Extreme Declutter | Over 500 Items GONE!

Hello friend! Today’s post is one I’ve never done before and I’m so passionate about sharing it with you. I decluttered over 500 things from my home in the last few days!!!

I came across the 30-Day Minimalism Game where you declutter about 500 things in a month. You start by decluttering 1 thing on Day 1, 2 things on Day 2, 3 things on Day 3 and so on until you get to 30 things on day 30.

I didn’t want to wait 30 days to finish, so I put my own spin on this challenge and I’ll share exactly how below. I’m also sharing what I got rid of and why. This challenge actually only took me 6 days, but that’s because of where I am in my life right now and I wanted a big, immediate impact.

What Prompted the Big Declutter

Lately, I’ve been dealing with some health issues, I’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure. This came as a big shock because I work so hard to be healthy and fit. I’ve never smoked, barely drink, get good sleep, I’m not overweight and have no family history that I’m aware of.

I shared more details and what I’ve been through in the last two weeks since learning of this on my Instagram Stories and saved it to a BP highlight.

In my home life, I’ve always enjoyed a clean and clutter-free space. Going back to my childhood, my earliest memories are of keeping my room tidy and organized. When I moved into my first apartment, I remember loving it most before any of my stuff arrived. I liked when you’re just touring the apartment and it’s a fresh, open space, unencumbered by any stuff.

Especially since my divorce in 2019, I’ve really worked to keep my home more minimal. After going through the process of dividing up things, I realized that we basically had two households worth of stuff in our kitchen alone.

With half of that stuff gone overnight, it felt like a giant relief to open up cabinets and drawers and see them half full. Everything had room to breathe. There was less stuff to manage, clean, and care for.

Then, I realized that, with less things, I felt like I could relax and enjoy my kids more. I’m the kind of person that can’t fully relax if things are a mess or there’s too much stuff around me.

When I moved two years ago, that was another opportunity to do a big declutter and I took full advantage of it.

That having been said, I still enjoy the coziness and personalization of home decor. I like mostly clear counters, but enjoy styling my spaces too. For me, it’s a delicate balance of not too many things out (it stresses me out), but just enough to feel peaceful and content (and pretty!)

In my wardrobe, I enjoy putting on an outfit that makes me feel great. But I don’t want so many clothes that they’re all smushed together and I can’t easily access what I’m looking for. Again, it’s that balance. If you’ve seen my closet tour from 2023 compared to my 2018 closet, you’ll see quite a reduction. It’s not “minimal” necessarily, but given my industry and the work I do, it’s pretty paired down.

I want my kids to have fun playing with toys, but not so many that they’re overwhelmed and have things they never touch.

Lots of things come into our homes unintentionally, and if we aren’t occasionally decluttering, the things can become quite overwhelming. Do you feel that way too?

How I Did the Declutter Challenge

I started my declutter challenge by writing the numbers 1-30 on a piece of paper. As I decluttered each “number” of things, I checked it off. I started on a Saturday and kept going until I had crossed off all 30 numbers.

I actually messed up a little because I did Numbers 7, 19 and 27 twice, but I think I forgot 25??

Then, I had more things to declutter and I didn’t continue taking photos, but I did count and it was over 500!!

I started in the kitchen with the fridge and pantry, continued in the kitchen, then worked my way around the rest of my house.

Don’t forget about outside spaces like the patio and backyard, plus the garage or if you have an attic or basement. Even your car and purse are fair game.

What I Decluttered & Why I Let it Go

I bought this pouf before my daughter was born and it was a perfect little foot rest for the glider in her pretty little nursery. She’ll be 8 soon and this pouf had just been sitting in her closet forever since there wasn’t a good place for it in her new room.

Tarte Tubing MascaraTarte Big Ego Mascara

Several of the things I decluttered were simply because I used them up. Case in point, these two mascaras. Mascara is my favorite makeup product and these are both great!

Soccer ball, Basketball

Most of the items I decluttered were mine, but a few were kid things. I’ve learned the hard way to never declutter anything that’s not mine without getting permission first. So, Jordan agreed these balls had seen better days and we could get rid of them. The soccer ball basically rotted in the backyard and we had to throw it away.

After I decluttered my pantry, Jordan ended up telling me she didn’t like these Oreos. I remember being at the grocery store with her when she wanted to try them – they’re the Cakesters kind, she said they were “too sweet.”

