Christmas Reflections | Winter Style & After Christmas Sales

Hi friend! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. Jordan wanted to go to gymnastics again today and I’m back to my running schedule. Later today, we plan to hit up some after-Christmas sales with my mom.

We have the rest of the week to bask in the goodness of the holiday break, chill out, sleep in and finish eating all the sweets! It’s all for a season and sometimes it feels like it’s going too fast and then it can feel like the days go on forever.

I hope you have your coffee, tea or beverage of choice ready for this blog post – I got to writing and sharing my heart and adding outfits and sales and . . . . it went on forever too! 😉

Christmas Reflections

We’re like any regular family where there are such heartwarming moments. My son made a video for me for Christmas that brought me to tears. He created a montage of the last 13 years with precious videos and photos and had all of my family wish me Merry Christmas. Literally the best gift ever and so thoughtful!

And then on Christmas Eve morning, I let Jordan open a toy thinking I would try to spread the joy a little. But when I was trying to build it – just getting it out of the box was an unfair tug of war and the directions seemed to be written in a foreign language – Jordan spilled my coffee all over the floor.

I snapped at her. I was irritated at the toy and had to check myself for taking it out on her when it was just an accident. No one wants to be mean mommy at Christmas time!

I’m sharing that little snippet of real life in case you can relate or thought you were the only one. You’re definitely not. Hopefully, sharing this and things like our lovely Christmas photos helps you know we’re in that same boat.

We’re doing the best we can and our best is riddled with imperfection. It’s what makes us human, relatable, and the vulnerable parts bring us closer.

At this stage of my life, I’m so aware of the dichotomy between two children at the ages 13 and 7. We have the sweet innocence of a little girl giddy with excitement about where her Elf ends up each day and the absolute joy of anticipating Santa coming to town – all while I keep reminding her of the reason we celebrate Christmas and she’s well aware. Happy birthday Jesus!

And because I now have a teen that prefers his fair share of privacy, I’m so grateful to soak in all the precious time with that girl who wants to be with me all the time.

I am grateful for those moments where my teenager hugs me with his full arms around me and for several seconds- not just a quick half hug. Even though he finishes it with a grin saying, “you’re so short!”

It’s kind of hard for me to not see past my son moving out of the house in a few years when he goes off to college. But, I was reminded by a post by Cat & Nat . . . “you don’t lose your kids when they grow up. Motherhood isn’t infinite. Maybe they don’t crawl on your lap, but you go to dinner and hear their dreams, you get to know them as people. You get to live life WITH then, and enjoy them. You’re still their home. Because as a mom, you’re always home. So stop the pressure. Motherhood isn’t just for the ages of babies and toddlers – it’s forever.”

Since I’m divorced, the kids go back and forth and even 5 years later, I hate that that’s our situation. I don’t talk about it much because it’s so intimate and private and I wouldn’t want my kids to ever look back and feel hurt by something I said.

I can say that everything is amicable and my ex and I live close, so shuttling kids back and forth is as convenient as it can be. We make it so we both see the kids on Christmas and are flexible with other days.

And sweet Elliott. I love him so much and he’s been an incredible blessing in my life. He went to Dallas for Christmas to visit family, but he’ll be back this week and we’ll celebrate Christmas together and exchange a few gifts.

He’s definitely a quality time over gifts person, but you know I had to spoil him a little. I got him this, this, this (he’s always sore from jujitsu) and a couples’ massage that we can enjoy together.

Maybe I’m “lucky” that I lean toward the introvert side, so I actually enjoy some alone time. But, I still miss the special people in my life when we’re apart. Maybe you can relate to that too – whether you’re divorced or not.

Our big gift this year is the swimming pool that’s currently underway in our backyard. There’s been a lot of progress and I think it will be finished in just a few more weeks! I’ve been sharing the progress as it unfolds on my Instagram Stories and have saved it to a highlight if you want to check it out.

I’ll be sure to document the whole process here on the blog when it’s all finished! Definitely something to look forward to in the new year!

