Friday, September 23, 2016

Help! What Should I Pack for New York?

So the consensus is in from last week that the two dresses I was considering taking to New York for the Better Homes & Gardens event aren't really going to cut it.  While a few of you gave the blue dress a thumbs up, many other people said it wasn't very figure flattering and the embroidered rust and white dress (while pretty) is probably too Springy for NY this time of year.  I'm actually happy to hear that because I've been dying to get into some of my Fall clothes and haven't really been able to do that here.  

For the actual event next Thursday, I wanted to take that opportunity to get out of my day-to-day Mom clothes and workout outfits and dress up in a fancy dress.  And my fun roomie and I will also be going to a show and doing a food tour #nowyourespeakingmylanguage! So I need to pack for that too.

Since I didn't have time to go shopping at the store, I over ordered online because I knew not everything would fit and sometimes it's hard to know how something will fit and feel once you actually try it on.  If you follow me on Snapchat or InstaStories @honeywerehome, you've seen me trying on some of these dresses and I promised you I'd link everything here, so here goes!  I warn you now, this post is long! I'd love to hear which is your fave, since I'm still torn and can't keep everything! #Iwish

Whatever I keep has to be more than a "one-event" dress too.  I want to be able to rewear possibly for date night, hubby's work party events, or upcoming holiday parties.  

Let's start with one of my faves!  This sassy open weave little black dress.  The XS fit surprisingly well and even though the middle is sheer, it doesn't feel like you're showing too much skin.  I'm also still able to wear my strapless bra with it and you can't see it.  I probably wouldn't want to wear all black on Thursday during the day, but maybe out at night.  I ordered this similar one in navy from Bloomingdale's, but I got an email saying it wasn't available so they were cancelling that order and giving me a 20% discount code for my next order, which I appreciated.  It's back in stock in all sizes now, so not sure why I didn't get it.  Same thing happened with this black & white dress.  

I'm also CRAZY for this black/white/blush lace fit and flare dress.  I already took it to Nordstrom to take in (just a little) the black overlay on the skirt.  It was just a hair too wide, but otherwise fits perfectly. This could be a good option for Thursday, right?

Next up is this navy short sleeve fit and flare dress with a cool neoprene coating.  This dress in XS was way too small up top, I couldn't even zip it all the way up in the back!  Otherwise, I love the shape and espeically the color.

This black metallic plaid dress looked better on the model than me.  On her, the asymmetric hem was more pronounced.  Maybe it was a tad loose on me in XS, but otherwise very comfortable and would be great for dinner on the town.

The pink crocheted dress is very pretty but my chest is too big for it, at least in this size, and it didn't look balanced.  

Now this faux leather patchwork skirt I'm also in love with!  It's absolutely darling in person and the colors are perfect for Fall.  It's all black in the back though.  It's also on sale 40% off at Bloomingdale's!  The only problem is I'm wearing size 2 and it's too big - I had to cinch it in the back to get it to fit in these pics. 

The black top is actually a bodysuit and also comfortable.  The arms were super tight going on, but once I got it all the way on, it felt fine.  The back is also scoop style, so it shows some skin, but not so much that you can't wear a bra with it.  

And I tried the skirt on with a cold shoulder top too, because I dig that style, but think it's a little much with the patchwork.  Top might be better with a pair of jeans and heels or booties.

There must be some hippie chic trapped somewhere inside me because I'm always drawn to these shift dress styles in fun patterns.  This one has a slight bell sleeve and was cute on, but it doesn't look that good in the picture.

I like this one below by Hinge better.  Hinge tends to run large, I'm in XXS below.  A long necklace would also dress it up. 

Hinge Dress (XXS) | Booties 

Hinge Dress (XXS)Booties 

I actually like this dress below too.  It's a fun Fall print and color, but still tank style so definitely I could wear it in Houston. It's one of those skirts you want to twirl around in because it has movement! 

Here's a perfect example of not being able to judge a dress online.  The feel of this fabric is divine!  It says 100% polyester, but it feels like silk. Also, it looked more purple online, but in person it's more on the blue side. I really like this one!

What do y'all think of this dress?  I liked it initially, but the more I look at it, the more the fabric reminds me of a deck of cards and I don't want to be the Joker! Online, it looked more like berry/light navy blue and in person it's more berry/black. 

Hmmm, this print shift dress looked better online, doesn't seem to be doing much for me.  What do you think? It's on sale 40% off

And one more dress that I really thought was quite perfect.  I wish you could see it in person and I hope the video on snap was good.  The collar and neckline are so gorgeous, as is the color.  I felt very sophisticated and feminine in this dress, but wonder if the size 2 might be just a tiny bit big/long on me.  On the model it's above the knee, but I don't mind it longer.  To show off the collar, it would be better to wear your hair up.  The model had the collar folded down, but I love it up.  