Tote, Crossbody, & Travel Bags

Striped Travel BagRelavei Bag MakeUp BagHello Weekend ToteCrossbody Striped Travel Bags

Oh how I love a good bag. Whether it’s a tote, crossbody, makeup bag, travel bag – they’re hard for me to resist. All of these bags had a good run, but I had too many. I still have packing cubes and a folding toiletry travel bag I use more than the striped one. I considered saving it for Jordan in case she wants to use it when we travel, but we still have other bags she could use.

Also, we don’t have any current travel plans. So the “just in case” toiletry bag I let go.

Euro Pillows

Euro PillowsShams

I actually still like the look of these Euro pillows on my bed, but they were getting to be a pain when Elliott sleeps over because he takes them off the bed to sleep. Then, they’re heavy to put back in place.

Plus, we still have 7 pillows on the bed: 2 for head, 2 for body, 2 decorative and one pretty lumbar pillow. Enough.

Son's Bathroom Cleanout

Scalp BrushDr. Squatch Soap

The Sqautch Soap box is just the box, the soap has been used and it’s about time to reorder. The other products were nearly empty, not being used anymore. I wish he was using the scalp brush when he washes his hair because it’s thick, but he said he didn’t want it and I’m not going to try to force the issue.

Felt Hats, Straw Tote, Quilted Crossbody

Rattan BagQuilted Crossbody

Two #7s!

The thing about decluttering is that I still really like these things! I haven’t carried the snake print bags in a long time, and although I think those hats are so flattering, I didn’t wear them this fall or winter so I doubt I’ll wear them next year. Anyway, I didn’t want to keep them “just in case” to find out.

Again with the bag, I still have more straw totes, so I don’t need this one. It helps me to let go of things I still really like but am not using to consider someone else who will actually get more use out of the item.

Pantry Jars, Bowl, Pedastal


This big black bowl from Pottery Barn was really hard to let go. I bought it when I was in my old house and it had a great spot on a table that sat under my stairway. It had wine corks in it that I had been saving for years. Several months ago, I decluttered the corks.

And in this new home, there’s not really a good spot for this bowl and it’s large so it takes up a lot of space.

The glass jars are great, but I found them to be a little too small. The pedestal I don’t really need.

Baseball Bats, Basketballs, Bubble Wand

Another pass through the garage and Jordan gave the ok to let these things go. They’re super old and not in great condition. But man, that pink basketball was a gift for Jordan’s 2nd birthday. She’s always loved basketball, so that’s a sentimental item for sure. And I’m pretty sure that Thomas the Train bat was my son’s!

Luckily, I have a picture of it, so we don’t need to keep the actual ball.

Towels, Bathroom Items

Lip Gloss

Found some random things in Jordan’s bathroom.

Tanning Mitt

These things were at the end of my decluttering, so they’re quite a random pile of stuff. I really wanted to be able to use the clear shelf to put my computer on so it creates usable space underneath, but I’m not tall enough, so every time I looked at my screen I was tipping my head back to see.

The Valentine’s bags I’d been saving forever and when we didn’t use them this year, I realized we probably never would use them. The tanning mitt is a duplicate, James was given the backpack on a high school tour and didn’t want to keep it,

I washed and machine dried my sneakers recently and they shrunk:(

Those goggles don’t fit my daughter and water always gets in her eyes.


Gray SneakersBootiesLeopard BootiesCream SneakersGold StarPink HeelsSlidesBlack Strappy SandalsBrown Strappy SandalsBootsFuzzy Slides

Oh man, all the shoes!! This is a hard one too! I’m letting go of the sneakers because I don’t reach for these as often as other pairs. I have new Uggs, so letting go of the Amazon pair. I haven’t worn the pink heels (LOVE THEM) or leopard boots (LOVE those too!) in forever, so someone else could use them more. I also really like those Amazon strappy heels, but I have others I wear more.

Hangers, Tulips

Felt Hangers with ClipsFelt HangersTulips

Unfortunately, these tulips have yellowed over the years and I don’t use this type of hanger.

Kitchen Items

Popsicle Mould Storage ContainerClips

The kitchen where I started decluttering and there’s lots of things there to let go of. The gold chip clips I use and like, but I still have 6, which is what fits comfortably in the bin I store them in, so I let two go. Same with the little tupperware container and fruit/veg storage, it’s a multiple and I don’t need that many.

