Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School Routine with 1st Grader & Baby

Is today your kids' first day back to school?  If so, I'm sending you hugs and congratulations for making it through the summer with everyone in tact!  I might have squealed the tires out the driveway on our first day back, but maybe you have more restraint. ;)  Our son went back early, so we're already on Week 3 and Labor Day weekend is on the horizon.

Since I'm all about routines to keep our mornings running on the smoother side, I'm sharing how our weekday mornings look around here now with a first grader and six month old!  Gah! Can you believe Jordan is six months old already?! I swear sometimes I feel like I was just pregnant!

6:30 a.m.  Jordan is my alarm clock and I hear her stirring by 6:30 a.m. every morning.  I put my contacts in and hair up and go into her room where she's already on her hands and knees peering through the slats in her crib waiting for me.  I die over the giant baby grin I get when she sees me.  The sweetest thing ever! We do a diaper change and then head downstairs.   

bow | rug 

6:35 a.m.  I recently transitioned Jordan onto formula, so now I make her a 6-7 oz bottle and feed her while sitting on the couch and wait for James to wake up.  

You might remember how last year after Christmas break, we got James on a routine of getting himself ready for school in the mornings (without me nagging or losing my mind) and that has paid off! Many of you said that system has helped you too, so if you're struggling in the mornings, check it out and see if it works with your kids.  Those morning battles can wear even the most patient parent out and is such a stressful way to start the day.  

My Top Tips for getting your kids to get themselves ready are:

1) Get them to sleep early so they aren't so tired and grumpy in the morning (that's big for us).
2) Use alarms and a written task list for what they need to do. 
3) Pick a consequence that motivates them.  Ours is no iPad after school if you're not ready on time.
4) Let them be responsible and successful by not reminding them, hounding them, etc.  That's what the alarms and consequences are for. 

It's not 100% perfect over here and there have been sleepyhead grumblings, "I hate my alarm!"  #totallyfeelyakid! but he does get himself ready in the morning and I can focus on getting me and the baby ready. 

After she eats, I put her in her exersaucer to play while I make my breakfast (now a protein pancake). Our exersaucer is actually James' old one (glad we kept some things), but this jumperoo really looks fun and has great reviews.  It keeps her occupied while I'm in the kitchen and because she moves around so much already, I know she's safe and confined. 

Then I'll let Jordan play on the floor while I eat my pancake on the couch.  She's so fun to watch.  Her baby pushups kill me! 

6:45 a.m.  James' alarm goes off and he gets himself dressed, puts his pajamas away, makes his bed and brushes his teeth.  He does a 6-year old version of make the bed, which is just pulling the covers up and making sure the pillows are at the headboard.  He's downstairs by 7:00 a.m. 

7:00 a.m.  I make James' breakfast, and while he's eating, I take Jordan upstairs so we can get ready.  James is responsible for getting his snack, lunch and water bottle (already prepared earlier by my hubby or by me the night before) out of the fridge and into his backpack, clearing his breakfast dishes into the sink and getting on his shoes and socks.  I need to start getting him to put the dishes directly into the dishwasher. 

If he's all ready before 7:35, he can watch t.v. or play on his iPad before school.  But there's a strict no tv or iPad rule until then because he'll get absorbed into it and lose track of time. 

7:15 a.m.  I get Jordan dressed, then bring her into my closet with me while I wash my face, brush my teeth, pull my hair back, and get my workout clothes on.  If I'm feeling ambitious, I might put on a swipe of mascara.  

Now that Jordan is six months old, I'm getting serious about getting back into shape, so I just started working out more and have a new meal plan.  (If you want to hear more about this, let me know!) A couple days a week, I go workout right after dropping James at school (and the gym has a wonderful baby daycare so Jordan is taken care of while I'm exercising).  I figured I might as well start taking advantage of that since making the time to workout during the day is so much harder.  This is also a good time because we are leaving the gym right about the time for her first nap. The rest of the time, I usually workout after Jordan goes to sleep for the night, except once a week when I see my trainer mid-day.  

shorts (Small) | sports bra (34D) top (XS) $45, $19.97 | shoes $130, $109.97socks | similar watch
p.s. These are the best running shoes I've ever had!  Been running in them for over two months now and they are amazing! 

