighting some goodies from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale that starts today! This is a great time to grab those Spring and Summer things you’ve been eyeing,

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Hi friends!  I’m super pumped about today’s blog post because it’s all about JEAN SHORTS!  You might be wondering why the topic of jean shorts gets me so excited- well, it’s because jean shorts are what I actually wear most often in my everyday life. I’m a work from home mom and Houston is hot and humid from now until November, so jean shorts are the easiest thing to throw on!

Even on days when I pull myself together and wear something cute to step out of the house in, lots of times when I return, I throw on my favorite jean shorts. 

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Welcome back friends! Did you have a good weekend?!  On Friday, we had field day at school, followed by lunch and ice cream at Chic-Fil-A with grandma and then a trip to WalMart and Lowe’s to make a sandbox for Jordan.  She loves to dig and get dirty, so it’s a perfect outdoor activity for her!

We wrapped up our last weekend of baseball with a tough loss.  Our team finished second in our division #waytogo! but lost the second game in the playoffs by one run. See, I’m learning! 😉 The boys were in tears after the game and it was so sad to see them so disappointed. 

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Happy happy weekend friends!  If you need me, I’ll be sweating my butt off at Field Day today!  It’s an all-day event at the school with sports and games and prizes and even a dunking booth!  It’s always a fun time, and also signals the countdown to the last two weeks of school!  Can you believe we’re at that point already?!

Today’s Dressing Room post is starting to look towards summer! #getready!!

For size reference, I’m super petite, 5’1, 105-110, 34D.  I usually wear 0P or 25 in jeans and XS or 0P tops.

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One day closer to the weekend friends!  With Spring in full swing and Summer quickly approaching, I’ve found 6 fantastic dresses that I’d consider Must Haves for these warm weather seasons! They are all priced right and several are on big time sale so I wanted to share today!

There’s three maxi dresses: a solid tank maxia t-shirt drawstring waist maxi; and a striped maxi and cute sundresses in three varieties: racerbackruffled; and swing!


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