Friday, March 24, 2017

In the Dressing Room

Yay for Friday and it's a fun one for us today because James is off school, so we get to go on our first trip to the pool!! Last year when we went, Jordan was just a few months old, but now that she's 13 months! and walking and loves to splash around, it will be even better.  I'll share on Stories if you want to come say hi! 

In today's Dressing Room post, I'm rounding up all the shorts I've tried on in my hunt for the perfect jean shorts and the good news is I found them! I'm also sharing some great new white jeans with just the right amount of distressing, a fantastic skinny dark wash crop jean (that's actually a crop instead of going down to my ankle), a 'date night' black skinny jean, and finally super cute dresses for Spring! Let's go!

Oh, but keep in mind for size reference that I'm super petite- 5'1, 105 pounds. I put size info in purple italics for you.  If you're petite too, check out this post.

Knowing Spring is upon us and with summer just around the corner, I've been on a huge hunt for the perfect jean shorts.  If you saw just how often I wore my jeans shorts, you'd know why!  It's so hot here in the summer and it's the easiest, most comfortable thing to pull on my cutoffs and dress them down with a tank and flip flops or dress them up with a bootie and blouse.  

Given my cost per wear ratio, I'm okay with spending a little bit more on my jean shorts, but still don't want to go over $100.  If you know of a jean short that's truly worth paying over $100 for, let me know and I'll check it out.  

My number one winning pair came in at $78, which is doable in my book, but I also found a pair for $39 and $55.

I'll start with my very favorite new pair of jean shorts that are replacing my old pair by the same brand.  I really wanted to just order my old pair in a smaller size because I loved them so much with their perfect casual wash, fit and distressing, but bought them post-pregnancy and have since lost weight.  Unfortunately, that style is no longer sold (trust me, I've looked everywhere), but their new boyfriend style short is super similar and just as awesome!  Hallelujah!!  The cuff is sewn on the sides so it won't unroll and the rips aren't bare to your leg, but have jean material underneath.  I sized down to a 24 in these and they aren't tight at all.   They are short, but not as short as the braided pair below and the leg holes are bigger, so they don't feel as short as the braided pair. 

You may have seen the next two pair in a previous post, but I wanted to add them here so you can compare all of them in one place. 

TOP :: High Rise Boyshorts (24) | BOTTOM :: Braided High Waist Denim Shorts (26)  

TOP :: These shorts are cute and I actually really like the button fly, but they felt too roomy in front when I first bought size 25.  When I exchanged them for the size 24, they were perfect.  They are a definite high rise, so if you don't like that style, you probably won't like these.  You can leave the shorts unrolled or cuffed.  Below, you can see how the shorts look with a top tucked in and out.  

High Rise Boyshorts (24) Striped Tank XSP | old Sandals (new version)

I really liked these but they are short, short! At first I thought they might be too short, but they are super comfortable on and I've washed them and they have totally grown on me.  If you like a super short short, get this pair!  They are soft with a great front distressing and the braided waist is a cute twist.  

And below are two more cool, budget friendly jean short options.

This budget friendly pair of shorts is super casual with it's faded look and slight distressing, but there's a good amount of stretch in them.  The stretch in these is comparable to jeggings, but not quite.  The material is 98% cotton/2% spandex.  I had to size down to a 24.

The V-Neck Tee is cute and comfy, but on the sheer side, though it comes in lots of colors.  Some reviewers mentioned the dye from the tee coming off on them, but they also said if once you wash it, problem solved.  I do like the cute and raw edge hem.

These Sun & Shadow shorts were so cute with the big, front rips and exposed pockets that just say "time to go back to the beach" to me, but the 25 were so big that I didn't even snap a pic. They didn't have a smaller size in my store, but I'd probably size waaaay down to 23 in these to get them to fit my hips. 