After Christmas Sales

Today, I’m also sharing so many good after-Christmas sales and I’m looking to score some deals myself.

I never put garland on the stairs in the new house because I didn’t have any I loved and didn’t want to pay too much for it, so I hope to find that now, along with deeply discounted holiday decor and then perhaps some patio furniture.

What are you looking for? Did you get gift cards so that you can shop for yourself?

Top 10 After Christmas Deals

With every retailer under the sun having a sale today, I wanted to focus on the top deals that you may be interested in first.

  1. Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale – savings up to 50%!!
  2. Barefoot Dreams Hoodie Pullover
  3. Hunter Rain Boots
  4. Ugg Slippers
  5. Steve Madden Booties
  6. Tory Burch Ballet Flats
  7. Nike Air Max Sneakers
  8. Turtleneck Tunic
  9. Favorite T-Shirt Bra
  10. Oversized V-Neck Sweater
  11. Sequin Jacket

Winter Style

I like to share affordable, mix and match pieces that fit a casual lifestyle. Sometimes, we glam it up a bit and also need things for work, workouts and my favorite – lounge!

Nearly everything is on sale today, so I included a ton of winter outfit inspiration for you here with both me and one of my besties, Ali-Shaun.

For size reference: I’m more petite, usually ordering XS and 25P in jeans. Ali-Shaun is few inches taller and usually wears size medium.

Pointenelle Sweater, Jeans, Booties


Knit Turtleneck Sweater, Jeans, Booties

Sweater JeansBooties

Cardigan, Jeans, Booties

BodysuitCardiganSimilar JeansBooties

Olive Green Pullover, Jeans, Booties

PulloverSimilar JeansBootiesCrossbody

Yellow Fair Isle Sweater, Jeans, Booties

SweaterJeans Booties Petal Earrings

Sweater, Jeans, Booties

SweaterJeans BootiesTassel Earrings

Cardigan, jeans, Prarie Blouse, Flats

Megan CardiganSimilar JeansBooties | Ali-Shaun TopJeansFlats

Chanel Type Sweaters, Jeans, Heels, Flats

Megan | Sweater Levi Cropped JeansHeels Ali-Shaun | SweaterJeansFlats

Chanel Type Sweaters, Jeans, Heels, Flats

Megan | Sweater Levi Cropped JeansHeels Ali-Shaun | SweaterJeansFlats

Cheers Sweater, Jeans, Booties

Sweater Jeans Similar BootiesEarrings

Fair Isle Sweater, Coat, Jeans Booties , Puffer Coat, Jeans

Megan PeacoatSweaterJeansBooties | Ali-Shaun JacketJeansBooties

Minky Coat, Puffer Coat, Jeans, Heels, Booties

Megan JacketTankJeansBooties | Ali-Shaun JacketJeans • Heels (sold out)

Gold Sweater, White Jeans, Heels, gold Vest


Shacket, Jeans, Booties

ShacketJeansSimilar Booties

Plaid Button Down. Jeans, Booties


Pearl Sweater, jeans, Heels


Turtleneck, jeans, Booties


Green Blouse, Jeans, Flats


Sweater, Jeans, Booties

SweaterJeans Similar BootiesEarrings

Talbots Plaid Button Down, Jeans, Booties


Plaid Top, Jeans, Booties, Cardinal Cardigan


Plaid Top, Jeans, Booties, Cardinal Cardigan


Tree Sweater, Jeans, Booties


Sweater, Jeans, Booties

SweaterJeans Similar BootiesFeather Earrings

Sweater, Jeans, Booties

SweaterJeans Similar BootiesRed Earrings

Pink Split Neck Sweater, Black Leggings, Boots, Crossbody

SweaterLeggingsSimilar BootsCrossbody

Striped Pullover, Leggings, Boots, Crossbody

SweaterLeggingsSimilar BootsCrossbody

Striped Sweater, Black Jeans, Boots,

SweaterJeansSimilar Boots

Sweater, Jeans, Booties

Sweater Jeans HeelsEarrings

Square Neck Top, Jeans, Booties

SweaterJeansSimilar Booties

Puff Sleeve Sweater, Black Jeans, Heels


Dress Heels

Megan DressHeels | Ali-Shaun Dress • Heels (sold out)

