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Popular Posts of 2016 | Food & Fitness

Being pregnant and losing the baby weight was actually so much better at 40 than it was at 34, if you can believe it!  I will say now, I do feel more tired keeping up with two, but that might just come with the territory.  It's hard juggling all the roles we play, am I right?  #morecoffeeplease

Health and fitness is something I've always been interested in, so in 2012, I started a separate blog, Honey We're Healthy, and I shared recipes, workouts and my first fitness contest journey there.  That content is still up if you want to take a look, but having a second blog ended up being difficult to maintain. I've always done all my own posts from planning, preparing, writing, editing, photographing, social media, etc. so the only "blog team" here is me!  Thankfully, y'all said you'd like to read health and fitness posts here, so in 2015 I started sharing that here.  

So, beginning with my pregnancy (which happened to collide with my 2nd bikini contest), here are some of the most popular Food & Fitness posts.  Click the title of each post to read that post in its entirety. 

Bikini Contest Recap 

I've been asked recently if I plan to do another contest anytime soon and the answer is, "hell no!"  It's so much work, and even more mentally/emotionally challenging to stay on the diet. The workouts and cardio are grueling, but keeping on track with the food is always the biggest hurdle for me.  But, having said that, I have always loved the feeling of working hard and watching my body transform over the course of 3 long, yet short, months.  After you finish a contest prep, you feel like you can accomplish anything! And you feel physically great from being lean and muscular and fueling your body with such clean food. 

Despite my resounding, "no", I actually haven't ruled out the idea of competing again.  Getting on stage is my least favorite part, but having that contest date looming really motivates you to stay on track.  IF I were to do one again, I'd prefer to do it in the beginning or end of year, but not the summer, because that limits you so much with not being able to eat out or travel without packing your own food.  If I did a contest again, would you want to read about that journey here?  Let me know in the comments.  

Staying Fit During Pregnancy

I credit continuing to workout and eat healthier for feeling so much better during my second pregnancy.  I kept up my workouts and did a leg workout the day before Jordan was born! I gained about 15 pounds less the second time, and the weight was easier to lose.  

Body After Baby - 6 Weeks

But it didn't come off immediately.  I was proud to share the real deal, body after baby pics, it's completely normal (if a bit disheartening;) to still look pregnant after you initially give birth! 

Body After Baby - 12 Weeks 

and after 3 months, it wasn't off completely.  But I was feeling much more like myself after being given the green light to start working out and running again.

5 Tips for Getting Started Running/Body After Baby - 4 Months

Running is such a lifesaver for me.  I've said it a million times, but it's my (free!) therapy to get my stress out.  I've been slacking a bit lately, need to get back to it, but it's been all rainy, so that's my excuse.  Once you make it a habit, it just comes naturally.  

And I completely endorse running with music.  So many songs get me through the next steps when I want to give up.  Or they make me run faster!  I shared some of my favorites in this post- hope it gives you some new tunes to download. 

Getting to the gym is much harder with a baby to breastfeed round the clock.  I'm down to one day a week at the gym, but I still workout at home and shared a quick, full body workout you can do in your living room here with just a set of dumbells.  And they don't have to be that heavy!

We were so blessed to have friends who brought us meals for the first 6 weeks of Jordan's life.  My girlfriend Ali-Shaun set it up through Meal Train, which I highly recommend if you want to do something like this for a friend.  After the meals were over, it was up to us to fend for ourselves again and we tried Blue Apron a few times and loved it.  It's a break from the typical, go-to meals we tend to eat over and over. 

A few hours spent prepping our food each week sets us up for success in the healthy eating department.  I have been getting burned out lately and definitely want to try some new food and recipes.  The day camp (actually it's only 1 1/2 hours) James has been in this week is close to a Trader Joe's, so I was gonna stop in today while he's at camp.  What do you love to get there?  I've only been a couple of times, so I'm not yet familiar with all their goodies. 


keep in touch! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WW | Best Dresses & Romper

This Wardrobe Wednesday post features all the dresses I'm loving lately, and there are several.  A few are breastfeeding friendly if you happen to be a milk machine like me currently. ;) Many are part of the #NSale and going fast, but I've heard from Nordstrom that if something from the sale is out of stock to check back, because they are "restocking daily".  Let's hope so because there are still a few things I want that I wasn't quick enough to purchase yet! Like the Lush v-neck tees! Where I noticed sizes were limited, I linked similar options for you.  Oh, and I'm putting my faves in this NSALE tab I just created.  What have you scored??  