Ooh, I loved these jeans and this top and immediately thought it would be perfect for our date night this weekend!  We haven't done a couples' date night in awhile and 3 couples will share two babysitters at our house so all the parents can go out and Jordan can sleep in her crib. #winwin

The jeans and super comfortable and so slimming!  They have a raw edge hem that look good down or rolled and they weren't too long on me (even though they are supposed to be crop)!!! 

Isn't the top cute too?!  I'm totally digging the stipe and pretty color combo of black, pale pink and baby blue. 

I love this style top and wear it often around the house because I get chilly.  They call it the old school thermal tee, but I love the updated look with exposed seams/hem and ultrafine stripes. I'm  kicking myself for not purchasing it right when I tried it on #duh! 

Even though you can wear your white jeans year round, and I do, isn't it about now that you want to wear them all the time?!  I have a very favorite pair of white jeans that you've seen me in and heard me rave about, but I wanted to review some new ones for you and also some that were more budget-friendly.  

Below are my old #1 white jeans that I've had for years. 

AG Prima Cigarette Jeans 25 and waist taken in a tad | Ruffle Bib Top XXS
I love these jeans so much because they are very opaque, nothin's gonna show through these babies! And they fit like a real jean and not a jegging, like so many cheapie pair of white jeans do. They fit really nice and smoothe and you can see how no lumps or bumps show through! 

The Ruffle Bib Top sure is cute!  The white eyelet bib part is a fun take and feels fresh and Springy.  It would also look good tucked with skirts or shorts.  

These white skinny jeans are surprisingly comfortable and under $60. I like the raw hems and where the ripped patches hit on my leg, although they were still pretty long and I've got them rolled up here. They are pretty stretchy and on the thin side, so I think I could size down to a 24 because they will stretch with wear.  

This is my problem with white jeans though, I prefer a "real" jean feel over that of a jegging and this pair is somewhere in the middle for me.  I'd say go for it if you want a budget-friendly version, but I liked the designer denim option below better.

I've heard so many great things about this designer pair of white denim that I was finally convinced to splurge!  I'm glad I did because the reviewers were right, they are worth it!  As soon as I tried them on, I wanted to wear them right away!  They are meant to be crop length, but at 5'1, they fit me like a perfect full-length jean.  The shredded knees are in the perfect spots and the white is opaque, like I prefer.  The denim on this jean is some kind of signature stretch that conforms to your figure, yet retains its shape after wear.  I agree that I felt that these white jeans are very figure flattering- and that can be hard to do. 

I ordered the next pair of white jeans as a solid (non-distressed) pair that's under $100 to compare to my AG's.  

This jean is just under $100 and very good quality!  I liked the way the denim felt on and it's on the lightweight side, so it doesn't feel thick or heavy, but also, isn't really thin.  I think I should've sized down to the 24 though, because the front and waist was baggy on me in the 25.  They were also a little long (but that's to be expected unless I order petite).  I'm so loving this raw edge trend though.

I tried on some things at Loft too- definitely check them out this weekend, everything is 30-40% off!!  

I tried on the crop white jeans at Loft and thought they were just okay, maybe it's because they were cuffed twice and I felt like it made my legs look shorter, like a kick crop, which I hate.   It's funny though because I loooooved the dark wash skinny crop jeans (below) and they seem to be a similar or the same cut. 

The Stripe Ruffle Sleeve Tee had a cute petite ruffle sleeve that was cute.  I'd size down to XXS though so it wouldn't be so roomy in the middle. 

I like the jeans better with this tunic.  And I really loved the sleeveless tunic with side slits.  It was a bit long on me in XS, so I ordered the XSP. 

Crop Skinny Jeans 25/0P | Striped Top XXSP (XSP would be better) | Chunky Heeled Sandal TTS
Here are the dark wash skinny crop jeans I was so crazy about!  They fit like a glove in size 25/0P.  I like them best with the hem rolled up once, as opposed to twice, because they felt too short rolled twice, but they are actually crop on me and most "crop" jeans come way down to my heel.  I liked them so much, I already wore them yesterday!  The top is darling too and looks great with the jeans.

