♦ DAY 16 of the #HWHFitnessChallenge!  Log your exercise here. ♦

Hello friends! How’s your week going?  It’s a busy one over here with a visit yesterday from the cutest mini blogger!  I donated my time via auction for a girls’ school and the 13-year old winner spent the day with us yesterday.  I couldn’t believe how mature 13 is these days!  It happens so fast!


Today we’re taking fashion, specifically, a sassy pair of red ankle pants and I’m styling them 3 different ways,

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♦ DAY 15 of the #HWHFitnessChallenge!  Log your exercise here. ♦

Friends!  We are HALFWAY through the first ever #HWHFitnessChallenge!  Isn’t that awesome?! I have to admit, this week getting in my exercise everyday was tough, but I did it!  It was the first time a little bit of doubt crept into my mind where I thought- maybe this challenge is too long, maybe I should have made it 21 days instead of 30 days.  But, then my SMARTER self reminded me, heck no!  This is a challenge and WE can do it!

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♦ DAY 12 of the #HWHFitnessChallengeLog your exercise here. ♦

Hi friends!  Yay for Friday!! It’s been a busy week!  We started with a Week 2 of the Fitness Challenge and I shared a new workout (free printable included) that you can do at home.  On Tuesday, James came to work with me and gave your kiddos 5 summer reading recommendations (thank you SO much for the love on that one- y’all blew me away with your kind comments), then we chatted hair and how to get those sassy beachy waves,

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♦ DAY 11 of the #HWHFitnessChallengeLog your exercise here. ♦

Hi friends!  I’m already starting to feel so off my game with summer here.  I can’t tell you how many times this week I’ve had to ask what day it is! Does that happen to you too? I’m just the kind of person who functions better with routine and lately that’s been out the window!

I placed some big fashion orders recently for the next dressing room post and when the clothes started arriving, there were so many winners! 

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I want to give each and every one of you the biggest bear hug for showering James with such kind comments on his first post yesterday!  It’s one thing for y’all to be so sweet to me, but when the love is directed toward my son, it really touches my heart.  Thank you!  He read every comment and was so thankful!  You guys are seriously the best.

Some of you also asked me to include the link to LOG YOUR EXERCISE at the top of every post, so I’ll do that from now on. 

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