Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Girls Weekend Recap

How's your week going friends?! If I didn't already know it, last weekend taught me that I am definitely NOT 21 anymore! Three jam-packed days of classes and meetings and more importantly, parties and dancing and 2 am chat sessions with my girlfriends and a side of Taco Bueno really wore me out! Then, I got home and my brain was overflowing and I couldn't sleep! It was definitely worth going though because when you have so many friends scattered all over the US and a chance to get together in one place, you have to take advantage of it!

I wish y'all could've been there too, so today, I'm taking you on a virtual recap tour of the trip!

Thursday evening kicked off with a poolside party at the gorgeous Crescent Hotel in Dallas.  They served jalapeno margaritas and had a DJ playing hits as 200 (mostly women) mingled and people-watched.  The spot I'm standing in was the prime photo location and everyone was taking turns getting a shot.  When it was my turn, I stumbled and almost fell into the pool.  That would've been a #partyfail for sure.  And this was my first drink! 

Dress 0P 33% off | Strapless Bra | Similar Necklace | Similar Beaded Bracelets | Heels & here on sale | Similar Bag on sale

I wore that vibrant navy/orange/white/teal patterned maxi and was comfortable, despite the evening sun blazing down on us.  Sara and Veronika were my road trip companions  and they made the 4 hour drive from Houston to Dallas fly by! #girltalk 

me | Liz | Ashley | Sara | Veronika 

I was lucky to call CassieCarly and Shaeffer my roomies again.  This is our third or fourth time rooming together and they are the definition of fun.   My cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard. 

Cassie and I go waaay back to our early days of blogging 7 years ago, before the days of Pinterest and Instagram and Snapchat, etc.  Lots about blogging has changed during that time, but at the heart of it all, blogging is still a way to record and share my life and loves online with you.  And YOU haven't changed either- your readership and support of this blog is the reason I get to go to fun things like this conference, so I appreciate that so much!

I packed only enough outfits for each day, but after the poolside party, ended up changing back into my travel outfit- the cutest check peplum bustier.  It's as comfortable as a regular tank, but dressier with the sweetheart neckline and peplum shape.  I even broke out my faux suede choker that I don't get to wear too often.

The peplum tank is navy/white, but almost looks black.  It does come in solid black also.

That first night we ate dinner at Javier's Mexican Restaurant and if you go, you have to try the fajita beef nachos and the tortilla chips dipped first in butter, before salsa! #whatdiet?

Do you remember girlfriend sleepovers where you are so tired, but you keep talking until you literally cannot stay up any longer?! Yeah, it was like that all weekend. 

Here is also a good look at my new brows without makeup on.  I'll have a full post about my recent microblading experience soon!

On Friday was a day of conference speakers, a couple meetings and blogging classes.  Thankfully, there was a Starbuck's attached to the hotel, which is where I was headed below! Iced tall 2-pump mocha with no whip please! I saw at least one, maybe two other very stylish girls wearing this same floral dress. It's breezy and lightweight and also lined.  The floral pattern and ruffled detail on the front are super cute!

It's a rule that bloggers can't pass up a full length mirror without snapping a selfie. ;)

For lunch, we ate Shake Shack al fresco with a beautiful picnic table set up. 

Those burgers are goooooddddd!!  We enjoyed every bite!

That evening, we had some time to chill in the hotel room before getting all dolled up for a cocktail party.  Thank you guys for helping me go with this hot pink dress. I ended up wearing it with bright tassel earrings and floral heels. The earrings make a fun statement and aren't too heavy for a night out.

Shaeffer | me | Cassie | Carly | Kathleen

I kept my neck bare to show off the neckline of the dress and so that it wouldn't compete with the bigger earrings.  

Catching up with old friends was honestly the best part of this trip! 

There were a few Bravo housewives there, and we snapped a pic with Stephanie from the Dallas series.  She is just like she is on the show #surprise, and said they already wrapped filming Season 2. 

Rachel | me | Sara

I was back to my travel outfit again switching out the choker for this Fan Necklace for dinner at Neighborhood Services.  Holy cow, was that food good?!  I highly recommend it if you're ever in Dallas. 

I knew by Saturday I'd be ready to be more comfortable, so for that day's conference attire, I went with my favorite white distressed skinny jeans and a striped bell sleeve top. 

Courtney Kerr taught a class on marketing and she was actually hilarious.  She definitely woke us up that morning!

After 3 days in heels and wedges with lots of walking, my feet definitely needed a break! I'm so glad I brought flat sandals!

Our Saturday lunch was gorgeous and delicious, but also freezing!  A cold front came through and all I brought was my favorite jean jacket.  It's the one I always travel with and it's soft and ultra comfortable (under $80), but not super warm.  The kind hotel staff brought blankets for us to bundle up under and we put them on our laps under the table to keep warm!

Saturday evening, we ate at Nobu, conveniently located inside the hotel.  That food is delicious and we ordered extra helpings of the rock shrimp tempura. 

Before dinner, when we were hanging out at the hotel in our beds wearing those long, big fluffy robes, Carly and I were contemplating skipping the Saturday night finale party because we just wanted to stay cozy in bed! But, after dinner, we caught our second wind and I'm so glad we ended up going to the party.  

