Friday, February 12, 2016

Weekend Steals & Deals | Top 10 Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale Finds

Happy Friday!  Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!  I've been so sick all week that I haven't gotten much done, but I do seem to be on the mend now and will be taking my husband up on his Valentine's day date lunch offer today.  :)  Then, for the weekend, I'm hoping to make more progress on the baby nesting homefront and I need to start packing a hospital bag- do you have any "must brings" and "you won't need"?  I'd love to hear! My friend that just delivered at the same hospital said to err on the side of bringing everything because otherwise, you have to specifically request and wait for things that you might want right away.  I'm really interested in hearing about nursing pajamas/tops.  It's been FOREVER since I had one!  

This weekend also kicks off Nordstrom's Winter Clearance Sale!  Since I'm still on my clothing spend freeze, please partake of this goodness where prices are marked down 40% on women's clothing, men's, kids, shoes, bags, accessories and more! I went through and found my Top 10 "if I were shopping now, I'd want . . . ." and sharing with you today.  Let's get to it! 

Top 10 Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale Finds

 #1 Caslon cowl neck fleece pullover $58, $34.80 (4 colors)
I'm always up for a soft as fur, cozy fleece pullover.  I wear these at home as often as I do outside! 

 #2 Zella shadow cutout long sleeve tee $58, $38.86 (3 colors)
This is a top you can wear to the gym or on the weekends running around and still feel comfy and cute.  The criss-cross back is awesome too.  The Zella Z6 long sleeve and Z5 short sleeve tops are on sale too.  Stock up now, especially if you need some extra workout inspiration.  Always helps to have quality workout clothes to help get you to the gym. 

 #3 Fit & Flare dress - you gotta see the back! $85, $50.98
We can't be in cozy, comfy tops all day, especially if you have a job to go to or an evening event to attend.  I love the versatility on this dress- layer a cardigan or blazer on top to make it work appropriate.  The colors and pattern and so fun and playful to transition it to night! 

 #4 Lush Karly shift dress $48, $28.80 (6 colors)
You've seen me in this dress in black and it's a no-brainer as one you can dress up with accessories, and feel good in even after a big dessert since the waistline is forgiving. 

 #5 AG 'the stilt' cigarette jeans $168, $104 
These are the same as my very favorite white jeans, and if I hadn't vowed not to buy any more clothes until after baby was born, I would definitely be snatching these up in my pre-pregnancy size to take advantage of the sale price. They are worth it!  

 #6 Thread & Supply double breasted peacoat $58, $28.90 (4 colors, 481 positive reviews)
If you still need a stylish coat (I see that much of our country is freezing right now!), this inexpensive double-breasted peacoat is a winner.  The Nordstrom reviewers LOVE this one! And under $30?!?!  #shutthefrontdoor 

 #7 Coffee Shop trench coat $88, $52.80 (also in 'oregano' which looks like olive)
A classic trench never goes out of style.  This one is a beauty and barely $50! 
This bag isn't technically on sale, but is such a good deal at under $40!  It wasn't available last week when I was sharing affordable duplicates to the drool-worthy Clair V. leopard foldover clutch.  But, the one pictured is over $200 less!  

Fringe is in people!  And this pink color!  #yesplease!  But it also comes in a pretty light blue and sage.  Rebecca Minkoff is top quality, you won't regret this one!

 #10 Steve Madden floral sandal $129.95, $79.90 
I don't know about you, but it's about this time of year that I start craving everything bright and floral and Spring!  These heels would certainly add some flair to your outfit and add drama to even a monocromatic outfit.  The sassy cut-outs and tie are perfect!  


One more thing!  I have to thank y'all for recommending the Snoogle!  I got mine and have been using it and I feel like it is helping reduce back pain at night.  It's gotten increasingly more difficult to sleep comfortably in these last weeks, so thank you for saying, "get the pillow!" 

AND, my friend Gwen hooked me up with this seriously awesome NIGHT PILLOW that is specifically designed for moisturizing your skin and hair while you sleep so you wake up with healthier hair and less wrinkles.  I have to tell you I'm super picky about my pillow, and I LOVE this one.  It's got memory foam in it, so it's the perfect firm/soft balance that I like in my pillows.  

