December Loves

Back to the week and just two weeks until Christmas!  Are you ready?! We had a nice, slow weekend and I did get some more shopping done for all of my nieces and nephews and the kids!  Just one more thing to hunt down for Jordan and I’m calling it good!  How’s it coming for you??

For my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, we have three more things to give- the necklace I wear most, my fave running shoes, and my beloved Dyson Stick Vacuum! Just follow me on Instagram,

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Outfits Lately

Welcome to the weekend!  I might be moving a little slow today with our Favorite Things party last night!  I swear, I’m so lucky to have such an awesome group of friends who make me laugh ’til I cry!  Those nights are just the best!  I’ll do a detailed recap next week with what everyone brought, but in the meantime, you can check out last year’s Fave Things party and how we do it and the hilarious Stories!

My 12 of Christmas GIVEAWAY is still going strong!  Just FOLLOW me on Instagram @honeywerehome and LIKE and COMMENT on all my December posts to be entered to win! 

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Six Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays

Thank you to Macy’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post!

I think most of us love the holidays, but the season doesn’t come without it’s share of stresses and trigger points.  This time of year is festive, joyful and fun at best, but at worst, it can be lonely, stressful or downright depressing.  I’m not immune from experiencing every one of those feelings at some point.  I credit my faith, family, and keeping a positive attitude for not letting the ‘down’ moments ruin the holiday season.

If you need a bottle of wine, few tips to get you through the holidays without losing your mind,

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Just (the best) Sales!

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on our simple holiday decor this year.  I didn’t go as all out as I have in year’s past, but I love it just the same.  Sitting down tonight in a clean house with the warm glow from the Christmas tree while sipping hot cocoa brings easy contentment.  Ah, it really is the simple things.

And today, we’re back to our weekly collection of sales!  How are you doing with your holiday shopping?  I’ve gotten a start, but still a ways to go.  Jordan and James sat down with the Target catalog yesterday and circled all their wishes. 

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Our Christmas Decor

Good morning friends! Can you believe we’re already into December?! Only 2o days ’til Christmas!!  We got a late start on our Christmas decor this year (by blogger standards;), but that’s okay because I went with a much simpler approach this year.  Before putting out our decor, I went through all the bins and donated several things and kept the stair garland in the bin for another year.

For the last few years, I’ve enjoyed putting our tree up before Thanksgiving, but this year, when we went to put up the tree, there was no tree there!  We forgot that we donated last year’s tree that had bit the dust,

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