Dressing Room & Fundraiser Update

Hello friends! Welcome to a brand new week!  At first, it was hard to remember what day of the week it was, but now with homeschooling, I can definitely say we are on Week #2! I’m thankful that James is a pretty good self starter and I haven’t had to hound him on getting his work done.

Did you see this video representing every mom in America right now?!  I almost wet my pants laughing because it is so SPOT ON!

I’m also thankful for Ali-Shaun’s hubby (our school’s athletic director) who asks the kids to do 30 minutes of exercise a day. 

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Helping Support Healthcare Workers from Home

Hi friends!  We made it to Friday!  Our first week of homeschool in the books and everyone is alive and well!  I was probably more worried about me surviving it than them, but our teachers have been so amazing, they made it easier on us!

I feel like we are in our own safe little bubble inside our home, but I know that’s not the case for everyone. This week has been wild, difficult, crazy, an emotional roller coaster, yet lovely in its own ways.  Having the kids home all day has forced me to work less than I’m used to,

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Just (the Best) Sales

Hi friends! How are y’all doing?  As much as I’m trying to stay positive and active, I still find I’m in a weird place.  Yesterday morning I started out in a funk.  Houston residents have been ordered to shelter in place until at least April 3.  That means only “essential workers” whose job is essential to the health and safety of the community are supposed to leave the house. Everyone else is ordered to stay home and work from home.  We can go to the park, but not the playground – and still stay 6 feet away from anyone.

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How to Stay Positive & Cozy at Home

Good morning friends!  I guess we better get used to this new normal for awhile.  Yesterday was Day #1 of homeschooling (of at least 3 weeks) and it’s a lot!  I give the teachers so much credit for all the hard work they are doing to set up lesson plans and email us and check in.

We set up the formal dining room as the homeschool area – nothing fancy.  In fact, awhile ago I donated my dining table, so now we are making do with two card tables pushed together!  When I get a better sense of our daily routine,

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Answering Your Questions | Dating, Divorce, Fitness & More

Good morning friends! It’s so good to be back here with you today!  This weekend felt like a blur.  I found myself alternating between two modes: extreme cleaning and decluttering and utter laziness.  Then, I’d eat very clean, followed by wine and brownies.  Very strange times we are living in.  Yet, I continue to count my blessings and pray for the health and safety of everyone on planet earth.

We start homeschooling today and I’m feeling completely overwhelmed.  Last night I printed the 52 emails I got from various teachers with links and passwords and instructions and I’m like OMG- I’m gonna fail so big at this. 

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