Sunday, May 21, 2017

This & That | More Shoe Shelving & How to Make Hydrangeas Last for Weeks

Here we are back to the week friends!  And back to my 5am mornings! I hope y'all had a great weekend!  We had lots of baseball (two games and a party), but also got a few things done around the house, which always feels good.  And I ordered this for our backyard and can't wait to get it! Will be loads of fun for Jordan since it's already getting so hot here!  

Today is another 'This & That' post, which is quickly becoming my favorite way to catch you up on lots of what's going on here in one big round up post.  These posts are my version of casual phone chit chat with you where we sit down have have some girl talk.  
Jordan and I kicked off the weekend with a Friday morning brunch with some blogger friends (and their precious babies)!  We do this once a month (not always with kids) but this brunch was hosted by @kidsxplorhtx (which offers class passes to kids up to 12 years old) so bringing the kiddos was a fun change of pace.  

I've had this tank for awhile and the little v-strap detail is fun and of course, I love the stripes.  It comes in a few colors and fits TTS.  For the brunch I wore this tank with my favorite white distressed jeans and wedges, but changed into shorts when we got home.  It's kind of hard to tell in the pic, but the shorts are high-waisted, so nice for keeping you all tucked in.  And I like the sliced distressing on this shorts.  They'll be a favorite all summer long!

Jordan wore this same little one-piece dress that we took our family photos in.  She looks so cute in those colors and the little ruffle on the sleeve is darling!  Baby girl clothes will be the death of me, I swear!  But this was only $8 at Target! 

Jordan's Dress (with snaps underneath) | Sandals 

How cute are these babies!! Ford was born just before Jordan and little Liam is 9 months old.  Isn't is so funny to watch little babes interact?! 

Ford | Jordan | Liam 

At home, Jordan is starting to climb on everything!  I caught her standing on this stool in the kitchen and she's been climbing onto the living room ottoman too!  But she doesn't yet know how to get down, so we're trying to teach her. 

Whenever I share pics of our kitchen, I always get lots of questions about our Runner Rug, which is from Dash & Albert.  I love the pretty blue color and subtle chevron pattern.  We have three of them in the kitchen-  two smaller ones by the stove and sink, and a super long that runs the length of the island and beyond.

In between baseball games, I had a chance to run a few errands.  My new pink tennies arrived and I was so relieved to see they were as comfy as they are cute! 

Sneakers | Shorts (size down) | Tee (XS) | Bag & Here

I usually wear a 6 or 6 1/2 in athletic shoes and I went with the 6 in these bc I wear thin 'no show' socks. 

During the season, these little boys played their hearts out, even though they didn't have the best record.  One day when Grandma came with and helped me watch Jordan, I got some pics of the players in action.  James always cracks me up because he celebrates everything with such gusto!  

He happened to score the game ball that day!  We're still in Dad Coach pitch, and it makes me a nervous wreck watching my husband pitch to them!  I'm like, "Babe, please throw them a good one!" He joked with me one time that if he could get every pitch to go exactly like he wanted it to, he'd be in the major leagues!

The two All-Star games this weekend were especially fun to watch, but also made for a really long day!

One of the team parents' hosted a lovely party at their home on Sunday evening.  It was a great way to end the season!

Skinny Jeans (under $60) | Boatneck Tee $26 | Wedges | Bracelets | Necklace 

Speaking of shoes, I have some new shoe storage to share with you! A few months ago when we had our downstairs repainted, I  took the opportunity to freshen up my closet with a clean coat of white paint.  If you've been a longtime reader (first of all, thank you!), but secondly, you might remember about two years ago I painted part of the closet bright pink with a faux Tanzania wallpaper effect, which was fun at the time, but I got tired of it eventually and wanted a clean slate.  

I had my friend Ruben spray the whole closet with Sherwin Williams Alabaster, which is a nice, soft bright white.  It actually shocked me at first when it was all done because that white is kind of sterile looking compared to the creamy Divine White we have in the rest of the house.  

As I was chatting with Ruben, I mentioned that I'd really love to create more shoe shelving along that back wall where the window was and he said he could do it rather easily by sheetrocking the window and adding wooden boards to create additional shelving. 