If you're interested in a Night Pillow, you can use code MEGAN15 to get 15% off until February 26.

Have a great weekend friends!

weekend steals & deals 

*note: exclusions may apply to the sales 

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NORDSTROM | 40% off on women's clothingmen'skidsshoesbagsaccessories and more! FREE shipping & FREE returns 
OLD NAVY | 15% off everything 


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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Staying Fit During Pregnancy

As I write this post, I'm 36 weeks pregnant (yay! #homestretch!) with our second child and my 41st birthday is fast approaching!  Even though I'm an older mama this time, I feel so much better than last time because I've kept up with my workouts and healthy eating (for the most part). Many of you have asked about my exercise routine during this pregnancy and today I'm happy to share what I've been doing and what's worked for me to help keep me at a healthy weight gain (my doctor recommended 25-35 pounds).  I've worked hard to stay healthy and fit during this pregnancy, and so far have gained right about 35 pounds.  I hope I can keep it at that for the last month!

lesson learned from my 1st pregnancy

I was so miserable with the 55 pounds I gained with my first and definitely did not want to repeat that experience.  I'm only 5 feet tall, and began both pregnancies around 105 pounds, so you can imagine a 55 pound weight gain was too much to comfortably bear.  With my first, even though I was active and in good shape pre-pregnancy, I completely stopped working out when I found out I was pregnant. Part of me was so scared that I would harm or lose the baby while exercising and another part was just exhausted and tired because I was working full-time and the last thing I felt like doing at the beginning or end of the day was going to the gym.  In retrospect, that was a bad decision and I wished I had done things differently. 

I always said, if I'm able to get pregnant again, I'm definitely going to watch my weight, keep exercising and eat better.  I've done that this second time around and I feel a million times better, even though it's still really hard being big and pregnant at the end.

2nd pregnancy 

To give you some background, I was training for a fitness bikini competition when I found out I was pregnant this time.  I didn't realize I was pregnant until a few days before the contest, but I actually got pregnant 5 weeks out from the contest date.  So, for the first 5 weeks of my pregnancy, I was working out very hard (3 days a week lifting weights and probably cardio 4-5 times week, 45 minutes at a time).  Below is a quick snap I took after a run outside- it was July in Houston, so super hot out, just to give you an idea of how hard I had been exercising and pushing myself.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mix & Match Style | Leopard, Red, White & Black

It's Wardrobe Wednesday and since I'm on a clothing no-spend lock down, the next few weeks will be full of mix and match style.  It's going well so far with just one more month of maternity style posts!  Some of you must be getting tired of these by now, since I know the majority of you aren't expecting and might have a hard time relating to these big baby belly fashion posts!  For you, I've included non-maternity options (this black & white striped long sleeve top is a dead ringer for the maternity version (probably one of my favorite maternity shirts I own) and the red v-neck tee  is already non-maternity, I just sized up.  But, if you happen to be pregnant, I'm so happy for you! #bighugs! and I hope to provide some fashion inspiration for your growing bump.

mix & match style | leopard * red * white * black

I've got this leopard, red, white, and black combo mixed and matched lately and kept the leopard in small doses with just a clutch or shoes.  A little bit of leopard goes a long way!  I'm typically a neutral-loving girl, but adding a pop of red in a shirt, vest, cardi, or accessories gives an outfit more vibrancy.  If you need a good red lipstick, MAC Brave Red is a perfect true red and add a dot of sheer gloss in the middle of your lips to up the pout factor.

mix & match #1

I'm running low on things that actually fit comfortably, so this black and white striped top is in heavy rotation and the leopard flats are getting quite a bit of use! I've had them for a long time, but I've never worn them so much until now.  I think even post-pregnancy, I'll continue running around in them because I've grown to really appreciate how comfy and easy to wear they are.

