Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekend Steals & Deals | Spring is in the Air

SPRING is officially underway and in the air as all of this week's Weekend Steals & Deals are super Spring friendly.  I'm loving all the dresses and skirts with feminine details like lace and eyelet.  Of course, my HWH Everyday Favorite white jeans are on heavy rotation day & night.  They were on sale for $114.80 when I got them, but have gone back up:(  

In the comments on my White Jeans Day & Night post, Cassie said she likes the Old Navy Rockstar (low rise- ordered one size up) on sale for $24! Will definitely be trying those- can't beat the price! (Speaking of Old Navy, their entire store is up to 50% off this weekend.  I'm going to stock up on some summer things for my son.  He's just now going from size 4 to 5, so he needs some new shorts.) 

Carrie in San Jose (hey, I used to live there!) said her favorite jeans are are GAP 'Real Straight', but I didn't see any in white currently.  Michele likes the Nordstrom DL1961 jeans for being super comfy and holding their shape and Stormie said Banana jeans are her go-to.

Now onto this week's Weekend Steals & Deals . . . . 

dresses | skirts

Spring/Summer style short dress
I'm digging the simplicity of this style and can see wearing it with a long beaded tassel necklace and flat sandals.  This Lucky Brand sandal is 50% off ($29.50) and this one with the fringe is cute ($39.95)! Two gold Steve Maddens are price-matched at Nordstrom for $44.96 & $52.46.

Spring/Summer style short dress

Spring - Summer style short dress

Spring - Summer maxi dress

Spring - Summer maxi dress

Spring - Summer maxi dress

Spring - Summer eyelet skirt
Halogen Eyelet Pleat Front Skirt (regular & petite) $79, $47.40

Spring - Summer style - button back short sleeve stripe tee
Halogen Eyelet Pleat Front Skirt (regular & petite) $79, $47.40


Spring - Summer style - Vince Camuto Sleeveless Blouse
Vince Camuto Chiffon Yoke Sleeveless Blouse (regular & petite) $69, $41.40

Spring - Summer style - Plieone Racerback Tank
Plieone Racerback Tank (regular & petite) $39, $23.40 also in coral 

Spring - Summer style - Sun & Shadow lace tank
Sun & Shadow Lace Inset Racerback Tank $38, $22.80 (aslo in army green and white) - the back on this one is really cute! 

Spring - Summer style - Kensie Stretch Crepe Blazer with dot print lining
A blazer adds instant polish to any outfit, and the dot print lining is a fun detail.  The one-button style makes it more casual for wearing with jeans, skirts, and dresses. 


Many Kate Spade pieces have been marked down 25% at Nordstrom!  So pretty and colorful!  I have #7 earrings in black and wear them a bunch.  I'm also a fan of #4 and #9 if you like a bigger earring, #1 and #8 for something more subtle.  

Spring - Summer style - Kate Spade accessories on sale
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 

Kate Spade Spring Bloom iPhone case on sale
Kate Spade Spring Bloom iPhone case $40, $30  The matching iPad case is also on sale. 
Man, I wish it came in my giant 6+!  I've dropped my phone one too many times and my phone case has chipped off in the bottom right corner. 

high | low 
I have an old wrap bracelet from Stella & Dot that's no longer available, and was browsing other wrap styles but couldn't get over how expensive they are! I found a nearly identical match for only $38.  Only negative about this bracelet is that it's on pre-order with a 2-week ship time.  #iwantitnow 

Spring - Summer style - wrap bracelets

I'm sure you have heard by now of my HWH Everyday Favorite vegan reversible tote, but it's just too good not to share again! I get compliments on it everywhere I go.  Nearly a dead ringer for the high-end version. 

Reversible Vegan Leather Tote

Last week's Weekend Steals & Deals was a good one too- lots of shorts on sale.  I ordered these shoes from that post, but they didn't fit. :(  And go here if you missed my post about the best strapless and racerback bras for Spring & Summer.

Also, thank you for linking up your BEDROOM photos on instagram @honeywerehome using #HWHlovesbloggers.  Talk about an awesome collection of inspiring photos! Y'all are so creative and talented.  It makes me want to dive in on our guest bedroom!  I'm still accepting submissions for next Thursday's series and can't wait to showcase you! 

ANN TAYLOR 40% off entire purchase in store only. 
FREE shipping on $175 or more & $8.95 flat rate shipping.  

GAP:  Extra 30% sale styles online only with code EXTRA 
Free shipping on orders over $50, free returns.  

LOFT: The best sellers event - 40% off everything !!! 

NORDSTROM:  Always FREE shipping & FREE returns.  

OLD NAVY: up to 50% off the entire store!!  
Free shipping on orders over $50 + free returns.

SOLE SOCIETY:  Invite friends and earn $25.  Fast and free shipping.  

ZAPPOS:  Order before 1PM PST for FREE next business day shipping on all Clothing. 

Have a great weekend! 