Pleather Dress, Sandals


One Shoulder Dress with Bow


Red Sweater Dress, Heels


Workout top and leggings,


Crz Leggings, Crz Sports Bra

CRZ LeggingsCRZ Sports Bra

Crz Leggings, Crz Sports Bra

CRZ LeggingsCRZ Sports Bra

Pullover, Puffer Vest, Jeans, Leggings, Sneaker

Megan | PulloverVestLeggingsSneakers Ali-Shaun | PulloverLeggings Similar Sneakers

Tee, Leggings


Puffer Coat, Leggings, Sneakers


Vuori Joggers Set., Cardigan, Beanies

Megan PulloverJoggersBeanie | Ali-Shaun CardiganJoggersBeanie

Lounge set

Lounge Set

Air Essentials Dupe Lounge Set

Lounge Set

Lounge set

Short Set

Lounge set

Lounge Set

Stripe Lounge Set

Lounge Set

Ugg Cardigan and lounge pants


Air Essentials Lounge Set


Merry Pjs



Megan Pajamas | Ali-Shaun Pajamas

Loft Winter Style | All On Sale

Loft Winter Style

123456789101112 1314


NORDSTROM | Half Yearly Sale, save up to 60% off

Abercrombie | Up to 40% off select styles, plus extra 15% ioff + FREE ship on orders over $99

Amazon | deals HERE & my Amazon store HERE

Banana Republic | Up to 50% off all Sale Styles

Boll & Branch | 25% off sitewide in the LTK app, code LTK25

Colleen Rothschild | New Sale

Express  | 40% off everything

GAP  | Up to 70% off markdowns

GibsonLook | Up to 60% off sale

JCrew | up to 50% off

LOFT | Semi-Annual Sale, extra 50% off sale styles

Madewell | Extra 30% off sale

Old Navy | $25 off your order, activewear starting at $8

Our Place | Last Chance Sale, 40% off

Target  | Up to 50% off

Pottery Barn | End of Season Sale: Up to 50% off

Sephora | Beauty under $20

Tarte | Glamazon Collection

WALMART | Winter Savings Sale

West Elm | Up to 70% off

Have a fantastic day friend!

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Meet Megan

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  1. Long time follower here,
    I think I discovered your blog around 2013! Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. I love hearing about the realness of divorce life and respect the way you always speak truthfully but privately about your situation… you are a fantastic mom, that’s for sure! Were there any books that helped you through that initial time in your life? Or any podcasts/ audiobooks that helped you sort through it all and stay positive? I appreciate any outlets that helped… Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Jen. I started consistently journaling and I think that helped the most. I also leaned on family and friends and REALLY watched my budget. I think those three things helped the most. The financial aspect is especially stressful, being on your own and supporting a family alone, so being strict with my budget gave me a sense of security. I don’t recall any books or podcasts, but if I was dealing with a specific situation, I would do research on that topic. I’m so thankful for a good support group of friends and family, and of course, exercise is a big outlet. Wishing you a wonderful new year Jen!

  2. Also a long time follower here. I have adored your blog since the beginning. I love your authenticity. You inspire me! You are an amazing mom and friend. Wishing you and your family a joyful holiday.

  3. This post was heartfelt, thank you for your honesty. My 2 kids are 5 years apart, my son almost 22 and my daughter is 17. They have the most wonderful relationship. I’m sure James and Jordan will be the same. You are an amazing mum and a great example for your kids. Happy New Year to you all.

  4. I have read your blog for years and never commented. This is the sweetest and most real post. I’m so thankful to have read this after we had a very “real” Christmas Day in our home. The last three christmases have been poisoned by sickness and death and it’s shaken our family and home to the core. It’s hard for everyone to step into the change. Thank you so much for this post Megan.

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