Statement Making Jewelry & A Discount Code for You!

Hello friend!  Welcome to a brand new week!  Our Favorite Things party was Friday and oh, man, it was the biggest, boisterous one of all!  We had the largest number of guests this year and Ali-Shaun said they brought the best things this time.  I will do a recap of the party and what everyone brought this week.  You can find the Top 15 favorite things from years past here.

I’m giddy for today’s post because it highlights very special person, his amazing jewelry, AND I have a generous discount code just for you!

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James’ Picks for Gamers, Plus Gifts for Her & Kids

Hi friend!  I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  I’m popping in for a special post today with gift guides to help you get your holiday shopping done.  I’m about 75% finished, how about you?

For the first gift guide, I called in my tech expert, my 11 year-old son, James.  He’s a whiz at technology and his teachers nicknamed him ‘Tech Support” at school.  His room is set up for gaming, but I also make sure he spends time with the fam, being active, helping around the house, and of course, doing homework.

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December Loves Giveaway

Hi friend!  Tonight is our Favorite Things Party and I’m so excited for it!  We had to do it virtually last year, so that makes it extra special this year!  It’s always so much fun to just get together with girlfriends (in jammies!) and eat, drink, talk, laugh, and of course, exchange gifts!

If you’re thinking of hosting your own favorite things party, or are just curious about how it works, go here.  I wrote a detailed description of how we do it and how we make it super easy!

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November Top Sellers & Loves Winner

Hi friend!  How’s your December going so far?   Mine is kicking off with a holiday party tonight with Brian and our Favorite Things party tomorrow!

I’m so excited and can’t wait to get the girls together again!  I’ll try to share as much as I can on Stories or maybe we’ll just go live to make it easier!  Would you want to tune in for an Instagram LIVE for all the favorite things?  Let me know in the comments!

See our top favorite things from years’ past here.


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Just (the BEST) Sales

Hi friend!  Can you believe we’re already in December?! I feel like Thanksgiving break took it out of me and I need a break from my break!  Most of you said you feel the same!  Luckily, there’s nothing on the agenda for the weekend, so I’ll be able to rest and recoup then.

I’m also anxious for our Christmas cards to arrive!  I’ve felt like I need to conserve energy and only do the things that our family really enjoys this season, and I wasn’t sure if holiday cards were gonna happen.  But, I had the pics of me and James that Rhonda snapped,

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