Our attempts at tasty popsicles didn’t turn out well and this mold isn’t the easiest thing to store.

Fridge Items

Easy wins were with expired and used food from the fridge. I really dislike food waste, so I’m trying to eat up what we have before it goes bad.

Pantry Items

Same thing in the pantry. Those Quest peanut butter cups are yummy, but I ordered them online and they arrived melted.

Dresses and Jumpers

Floral Spaghetti StrapFloral MaxiWhite One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Clothing! This is a hard category too since my job involves sharing outfits. I have been keeping some things that I really like, but there just aren’t enough days/occasions to wear all the clothes I have.

This is where the mindset, “someone else could really use this” comes in extra helpful.

Sweater and Cardigans

Red Hoodie Gingham Button DownStriped Tee

More clothing. I try not to keep that much warm weather clothing in the first place because our climate doesn’t call for it. So, if I haven’t worn it this past fall or winter, I’m trying to keep that in mind to let things go.

Eye ShandowCleansing BalmRecovery Cream

Your medicine cabinet may have expired medicine that you can discard. Just be sure to dispose of it safely. Not sure why I had an empty bottle of sea breeze in the back of my cabinet. But, I did just finish the Mario Bedescu drying lotion. The Clarins lotion was sent to me and I never really got into using it.

My Colleen Rothschild products were empties that I buy on repeat. I didn’t really have any other skincare or hair care products to declutter because I’ve learned to buy just what I use. I also have plenty of hair products, but I use them all, so they are staying.


Two #19s!

I found more clothes when I went on a third pass through my closets. Yes, I had two closets with clothes and I’m soooo happy that I decluttered down to one closet. The guest room closet is now completely EMPTY and it was full before!


I know that sounds bad/weird, but the guest room closet had most of my Amazon clothes so I could keep them separate from my other brands. It helped me stay organized for sharing on social media and blog posts.

But, after decluttering, I comfortably fit everything into one closet with plenty of breathing room. And Elliott has a few drawers to himself.

Backpack, Books, Diaper, Hair Head

BackpackHair Head

My daughter had a few things she was ready to part with. We bought this rolling backpack because sometimes her backpack is so heavy! But, we realized she can’t put this backpack in her cubby at school and she didn’t like being the only one with a rolling backpack, so we’re passing it on.

She loves to read, and is letting go of the books that are too young for her. She loves styling hair now, so that head manequin was supposed to be for that purpose, but she wasn’t using it and it takes up a lot of space.

Random Stuff Declutter

CanistersPortable SteamerArtichoke

Getting into random things around the house. A few of Luke’s bandana’s that he came home from the groomer with. I’ll tell them to keep it next time since he never wears them at home. His toy turtle was coming apart at the rope, so I threw it away.

The big basket unfortunately tore at the handle. I’m out of the Tineco cleaning solution and that cup went to my old mop. I have a more industrial steamer so I’m letting go of the handheld one.

I’m pretty good about getting rid of cords that don’t go to anything, but found 2 more. I don’t need the extra curtain rod hangers “just in case.”

I really like those three canisters, but have moved onto clear glass and bamboo jars in the pantry and I like I can see what products are inside. My mom wanted them anyway.


I love reading books and these are read and not likely to be reread.

I had to count every card and gift tag to get to 23 on this one. The two sticky note pads were too small for my liking. I love those little cards, but never sent them! Extra pens, highlighters, cord organizers, rubber bands, push pins and an extension cord.

Craft Supplies

Similar Hole Punch

I’ve let go so much craft supplies in the past couple of years, but forgot about these craft punches and ink stamps. So fun, but I never use them! I kept one craft punch that can make the shape of a gift tag.

Oh Lord, what happened to my #25?? Maybe that’s how I ended up with two #27s??

*Update: After I published this post, I remembered I did have a #25 pile! I just forgot to take a picture! That pile had a pair of Jordan’s school pants that were too small, a small trash can we weren’t using, a broken basket, faux florals, lighting for my camera I haven’t used in forever, a blanket, random pillow case and more odd things.

Pens Pencils Markers Crayons

I accidentally discarded these old pens, pencils, markers and crayons before I took a pic.

