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Good morning friends!  I hope you’re having a great week!  I’m still working on getting my groove back and feeling so much better now that I’m concentrating on healthy eating, drinking lots of water and exercising daily! It’s amazing how quickly our body responds to those things, but it’s a determined effort to make them happen everyday.
I’m sooo excited for today’s post and couldn’t wait to share it with you!  We’ve been working on transforming our previously neutral bedroom into a more feminine and sophisticated space and I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out!  I’ve shown you bits and pieces of this room while we were working on it and now I’m so excited to invite you in and show you the whole finished space. I hope this helps provide some master bedroom ideas for your home!
Before we jump in, I have to give a huge thank you to my friend Aryn at Oyster Creek Studios, who helped tremendously with the master bedroom makeover.  She is so freaking talented in interior design and without her, I’d probably still be sitting in a half-finished room, overwhelmed with all the design decisions!  You can read all about my initial visit with her here.


Master Bedroom ideas Logan wallpaper
master bedroom ideas logan wallpaper
Bed • Euro Pillows (26×26) • Similar Bolster • Honeycomb Duvet • Similar Linen Duvet • Softest Sheets Ever • Bench •  Wallpaper • Similar Chests • Mirror • Lamp • Rug • Chandelier

Anthropologie Logan Wallpaper

Let’s start with the wallpaper. I knew this back wall would be a wonderful focal point for adding interest with wallpaper.  This is one of the biggest reasons why I brought Aryn in to collaborate on this project- there are a million wallpaper designs and having never had wallpaper in our home before, I really didn’t even know where to start.  As soon as I saw this sample, I knew it was the one! It had the perfect mixture of pink and creamy tan that I was looking for as well as an interesting pattern that is unique and hasn’t been seen everywhere.
Master Bedroom Antrhopologie Logan Wallpaper
Master Bedroom ideas Logan wallpaper
After we hung the wallpaper though, I realized our light gray walls were looking kind of muddy so we ended up painting the entire room SherwinWilliams Divine White, which is the same color as the ceiling and trim. It’s a very creamy warm white, very soothing for a bedroom.

Wisteria Chest

The two nightstands dressers are something I’ve had my eye on for years. Every time the Wisteria catalog came in the mail, I would swoon over these gorgeous sleek and clean-lined dressers. Not only are they incredibly beautiful and stylish, they fit the scale of the room so much better than our small mirrored nightstands. I was lucky to find them on sale, but even then they were a splurge. Similar Chests here!
Master Bedroom ideas Wisteria Chest
Master Bedroom (3)
I love the functionality of them too.  The top drawer holds little necessities like pens, paper, my ipad and headphones, kleenex.  The second drawer is full of James’ books for when he comes in bed and reads with me at night.
We had mirrors above the nightstands before, but they were too small for this large wall.  We traded those out for these pretty similar gold arched mirrors that look simple and elegant against the wallpaper.  And they’re much taller at 42″ high. The similar lamps are a gorgeous mix of gold and white marble and they are so substantial and heavy.  I love how they look with the chests, mirrors and wallpaper.
master bedroom decor ideas


I was all too happy to replace our previously wooden ceiling fan with this stunning 4-Light candle style chandelier. Even living in Houston, we didn’t run our ceiling fan that much and have not missed it. But I do love the look of the ‘chipped gold’ quatrefoil chandelier and also how it lights the room when it’s turned on.
Master Bedroom ideas chandelier
master bedroom ideas chandelier

Monroe Upholstered Bed

Having went overboard on the dressers, I needed to reduce the budget for the bed, which is a huge focal point of the room. Originally, I had my heart set on this creamy upholstered bed from Pottery Barn, but unfortunately there’s no money tree in my backyard.  #why???!!! I searched high and low and finally found this beautiful upholstered bed at Macy’s.  At $500, we couldn’t beat the price!
It was just what I was looking for with a taller headboard (68 inches!) that would make more sense in the room. Unfortunately, it didn’t come in a cream or tan color, but the light gray still looks pretty in the room. Also, the bed was on backorder several months, so we had to wait for it.  I was definitely nervous making such a big purchase online without ever having seen the bed in person, but I’m here to tell you it’s really lovely in person and well-made.  It was definitely worth the wait!
We did end up having to add another box spring to raise the height of the bed. Now we have a 9 inch box spring and a 4 1/2 inch box spring with our mattress so that the bed is more even with the height of the chests.
master bedroom ideas
Master Bedroom ideas Logan wallpaper


