Backyard Tour With Furniture

Hi friend! Welcome to a fresh, new week! I’m so excited to welcome you into our backyard now that we have a place for you to sit!

Backyard Tour

To bring you up to speed, we moved into this home just over two years ago, in March 2022. In October 2023, we started the process of putting in a pool. The pool was finished in January 2024.

Part of the design plan for the pool included extending the patio so that we’d have more functional space for hosting and entertaining.

Because furniture can be such a big investment, it took me a long time to decide on the pieces. I was fine with being patient, doing my research, and waiting until I found the perfect thing.

Backyard tour, floral dress


I went to countless websites, read tons of reviews, compared retailers, visited instagram and youtube and shopped in store.

What kind of style and design do I want? What fits the space? What material should I get? What color? Curved edges or straight line? A solid sofa seat or individual pieces?

And of course, there’s the durability, material, maintenance, comfort, and budget to consider.

As time went on and I learned more and more, I began to narrow my choices.

I really liked the Balmain collection at Restoration Hardware, but it was sooo expensive. I saw some less expensive pieces on sites like Wayfair, Amazon, and Overstock, but the scale was too small or the reviews weren’t great.

After much research, I decided on a couch and two side chairs from Pottery Barn.

Backyard tour, floral dress


I really like the sturdy design of these pieces and the black color coordinates perfectly with the black accents and fence in our backyard.

Backyard tour, floral dress


I had to consider the scale of the pieces, including the length and width. A three-seater couch fit our space better than a loveseat, so I wanted to take full advantage of that spaciousness.

These pieces are really comfortable, if a little on the firm side which I’ve found to be perfect for outside.

They’re also nice and deep and the chairs fit my boyfriend and brothers with room.

The furniture is made of rust-proof aluminum frame with powder coated black finish.

Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture

CouchChairRugPlant StandSide TablePillows

For now, I have the three pieces set up so that we have a clear view of the pool from here. I’d still like to get a coffee table and another end table, but I’m still searching for those.

Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture

CouchChairRugPlant StandSide Table

This little side table was in my office and I brought it here just so we’d have something, but I actually like how it looks.

Plant Stand

Side TableHat

Plus, the lower shelf is a perfect spot for my sun hat.

Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture


This is where I’ve been enjoying my mornings in silence, along with coffee, journaling and reading.

(Journal CVS) • The Creative Act: A Way of Being Mug

This fan has already been cooling us off and in the hot summer we’ll be able to use the mist feature. It has a remote and also converts to a table top fan.

Pool Chairs

Pool LoungerBasketball Hoop

This is the view from the patio.

Pool Chair

Pool Lounger

I’m really happy with the two pool lounge chairs I bought. I searched and searched for those and found them on Amazon for a really good deal. Those chairs can be very expensive, but the ones I found were among the least expensive, and I’m happy with the quality.


Medium Pot

I’ve been bringing in more plants and really enjoy caring for them each day. This is new for me as I used to only have faux plants and flowers.


• Small Pot • Medium Pot • Large Pot

If you’re wanting to slow down your life, gardening and caring for plants or flowers is a great way to do that. I have to check each day to see what they need – watering, moving in or out of the sun, pruning dead leaves, etc.


Medium Pot

In the past, my flowers never lasted long. My own fault for not giving them the attention they needed.

Now, I love noticing every petal and new bud.

This plant at the bottom I’ve had since last year. It was looking very bad and really starting to die. In the past, I probably would have thrown it away, thinking it was a goner. Elliott is the one that gave me the nudge to be patient with it. Read up to find out what it needed and give it the care and attention it deserves.

And now, it’s starting to thrive again.

A lesson in patience is good for me.

Aloe Vera Plant and pot

Concrete Planter

Elliott also chose this large aloe plant and we’re so intrigued to see how that big bulb has been changing.

The ground cover really took off after our few rainstorms, getting very lush and green.

The holly trees have stopped dropping berries, but the little flowers are blooming and now I have been ALL OVER THEM!

I was actually so concerned I called a beekeeper, but he assured me the bees are just loving the blooms and in a few weeks, with the circle of seasonal life, they will be gone.

Another lesson in patience.

Pots, Herb garden

Herb Garden Wall Planter

Herb Garden, Floral Dress

Herb Garden Dress

Outdoor Pot

Large Planter

Out door Pot

Large Planter

Outdoor Table and Chairs

TableChairsSimilar Succulent Pot

Storage Box

Storage Box

Storage Box

Storage Box

Storage Box

Storage Box

Outdoor Chairs

Plant StandChairRugSide Table

Outdoor Rug


I’m also super happy with the outdoor rug I chose. I know the fringe can get dirty, but so far no problems.

Outdoor Rug, Luke

Egg Chair

Outdoor Furniture Pottery Barn.

Shop Our Back Patio

I’m so thrilled with how this space is coming along and can’t wait to have our family over next weekend!

I’m also dreaming up plans to include a small garden, so stay tuned for that!

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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  1. Beautiful!! What are the trees all along the fence? Looks like alot of added privacy. How much bigger will they get? Thx

    1. Hi Melissa, those are Holly trees. They were here when I moved in two years ago and have already grown a lot. I was also just wondering how much bigger they’ll get, we’ll see . . .

  2. Wow it looks great, such a relaxing oasis! I love black and white patio furniture, it always looks so crisp and clean! (Hope it’s not too hard to keep it that way!) Fully agree about plants being relaxing and teaching us patience. I think connecting with nature like that is good for the soul.

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