MATERNITY : striped top (buy 1 top, get 2nd 50% off) | similar jeans 
NON-MATERNITY : striped top | jeans ($88) | old Bebe vest (similar) | leopard flats | necklace | reversible tote (33% off) | similar sunglasses

Monday, February 8, 2016

Home Styling Tips | Pretty & Functional Desktop

Good morning! Are you Super Bowl weary today?!  My son and I have been under the weather lately, so we just took it easy.  I even missed Beyonce- #gasp!  Was it good?? I hope we're better soon - no time to be sick when a baby is on the way!  I've got nesting fever and am wanting to finish up the nursery bathroom and get her closet organized, plus pack our hospital bag essentials.  I even had a dream last night that we ended up at the hospital with nothing.  It wasn't terrible, but I'd rather be prepared. 

Today, I'm sharing the third installment of Home Styling Tips, the Desk edition.   You can get caught up on the Kitchen Styling here and the Reading Nook here. My home office has evolved over the years, but once I made it a pretty and functional place to create and write my blog, it's become one of my favorite places to be.  Instead of dragging my laptop down to the living room to work, if you're reading a blog post, you know it was written from the comfort of my black and white and bright home office

Home Styling Tips | The Desktop - Honey We're Home

home styling tips | office desk

Black and White and Bright Home Office | Honey We're Home

As far as desktop styling goes, I like to keep a mostly clear space, with essentials to keep me on task and creative close at hand.  I'm forever changing out the accessories, but I always keep nearby a few favorite pens, pencils, highlighters, washi tape, scissors, stapler, notepads, calendar or planner (see my 2016 favorites here), candle, and lamp.  

I'll keep my pens and pencils in anything from an old candle cardboard box (like the one below), to a coffee mug or this adorable shiny gold pineapple. 

Home Styling Tips | The Desktop - Honey We're Home

Notepads are a must and how could I forget sticky notes?!  The floral notebook below opens to reveal a gorgeous set of different sized sticky notes.  I'm always reaching for those to flag pages or just to write notes to stick on my calendar.  You can find inexpensive notepads and sticky notes at HomeGoods or in the dollar bins at Target and Michael's. 

Home Styling Tips | The Desktop - Honey We're Home

The climbing rose notepad below was a gift from my sweet friend Jen and the Kate Spade sticky notes and bow paper clips are another gift from my friend Angela for my 40th birthday.  Just goes to show what great presents stationery and paper things make for your fellow paper lovers and that you're never too old to love those things! Or if I am, please don't tell me!  I've already heard "advanced maternal age" and "geriatric pregnancy" twice last week! 

Pretty desktop things | Honey We're Home

Sentimental things are sweet to keep in view also.  My 5-year old son used my label maker to create the "I Love You" message below and it sits on my keyboard, never failing to put a smile on my face.  

The large Sugar Paper calendar (22 x 17 inches) has been perfect for getting a big picture of my monthly blog calendar.  I keep a running list of blog topics and each month, write in where each post will go. Seeing them all at a glance like this has been really helpful this year.  And I found these ERASABLE colored pens that actually work!  They've changed my life!  I use a different color for each blog topic. 

Pretty desktop organization/styling and planners to keep you organized | Honey We're Home

I also keep another portable paper planner on hand and I'll write in weekly appointments and such so I can see where my time needs to go for planning purposes.  There are never enough hours in the day!

Pretty desktop organization/styling and planners to keep you organized | Honey We're Home

Pretty desktop organization/styling and planners to keep you organized | Honey We're Home

Fresh flowers will instantly brighten your desk space.  Put them in unconventional containers like this little mason jar mug for a dose of charm.  I found this one at Hobby Lobby for half off!

Love keeping fresh flowers in unexpected vessels like this mason jar mug

While not actually on my desktop, I keep an organizer full of things I might like to reach for handy with a drawer organizer.  You can do this on a smaller scale right on your desktop. 

Desk and paper organization ideas

My washi tape collection is currently inside my desk drawers, but if you like to keep yours on display, you could use a cupcake stand like I did in the below picture.  I've found washi tape everywhere from places like Target, Amazon, Etsy, and craft stores.  It's an addiction, I know!

Creative way to display your washi tape collection - on a cupcake stand

To keep the drawers looking pretty and organized, I lined them first with inexpensive gift wrap, then used acrylic drawer dividers to help separate things and keep it tidy.  

