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Hello Monday and Happy Thanksgiving week!  Can y’all believe Thanksgiving on Thursday?  Are you ready or still getting things together?  I did my grocery shopping online for pickup today and I’m so glad I won’t have to go into the store this week to shop!  Fingers crossed I didn’t forget anything! 


If you’re new here, welcome, I’m glad you stopped by!  I’m Megan, mom to two adorable kiddos – James, 9 and Jordan, 3.  I’ve been blogging about home decor, fashion (Amazon too!), and fitness for 10 years now.  I love to sprinkle in organization and productivity hacks, because I’m all about getting things done! #GSD

In fact, if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with all.the.things, check out my tips for planning for the holidays.  When I take some time to sit and plan, I feel more calm and less stressed, so I can actually enjoy all the parts of the holidays. There’s a handy FREE holiday planner printable in the post!

Over the weekend, my Mom and I took Jordan to see Santa and on the way there Jordan innocently asked, “are we going to the North Pole?”

Isn’t that the cutest?!  I never want to forget it!

Similar DressShoes • Door Mat

When we got home, I got to work setting our Thanksgiving table.  It’ll be a small Thanksgiving over here, just Jordan, my Mom, and me and maybe a couple of friends stopping by.

James flew to Utah to visit his grandparents and go skiing.  I miss him terribly, but we FaceTime everyday and he’s having a blast!  He’s the best big brother, telling Jordan she looked, “beautiful in her dress.”

For Thanksgiving we’ve planned a full menu (with desserts!) and are really looking forward to a low key day at home.

TableclothGarland  • Similar Candlestick HoldersSimilar Gold Flatware

I love setting a nice table and it’s easy to do with a pretty table cloth, garland runner and candlesticks.  After Thanksgiving, I’ll change switch out the Thanksgiving decor in the dining room to Christmas.

Flocked Christmas Tree

The rest of the house is already looking very festive!  Here’s a quick peek at what we have so far, but I’m still not 100% done.

The newest big addition to our Christmas decor this year is a brand new 10 foot tall flocked Christmas tree.  This baby is tall and gorgeous!  It fits the space where our tree goes so much better than the shorter tree we had last year.  And, I’d go as far as to say it’s the most beautiful tree I’ve ever owned (by the legendary King of Christmas).


This is the darling 4-foot tree in Jordan’s playroom.  I love the shape and how it will really show off all of her special ornaments.

Flocked Christmas TreeSweaterJeans

In my bedroom is a slim, 6-foot flocked tree.  I’m keeping the decor feminine and pink in there like the rest of the room.


And today is a special day because I’m joining my long time friend Sarah for her annual Favorite Things Party.  I’ve known Sarah since I first started blogging 10 years ago, and I’ve admired her ever since.

She invited me to participate and I had a great time putting together a couple of collages that represent my favorite things in beauty, home decor and jewelry.

Favorite Things BEAUTY


I credit the GloPRO tool for helping my skin look as youthful as possible. I love it because it’s so easy it is to use (just a few minutes a few times a week), how effective it is, and also relatively inexpensive compared to a dermatologist visit.   I did a whole blog post about it and saved a tutorial to my Story Highlights for how to use it.  The Glo PRO also helps your skincare products work more effectively, which brings me to my next fave.

Glo Pro Microneedling Tool

If you are a long time follower, you know I swear by Colleen Rothschild Skincare to keep my ‘mature’ skin looking as good as possible.  I’ve raved about the Radiant Cleansing Balm that I use twice a day, the Extreme Recovery Cream  (my daily moisturizer), and the Face Oil No. 9 that my skin literally drinks without any breakouts.

But, I don’t think I’ve done a great job talking about two products I use all the time and also swear by, especially for hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

I use the Vitamin C Treatment Complex  in the morning and the Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum in the evening. I apply the Radiance Serum with my fingertips and it sometimes feels tingly on my skin.  It’s amazing though with a gentle yet highly effective alpha hydroxy acid.

I found that the combination of these two products have made a huge difference in the quality of my skin.  They promote cellular turnover, which addresses photo-aging, fine lines, acne, dark spots and overall skin texture.

Colleen Rothschild launched her biggest sale of the year today, so if you need to stock up or give a gift, now is the time!

Hairdryer + Brush in One • This hairdryer and brush in one gives you the smoothest salon-style blowout in a jiffy!  I’ll demonstrate on Stories soon so you can see how I use it.