Back home, I tried on those skinny crop jeans with this crochet tank top and it's really cute.  I love tanks that have a little extra detail like this that makes them feel more special.  

And y'all know I'm a big fan of the cold shoulder top.  One like this with a spaghetti strap, I'll sometimes wear a regular bra with since the shoulder straps line up and with my hair down, it'll cover that part anyway.  The pattern and color on this top are really cute in person.

Camisole (XXSP) | Shorts 0
Okay, seriously, how silly does "extra extra small petite" sound??? Loft, c'mon!  Your sizing is 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌  !!!  Oh, how I love Loft shorts and oh how they're always WAAYYY too big! I'm in 00 here and they were falling off.  The chambray and scallops are so cute though and this short would go with so much, so it's a shame they don't fit me! 

The cami fit pretty well, but with my ample chest, I probably could've gone up to XXS.  I love to wear these tucked or untucked with jeans, shorts and espeically skirts. 

Yellow Tank XS | Striped Skirt 0 (ordered 00P) | Heels TTS
I fell in love with this navy and white striped skirt and had to have it!  It will go with so many things and I'd love to show it to you all styled up once I get the 00P I ordered.  Fingers crossed it fit because, again, the 0 was way too big! 

If you are petite or short or just want tips on how to rock a Spring dress, read this post

This little lightweight floral shirtdress is darling in person.  My one complaint is that it isn't lined, so it does feel thin.  I still think it would be perfect for lunches or even running around in in flat sandals.  I tried on the XS initially and liked the fit, but was curious how the XSP would be.   The XSP fit, and the length was shorter, but was pulling a bit across the chest.  If I were going to buy this, I think I'd get the XS, especially in case it would shrink at all. 

How fun is this little white dress?!  It's a basic fit and flare style that is flattering on so many body types.  It's lined and not see though and the pattern is the sweetest! 

This dress called out to me from across the room!  I love the violets and pinks in it as well as the classic shape.  The material is nice and structured and it's belted with the a matching skinny belt.

This periwinkle lace overlay dress is so pretty in person.  Unfortunately, I didn't think it flattered my petite frame even in a petite size, but I still wanted to show you because the color is so unique and the tiered skirt part is fun. 

Lace Shift Dress 2P
I liked this dress more on the hanger (and on the model) than on me.  It's very square on, and I don't think it comes in 0P, but the black and white and lace overlay detail is gorgeous.  It's kinda hard to tell from the photo, but the neck has a darling black lace collar that would look so good with your hair up. If this style of dress looks good on you, definitely order it!

It was hard to photograph is dress with the overhead light glaring down, but this dress (and the happy coral orange color) is pretty in person.  It's not fluorescent orange if that's how it appears on your screen. I didn't bring my strapless bra to try it on, so I just folding down one side of my regular bra to take the pics.  The material is nice and thick, drapes well and feels amazing.  It's also machine washable, always a plus.

Somebody take me to a Polo match and I'll wear this dress!  The material is a cool cotton and I love the fit and shape of the fitted top and fuller shirt with the navy and white stripes.  You don't have to wear it with the belt, and I don't think this chambray one comes with it. 

I've always seen this sleek sheath dress online and wanted to see how it fit in real life and finally got to try it on.  I always pictured it as an office-appropriate look when I saw it on the model, but when I put it on, it seemed too body conscious for work.  It's tight and stretchy all over with cute cap sleeves and a pretty gold body-length zipper in the back.  It's pretty va-va-voom, but I felt self conscious in it. 

