September Top Sellers

Hi friend! Yay for Friday! I will be taking advantage of the weekend to catch up with girlfriends, exercise, and start some new blog projects.  I sat down yesterday morning and brainstormed a big list of ideas and things I want to share with you in the upcoming months!

I love this time of year when Fall is upon us and we can start getting excited for the holidays.  Our weather has been so much cooler lately and we really appreciate it.

Today, I’m sharing all of your favorites from September in every category- Fashion, Amazon Fashion,

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Maltipoo Puppy Update | Potty Training Tips & More

Hi friend! I’m so excited to bring you a puppy update!  Our little Luke has been with our family for just over one month now!

fall decor home tour

We brought him home when he was just 13 weeks old, and he’s 4 months old now.


Luke is an apricot colored Maltipoo (part Maltese/part Poodle). He was just 4 pounds of fluff when we got him, and at his vet visit last week, he weighed 6 pounds!

Growing boy!

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Best Sales, Goodies, Football Parties & More

Hi friend! We have been blessed with absolutely glorious weather, but it’s bittersweet since I know that there’s a hurricane on the way to Florida.  I’m praying for those of you that live there or have  friends and family in the storm’s path. ♥

Just the Best Sales

Every Wednesday, I scour the internet to bring you great deals on things you might love, want or need.  Here’s what I found this week!

 Top (on sale) • Jeans (on sale) • Jeans (Petite)Mules (on sale)

Almost leggings season,

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30+ Fall Outfits

Hi friend! Welcome to a brand new week. I love a fresh start, even if that means Monday!

Has Fall weather hit your area yet?  It’s funny (not really) that it’s been so hot here that we were at the pool this weekend! And I’m still preparing to run that dang half marathon on October 30. I was thinking October would be a good time for a race because it would be cooler, but it’s not looking that way so far!

BUT, I’m still loving the touches of Fall I’ve added to my home and the Fall inspired outfits! 

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Amazon Fashion Faves

Hi friend! Happy Friday!  Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  We’ll be going to my little nephew’s first basketball game tomorrow morning, trying a new church on Sunday and then we’ll have another training session for Luke. Y’all were so funny when I shared on Stories part of Luke’s first training session – saying how cute the dog trainer is!  I was cracking up!  He is cute – and has a girlfriend! 😉

Soooo, the online dating has begun and I’ll be sure to let you know if anything gets serious.  Nothing to write home about yet!

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