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

HWH Loves Bloggers | Claire Brody Designs

I hope one of the things you think about when you read Honey We're Home or of the person behind the blog is that you know, above all, I like to share the love.  I try to be kind and supportive to everyone and I always truly appreciate the thoughtfulness shown toward me.  I remember starting my blog almost 5 years ago and feeling so excited to see that people were reading my blog and taking time to leave a sweet comment.  I still feel that way!  I know people are busy, have lots of choices for how they choose to spend their time, and that anyone makes a point of stopping here is not taken for granted.

I also know that bloggers benefit from being featured and promoted on other blogs (myself included!) and I like being part of that sharing community.  I'd love to feature other home bloggers who have great content, beautiful photos and a genuine voice.  If you fit that description and want to be featured on Honey We're Home, tag an instagram picture #HWHlovesbloggers and I'll be checking in and choosing some to feature each THURSDAY on my blog and instagram (@honeywerehome). For next week, since I just finished our neutral master bedroom refresh, I'm looking for your BEDROOM photos!  It doesn't matter to me if you've been blogging for 6 months or 6 years, I'd be happy to showcase your talent here.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday | White Jeans Day & Night

Happy happy day friends!  My Grandma is visiting from California and we are beyond thrilled to have her here.  We are super close and she is one special lady.  At 88, she's still running circles around most people and uses the internet (love that she reads my blog everyday!) and even Facebook.  She's the kind of person who never stops learning, challenges herself, has friends all over the world she helps, and has taught me most that we have to accept situations we cannot change.  So thankful for this woman in my life.

And speaking of thankful, I so appreciate your supportive comments on my bikini contest prep post.  Some of you like Caroline and Ann didn't realize I had a second blog (my fault for not promoting it more), and other people like Nicole, House Bound In Marin, Lisa B, and Katie said they loved following that blog and my posts about my first bikini contest.  But overall, everyone commented that they'd like me to combine the Honey We're Healthy & Honey We're Home blogs into one place here and/or get health/fitness/recipe content here on Honey We're Home. 

That's really good for me to know because the main reason I started a second blog was so that people who weren't interested in that content wouldn't be turned off by me posting it here.  But what I realize now by reading your comments, is that that most of us want to be healthy and to look and feel good so reading about that here would be a welcome change.  I'm looking into adding a 'Fitness' tab at the top of Honey We're Home so you can easily access those posts when you visit here and I will be doing weekly bikini contest prep updates also.  Hope you enjoy them and they are helpful to you, even if you're not training for a contest! (But if you are, please let me know in the comments so we can encourage each other!) 

white jeans day & night

Ever since I bought my new favorite white jeans, I've been wearing them non-stop and they've become a go-to piece in my wardrobe.  I'm dubbing them a "HWH Everyday Favorite" item and will share more of those with you throughout the post.  They are originally pricey ($164), but were just on sale for $114. The only drawback (which is also the plus) is that they're white, so I try to be careful not to spill on them while I'm eating or drinking since I do a lot of eating and drinking in the car and am always making a mess.  

What makes this pair so special is the thicker fabric and cut.  I tried on so many pair of white jeans and most of them were too thin and too much like jeggings/leggings and made my legs look bumpy and terrible.  The material on these AG Prima Cigarette Jeans is thicker and more like a jean (still with some stretch- 98% cotton, 2% elastane).  Also, they are a mid-rise, so your waistband isn't in your crotch!  At 5'1 and 107 pounds, I got the size 25 and then had the length taken up and nipped in the waist just a tad.  

I'll share some less expensive white jean options at the bottom of the post, but I wanted to show you today how I wear white jeans day and night, just by dressing them up with a heel and some fancier jewelry (for night) or pair them with wedges or flats and more casual tops (for day).  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Bikini Contest Prep | Here We Go Again!

Happy Monday friends!  I may not be operating at full speed today, having spent the last 4 days in Dallas with my blogging girlfriends (see what I packed to wear here), staying up too late, and indulging in all things girly and fun. I felt like I was a kid again having an all-girls sleepover for 3 nights, complete with getting ready together and pillow talk. But, you know how it is when you go away for even a few days, it seems like when you get back there's so much to do from unpacking to laundry to grocery shopping, etc.  

My boys survived and enjoyed their guy weekend, and I'm sure it was good for them both. Sometimes my son just needs alone-time with Dad.  I can't say the same thing about our poor plants.   Do men really just not notice that the previously healthy and perky plants are wilting away and near death?!?!  Or is it just mine?? I tended to them when I got home, so hopefully, they'll come back to life.

And speaking of coming back to life, if you follow Honey We're Healthy, you know that I trained for and competed in my first fitness bikini contest last July.  It was a long-time bucket list item for me and I finally built up the courage to go for it last year.  Exercise has always been a way for me to blow off steam, release stress and feel good about myself.  While I was going through my Dad's illness, I would work off all the anger, frustration and stress at the gym and it also helped me feel better about myself.  Of course, I want to be healthy and look good too.  I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed about that, even when people don't understand my motives.