Sheath Dress 2P (0P might fit better)

I loved this sleek LBD and thought it would be perfect for attending a work dinner or party.  The v-cut neckline is sexy, but not overly revealing and I adore the cut outs in the shoulder.  That little detail is one of my favorite parts of the dress, but since it's not off the shoulder or one shoulder, you can wear your regular bra with it.  The waist nips in and the side rushing is so flattering.  This one was a little hippy on me and maybe a tad too long, and I'd like to try on the 0P to see if that fit better.

Okay guys, y'all convinced me to try a few more bikinis and I can't even begin to express my gratitude for all the kind comments on my Body After Baby- One Year Later post.  I don't take it for granted that you've shared your stories and struggles with me in the emails we've exchanged.  Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out.  💛  I have a big swimsuit fit & review post here

The unique pink bikini criss-cross top is what prompted me to try this one, but man, I felt like it was complicated origami trying to figure out how to get it on the first time!  After I got it untangled and on, I thought it was super cute.  I ordered two sizes in the bottoms since I wasn't sure how they'd fit (XS and Small) and the XS were too tiny.  I'm wearing the Small here and they have good coverage, a flattering ruched back and are silky smooth and comfortable.

The second suit is actually an army green with small gold hardware on the bikini bottom sides and top that I think I forgot about and must be behind my neck!  It's a great, classic triangle top bikini with a flattering bottom.

Have a great weekend, friends! 😘

You can join me on Instagram too, where I post everyday outfits and inspiration to wake up your wardrobe. 


keep in touch! 

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Short Girl's Guide to Wearing Long Dresses

Being 5 foot and 3/4 inches, can we just agree to call it 5'1?, and ultra petite, I used to think that long dresses were made only for taller girls and that I wouldn't be able to pull them off.  But, over the years, I've learned to accept my smaller stature and play up my shape by dressing in ways that are the most flattering on a petite frame.  I've heard from many of you lately who are also short (hey, there's a lot of us!) and can relate to the dressing dilemmas - pants and jeans off the rack a mile too long, waists that bag open in the back, and tops that might as well be worn as dresses.

But, there's hope for us and today, espeically since wedding season and Spring are upon us, I'm showing you how to rock those gorgeous long Spring dresses like nobody's business! This post is geared toward my fellow shorties, but my taller friends might also find it beneficial. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Guide to Spring Break in Galveston

We are back from our Spring Break and back to real life with school, sports and schedules.  But that's okay, a little break away always rejuvenates and energizes and now I'm feeling particularly ready for all the Spring goodness! 

For our Spring Break, we went to Galveston (a nearby beach town) and Waco (hello Fixer Upper!) and today I'm sharing scenes from our Galveston trip, along with where we stayed, good things to eat, and lots of fun things to do if you decide to vacation there.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Outfits Lately - Inspiration for Your Everyday Wardrobe

Yay for Friday and our quick trip to Magnolia Market in Waco!  I've wanted to go check it out for soooo long and since we're only about 3 hours away, it's about time we went! We'll be celebrating "Spring at the Silos", along with 10,000 of our best friends, I'm sure!  I'm a little nervous about how much we'll get to enjoy with all the crowds and Jordan in tow, but I bet everyone else feels the same way! We'll all just be happy to be there finally!  I'll be sure to keep you posted on my Stories and share a recap when we get back. 

And today is Outfits Lately, a big 'ole round up of what I've been wearing lately.  If you want more everyday outfit inspiration, I post my daily outfits on Instagram, which is what I'm rounding up for you here today.  These aren't professionally styled photos, just selfies 🙈 sharing my attempts to get out of jean shorts (it happens sometimes!) and get creative with the things in my closet.  

You can always shop my instagrams without LikeToKnowIt by clicking the picture on my blog right sidebar or the SHOP tab at the top of my blog under INSTAGRAM

Looking back, February and March have been big months with Jordan's first birthday, my birthday, Valentine's Day, James' birthday, a bachelorette party, wedding, and Spring Break!  I need to go lie down for a month! 