Let's start with this sweet, very forgiving LBD.  It's currently still in stock in all sizes (I'm wearing XS) and also comes in burgundy, olive and coral.  I wanted an opportunity to wear my new ankle booties that are just the coolest, and they look so good with dresses!  This pair is similar with cut-outs and laces.

dress XS (similar) | booties $99.90 now, $149.95 later (similar & here) | similar necklace & here | Kate Spade 'Kier' sunglasses $116.90 now, $175.00 later | Burberry watch $349 now, $595 later | similar cuff bracelet similar quilted crossbody bag

Because I'm so petite, I usually prefer bodycon dresses, but I've been loving the freedom that comes with a looser-fitting dress, like this style.  My postpartum squishy belly likes them too! It's got 3/4 length sleeves and is pretty short, so you still see some skin.  Show off those legs mamas! 

I had to include this picture below because we happened to capture that cutie skateboarder in action! How cool is that?! 

I will literally cry for you if this striped swing dress isn't in stock!  This morning it was only available in 'eggplant' which is still pretty, but the navy/white stripes stole my heart.  This dress is similar though, but without the cowl neckline (which might be even better for summer!). 

dress (similar striped dress) | booties $99.90 now, $149.95 later (similar & here) | Kendra Scott necklace | Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel $263 now, $395 later (smaller size)  
Kate Spade 'Kier' sunglasses $116.90 now, $175.00 later similar wrap bracelet 
Burberry watch $349 now, $595 later

I have a big girl crush on Rebecca Minkoff and had to snatch this bag up while it was on sale.  The smaller one is still available and this bag also comes in more colors, like pale blush and pink.  #Iwantthemall!

My Kate Spade 'Kier' sunglasses are already on repeat.  They are really comfortable and face-flattering.  Sunglasses can be tricky, but this pair is a winner!  And they're still in stock (also in black).

Y'all might have caught a glimpse of this gingham drop-waist dress on Instagram a while ago, but I wanted to share the details with you here in case you missed it.  It's that looser style I'm loving now and I've worn it several times already because it's nursing friendly!  It's also on super sale for only $38!  

gingham dress XS $69.50 $64.99 + 40% off = $38 | similar heels here & here (15% off) 
Burberry watch $349 now, $595 later | similar bag ($28.99) my Vera Bradley in other colors is  $168, $135 & FREE shipping! | sunglasses 

It's one of those styles you can dress up for date night (like I did here) or wear to work, or to the park/playdate with flat sandals.  

It's kind of hard to tell, but it's actually dark navy, not black.  But black heels work well with it.  I wore green accessories here, but red, pink, oranges would also pair perfectly.  Even yellow for summer!

My necklace is old from Stella & Dot, but this multistrand necklace would also be great.  I especially love the "maroon" but it looks more magenta to me. 

Here's another dress you saw a peek of on my last Outfits Lately, but it's worth showing again because, like the gingham dress above, I've worn it on date night and with baby around for easy access.  

dress XS $59.50, $54.99 & 40% off = $32.99  | sandals (similar) | necklace | similar bag ($45, $29) | similar bracelets | sunglasses | Burberry watch $349 now, $595 later 

That pretty multistrand beaded necklace was $49.50, marked down to $44.88 and now an extra 40% off that = $26.

Although not technically a dress, I figured this romper deserves a special shout out since I was mentioning nursing friendly outfits here.  This is my favorite romper of the moment!  And it's reduced from $79.50 to  . . . get this, $23.93!

romper size 0 | similar wedges  | similar bag ($28.99) my Vera Bradley in other colors is  $168, $135 & FREE shipping! | similar necklace $44.50$20.93 | similar earrings |  
watch $595, $349 | bracelet (similar) | sunglasses

Even if you aren't typically a fan of rompers, this one might change your mind.  It looks sophisticated and fun at the same time.  It's not too short, not too low cut, and is different from many I've seen because it wraps up top and ties at the waist.  It even has pockets! 

Last but not least, a sexy little bodycon cowl neck dress.  It's soft and comfy on, and not too short. It's still too hot for these Houston summer days.  This ruched body-con dress is better for summer, the material is thinner and it runs TTS. 

You might be able to get away with the cowl neck version in the evening, but after we snapped these pics (and with the jacket below), I was sweating my arse off! Back to jeans shorts ASAP! But it will definitely be a gorgeous neutral dress to wear when it cools off . . . especially with the hat

cowl neck dresXS $35.90 now, $54 later (similar dress) | Steve Madden bootie $79.90 now, after sale $119.95 (similar bootie $88.95) hat $19.90 now, $38 later | Kate Spade 'Kier' sunglasses $116.90 now, $175.00 later | similar wrap bracelet | earrings | similar necklace & here | ring

Let's just put on everything I own for this picture below! Five minutes in this jacket is all I could handle for now, but isn't it gorgeous?!  It's one of those things that seems to be sold out for now, but hopefully they restock soon!  I also have it in black, but size UP because it runs small.  I'm wearing size Small.  

faux leather jacket Small (in black) (similar jacket here & here)

I'm ready for you, Fall!  

keep in touch! 

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