Backyard Patio Refresh & The Best Place to Buy Succulents

Hi friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I was a busy little bee doing lots of home cleaning, organizing and getting the backyard patio spruced up.

We love spending time out here, but it requires some cleaning and maintenance to keep it enjoyable.  I started adding a weekly wipe down of the patio furniture and my 11-year-old son helps with that.  We went a step further and power washed the furniture this weekend and that was so satisfying!

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Last week,

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Amazon Fashion Faves & NSale Top 10

Hi friends! Yay for Friday!  This week has worn me out and I’m so looking forward to a weekend with no plans!  We might go to the pool and I do have some things I want to do around the house, but we don’t have any commitments.

I’ve started making a list of all the little projects I want to do around the house and the list is long! Some of the bigger things include a half bath and laundry room makeover.  But, first, our wooden fence should be getting replaced next week.   I already had to have the gate rewired a few weeks ago and my grill still isn’t working. 

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Just (the best) Sales & NSale Beauty Picks

Hi friend! I hope you are having a wonderful week!  It’s been busy over here #adulting, purchasing new, necessary appliances for the house.

First, I had to replace my washing machine a few months ago, and I just ordered a dryer, plus a new fridge. The fridge was 11 years old and the washer/dryer was probably 15, so I’m just happy they lasted this long.

And, our fence and attached vine greenery was damaged in the Houston storm and I’m just now getting it replaced.  I’m also sprucing up my backyard patio and can’t wait to share that with you soon!

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Summer Hair

Hi friends!  Did you have a great weekend? Brian and I spent the weekend in Galveston and it was such a nice getaway.  Galveston is just about an hour south of Houston, so it’s easy to get to, but you feel like you’re a world away.  It was really good to get my man all to myself for a couple of days- and the weather was perfect!

I have a Q&A going up on Stories today, and I’ll be answering more of your questions about him there if you want to join!  You can read my most recent Q&A post here.

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Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale With Me & Ali-Shaun | Part 2

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  I’m super excited for a weekend getaway with Brian to Galveston!  It’s just about an hour drive from Houston, so an easy trip and he booked two nights in a little condo for us.  We haven’t had much alone time since before our Florida trip, so that will be amazing!

And today is a fun day because now all Nordstrom cardholders can shop the Anniversary Sale! I’m sure you have your wishlists saved and ready to go!  I’m excited to share Part 2 of my dressing room try-on with my girlfriend,

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