I was fine with covering the window because I still have two other windows on the other side and I found that if I put clothing in front of the window it faded the clothes!  Some of you had some great suggestions for tinting the window to reduce that fading effect, but I wanted the seamless look of a wall on that side for the additional shoe shelves. 

Some of you might have caught Ruben on my Stories when we were determining the height of the shelves.  He started telling me which shoes he liked and the pair that he didn't care for at all, "I don't know why you have this one." He was so funny!! 

Below is the window getting sheetrocked and if we decide in the future we want the window back, he said we could do that.  The window is high enough up that from outside, you can't even tell that it's been sheetrocked inside.

I still need to arrange my tall boots on the top shelf, but I love how it turned out!  Now I have all my colorful shoes on the right side, and my neutrals on the other side.

Having this plentiful shoe storage is a dream come true!  For so many years, with apartment living and the small townhouse we lived in when we first got married, I had barely any closet space.  There was never enough room for shoes, so I was always having to try to finagle a way to store things and it was never very good!  

I need to clean things up more before I can give you a proper tour, but wanted to share one more organizational thing that might be helpful to you.  It's always hard to figure out how to store and display your necklaces, but I like to see mine instead of hiding them away in a jewelry box.

Right now, I'm using a cedar belt and tie rack to organize my long necklaces and it's working like a charm!  I used to just have push pins stuck into the wall, but this looks much better and is more sturdy.  If you don't have a blank wall in your closet for this, maybe you could attach it to the back of the door?? 

How do you store your necklaces?

Now this is something I hope will be very useful for you!  And I wouldn't have believed it myself if my current bunch of hydrangeas hadn't been gloriously blooming for the last 13 days without barely a brown spot!  Before this, my hydrangeas would only last a couple of days, tops!  I have 5 stems of hydrangeas I got at the grocery store and look at how pretty they still are!  This picture was taken on Day 13. 

I first read my friend Bree's post about how she keeps her hydrangeas alive and how you can sometimes get them to rehydrate by soaking the blooms in water overnight.  I tried that and it did help a previous bunch. 

But then I googled how to keep them thriving from the get go and here's what I found and what I did and it works! 

1) Fill a clean vase with lukewarm water and let it come to room temperature.

2)  Fill a saucepan with water and put it on the stove to boil.

3)  After the water comes to a boil, turn off the heat, and let it cool for several minutes.

4) Cut your hydrangea stems at a 45-degree angle. 

5)  Make a slit in the bottom inch of the stem, cutting up through its center.

6)  Place the stem in the hot water for 30 seconds.

7)  Immediately place the stem in the vase of the room temperature water.


8) I also added the plant food packet to the water (the kind you get at the grocery store for free).  I've requested additional packets and they gave them to me.

9)  Every other day, I change the water, and recut the stems just a tad, and added a flower food packet. I say every other day, but I think I've gone 2-3 days in there before changing the water and recutting the stems. 

My blooms from the grocery store have been going strong for almost 2 weeks with no signs of slowing down.  I will be sure to let you know how long they last.  They are on our breakfast table in a simple mason jar.  

Do you have any flower tricks to share?

Have a great week, friends! 😘

keep in touch! 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Date Night Style | Ruffle Tops + Boyfriend Jeans

Welcome to the weekend friends!  Ours will be a Saturday filled with baseball, baseball, and baseball, but thankfully that's all that's on the agenda.  I'm ready for a boring, nothing to do, Sunday!  We need those once in awhile, right?! 

But first, I'm looking forward to Friday night, also affectionately known as "Mama 'ain't cooking" and we get to go out to eat! I have a casual but fun date night look for you featuring my new favorite, ultra comfy, boyfriend jeans!  I've been wearing these nonstop and have a couple posts lined up for you next week styling them different ways, but I'm really partial to how they look with this pop of red!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Making Time for Family

*This post is sponsored by Kenneth Cole.

We were a family of three for a long time, 6 years to be exact, before our beautiful blessing of a daughter, Jordan, arrived.  I've gotten so many questions about how it's been going from one child to two, what the age difference is like, and how we make family time a priority in our lives.  I've not been shy about admitting that I felt like most of the baby responsibility was falling on my shoulders early on.  You might remember my hubby halfway joking, "I really hit my stride around age 2!" Well, I'm happy to report that even though Jordan is only 14 months old, he's already in his groove! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up & Top 3 Organization Goals

Hi friends! I spent the better part of yesterday recuperating from our busy weekend and then trying to get myself organized for the week ahead!  Ideally, I'd have a head start on that on Sunday night, but I was knee deep into Southern Charm reruns, so I had a hefty to-do list to create on Monday morning. 