I wore this black crochet dress that I already had in my closet.  It's currently unavailable #sorry, but this one and this one are similar.  I was planning to wear these black strappy heels, but I had a sore on my ankle so I had to go with these classic nude heels that sit lower on my ankle. 

Here's a better look at the detail in the dress.

Is this the same girl who wanted to stay home in a robe?!


We danced the night away as evidenced by our feet at the end of the night! 

Of course by Sunday, I was sooo ready to get home!  Since the Like To Know It heart wall was right by the hotel, we stopped and got an obligatory pic on the way out!  If you don't use LTK, you can always shop my outfits here or on Facebook, where I share direct links.  Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't let me put live links there, so follow me on Facebook for that!

Getting home to these babes was the most wonderful thing!  Dad did such a great job being Dad and I think he just might appreciate me a little bit more now.


Have a great day, friends! 😘

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keep in touch! 

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How to Plan a Garden Party

Hi guys!  How was your Monday?  I was a mess, totally exhausted from our girls' trip that had me dancing and eating Taco Bueno until the wee hours of the morning.  Those kinds of weekends are few and far between so you gotta live it up when the opportunity strikes.  Then come home and die of exhaustion! Like when you need a vacation from your vacation.  #firstworldproblemsIknow

I'm better today, and super excited to share all the details from Jordan's first birthday party. Ever since the party, I've been wanting to share with you how I planned our garden soiree and how it all came together.  Hosting a party at home is a lot of work with all the little details to think about, the shopping, the preparation and getting the house ready for guests.  But it's also so much fun and a wonderful way to get together with your friends and family to celebrate a special occasion.  This post is lengthy because I wanted to give you lots of detailed info, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment- I personally read and respond!

Friday, April 21, 2017

What to Wear for a Girls Weekend

Happy Friday friends!  I made it safely to Dallas thanks to my road trip companions Veronika and Sara!  

I shred on Stories what I was packing for the trip and here you go in blog form with all the links in case you want to shop these looks.  Everything except the dress for Friday night was already in my closet, so I'm glad not to stress (too much) about what to wear.  These kinds of conferences are really fun, but also can be stressful like any big event where you can feel self conscious for no good reason. Thankfully, I have several friends there, so it's really an opportunity to get together face to face for some adult girlfriend time!  Here's what I'm wearing and I'll do a recap of the trip next week!


A recent addition to my wardrobe is this great navy (almost looks black) and white check peplum bustier.  It's really flattering on and the fabric has a good weight to it.  I figure I might as well arrive in Dallas in something I feel great in.  The crop skinny jeans are a no brainer and isn't the choker fun?! I got that last year, but it's still in stock! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Favorite | White Distressed Denim & Bell Sleeve Top

Hi friends!  How's your week going?  I spent Monday - Wednesday getting all the things done you need to do before going on a trip, and now, the day is finally here!  Today kicks off the annual style blog conference in Dallas and I'm excited to be going again to meet up with my friends!  There's lots of us going this year, so it will be even more fun!  I'll share on Stories if you want to follow along!

Today, I wanted to share with you the holy grail of white distressed denim.  You've seen them before here with a cute grey peplum tee, but there I was mostly highlighting the Perfect T-Shirt Bra.  This one is all about the perfect jeans!  There's a lot of pictures in this post because I'm so fond of this outfit and I wanted to show it to you both standing and sitting (where the distressing is more visible)!

I found these jeans after trying on so many that just didn't cut it, but the minute I put these on, I knew they were it!  They are so flattering and slimming that I want to wear them all the time!  Only problem is I have a baby that likes to make messes- so I can't wear them everyday! ;) The thing that makes them so great is the sturdy weight of the fabric, which has stretch, but not too much.  They are also opaque, which I prefer in my white jeans.  I'm also loving the released hem and perfectly placed distressing- again, not too much, but just right!

They fit TTS and are supposed to be crop length, but on my 5'1 frame, they hit right at the ankle.

See how happy these jeans make me?!  #bigsmile!

But it was also a good hair day.

White Jeans 25 | Bell Sleeve Top XSP Wedges | Similar Bag Blue Aviators | Similar Necklace | Wrap Bracelet

Do you see how the sliced distressing works out in just the right places?  Sometimes, when I try on distressed jeans, the rips or tears are just . . . off.  You know what I mean?

The top is so, so good too! It combines three of my favorite things: 1) stripes, 2) bell sleeves, and 3) a boatneck!  It's on the thicker side and feels so nice on.

I sized down to XSP and it's still a bit long on me, so I prefer a mini front tuck in that case.

Are you into this bell sleeve trend?  I like it, that feminine detail is pretty!  

I can't forget to talk about these denim wedges.  They almost went back because when I first tried them on, they felt really stiff, but I loved the dark denim color and the cork wedge heel, so I gave them a chance to break in.  I'm really glad I did because they have softened up enough to be keepers! 

I like wedges for the height they provide and they're easier to walk in than heels.  The peep toe on these is great for showing off your Spring pedicure! ;) 

Before I go, I wanted to say thank you to the team at Trove, for featuring me on their app today! I'm super flattered!  If you haven't had a chance to check it out, go take a peek- it's a fashion lover's dream!

Have a great day, friends! 😘

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