For my first contest, I started working out seriously and eating healthy in January 2014.  Then, to help get me ready for the contest, I hired a trainer in March, and after 14 weeks of training together, I competed on July 3, 2014.  I was in the best shape of my life and felt really good, even weeks before the contest date.  

It was a lot of work to get to that point, but in retrospect, it was just a matter of doing what I knew needed to be done day in and day out.  I actually didn't have too much trouble sticking to the diet because I liked my food (and there was plenty of it) but the training!!  Oh, the training was always physically demanding, even as I got in better shape and we pushed harder.  Plus, I was doing 45 minutes of cardio about 4 days a week on top of the 3-4 days of weight training.  So, the time commitment was significant too.

At the show, I placed 4th in my age group (over 35) and was humbly proud of my accomplishment.  When I look at the picture below, it's actually hard to imagine that's me. I'm definitely not looking like that now. 

bikin contest prep NPC

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Girls' Weekend | Packing Edition

You hear bloggers say all the time that one of the best benefits of blogging are the close friendships and connections that are made along the way.  And it's true! Two of my closest girlfriends are bloggers I met over the internet several years ago (I think it's going on 5 years now since I always remember I started my blog when James was just 4 months old and he's 5!) and I talk to them in some form or fashion nearly every day. Whether it's a quick text or phone chat, we've gotten so close, but unfortunately, we are scattered in different cities so we're long-distance friends.  Today, I'm super excited to be meeting up with both Courtney (A Thoughtful Place) and Cassie (Hi Sugarplum) in person in Dallas at a fashion blog conference.  And the icing on the cake is that, since the conference is in Cassie's town, I get to pop into her new home!  I've been dying to see it in person!  Have you been following along on all the fun decor stuff happening over there?!  

I've learned from experience attending several blog conferences over the years that it's mostly just a chance to get together with friends and have a girls' weekend.  I hope the boys are okay at home, I know bedtimes are nearly nonexistent when mom's not around and video games are surely on repeat. As long as teeth are brushed and everyone stays safe, I'm sure they can manage without me for a couple days. ;)  

Since I'm gone tomorrow, in lieu of my regular 'Weekend Steals & Deals' post, I'll share with you what I'm bringing to Dallas (which includes lots of sale items!).  I'm typically a terrible packer  and procrastinate till the last minute because I hate having to choose several days worth of outfits in advance without options.  Last year at the conference, I was in a hurry one morning and burned a hole right through my top while ironing it.  Luckily, I happened to have brought one extra outfit just in case.  I did my best to plan out all the outfits I'd need for the trip this year, so here goes!

travel to dallas 

I'm in Houston, so I decided to skip the air fare and drive myself to Dallas this time.  It should take me about 4 hours to get there so it's not too bad of a drive.  Our weather (and Dallas) has been rainy and stormy lately, so I hope it doesn't cause any issues on the roads.  For a day of driving and arriving at the conference, I'm going super casual with my ripped jeans (they go in and out of stock so you might have to check back), favorite u-neck tank ($18) I've told you about before (also in black and grey), and my super comfy everyday sandals (on sale). This striped bag is new and perfect for holding lots of stuff (but it's not huge), including my iPad and it's cool because you can hold it by the top handles or wear it like a cross body bag.  The cross body straps are removable too.   I always like to bring a scarf just to keep the chill off and it doesn't hurt when it's as pretty as this ombre tassel one!    (It's on sale too). 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday | Men's Swimwear

Ever since James and I got a taste of the pool last week, I've been craving more swimming days!  We've been getting tons and tons of rain, and last Monday, when we walked outside from his doctor appointment, we were surprised to see gorgeous blue sunshiney skies!  The appointment ended at 2p.m., too late to head back to school, so we took a quick detour home to grab swimsuits and sunscreen and headed to the pool.  Even just a little over an hour at the pool was so fun! Now, I'm keeping swimsuits in the car- you never know when the opportunity will strike! ;)

I've already shown you my women's swimwear picks (including my new bikini) and those for the kids, and today I teamed up with Nordstrom to share swimwear for the guys!  Does your guy like a colorful swim trunk or prefer something more traditional like solid black?  I like the stripes!  

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DIY Faux Peony Wreath & Mother's Day Ideas

When I was in World Market the other day getting supplies for our Spring dining table, I noticed their new selection of faux flowers are really good.  Y'all know I'm not scared to incorporate faux flowers into our home decor, even though I do buy fresh almost weekly too.  I like to keep at least one small real bunch at our breakfast table and in the kitchen, but these mixed mini faux flower bouquets are adorable (3 for $14.97) and they even come in ranunculus.  

I picked up the lavender and purple bunches of peonies (peonies- my real ones never last long!) (2 for $15.98), but the bright pink ones almost came home with me too.  And since Mother's Day is fast approaching, I made my mom a wreath out of the flowers I bought.  She always keeps a wreath on her front door, but she's still got the Fall wreath up and I think she'd welcome this one that's more Springy. 

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