Did y'all have a good Mother's Day weekend? I hope you got spoiled rotten and felt so very loved! Our weekends lately have been filled with lots of eating out! This mama doesn't like to cook on Friday, so if the kids cooperate, we try to go out.  You too?  

Maxi Dress 25% off XS | Necklace | Bracelet Trio | Strapless Bra | Wedges 25% off
Last Friday, I wore this oldie but goodie maxi dress.  I've had it for years and always get lots of compliments on it when I wear it.  It's lightweight and partially lined and under $40! It comes in several colors and patterns too.  It's a little long, but with wedges, I didn't have to get it altered!  

Friday, May 12, 2017

Outfits Lately - May

Happy Friday loves! What's on your agenda for the weekend?  We have Field Day at school today and then a birthday party and of course . . . Mother's Day!!!  I'm hoping for a nice brunch or lunch out on Sunday and we'll also be celebrating my own mom.  She is seriously the best and it's so good to get to have her around here more often! 

Today is Outfits Lately, a big 'ole round up of what I've been wearing lately.  If you want more everyday outfit inspiration, I post my daily outfits on Instagram, which is what I'm rounding up for you here today.  These aren't professionally styled photos, just selfies 🙈 sharing my attempts to get out of jean shorts (it happens sometimes!) and get creative with the things in my closet.  

You can always shop my instagrams without LikeToKnowIt by clicking the picture on my blog right sidebar or the SHOP tab at the top of my blog under INSTAGRAM

For fit reference, keep in mind I'm ridiculously short, just 5'1, about 105 pounds.  I often wear petite or size down for the best fit for my frame, but I'm also busty (34D), so that can be a challenging combo. 

 Perfectly comfy and cute outfit for running errands with my baby, oops! toddler today! 💗 These boyfriend jeans arrived over the weekend and I've already worn them three times! #noshame 😊 They fit TTS and come in regular and petite under $90! I have a feeling my skinny jeans will be taking a backseat to these boyfriend jeans now! Top is adorable (size down) and I also linked the bracelet trio I'm wearing that you can't see, on sale for $15! 🌟🌟🌟 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

5 Tips for Hosting a Block Party

Thank you to Pier 1 Imports for partnering on today's post.

Can you believe we're almost to summer?!?  I looked up and realized my son only has 3 weeks of school left and then he'll be home for summer break and we have made zero plans!  Sometimes that works out best though, just to let us relax into summer and once we've had our fill of staying in pajamas all day and being lazy bums, maybe sign up for a few camps or something.  I learned my lesson a few years ago not to go crazy committing my son to summer things because that year, after I enrolled him in a few things, on Day 1 when I went to drop him off, he looked at me with those big eyes and said, "I just want to stay home." So we left and came back home and I ended up cancelling those plans.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Military Inspired | Camo Shirt Jacket

Happy hump day!  Yesterday was the first day I overslept and I was kicking myself!  I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. and almost got up right then, but instead talked myself into hitting snooze to give myself 10 more minutes in bed.  I must have accidentally turned my alarm clock off because the next thing I knew it was 6:00 am!  Ug!  I still got up and did my ab workout and meditated, but I'll be back at it again early tomorrow!  It did make me already miss that accomplished feeling of having so much done by 6am, so I guess that's good!

Today, I'm sharing another military inspired fave.  Yesterday, you saw my super comfy skinny cargo pants and today it's this awesome Camo Shirt Jacket that's as easy to wear as my favorite solid military jacket.  They are perfect for those temperamental weather days or as a safe bet to keep inside your car or office so it's handy when you need it.  

White Jeans 25 | Grey Tank Sweater XSP (40% off) | Camo Shirt Jacket US2 Similar Crossbody Bag | Booties 15% off Blue Aviators | Multistrand Collar Necklace (similar herehere & here)  | Similar Earrings | Bracelet (for less) | Coil Ring 

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