Random Stuff declutter

BraceletsWatch BandsTimed Water BottleEarrings

More random things here! The watch bands aren’t great for workouts, I realized I prefer the silicone ones that wash easily. And I had duplicates of those, so donating two.

I love puzzles and completed this one, but it was a bear! Several other items are duplicates – the water bottle, qua sha, phone light, bags, makeup eraser, eyeglass wipe.

Those eyeglasses are uncomfortable on my face, why did I wear them for so long? I have enough kleenex boxes and that bentgo box is awesome for taking your lunch, but we never use it.

Household Items, Suglasses

Steam MopToasterAir FryerMeasuring Cups and SpoonsPot Strainer HandleScale

Here are the two 27s!!!

Letting this mop go because I upgraded to the Tineco. Same with my scale, I use the Renpho now which also measures your body fat and other data.

I really only wear these sunglasses, so donating these. My coffee warmer has been replaced with the Ember mug. The gold/wooden measuring spoons and cups are so cute, but the measurements are hard to see with my old eyes.

I was keeping the coffee grinder and pour over for “just in case” my coffee machine breaks.

I recently upgraded my beloved toaster and air fryer for larger ones. My sister-in-law claimed my old ones.

Shoes, Clothes, Hangers


More clothes and shoes and hangers. I have black rainboots, so letting the red go. I tend to reach more for other slippers, so don’t need those. I loved the Ugg boots, but didn’t wear this style that often.

Nails, Screws, Hardware items

Was happy to reach #29 by going through my hardware storage. I kept some nails, screws, picture hangers and shelf pins, but honestly, I don’t think I’ll miss this stuff and if I need it, Elliott has plenty.

Outdoor Stones

We had multiple stones left over from our backyard renovation. This is the one thing I sold and one of the guys that did my turf bought all of them (there were even more not pictured) for $200.

Even though I may have been able to sell them for more on my own, it was worth it to have him haul them off right away and I didn’t have to go through the process of listing it.

Final Thoughts

I’m feeling very relieved after doing this massive declutter. Although I did it quickly, you obviously can take your time. After the declutter, I had room to clear more things off my counters and I feel much more relaxed with how my space looks now.

The photo above is only about 3/4 of the things I got rid of! In the end, I can’t believe I found 500 things to let go!

In the last five years, I’ve worked hard to be way more intentional about the things I bring into my home because I’m aware of how it affect me and those I live with. That’s not to say that I don’t still get excited about new things and finding something that feels just right! Y’all know I love fashion and outfits and home decor.

It’s just a matter of not letting my stuff overwhelm me. I’m happy to give the things I’m no longer using to a better home.

I wish I had also taken “before” photos of each space I decluttered and then an “after”. That tells quite a story. I’d recommend doing that if you try this challenge.

Also, it’s not lost on me that it’s a privileged problem to have so many things that we need to declutter them. But, that’s a problem that I bet a lot of us have. And, because of the work I do sharing outfits and decor and beauty, I get that I’m also encouraging you to shop via my content. I don’t have all the answers. I just want to be honest with where I’m at in my life.

I enjoy sharing the things I use and love, and I trust you to make the decisions that are best for you. Y’all are a smart bunch of women!

I hope you feel my heart on this topic. I’m a “to each his own” kind of person and don’t judge whatever your own preferences are. My mom loves to shop and keeps everything!

What did you think of this challenge? Are you inspired to try something similar in your own home? Do you like mostly clear counters too or do you like to have your things out where you can see them. I’d love to hear in the comments.

Have a fantastic day friend!

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. Love this challenge, Megan! I have similar struggles with liking my spaces styled and pretty, but also disliking clutter and ‘stuff’ (I was about clear counters before it was cool! LOL) I moved a lot through my 20’s and 30’s which forced a constant reassessment of all the stuff, and then a few years ago I downsized; but it really has a way of creeping back! I’ve been feeling the need for a large overhaul/purge lately but it’s daunting. I enjoy that you did it in a few days and didn’t let the task overwhelm you! I’m going to channel this mindset and tackle a few areas this weekend. It feels so good when the drawers and cupboards are lighter.
    I appreciate the conflict of sharing a de-cluttering post on your page. Trust that the clothes and decor are nice, but it’s your open and genuine ‘friendship’ that we all return for. You share so much of your personal growth and evolution, it keeps your content refreshingly genuine and relevant. Thank you!
    (PS, hope training is going well! Ran my first marathon in October and training for a second in May.)

