22 Gorgeous Dresses | Spring, Easter, Mother’s Day

Hi friend! For some reason, this has felt like the longest week ever!  Maybe because my sleep wasn’t the best and my daughter wasn’t feeling well.  I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend and a whole lot of doing nothing!

Today I have 22 gorgeous dresses to share with you!  I have your classic pastel dresses for Easter and a few in more bold colors if you prefer!


But first, I always love seeing what y’all are loving and here’s what topped your list this week!

Fashion | BlazerCutoutTweed Dress

Amazon Fashion | MUST HAVE Leggings Beach SkirtWide Leg Pants

Beauty | Illuminating Eye CreamCeraVe Tinted MoisturizerGold Under Eye Patches

Home | Fruit StorageStoneware Fruit BowlsSeagrass Storage Boxes

22 Gorgeous Dresses | Spring,

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All the Swimsuits!

Hi friend!  The events of the last couple of days have me feeling such low energy.  It’s such a punch to the gut that we keep hearing about these tragedies and even more devastating for the families living them.

Surely we can change this.

We have to change this.

Our precious children and teachers and faculty and staff should never have to go to school and worry about being shot.  It’s unbearable the heartbreak.

It’s a tough switch to turn to frivolous things, though I do hope my blog continues to be a happy place for you. 

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Amazon Home Decor

Hi friend!  Welcome to a fresh, new week!  We had a fun weekend, starting with a day of sports on Saturday in the BEST sunshiney weather.  It was bright and warm, but not sweltering and no humidity!

Then, Sunday took a turn and was gloomy and rainy.  The kind of weather that made me want to cuddle on the couch all day watching TV.

I started researching drapes and curtain rods for my bedroom and I want to look for wallpaper too.  The windows have linen shades, but they allow light to seep through the sides and sometimes I just want the room super dark for sleeping in –

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Amazon Fashion Faves

Hi friend! Yay for Friday!  Not gonna lie, this week started out rough!  But, we finished strong!  I get to surprise Jordan by being the mystery reader at her class today.  I can’t wait- she’ll be so happy!  Then, we have my son’s track meet for most of Saturday.  It’s a lot of waiting around, but thankfully Ali-Shaun and other girlfriends will be there to help pass the time!

We had a fun week on the blog!  If you missed it, I shared 16 super cute and affordable Spring outfits and a roundup of great shoes and bags for Spring.

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16 Super Cute & Affordable Spring Outfits

Hi friend! I hope your week is going great!  I haven’t caught up on my sleep from Spring Break, so needless to say, this week has been a little rough.  Here’s to good sleep tonight!


I jumped on Walmart’s website to see the new Spring styles and they have some really cute things!  When Rhonda and I were taking the pictures for this post, we kept saying how much we liked everything.  Walmart has really stepped up their game when it comes to women’s fashion.

I’ve worked with Walmart in the past and hope to continue in the future,

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