Of course I have to mention our amazingly soft and comfortable sheets. I swear I could write a whole post just about these sheets!  I should first let you know that I am definitely a high maintenance sleep person.  I like everything about my bed to be just right.  I want to lay on the most comfortable mattress, not too hard and not too soft.  The pillow has to be super mushy, perfect for scrunching up and molding to my head when I sleep.  I like the temperature to be just right, not too cold and not warm.  There needs to be weight to the blankets on top of me and I like it pitch black.  And silent.  #sleepsnob
So, you shouldn’t be surprised that I want to lay my body on the softest sheets known to man.  And honestly, me and 42,000 reviewers agree about that! I couldn’t believe how luxuriously soft these sheets feel, especially at the inexpensive price!  They feel like they should cost an arm and a leg, but they don’t!  They’re under $30 for the king flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases!  They feel so silky soft, but also cool like cotton.  We’ve had them several months now and they have held up terrifically and machine wash and dry well.
We have a honeycomb duvet cover on the bed and then a linen duvet cover folded at the end of the bed for added interest and texture.
master bedroom ideas Pottery Barn honeycomb bedding
Master Bedroom bedding ideas
Similar Jeans • Similar TopRug


One thing I really wanted Aryn’s help with was styling the bed.  I swear, I never could quite figure it out and she knew exactly what to do.  We wanted to keep the betting quite simple with some feminine touches of pink.  We used three large pink velvet euro pillows against the headboard.  These pillows are amazing quality, with luxurious velvet, hidden zippers.  The fabric is striated to give it some texture.  Then we layered the the two pillows we sleep on at night and two more king-size pillows in front in the same bedding as the duvet.
Master Bedroom ideas Logan wallpaper
Master Bedroom bedding ideas
Finally, the round leopard print bolster pillow ties everything together and gives the made bed added interest.  I feel so grown up now!
Master Bedroom bedding ideas
master bedroom bedding ideas
For years, I wasn’t the ‘make the bed every morning’ type of person, but in the last few years that has changed and I certainly love making this bed everyday!  It looks so pretty when it’s all put together!

Pink Velvet Bench

We also swapped out the two x-benches for this pretty pink velvet bench and I love the style.  The pink in the bench ties in perfectly with the pillows.
Master Bedroom ideas pink velvet bench
master bedroom ideas pink velvet bench

Restoration Hardware Mirror

We kept the leaning wooden mirror from Restoration Hardware.  We’ve had it for many years, and unfortunately it’s no longer available.  I found this similar floor mirror that’s similar in an distressed wood.
Master Bedroom ideas leaning wooden mirror
Originally, I had planned to add a juju hat over the bed, but ultimately decided that I liked this unfussy look especially because the wallpaper has such a striking pattern.  We also opted not to add art because we didn’t want it to compete with the wallpaper.

Cozy Blanket

Master Bedroom barefoot dreams blanket
Similar Pajamas • Cozy Blanket
Master Bedroom barefoot dreams blanket
This weekend, when Jordan took her afternoon nap, I crawled into my bed and did some planning, reading, and was just so happy in the space. It’s exactly the way I wanted it to look, and more importantly, how I wanted it to feel.  It’s minimal, but still interesting. Feminine, but not too girly.  I just love it and feel so ‘at home’ here.

♥ shop my master bedroom ♥

I have huge thank you to Aryn for helping pull this room together and being available for quick texts when I had a million questions along the way.  If you have any questions, leave me a comment! I’m always happy to answer any and I hope this inspires your own master bedroom ideas!
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Have a great day friends!

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  1. What a gorgeous restful room! Would you mind sharing your source for your “scrunchable” pillows?