Desk organization - Honey We're Home

TAKE AWAY:  When it comes to organizing and styling your desktop, a few pretty necessities can really brighten your work day.  Even when I worked full time at a corporate law office, I still prettied up my desk with the things I wanted to see and use all day.  Why not?! 

cute desk accessories 

Pretty Desk Things

Have a great day! 

keep in touch! 

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekend Steals & Deals | Valentine's Day Outfits for Day & Night

Can I just say I love you guys?!?!  You had me at, "Get the pillow!!"  Even Christina said she feels like she needs a Snoogle after reading the comments and she's not even pregnant!!  Ha!  I took your recommendations and ordered one and it should be here soon!  I'm really looking forward to trying it because my sleep has been so bad lately! I'll let you know how it works out.  Thank you friends!

For this Friday's Weekend Steals & Deals, I put together a couple affordable Valentine's Day looks for day and night, but you know I'm wearing this dress to our V-day lunch next Friday!  See it styled here.  I  also browsed the sale items to find 10 super cute tops under $50!  Then, I had fun finding some inexpensive duplicates for the oh so coveted Chloe bag and a few fun Valentine's Day baubles and things that might make you smile.  Of course, at the end of the post is a round-up of sales to check out.  I'm still thinking about new styles series and I really appreciate your input and you letting me know what you'd like to see more of.  A hair-curling tutorial was at the top of your list, so that's coming soon! 

casual valentine's day outfit 

First up is an easy-to-wear jeans and striped top with the super soft and comfy cardigan.  I'm all about the red, white, black and leopard combo lately.  If you're not 100 weeks pregnant, you might want to add the leopard heels.  I created a round-up of great leopard shoe options here.  This look would be equally as cute with dark denim skinny jeans (on sale $44.40 and currently stocked in all sizes).

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Spending Freeze

Wait, what?!  A spending freeze??  #thosepregnancyhormonesaregettingtoher! Yep friends, you heard that right.  From the girl who loves to shop and especially for clothes!  Every year, after the holidays, I scale waaay back from spending money because it seems like we spend so much on Christmas gifts and parties and giving and such. I mentioned a couple times that I haven't been shopping, but I figured I'd give you a few more details.  And it's not all about saving money.

My Spending Freeze on Clothing

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day Dress | with Vegan Leather Jacket & Magenta Pumps

How do these days go so fast?!  I had planned to publish my pregnancy exercise routine yesterday, but my son got sick so I lost a day home with him.  But, in retrospect, we had more alone-time together, which I do appreciate.  I'm reading In Praise of Slowness now and I think it helped me just relax and not worry about what I was missing getting done.  Being a very action-oriented person, sometimes I struggle to slow down and just do one thing at a time.  Working on this.

For today, let's talk Valentine's Day! When it comes to that hallmark holiday, are you all in or prefer to skip all the hub-bub?  I'm somewhere in the middle and we typically do a little something, but it's not a huge deal.  For V-day this year, I made a lunch-date reservation for my husband and I, which is a rare treat.  When we were dating, we did "date night" every Friday night with one of our favorite couples.  But that was 8 years ago, that favorite dating couple has since split, and our adults-only nights out are a rare thing these days since we tend to do everything with our son. I'd like to change that eventually, but for now, I'm just as excited to do a nice adult lunch date at one of our favorite restaurants.

At first, I was thinking of just wearing a casual jeans and red t-shirt outfit (with a leopard shoe), which I'll show you on Friday, but then I changed my mind and figured I'd better wear this striped dress I bought several weeks ago while I can still get it over this belly!  It's non-maternity, size Small, and does run small, so keep that in mind if you order it.  I couldn't even get the XS on! I bought it hoping it would last post-pregnancy since I love the v-neck and slim shape.  It's the last new thing I've bought and you'll hear about my clothing spending freeze tomorrow.

For now, I'm excited to know that I can still rock a heel (even if it is only for about 45 minutes!), but we'll just be sitting at lunch so it will be fine!  I hope my husband appreciates the effort! 

#dressingthebump #maternitystyle
dress | necklace | earrings from my latest rocksbox set - 1st month free with code honeywerehomexoxo (similar earrings under $30) | similar braceletjacket | magenta heels 30% off 

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