Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Your Shoe Guide

Good morning friends! You might have heard the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to everyone tomorrow!!  Get ready!!  Today, I’ve got your guide to the best boots, booties and sneakers in the sale!  I wanted this post to be extra helpful for you when narrowing down your shoe choices, so I provided details and fit tips along with a styling option for each so you could see how the shoes look on.

If you want a new pair of boots this year, but are only getting one pair, I’d recommend a taupe bootie.  Taupe will go with everything in your wardrobe and a bootie is universally flattering with jeans,

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HWH Fitness Challenge Recap & Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Activewear

Hi there! How’s your week going? I’m getting over a stomach bug, so moving kinda slowly, but still managed to head to Nordstrom yesterday to do some Anniversary Sale beauty research!  Thank you so much for your suggestions yesterday, they were really helpful.  I will admit, that mirror might be a little too up close and personal!  I’m not sure I want to see my face that big! Ha! Get a sneak peek at what I found on Stories!  Lots of good stuff!

Today I wanted to share with you my top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale activewear picks!

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This & That | Amazon Prime Day 2018

Hi friends and welcome back!  I hope y’all had a great, relaxing weekend! Ours went to0 fast, how is it Monday already?! I’m super excited about what’s in store this week though because on Friday, when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to everyone, Ali-Shaun will be joining us and sharing her picks from the Sale! And, Amazon Prime Day 2018 is here!!

On the home front, if I’m lucky, we’ll be photographing our master bedroom to bring you the final reveal with all the details and maybe getting James wallpaper hung!

Today, I have tons of things to chat with you about so get cozy! 

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | PART 2 – The BEST Cardigans & Jackets

Welcome back friends!  I hope yesterday was a FUN and beneficial shopping day for those of you with Early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Today I’m sharing your top 10 sale favorites and the best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale jackets and cardigans!

I chatted with several of you that experienced snags when trying to check out and that was so frustrating.  I know Nordstrom wants to make it right with y’all and so they are giving 10x REWARD POINTS per net dollar to everyone that shopped online yesterday. That’s HUGE!

And dang,

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Good morning friends!  It’s finally here!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is LIVE and ready to shop for all cardholders!  Thank you so much for stopping by and starting your shopping here. ♥ I hope my post is super helpful and informative for you! So, make sure you’ve stretched, had your caffeine, painted your nails Fall colors (is that just me?!), and are ready to get your shopping on!! I know I am!

If you’re not a cardholder and are feeling left out with all this #NSale talk, you can get the card here and receive a bonus $40 Nordstrom Note if you make a purchase the day you’re approved!

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