7:30 a.m.  Before heading out the door, I fill up my water bottle, add 3 tblsp of BCAA, make sure I have extra diapers in my bag for Jordan and my phone/headphones/heart rate monitor.  

7:35 a.m.  We're out the door and on the way to school!  7:40 a.m. by the latest - we've got it timed to the minute!  What are your tricks for getting out the door on time? 

Have a great day friends!


keep in touch! 

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekend Casual

You guys seriously rock.  I was feeling so down about my hair when I first got it done and I was sure you'd be all, "poor girl" but you were anything but and totally lifted my spirits.  I was honestly surprised to hear so many of you say you actually prefer my hair darker!  Lots of you said it was classier and made me look younger. #Illtakeit! 

Of course, I know hair is a true first world problem and there are much bigger concerns in the world. But I do appreciate you taking the time to comment and give me your thumbs up, compliments and suggestions for my hair future.  I have decided to just let it be for now.  I'm curious to see how it will look as it grows out and my true natural color comes through because I can always tell how shiny, new and healthy that hair feels before I color it.  You guys actually gave me the confidence to hold my brunette-ish head high.  Thank you!! 

One thing I actually do like about my hair, is that when I pull it up, there's no big root line showing now.  It's been crazy humid here, so my hair lasts all of 10 minutes when I curl it and even then, I still put it up often because Jordan is at that hair-pulling stage.  Would y'all believe she's 6 months old already?!  It has flown by and I'm planning a baby update post soon!  I have to admit, it's kind of surreal to be in the baby stage again, after going so long between kids.  But more on that another time . . . 

For today, I'm sharing two easy to wear looks that are perfect for your weekend or casual days. First up, I'm ready for that "transitioning to fall" feel with a plaid button-down top, but this one is extra special because it has the cutest frayed edge hem.  And it's higher on the sides, so it doesn't cut you in half visually.  If you're short like me (and even if you're not) the higher sides are super flattering to your leg line. 

fringe hem plaid top (XS) similar jean shorts (& here) | booties (similar) | bagnecklace | hoop earrings | watch | sunglasses (58 mm duplicates $24

Because we're not quite in fall temps yet, I wore my button down with jean shorts and booties to make it late-summer appropriate.  Come fall, it will be great with leggings and tall boots.  These leggings have great reviews for the wide, comfy waistband and come in 3 colors for only $36!

The shirt fits true to size, and I'm wearing XS.  I used to think that if you wore a button-down shirt, your necklace needed to be short, up near your collar, so it didn't compete with the buttons.  But, when I put on this long Kendra Scott pendant necklace with this shirt, I really liked how it looked! #youCANteachanolddognewtricks

Now that I see these pics, it makes me think the bag in black might have looked better.  I should've gotten both since it's under $40!  But the creamy 'grey' one adds some lightness to the outfit.  

You can see a little better in the picture below the hem and how long it is in the back.  These booties sold out in a hot minute, so I found a very similar pair here.  They have come back in stock a few times, so I'd check back though.  

This button-down is more than I'd normally spend on a top, but the frayed hem and cut side details made it worth it to me and I reasoned I'd rather have one top I love in my closet in this style that I'll surely wear over and over, than 10 I'm not 100% crazy about.  It's 100% cotton and really soft too.  In fact, I already styled it 4 other ways, and I'll show you those next week!

That said, there are alternative plaid button downs for less that you might be crazy for herehere and here (that last one with a fun pop of gingham inside).

Next up is another casual look that's even better from behind.  I'm all about a simple grey tank and jeans for getting out the door quick. We all love our skinny jeans, but sometimes it's nice to pull out the bootcut for something different and a comfortable, relaxed fit. 

This tank extra interest from behind with the adorable floral printed flyaway back.  So cute, right?!  

You can easily wear this lightweight tank now while it's hot, and then add a jacket for when the temps cool down. 

