Amazon Fashion Faves 6.11.21

Hi friends!  You know we’re so happy for the today!! It’s been a roller coaster of a year, but I’m so proud of how well the kids did with all the changes.  I’m also grateful for our teachers who gracefully navigated these uncharted waters and yet gave it their all to make sure the year was a success.  God bless them!

I had such a good time in Dallas yesterday with my girls!  We had a chance to catch up in person and there is just no substitute for hugs and laughs and face-to-face conversations.  ♥ We did a photo shoot for the upcoming Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Summer collection

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Father’s Day Gift Guide | All on AMAZON

Hi friends!  I made it to Dallas and I’m so pumped to be here!  It’s about a four hour drive from Houston, so not too bad.  I just listened to podcasts and it was actually nice to just have some chill time in the car by myself!  If I’m driving, I’m fine, but as a passenger, I’m likely to fall asleep on a long drive!

I have a brand new Amazon fashion post coming up for you tomorrow, but while I was on the site, I found some great things for Father’s Day, so I’m sharing that with you today! 

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Just (the BEST) Sales

Hi friends!  I swear the last week of school is moving at a snail’s pace!  It feels like the longest.week.ever!  But, I get to go to Dallas today to visit my girl Cassie and sneak peak her latest GibsonLook collection!  It launches soon! And, when you shop, don’t forget to use my code HWH15 for 15% off everything!

It will be so fun to have some girl time, we talk every week, but I can’t remember the last time I got to see her in person!  It’s a 4-hour drive, so I’ll just be going for the day,

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Hi friends! Welcome back to my blog!  We’re in our last week of school here, and summer fever is REAL!  The kids get out at noon on Friday, then we have the weekend and rest of the summer to PLAY!

It will be so nice to not have to hustle and race out the door in the morning and we can take evenings slower too.  I’m hoping this thing makes those outside nights more enjoyable!  We usually hang out in the front yard after dinner and I’ve been getting eaten alive!

We have been going in at 7pm on the dot since I’m a stickler for routine and getting kids to bed on time,

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Father’s Day Gift Guides Under $25 & $50

Hi friends!  What a much needed weekend!  I took some time to recalibrate my life by creating a month end/month start checklist and then got busy checking things off off!  It was really helpful for my mental sanity, so I’m going to make it a monthly thing and I’ll share in more detail with you soon!

I’m also back to my regular routine of making a daily checklist of t0-dos and that’s caused me to be much more focused and productive each day.  It really feels good to be on top of things instead of feeling like you are treading water!

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