    1. Gosh, I have no idea! I’ve had my mushy pillow forever- I don’t think it could be replaced! BUT, James likes it too so I am looking for one and I’ll let you know!

  2. You bedroom is amazing !! But your bed is so high, it’s crazy ! You’re never afraid of falling during the night ? ^^
    And what do you do of the pillows you don’t use during the night ?

    I just love when you show us your house ! I look forward to see James’s room ! 🙂

    1. Hi Marianne! So funny you mention that! Our bed height is fine, but one night I slept in James room and his bed was so high I did feel like I was floating. Such a weird feeling. So we swapped his 9-inch boxspring for a 4.5 inch boxspring and it’s so much better! His room is getting wallpaper soon and I’ll be sure to show you!

      1. What is your mattress height? I’m ordering this bed, so I wanted to make sure I have my dimensions correct. Thank you!

  3. Would you mind disclosing your ceiling height in your bedroom? I LOVE that bed and the price but we have 10-foot ceilings in our bedroom. I am just wondering if a headboard that height would be too much. Thank you!

  4. I just bought the same bed and love it!!! I also wanted a much more expansive Pottery Barn bed but am so glad I got this one!

  5. Your master bedroom looks amazing! Would you mind sharing the source for the chunky rug under the bed? Thanks.

    1. Sorry, please disregard my prior comment. I just saw it linked in the pic at the top of the page. Thanks.

  6. I love everything about your bedroom! Could you please share what mattress you have? I’m in the market for a new one. Thanks.

  7. Can you share what size your pink pillows are? I need to add something akin to this on our upholstered headboard. THank you! Love your renovations!

  8. Hi there! What size were the large pink 3 pillows in the back? I looked and there many sizes.

  9. Love how your room turned out! It’s so light and airy! Does your hubby ever say it feels “too” girly though? I’m so tempted to use pink/blush but fear he may not like it as much as I do. Also, that light rug… does it snag? How easy is it to keep clean? I have a big dog so my mind goes to the maintenance of keeping it looking new. I don’t want a dark rug that will absorb the little natural light we have in our room, but a light cream one scares me lol!

    1. Hi Melissa! He didn’t say the room was girly, but he commented on the wallpaper. 😉 The rug doesn’t snag and you can vacuum it easily, but it doesn’t stay bright. I realized that when we bought the second one.

  10. Your bedroom turned out beautifully. I especially love the wallpaper. We’re you able to order a sample before you purchased it?

  11. This is perfection! What size are your three euro pillows; I want to get something similar for a king sized bed but all the size options are stressing me out.

  12. Is the wallpaper tan and blush or gray and blush? Certain angles and lighting make it look more gray. I was thinking about ordering it. How many rolls did you need for the accent wall?

  13. I’ve been thinking of adding a juju hat above my bed. I love the look and can’t find anything I like better. Do you think it’s just a trend that will be outdated quickly? Or is it worth the money?

    1. I know what you mean! They are everywhere and I considered that too, but ultimately, if you really love something, who cares what the “trends” say?! I say go for it! I would have bought one for my room, but I ended up feeling that the wallpaper made enough of a statement on it’s own and adding a juju hat might have made it look too busy.

  14. Hi! Your room looks gorgeous! We just purchased the Monroe bed from Macy’s too. Just curious how thick your mattress is? I read that you used a 9″ and a 4.5″ box spring to elevate the bed to a height that was similar to your nightstands which are 42″. I purchased a 7.5″ box spring and our mattress is 9″ thick. I’m worried that ours will be too low. Thanks!

  15. Hello, I love your room. Just wondering where you got those chests. I am having the hardest time finding something big like that- I also have a very high bed. Thanks!

  16. Hi – Love the bedroom. Is the bed a King or queen? I love the pink bench at the end of the bed, but wondering about sizing.
    Appreciate the post.

  17. Hi Megan- I am finally getting around to re doing my bedroom and remembered how perfect I thought yours was. Do you use an insert with the honeycomb duvet? If so which one did you buy? How is the duvet holding up? Thank you so so much! Btw, I am doing the 75 day challenge with you, thanks for the inspiration! Your awesome!!

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