Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Baby Girl Bathroom

Hi guys! Do you remember about 100 years ago, I posted our design plan for Jordan's bathroom?! Ok, maybe it wasn't 100 years ago, but it feels like it.  With her first birthday looming, it's true what they say-

Even though I often overestimate what I can get done in a day, I'm happy to say, the bathroom is complete- a bright and cheerful spot for little Ms. Jordan to take her nightly bath in! And she loves bathtime!

This bathroom is attached to her nursery, so it's super convenient and can be completely girly since she doesn't have to share it with anyone.  She loves when her big brother takes a bath with her though!

We didn't do too much in this room, just switched out the lighting, repainted the walls and cabinets, and added art and a couple accessories.  

It took longer than expected because the light fixture was originally hung too low, then it took me forever to get it hung higher and to have the first hole sheetrocked and patched.  But, once the new lighting was in it's proper place, it looked perfect!  I like it so much better than before!

I stuck with the same finish on the light fixture to coordinate with the mirror and hardware, but this style with edison bulbs feels more appropriate for a child's bathroom. 

This art print was definitely meant to be because it has the lyrics from the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding - Our Song, by Elton John.  The print says, "How wonderful life is, now that you're in the world" and has Jordan's name, birthdate and birth stats.  It comes in different colors, but we chose lavender to coordinate with her bath and nursery.

How Wonderful Art Print by Laura Hankins 

I also fell in love with this happy floral canvas art by Lindsay Letters that says, "Hello Sweet Beautiful Girl."  Such a perfect sentiment for our baby daughter!

 Safavieh Valencia Rug

It's been super useful having these large, wide counters and after Jordan's bath, I sit her on a cushioned bath pad here to dry her off. 

I love the illustrations in the children's book, The Wonderful Things You Will Be, so I framed a few of the pages and hung them with a ribbon and thumb tack.  The frames were an inexpensive find at WalMart.

The larger basket was a gift from our baby shower and I keep towels and washcloths in it now.  The smaller crocheted basket holds hair bows and ribbons.

I found this adorable Initial Trinket Dish at Anthropologie and usually put her tiny hair elastics there when I take them out of her hair at bathtime.

Such a sweet little space to get all fresh and clean and unwind from the day!


keep in touch! 

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Friday, January 20, 2017

In the Dressing Room

Happy Friday friends!  I'm so excited about today's In the Dressing Room post because I actually got to go try things on in the dressing room while my husband stayed home and watched the kids!  I love to do these kinds of posts for you so you have the inside scoop and benefit of a friend's opinion and fit review before you make your purchase.

This post is a good one, but it was getting so long I'll be breaking it up into two posts and will share more with you in a few weeks!

If you're trying to compare sizes, I'm petite at 5'1, about 108 pounds with athletic build (i.e. bigger shoulders and thighs).  I always put size info in purple italics for reference. 

I'm a lover of neutrals, so I gravitate to all the white tops and I found four that adored!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

9 Must Have Undergarments

Listen up ladies! It's a new year, time for a fresh start, and time for a major bra and panty intervention! If your bras and panties are sad and tired and haven't been updated since 1986, this post is for you!  

Even as I was typing this post up, I was wearing an uncomfortable bra (why?!?!?! 😩😩😩 do we torture ourselves this way?!) It reminds me that I seriously need to toss or donate any bras that I hate to wear!  Going through your day with a bra that's driving you crazy is no fun!  It's like all you can think about all day is taking your bra off and burning it the minute you get home! 

Even though it's a little, um, intimate, to be talking bras and panites, we're all friends, right? and who else can you share these kinds of things with if not your very best friends?! 😘

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Easy Healthy Meals

Because I'm trying to get back into good shape before Jordan's first birthday, I've been sticking to a diet that's 40% protein, 35% carbs, and 25% fat.  It's the same thing I did during my 40-Day Challenge, except I upped my protein by 5% and lowered my fat 5%.  I got good results then, so I'm back at it!  I needed to after ALL the food and sweets I ate during the holidays! 

During the day, I still pretty much follow the bikini meal plan (because it works and is so easy to do, although that plan called for 5 oz protein at each meal, and I eat 4 oz now). I always have grilled chicken breast on hand, cooked rice and veggies and I'll usually make one meal a grilled fish. Breakfast is a protein waffle, protein pancake, or oatmeal.  But, to keep it interesting, I'm trying new things cooking different recipes for dinner.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

This & That & (Weekend Recap & New Dining Table)

Hi! How was your weekend?!  I started mine with hot yoga again and let me tell you, this time it was HOT!!  The first session we were in a huge room and it took it much longer to heat up and even then, it didn't feel that hot.  But this time, it was a small room and immediately when I walked in, the thermostat said 96!  I was sweating so much the entire time, I couldn't even keep my face wiped dry! But, the class seemed to go by faster and before I knew it, the hour was up!  I really enjoy this new way of working my body, so I'm gonna keep going! You just feel really good when you're done.  

Zella Top XS | Capri Pants (size up) | Sports Bra (2 for $60) Nike Free Flyknit Shoes (best lightweight running shoes) 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekend Steals | Plaid Poncho & Major LOFT Sale

Happy Friday friends!  This was my first week back working out with my trainer three days and I was dying!  He's ramping up the intensity of our workouts, and I'm using My Fitness Pal to track my meals.  I'm going to do this for the next five weeks until Jordan's birthday!  I can't believe how quickly her first year is going by! 

For today's Weekend Steals, I'm sharing this plaid poncho ($88, $44 with free shipping) that I wore over the holiday break, but didn't get to share the pics with you until now!  It's nice and oversize (almost too big for us petite gals, but still works).  It's like getting to wear a cozy blanket outside!  I'm wearing the ivory, but it comes in 3 other great colors. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How To Fold & Organize T-Shirts

While the majority of our household organization is my territory, even my husband gets the urge to clean out and organize in the new year!  He's been on a roll with his home office and closet #gobabe!, and I thought it might be useful to you if I showed you how I organized his t-shirt drawer.  

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