Sorry, I know all of these pics aren't the greatest, but this was the last I snapped before running out the door to James' baseball game, so they were super rushed! 

And I still have this jumpsuit (XS) that my friend on Instagram pointed out I could bring!  I had to alter the length, but I'm so glad I did- I almost returned it!

A little bit of leopard never hurt anyone!  This sleeveless tie blouse is lined can be worn tucked in or worn out and the tie tied up or worn long.  It's also on sale. I'm wearing it with my favorite black skinny jeans.

Did you get the "get these pants" pants?  The ones that are like dressy leggings, with pockets and belt loops, but professional enough to wear to work?  Not to mention beyond comfy? They also good look with this top tucked in.  And they're 40% off now.

Another night out look could be this jeans and cold shoulder top with a pop of red in the heels.  I have these same heels in tan and wear them all the time!  The heel is a little chunkier, so easier to walk in than a stiletto.  They come in 9 colors and the light blue is also really pretty!

Finally, in my head, the outfit I'd be prancing around the streets of NYC sightseeing looks something like this:

But the part of me that wants to be comfy and not sweating my butt off will probably wear something like this:

Phew! That was a lot!  If you made it to the end, I'm proud of you! I'd love to hear what outfits you liked best/didn't like.  Will help me narrow it down!  This weekend is gonna be busy! Jordan and I go on Sunday to try on wedding dresses with my soon-to-be sister-in-law! 

I post everyday outfits on Instagram and Facebook and love connecting with you there!  If you want to shop my outfits without LikeToKnowIt, just go to the SHOP tab at the top of my blog and click on the picture for direct links to what I'm wearing.  #howeasyisthat?!

Have a great weekend!


keep in touch! 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Decor

I'm sure you've noticed it's been awhile since I've done any decorating around here!  The last major project was my office and I'm still enjoying it so much!  I'm actually sitting at my desk right now typing this with my cup of coffee close by!  

I have lots of things on my to-do list that I feel like I can never get to lately!  It's been all about life with a newborn and 1st grader, then working on getting said newborn to sleep in her nursery all night long, and now watching her like a hawk because she's all over the place and we're onto solid foods! And I'm trying to keep up with exercising and so on!  Why didn't God give Moms extra hours in the day?! 

Jordan's nursery bath is halfway done and the playroom/media room is organized, but at a standstill after the couch I ordered didn't work out and had to be returned.  It's a long story, but you should've seen me hauling that HUGE box back to Target with a dolly yesterday!  That was a workout on it's own! I think I found a rug for the playroom though, so maybe that will give me the push to get going on that. And late the other night, I found art for Jordan's bathroom, so that's progress.  I need to decide between this, this and this.  Of course this animal series is adorable too.  But I think I only need two prints. 

James keeps changing his mind about wanting a Star Wars room to now a Minecraft room, so no progress has been made there either! We've also been swamped with James' after school activities and frankly, I wish we only let him sign up for one sport, instead of three! #thanksDad, but live and learn.  I did find Jordan a sweet little Halloween costume, so that's done!  I can't wait to see her in it!  I thought it would be super cute with her dark hair. 

But, this time of year always gets me yearning to get some Fall decor up in our house, so last weekend, I pulled out the two bins holding our Fall decorations and went to the grocery store and got some fresh flowers and of course, mini pumpkins.  The traditionalist in me had to have them!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Must Have | Black Skinny Jeans

Happy Hump day friends! I've been in such a funk the past couple days because I haven't slept well, and man, can that really mess you up!  Getting good rest is one of my goals on the 40-Day Challenge (latest update here) and I've been struggling so hard with that one!  I've been in that vicious cycle where I've woken up so tired, drank too much coffee during the day, then can't get to sleep at night! What do you do to make sure you get to bed early and have a good night's sleep?!  I know tonight I will definitely hit the sack early because I'm exhausted, but I hate getting to that point! 

Today, I'm excited to share with you a new pair of black skinny jeans and that are super comfy and figure flattering.  They suck you in in all the right places, and feel secure, but not too tight.  They are crop style, but with me being so short (5'1) they hit right at my ankle, instead of just above.  You can dress 'em up or down and I love this style with booties, heels, flats, even my Nikes.  The jeans run true to size and are under $80!  Scoop them up now while they're still available in all sizes!  I'm in 25.

I've gotten lots of wear out of them already and was joking last night on Instagram that I'd wear this sassy striped top with them and make my hubby take me out, but oh yeah, he was coaching soccer practice, and it was only Tuesday! 

Off Shoulder Top (40% off) the XS was too tight on me, so I'm in size Small here 

But I still think I could take this outfit to NY with me next week and wear these super comfy booties (they have great padding and cushioning) for a day of sightseeing.  The booties are 20% off now, under $100 and also come in grey and bordeaux.  Remember my grey ones here in this Ripped Jeans Now & Later post.