I searched a long time and ordered some that went back before choosing this this military vest as a great "it's not yet hot, but I want another layer" piece.  It also comes in army green, but I love this dark grey version.  Be warned that it runs big, so size down. I'm in XXS.  

And it's got usable pockets!

Sorry for the last butt-in-your face shot, but I thought you might want to see how the top looks from behind with a full view.  #nopunintended  I've had these Joe's bootcut jeans for years.  I love them so much I have them in two sizes, 25 and 26 and I'm wearing the 26 here because the 25 are fitting a little too tight lately.  

Below are some sales worth checking out this weekend! 


ANN TAYLOR | 40% off your purchase, code FRIENDS40
GAP |   40% off til noon, 35% off noon-midnight, code TGIF
JCREW | 25% off amazing styles & extra 30% off sale, code REFRESH
LOFT |  Buy 1, Get 1 50% off tops & sweaters (See my dressing room edition here & here)
NORDSTROM | FREE shipping & FREE returns 
OLD NAVY | Back to School sale, up to 60% off, all jeans up to 50% off

Have a great weekend friends!  And for those of you heading back to school on Monday, best wishes for a great start! 

keep in touch! 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Gah! Why does hair have to be such a drama??!?!  It's been almost a week since I screwed up my hair got lowlights and I still haven't gotten used to it yet.  It has already faded/washed out some with lots of shampooing (even liquid dish soap!), but until I can get it 'fixed' I'm just living with it.  And I can't even look at my profile picture on the top right of my blog or I'll cry!  #passthetissues On the bright side, my roots are no longer a problem! And my hair looks more like Jordan's, which makes me smile.

When you change your hair color, suddenly clothing and makeup colors look different on you too. You can't go wrong with plain white, so that's what I chose to wear when sharing this new hair color. 

top XS | jeans (25 & hemmed to ankle length) | bag | heels | sunglasses 
bracelet (similar for lesswatch | similar necklace (on sale $21)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Calendared to the End of the Year

When school started last week, we did great with getting off on the right foot.  I was excited and proud (and frankly a little shocked) that James remembered how to get himself ready for school.  He's doing great and actually enjoying doing his homework (probably because it's math on the computer, so it's like a game- they're smart these days!) but all the little reminders about dates, school projects, doctors appointments, holidays, conferences, and we haven't even gotten the sports' schedules yet - was making me feel super anxious!  When all those things start swimming in my head, I know I need to write them down in one place so I don't lose my mind.  

I took a few minutes yesterday to download Jen's pretty printable calendar and get everything regarding kids, family, school and holidays all written out through the end of the year.  And I've got it right where I can see it in kitchen command central. I'm breathing a sigh of relief and doing a little happy dance now!  And the kitchen is clean, so Monday was extra good! 

I'll be sharing more of my sanity-saving calendar project over on Jen's blog on Thursday, so please stop by and say hi!

keep in touch! 

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Monday!

Good Monday morning, friends!  If last week was the ultimate back-to-school productivity week, then Sunday was the super lazy, watch Flipping Out marathon for hours and get nothing done day. We had friends over on Saturday night, which was so fun and really convenient for us since we could just put Jordan to bed and still party with our friends.  I'm surprised she slept through 7 rowdy kids playing in the nearby playroom, but she did.  I just turned up the sound machine app and she was all good!

But, needless to say, this mama isn't used to drinking wine and it totally kicked my butt the next day! So, I'm waking up today with a to-do list a mile long and a strong cup of coffee nearby!  

AND, did I mention I'm sitting here with brunette hair?!?!  WTF.  I went in on Friday for a change, but I got more than I bargained for and since then I've been wanting to like it, but it doesn't feel like me.  Soooooo, I'm trying to wash it out and get it to fade (which is why she did it so dark in the first place- because she said it would fade quickly) so I can ultimately get it to what I really want, which is something like this picture below, with less concentrated ends.  I was thinking that would be less maintenance than my current ultra blonde that I get foil hi-lighted every 5-6 weeks.  If you didn't see on snapchat (@honeywerehome), I'll share some pictures here soon! 

via Olaplex

Wishing y'all a happy, productive Monday and a good hair day! 


keep in touch! 

