How to Stay Fit & Sane During the Holidays

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Hi friends! Who’s happy for Friday?!  #raisesbothhands

It’s always right about this time of year when there’s only 11 days until Christmas and I start freaking out.  You too?  No matter how good my intentions, it seems like something always falls through the cracks or goes disastrously wrong.  Did you see our picture with Santa this year?! Ha!  You just have to laugh!

Well, one thing is for sure, if I take it back to basics – sleep,

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Jeans that Give You Legs for Days

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Hi friends!  How’s your week going?  We had the kids book fair last night and that’s always a blast.  The bookstore is one of my favorite places and I love seeing how much the kiddos enjoy it too!

Today, I have Part 2 of my collaboration with KUT from the Kloth.  Part 1 featured a fun, new trend in jeans.  This post highlights a pair of jeans that promises legs for days,

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Gift Guide For Her (All on Prime)

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday!  We had a looong day yesterday!  I tried to get me and the kids a good night sleep, but Jordan had other plans.  So, needless to say, I was exhausted all day yesterday (extra coffee please!!!) and then we had an unexpectedly long dental visit after school.  Leftovers for dinner and call it a night!

Thankfully, I got some good sleep last night, which really helps!  We’re off to the bookstore today for the annual school book fair and that’s always a fun event.  Speaking of fun events, I’m so glad y’all enjoyed our Favorite Things Recap

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Hi friends! I hope you are sufficiently caffeinated for this post because it’s a long one!  If you need to go make yourself a fresh cup of coffee first, I’ll wait!

That’s better!


If you follow me on Stories, you might have seen our Favorite Things party live and in action on Friday.  It’s also saved to my Highlights if you missed it.

The party was such a blast and full of so many belly laughs.  I’m so thankful for this group of friends.  They killed it with their gift giving this year,

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Gifts for the Frozen Lover

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Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Thursday night’s Favorite Things party was fantastic and I’ll be doing a full recap on my blog tomorrow.  If you want a sneak peek now, I saved the party to my Instagram Highlights.  I warn you : there is lots of hyena-like laughter and you might want to turn the volume down. 😉

I had a weekend alone, so I used the time to get organized, workout, and finish my Christmas shopping for the kids!

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