  2. Wow!!! I really enjoy this type of post! My life has changed dramatically over the last 4 years and I have changed the way I shop and spend to better fit my needs. I just don’t need lots of stuff. I understand that it’s your job to share lots of clothing content but the “real life” posts are my absolute favorite! You pour a ton of work into your blog and it’s one of my favorites!

    When I read the quote, “See all that stuff? It used to be money” on Pinterest (I think) it really hit me!

    1. Yes, I had this thought exactly. Make sure you find a doctor truly skilled in this. The North American Menopause Association (NANS) is a great place to find a doctor who put in extra effort to get trained in this.

  3. I live for a post like this. I’m like you, when my space around me feels too cluttery, I get anxious and it weighs me down. I love to go through the house with a black garbage bag and be ruthless about what to donate or trash. I feel amazing when I do that.

  4. Be still, my organizing heart! I loved reading this, and your thought process for the various categories. And, acknowledging your job and it’s place in recognizing what is a need vs a want, and will the recommended item have use and purpose, or just add to clutter and stress. I keep a pile in the corner of my closet for Poshmark sales and/or donations – it’s time I went through that!

    1. Hi Karen, they inquired about my sodium intake, but I had been tracking my food and my sodium isn’t high so, they weren’t too concerned with that.

  5. I love this! I would like to encourage others to find a local “Buy Nothing Group” on Facebook. I regularly post things I think would have gone to waste. I’m often surprised at the “one persons trash is another person’s treasure” things that leave my house. That way, it’s not going into a landfill.

  6. Love this! I’m very neat and clean, but behind those closet and cupboard doors is a lot of stuff that gives me anxiety. I usually don’t read the de-cluttering posts I come across because the work seems overwhelming and reading about it just stresses me out. You made this seem manageable and definitely something I can do. Thank you!

  7. I’m not a naturally organised person and while I try not to be a hoarder if I feel overwhelmed I find it hard to start decluttering. But I think this type of declutter would really suit me and get my momentum going. Love the idea that it starts small and builds up. It’s easy to get rid of a few things a day and before I know it I will be on a roll. Definitely going to try this. Thanks Megan! Also love how you acknowledge lifestyle (minimal) Vs job (shopping) balance

  8. With the passing of my mother 2 yrs ago things changed in our family. My father passed 6 yrs ago.
    There are 7 siblings and there have been a lot of events that have occurred in our lives that caused my parents to rent 4 large storage units. We (mainly one brother and then myself) have gotten it down to one medium size unit. It is not easy getting rid of stuff. We have been bringing items to consignment but mainly bringing to donation centers and then also tossing.
    It is not easy to do this to items that my parents–especially my mother –considered important in their life.
    We are spread throughout the world (literally). The cost of storage units is not cheap. We just want to be done with the stuff. We have been doing this and also going about our own lives, too.
    I understand the high b/p issue as well. As it was stated in a previous comment it can be related to the balance or imbalance of hormones. It is not always related to diet.
    I have been told my b/p has been going up. I also have had a few health issues (some serious). Then the stress of “getting rid of stuff” and then there have been relationships that have been all over the place between some and all this is a cause of b/p. It is not always best to go on medication. Try natural means to bring it down. Hibiscus tea and other supplements that can be added to what you might take.
    Sleep is also an important issue when it comes to b/p. I get choppy sleep and have for years. It is mainly from the health issues.
    Raised b/p can also come as a result of other medications.

    1. Just curious are you vaccinated with Covid 19 shot too? It’s worth asking because my friend who is a NP said soooo many young healthy people now have high blood pressure ( she kept track they are ALL vaccinated) and one doctor said it’s hormones and another Dr. said this is solely from this shot because we wouldn’t see a rise the last 3 years if it were hormones.

  9. Great reminder to all of us to declutter. My motto is when I buy something, I get rid of something. I’m currently decluttering because my husband and I are selling our home in Washington and are having a new build in Arizona. I’m starting fresh after my new home is completed and my priority is going to be “no clutter”!
    Thank you Megan for always sharing your experiences, as they are always a great reminder to all of us. Wishing you good health in 2024! ❤️

    1. From 2019-2022, I decluttered the extras, the someday, the craft supplies and all the sentimental; except jewelry, I took pictures of. I did this as I too was moving, from TX to NV to Hawai’i. I wanted to move with suitcases only & have friends media mail me my preboxed books. The I absolutely cannot live without books & not easy to replace. Be kind to yourself with your move & be excited for the chapter in a new state presents.