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to School for Grown Ups

Before school started this year, my son was all, "I don't want to go back, school is boring!"  but now that he's back with his friends, he's loving it and said he couldn't wait to go back!  Yesterday, he woke up before his alarm!  We'll see how long that lasts!  The excitement of back to school isn't just for kids, though!  I'm loving it for us grown-ups too.  I spent all my money during the Nordstrom sale, but that didn't stop me from browsing for more you! ;) 

sunnies |  I'm in love with my Nsale sunnies, but I still feel like I need a pair in my car, hubby's car, purse, gym bag because it seems like I'm always fishing for them!  This pair is super stylish and only $12! 

pencils |  Who can resist these adorable floral and striped pencils?  I have this version sitting in this gold pineapple on my desk as we speak. 

planner |  We all remember the thrill of choosing a new Trapper Keeper each year before school started, right?!  That memory will never die!  This planner is for my inner 12-year old, but appropriate for a working woman. 

cardigan | If you need to keep the chill off at work, these cardigans are perfectly lightweight to wear in the summer with tanks, camisoles and short sleeves, and then again in the fall with long sleeve tops.  It comes in 16 colors/patterns and petite and regular sizes.  Also, the longer dip in the back is good for covering the booty. 

tee |  This slouchy chic v-neck tee was so popular during the Nsale that it kept selling out, but it's back in 5 colors with several sizes available.  

mug |  You can drink your morning coffee or tea in this cute GIRL BOSS mug, or put your pretty pencils inside! 

tote | If you've followed me for more than 2 minutes, I'm sure you've seen or heard me talking about this faux leather reversible tote.  I have it in two colors, but not the classic black/tan.  It's super sturdy and can hold a laptop if you want to take your computer to a coffee shop to get some work done. 

watch | Pretty, pretty Kate!  And also comes in blush/beige and black.  

booties |  Aren't these perforated booties cute?!  They come in 7 colors and have gotten nearly 1400 postive reviews.  Everyone says they are stylish and comfortable, but most people say to order a 1/2 size up. 

nail polish | Gorgeous nail colors in this set by butter.  It's a $48 value, for $30. 

As for the Nordstrom sale that ended last week, lots of you were bummed that you didn't get this faux leather jacket, these peep-toe booties, and this easy-to-wear swing dress before they sold out.  As I write this, those things have been restocked (the booties in limited sizes).


keep in touch! 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Paint Colors in Our Home 2016

Hi friends!  We've been knee deep in back-to-school preparations over here and I'm sending my son off to his first day of 1st grade today!  #whendidhegetsobig?! Even though it's always bittersweet seeing summer come to an end, I'm actually ready for school to start this year and that's a first!  I may or may not have been counting down these last couple of days like Christmas was coming!  Come this afternoon, I might be changing my tune and all sappy missing my boy, but right now, I'm all #yayforschool!  We'll see if "my kid gets himself ready for school by himself without me nagging" is still working from last year today! We talked about it last night before bed and as I type this, it's 5 minutes until his first alarm goes off . . .


A frequent question I get via email is about the paint colors in our home, and especially whether the grey in our bedroom and bath is a 'true' grey or does it read blue or purple in person?  And also, how is the 'greige' in our downstairs?  Today, I'm answering your questions (even though I always respond to emails too!) and sharing all of the paint colors we have in our house.  I'm also giving you a rundown of how the paint colors look in our home, which is not necessarily how they look on the online swatches.

Of course, it's hard to read color through a computer screen and the best way to test paint is to actually paint two coats onto different parts of your wall and view it at different times of the day to see how it looks.  Consider what time of day you're in the room the most to see how you like it at that time of day.  If you don't want to put the color directly on the wall to test, you can use a posterboard, but it won't saturate the same and the texture will be different, which can affect the look.  The paint can also look drastically different with the lights on or off, so you need to consider that too.  

