5 Valentine’s Day Outfits

Good morning friends!  It’s the start of a fresh, new week and I’m excited about it!  I started rereading Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy this weekend and it always motivates me to GSD!  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!  It’s a quick, easy read and full of practical advice that you can begin implementing right away to start changing your life for the better!  There’s even a version for students if you have a high schooler or college age kid.

Today, we’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day with 5 cute outfits. 

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Amazon Capsule Wardrobe

Hi friends!  Happy Friday! It’s been such a busy week here, maybe because it was short? All I know is that I’m really looking forward to the weekend again.  Even though I’m sad that the kids aren’t able to participate in sports this year, it IS nice to have weekends free and not be tied to commitments.  I guess we all have to look on the bright side these days.

Today’s post is an Amazon capsule wardrobe, which has been highly requested by many of you.  I know that we all get in fashion ruts and it’s helpful to get new ideas for how to mix and match pieces in your wardrobe.

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Just (the BEST) Sales

Hi friends!  How’s your week going?  I didn’t sleep well on Monday, so I was really dragging yesterday.  Isn’t it amazing how good or bad you feel depending on the sleep or lack thereof?

If you missed Tuesday Goodies, catch it here!


Every Wednesday, I scour the internet to bring you great deals on things you might love, want or need.  Here’s what I found this week!

Free People Sweater (on sale) • Jeans (on sale) • Booties also here (on sale)

Adorable wedge UGGs on sale for 40% off!

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My 2-Ingredient Cocktail for Dry Skin

Hi friends! I’m popping in with a quick winter skincare saver tip for you today!  Our typical hot and humid Houston weather has turned cold and dry and my skin isn’t used to it.  I’ve noticed that my skin been much drier and flaky, especially at my cheeks and on forehead.  It tends to feel tight in those areas too.  Whenever I need a boost of hydration to my skin, I make a ‘cocktail’ with just two ingredients.


At night, after cleansing my face and patting almost dry, I apply my skincare cocktail. 

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35 Winter Outfits

Hi friends! How was your weekend?  Mine was so good!  I got to take advantage of a rare weekend alone and I absolutely loved it!  I’ve come to really embrace those rare opportunities to be by myself.  I worked out, popped in Hobby Lobby & Michaels, read, and took a nap!

Then, on Saturday night, I undertook a project I’ve been putting off for YEARS!  I condensed 4 old photo albums and a box of random photos into one photo album.  I grabbed all those albums and photos and piled them on the living room floor, put on some mindless Netflix show (love is blind??),

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