Off Shoulder Top  | Black Crop Skinny Jeans | Tassel Necklace | Wedge Booties (20% off, under $100) also in grey and bordeaux

I wore the jeans again over the weekend to a casual family dinner.  And then of course it was back home and into my favorite pair of soft pants (40% off & Free 2-day shipping with code COZY)! Apparently, y'all like soft pants too.  I've gotten more emails and comments about them than almost anything else I've posted lately.

And yes, yet again, I wore them to Trip #2 of the almost-never-ending quest to get the camera repaired on my iPhone. For someone who likes to take pictures so much, and snap (@honeywerehome), being without my camera phone has been a nightmare! #wah I'm now counting these black skinnies as #luckypants because my camera ended up being replaced at no. cost. in. under. an. hour!! That never happens to me.  #happydance  All is right in the world again!

And while Jordan and I were waiting, we had our very first mommy/daughter lunch at Cheesecake Factory and yes, I resisted the chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake! #myfave  Jordan ate some of the bread and I had the tuna tartare and artichoke appetizer from the skinny menu.

I swear by these Yosi Samra foldable ballet flats (they only come in whole sizes, so you may need to size up) and think they are better/more comfy than Tieks if you're torn between the two.  But Tieks do come in some fun, vibrant colors. 

I still use my backpack/diaper bag mostly on the weekend when we're at James' baseball or soccer games, but I've switched to this tote for lots of everyday use.  The organization lover in me (and the same person who hates digging for things) loves the three big compartments, smaller size compartments and zipper pockets.  It's not too big or small either, so it's really the Goldilocks of Mom bags! And the color is perfect for Fall, but it also comes in other colors. 

Below, I styled these jeans up with my floral embroidered bomber jacket and a wear to work style if you can get away with dark jeans in your office.  My old office was so casual that nearly anything went- except maybe crop tops! 

Black Skinny Crop Jeans | Similar Tank | Leopard Skinny Belt | Necklace | Bracelets | Clutch (similar) | Sunglasses (similar $50) | Hoop Earrings $6 | Watch | Ring | Black Heels (under $50) similar (under $60)

A little bit of leopard goes a long way with your black jeans and colored top, but you could also incorporate a leopard clutch.  This one is a steal but goes in and out of stock often.  I also love a pop of leopard on my feet- these heels will do the trick! 

This floral embroidered bomber jacket sold out in a hot minute, but now it's been restocked (size medium and large available as I type this).  I also found a near exact duplicate here for under $80, but it doesn't have the embroidery on the sleeves, just the front, which some of you may actually prefer.

This post shows you how to style your bomber jacket with a midi skirt and also has lots more bomber jacket options at all price points.

Black Skinny Crop Jeans | Similar Tank | Leopard Skinny Belt | Necklace | Bracelets | Clutch (similar) | Sunglasses (similar $50) | Hoop Earrings $6 | Watch | Ring | Black Heels (under $50) similar (under $60)

The jacket fits true to size, I'm in XS.

I promised you more work appropriate looks too, and by simply switching out the tank for a black and white blouse (same shoes), you've got yourself a spiffy look for the office. 

Blouse |  Black Skinny Crop Jeans | Ring | Sunglasses (40% off) | Similar Stud Earrings & hereBlack Heels (under $50) similar (under $60)

We were taking these pics and my hair kept blowing in my face and I quickly put it up in a clip, just like I remember so often doing at work!  I can't tell you how many times I'd get all ready in the morning and do my hair all pretty, just to put it up by the end of the day because it was bugging me! That and bracelets!  I always wore them and then would take them off and put them on my desk so I could type without them getting in my way!

But if you're going to have your hair back, it's a great opportunity to show off your earrings.  These little studs are an old Kate Spade style and pack and big punch, but are still polished and professional looking. 

If you've been eyeing these Kate Spade sunnies, definitely grab them now while they're 40% off! They come in solid black and the leopard I'm wearing and are normally $175, but on sale now for $105.  I've been living in mine since I got them at the Anniversary Sale.  Lots of things that previously sold out are back in stock and have been discounted further, check it out here.

I threw my black blazer (similar here) on over the shoulder so you could see how you can dress this look up even more.  But here is an actual cape blazer that looks cool (only $78 and tons of great reviews).

I post everyday outfits on Instagram and Facebook and love connecting with you there!  If you want to shop my outfits without LikeToKnowIt, just go to the SHOP tab at the top of my blog and click on the picture for direct links to what I'm wearing.

I'm also on Snapchat (@honeywerehome) & are y'all watching InstaStories?  What have you thought of that?


keep in touch! 

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