Below are the swatches of the main colors in our home and below that I'll show you photos of how the paint actually looks in our home when photographed with natural light and the inside lights off. Most of the photos are taken in the afternoon.  If you want to see more photos of each room, click the 'room tour' link below each picture.


Whites can be so tricky and finding the 'perfect white' is a challenge because there are so many variations.  Our paint, SW Divine White is definitely on the creamy side and not a stark, bright white. It's not yellow or beige, but it's definitely warmer than bright white, more off-white, as you can see compared to our white subway tile and marble counters.  

All of the cabinets, moldings (except my office) and ceilings in our house are painted this warm, creamy hue.  

Accessible Beige is as a creamy greige that, in our home, leans a little more on the beige than grey side.  We have it throughout our home in the living room, kitchen, breakfast room, and in the upstairs hallway.  It's a great neutral that complements just about any color scheme.  

The dining room used to be Accessible Beige too, until I decided to freshen it up with a pale blue. Finding the perfect color proved more difficult than I originally thought and after testing out eight sample colors (including SW Sea Salt).  But, because our 'white' is so creamy, Sea Salt didn't look as good as I thought it would here.  We ended up going with Comfort Gray (lightened 75%), which isn't very gray at all.

This color makes the whole room feel light and airy, but definitely on the blue, almost aqua side and sometimes leans green.  Below is a good picture of Divine White in the trim work below the painted wall.  Again, you'll notice how the Divine White isn't as white as the white in the vase on the console table. 

I decided to make our glass cabinets more interesting by painting the back wall SW Urbane Bronze and then adding white pitchers and dishes to make them pop against the dark background.  Urbane Bronze is a deep, dark grey with dark brown undertones, but in my house it leans more grey.

To keep the look consistent in our first floor and because I'm so fond of this color, I also painted the back of our media cabinet Urbane Bronze. 

And also the stripes in our entryway and under the stairs.  

The door in the photo with the stripes and the doors in our upstairs hallway are painted SW Black Fox.  They should have called it Brown Fox because it has so much brown in it, especially when you just have the first coat on.  The color deepens with the second coat and ultimately looks more grey, but it's still very warm with a brown tint.

The door in the photo with the stripes and the doors in our upstairs hallway are painted SW Black Fox.  They should have called it Brown Fox because it has so much brown in it, especially when you just have the first coat on.  The color deepens with the second coat and ultimately looks more grey, but it's still very warm with a brown tint.

At last, the search for a perfect true gray is over!  In our home at least, SW Anew Gray looks like grey without being purple, blue or pink.  If anything it has a taupy-hue, but it's definitely gray and so, so pretty!  We have this color in our master bedroom, adjoining sitting room and master bath. 

Before James' room was turned into a nursery, we gave his walls a brilliant pop of blue with Benjamin Moore Indi-Go-Go and the ceiling a pale blue, Sherwin-Williams Honest Blue. Indi-Go-Go is dark blue, but not quite navy and honest blue is a soft, light blue. 

That big boy room sure looks different now, with the addition of built-in bookshelves and bench seat that I designed and had a cabinet maker build, and since it's been decorated for a baby girl's nursery! 

The gray in the stripes and on the top half of the walls is SW Agreeable Gray which leans on the light blue side.  Here, because the cabinets, trim, beadboard and white stripes are all Divine White, crisp white furniture tended to make that paint color look dingy, which is why we opted for grey furniture. You can see how the pros got perfect stripes on the ceiling here. 

When we redid my office, I knew I wanted to paint the trim a contrasting color and make a bold statement against the white walls and ceiling, so we opted for Lichen by Farrow & Ball in a high gloss.  The color is the most gorgeous creamy, olivey green.  It's soothing and so super shiney in that high gloss finish.  

Finally, we most recently painted our playroom/media room Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore, an almost-black, charcoal color.  Unfortunately, this room is difficult to photograph since it only gets partial natural light on one side and the rest is illuminated with artificial light.  I think you can get the gist of what it look like on the right side of the back wall though.  

I better wrap this up - we gotta get to school! Wish us luck!! 

keep in touch! 

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