Makeup Sponges + Concealer • This past year was full of ups and downs and there were many nights I didn’t get enough sleep.  To help from looking like something that the cat drug in, I brightened up my face with this concealer and it’s a game changer!  It’s on the pricey side, but definitely worth it.  It makes my undereye area nice and bright and hides the fact that I might be running on fumes! I can wear shade 3 or 4 depending on how light I want to go.

I apply the concealer with the sponge it comes with (you twist it up to release just the right amount of product), then wet the makeup sponge with WARM water until its pretty saturated, then squeeze out the excess.  Then use the sponge to press the concealer into your skin until it’s nicely blended.

If you do follow me on Stories, you heard my sister-in-law’s secret for the prettiest at-home manicure that lasts at least a few days longer than normal.  The trick is to apply this Nail Gel Base Coat then your polish, a second coat of the Nail Gel Base Coat , a second coat of polish, then the In a Hurry Air Dry Top Coat.

I recently peeled off my shellac and my nails are a rough, brittle mess on their own.  With the products and technique above, they look like I got a salon manicure!

Favorite Things JEWELRY


By far the most requested item from y’all lately is this Star Necklace. I dig it too and it looks beautiful layered with my choker necklace.

The set of delicate rings are by the same brand and you can layer them on the same finger or split them up.  I like wearing one on my index finger between the knuckles.

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets are my ‘favorite thing’ for our annual party this year.  I’m always surprised at the new styles they have and how well they go with everything.

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets on Sale

These Faux Leather Drop Earrings come in a set, so you can break them up into multiple gifts. Perfect for teachers! They are so lightweight they barely feel like you’re wearing anything, but they still make a statement.  Bonus, they’re only $10 for a set of 8!

I’ve been eyeing this watch for a long time, but I don’t own it.  I love how sleek contrast of the black face against the gold band.


Favorite Things HOME

All of these items are used on a daily- often more than once a day and have stood the test of time.

First off, I don’t like to wear shoes at home, or go barefoot (our wooden floors are hard bamboo and I hate how little debris feels on my feet), so I keep my UGG Slippers on my feet.  They are very sturdy and extremely cozy, not to mention cute!  I thought they would be too warm for our mild Houston weather, but I haven’t had any issues with that.

I wake up with a hot cup of coffee to start my day, take another cup with me into my office when I start working at my computer, and usually end the night with a hot cup of tea to wind down.  Any or all of those drinks stay nice and toast on my Coffee / Tea Warmer.  The marble design is pretty and there’s a red light that lets you know if it’s on.

Y’all changed my life when you recommended the Dyson Stick Vac.  Like I mentioned, I have two kids and I’m amazed that any of their food actually ends up in their mouth judging by the amount of crumbs piled under their dining chairs.  This thing is so easy to use without being tied to any cord, and I use it on my stairs and in my car regularly. My son even likes to use it!  If you’re on the fence, trust me, it’s worth it.  It will change your life too! 😉

You can’t go wrong with this throw blanket for yourself or as a gift.  It feels velvety soft and comes in a host of colors with a cute tassel trim.  We keep one on our sofa at all times.

I used to buy towels at discount retailers, but I found that they would start shredding and falling apart.  I finally invested in a great set of towels that are still going strong after nearly a year and many uses and washes.  And they’re on sale!  They’re super soft (100% cotton) and feel really luxurious on your skin.  They’re big, but not too big (27 x 52).  Most importantly, they are quick drying to prevent mold and smells from building- you simply machine wash and dry them.

Pink bath towels

Last but not least, we have these sheets on every bed in the house.  They are super soft and a steal!  They have over 63,000 positive reviews on Amazon and are on PRIME!

Master Bedroom ideas Logan wallpaper

My Master Bedroom

So, do any of my favorite things top your list too?! I’d love to hear in the comments below.  And if you’ve enjoyed your visit here, I’d be honored to have you subscribe.


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I’m so extremely grateful for you and love you to pieces!

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Have a fantastic day friends!


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  1. Great post Megan! I would love to try those towels but your link isn’t working. Can you please repost the link for them? Thank you!

  2. I love the throws, I have two and they shed round fuzz over my couch. Do you have issues with this or should I return mine because they are defective?

  3. Love this post! What sort of activities do you do with your daughter when you’re home? I have a toddler—threenager— and lots of snow days. We read a lot of books, color and even do obstacle courses 🙂

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