Ripped Jeans (24) | Top XS | Sneakers | Crossbody Bag & Here on sale| Watch on sale | Similar Wrap Bracelet | Similar Initial Necklace 
Do ripped jeans and black sneaks say, "Monster Jam"?! 🚚🚛🚍  Here we come! 👪 🙉  We took James to see all those monster trucks in action and he was in hog heaven.  I will say it was a fun time, just be sure to bring your earplugs.  This ripped jeans are a new fave, but I had to size down one size lower than my regular size.  The v-neck tee is an easy everyday fave that looks super cute with a little front tuck.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to Self Test for Diastasis Recti & Exercises to Repair DR

Hi friends!  How's your week going?  We got home yesterday from our quickie trip to the beach for Spring Break and it was a really good time.  James had friends there and swam all day in the pool and Jordan absolutely loved her first time at the beach.  She happily played with her bucket and shovel in the sand for hours!  It always reminds me that it's really the simple things in life that are often the best!

You can see a few pics already here and I'll be sure to share a detailed recap next week.  We are tired though!  Jordan didn't sleep well either night we were away, so we needed to get back home and to our own beds so we could all get a good night's rest!  

Today, I'm sharing a follow-up to the Body After Baby- 1 Year Later post, specifically dealing with diastasis recti (ab separation).  I have diastasis recti ("DR") and have heard from so many of you that have it too.  Some of you have been living with it for a long time and didn't even know it!  

DR is very common during pregnancy and postpartum where the right and left side of your abdominal muscles spread apart at the mid-line fascia.  If you got that dark line going down your belly during your pregnancy (I did), that's the linea alba, and that's where our abs separate.  DR isn't caused by pregnancy, but rather the abdominal pressure that often accompanies pregnancy. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Family Packing Guide for Spring Break

We made it through wedding weekend and my baby brother is successfully hitched! He and his beautiful bride are off on their honeymoon and we are getting ready for our Spring Break, which officially starts today!  Sweet James was the ring bearer in the wedding and he took his role so seriously!  I was so happy to get a chance to get some super cute pics before the ceremony started with everyone all spiffied up before Jordan had a meltdown and James was a sweaty dance floor mess!

James wore the grey rental tux to match the groomsmen and cutie pie Jordan was lucky to be gifted this gorgeous gold dress from our friends.  We couldn't be prouder of both of them! They are just too cute together!  I'm often amazed at how good James is with her, given he's just 7 years old and was an only child for a long time.  He seems to intuitively know how to be kind to her and gives her lots of grace when he could be getting annoyed.

Everyone usually says Jordan looks just like James or they both look like Daddy.  I don't mind because he's a cutie! It's hard to believe Jordan is already 1!  She is so on the go and practically running now, so it's really hard to get her picture. 

Okay, so onto Spring Break!!⛱ I must admit that over the weekend while I've been alternating between doing loads of laundry, packing, getting a car wash, running to the grocery store for snacks, returning the tux, cleaning up and doing more laundry and packing, I'm thinking . . .  dang, it sure is a lot of work to go out of town to the beach for 3 days!  Are we sure we don't want to just stay home?! ;)

We'll come back midweek for a day, and then go to Waco to visit Chip & Jo.  I kid! I have no idea if they'll be there, but Magnolia Market, here we come!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Darling Floral Spring Dresses

Are you guys as happy for the weekend as I am?!  This weekend kicks of my brother's wedding and our Spring Break so it's a double celebration!  I'll be sharing snippets on InstaStories if you want to check in.  If you need help figuring out how to see Stories, read this.  I'm @honeywerehome on Instagram, and I'd love to see you there too. 

I'm so happy to see the Spring styles coming out in full force after the dark days of winter!  I found several darling dresses that transition well into Spring because you can add a jacket and be good to go if the weather dips.  This beautiful long sleeve floral dress was originally meant for Jordan's 1st birthday party, but it turned out to be really hot that day and I realized I should probably wear pants (this pair) so I could get on the floor with the kids.

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