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I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been awhile since I’ve done any decorating around here!  The last major project was my office and I’m still enjoying it so much!  I’m actually sitting at my desk right now typing this with my cup of coffee close by!  
I have lots of things on my to-do list that I feel like I can never get to lately!  It’s been all about life with a newborn and 1st grader, then working on getting said newborn to sleep in her nursery all night long, and now watching her like a hawk because she’s all over the place and we’re onto solid foods! And I’m trying to keep up with exercising and so on!  Why didn’t God give Moms extra hours in the day?! 
Jordan’s nursery bath is halfway done and the playroom/media room is organized, but at a standstill after the couch I ordered didn’t work out and had to be returned.  It’s a long story, but you should’ve seen me hauling that HUGE box back to Target with a dolly yesterday!  That was a workout on it’s own! I think I found a rug for the playroom though, so maybe that will give me the push to get going on that. And late the other night, I found art for Jordan’s bathroom, so that’s progress.  I need to decide between this, this and this.  Of course this animal series is adorable too.  But I think I only need two prints. 
James keeps changing his mind about wanting a Star Wars room to now a Minecraft room, so no progress has been made there either! We’ve also been swamped with James’ after school activities and frankly, I wish we only let him sign up for one sport, instead of three! #thanksDad, but live and learn.  I did find Jordan a sweet little Halloween costume, so that’s done!  I can’t wait to see her in it!  I thought it would be super cute with her dark hair. 
But, this time of year always gets me yearning to get some Fall decor up in our house, so last weekend, I pulled out the two bins holding our Fall decorations and went to the grocery store and got some fresh flowers and of course, mini pumpkins.  The traditionalist in me had to have them!

In the kitchen, our wooden blocks spelling out Fall made their reappearance.  I found them last year at Hobby Lobby (haven’t been there in forever)!  The grocery store flowers are sitting inside $3 glass jars from Target’s dollar bin.  I can never pass by without stopping! 

The simple addition of a checkered hand towel gave our apple bowl a Fall facelift.

Of course I’m always moving things around to see how this would look there and that would look here. 

This console table was in my office before the One Room Challenge makeover, and now it’s sitting behind the sofa, usually holding a basket of Jordan’s bibs and adorable drool bandanas. She needs those because otherwise her clothes would be soaking wet! 

I only added more Fall flowers and our white ceramic pumpkins to keep it simple.

In the living room, we’ve added color with pillows and cozy throw blankets.  Evening snuggle time with the lights low and candles burning is my favorite!  I’m thankful James is still super affectionate and loves getting cozy!

These colorful dried branches are from Central Market two years ago and they have held up well even though I just store them in the pantry.  They are fragile and brittle but I want to keep them nice because I think they are so pretty and unique.  I’d say two years is good so far!
Dawson Pedestal Table on sale | Round Jute Rug on sale | Leopard Rug | Vase on sale | Central Market branches 
They make a nice statement against the stripes and this is where our Christmas tree always goes.  #lessthan100days #saywhat?! 

And I told you there were pumpkins!  I adore the mini ones and nothing could be simpler than piling a bunch of pretty pumpkins in a dough bowl with some fresh greenery and calling it a day.  

I got our dough bowl at the annual holiday fair, but they are typically really pricey.  This ‘vintage wood oval tray‘ looks similar for under $50.  I use mine year round for decor and also for holding veggies and fruit in the kitchen.
I haven’t gotten to the dining room or upstairs, but it’s a start!  Have you started decorating for Fall yet?

For more Fall decor inspiration, check out our previous Rustic Glam Fall dining room and Easy Fall decor.


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  1. Love it! I always prefer seasonal decor like yours – understated and kind of creates the mood instead of screaming "FALL!!!" We move into our newly-built house in two weeks so I am impatiently waiting to haul out my fall decorations.

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