  10. Great post! I’m often getting rid of clothes and household items I no longer use but they end up in boxes in my basement until I finally donate them. What did you do with all of your “stuff”? Did you give things to different organizations depending on the items? That’s always my dilemma.

    1. Hi Nancy! That is a great question. I’ve donated to shelters in the past, but this time I gave things to my mom and family and my friend Ana that cleans my house. She has lots of family that can make good use of these things. Some things were just trash and I had to throw those away or put them in recycling if I could.

    2. Yes, that’s what I usually do, but this time, my mom, some family and friends were happy to take these items off my hands and give them to a good home. I had some trash and recycling too. But, it’s best to get it out of your house as soon as possible so you can really experience the full benefit of letting it go. So much more space to breathe once it’s gone. 🙂

  11. Megan, you are inspiring. I am on this journey, too. My biggest roadblock is where do I take the things I have decluttered. Any ideas are welcome!!! Thanks. 😊

  12. Wow! This is impressive! I’d love to have you share what you did with everything. I know some items got tossed and others were given to family members. Do you simply donate the rest? I’m never sure what organizations to donate to and/or who takes what. Thanks!

  13. Good work Megan. I am so impressed. I think I am pretty good at getting rid of stuff but I have to sneak things out so my family doesn’t see. They don’t share my need to pare down!!

  14. Absolutely LOVED this post!! I love when you post about organizing/decluttering/minimalism. Keep them coming, please! Now off in search of a few things I know I can add to the donation pile 😀

  15. I loved this post. Yesterday I cleaned out my clothes closet and was ready to let go of a lot (10 dresses &more). This post is motivating me to keep going. Thank you!

    1. Hi Patti! I have lots of dresses and plan to try on every single one to help me better decide if I need to let any go. There’s several I haven’t worn in a long time, but I like them so much!!

  16. I LOVE this post!!!! We remodeled our house in 2020 and I decluttered a lot. We have been in our house for 24 years. I am pretty good about letting things go. I do not like clutter. After reading this I realize I have plenty more that I can declutter. I try to take out whatever I bring in. IF I get a new pair of shoes. one pair of old ones has to go. I have waaaay too many clothes and old art supplies, so my focus for the next month is to jump on board of this challenge. Thank you for sharing.

  17. THIS is AMAZING!!
    It must have been so much work for you. Plus it is just so inspiring. I really appreciate this and it’s getting me excited for my own home.
    Thank you thank you.

  18. I loved this post! One of my goals this year is to declutter my house. I recently lost weight and donated about 30 pairs of jeans/pants to a local women’s shelter. I live in San Diego, and we have a lot of great charity groups to donate to – Goodwill, Veterans, etc. My friend recently told me about a kitchen thrift shop – my grandmother’s china will be heading there soon. Years ago I had to clear out my aunt’s house when she passed away, and I was surprised how hard it was to donate her items (she lived in upstate NY). Thank you – your post is inspiring me to get back to decluttering!

    1. Wow Lisa! You’ve done SO GREAT! I bet you feel amazing! I have decluttered so much, but now I want to go deeper with things like photos, unsubscribing from emails, etc. You are inspiring me too!

  19. I admire your decluttering and simplifying efforts so much! Now you have motivated me to do it and I appreciate the tips and examples. I can’t wait to feel less stressed! Thank you!!!

  20. A friend recommended me read your awesome blog! However, it was alarming to me after I read how healthy and in shape you are that you now have high blood pressure. I have to ask you this question.

    Did you get the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Reason I ask is that 3/5 friends I have in 40s have high blood pressure and they are all vaccinated. Some people would say it’s none of my business, however 2-3 years ago I was asked all the time and called out because I didn’t get the shot. Now it’s funny how no one wants to talk about it or promote it. If you feel injured if you are vaccinated there are soooo many protocols you may be able to follow to reverse this!
    Thank you & hoping to hear back soon!

    1. Yes, it was alarming to me too. I did get a vaccine in 2020. I was actually skeptical of the shot simply because of how quickly it came into existence, and I also hear of many side effects. Such uncharted territory at the time.

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