Fall Dining Room Console Styling

How was your weekend friends?!  Mine started and ended with some much needed girl time where we got together to celebrate one of my closest girlfriend’s birthday.  Although we really blew it out last year for her 40th in Las Vegas, this year was low key but so nice with a beautiful outdoor lunch Friday at Backstreet Cafe and then a dinner on Sunday at Salt Air- two great restaurants to try if you ever get to Houston.  Sometimes I get so busy with my day-to-day life and responsibilities that it’s hard to carve out that friend time.  But, it’s so necessary.  I always leave these women feeling reenergized and my face hurting from laughing so hard.  It’s good for the soul!

By the way, these ladies swear I’m having a BOY!  Do you have any inclination?  I have no idea and will be thrilled with either, truly.  We should get to find out soon and I can’t wait to share with you! 
My brain has been consumed with all things nursery lately and I definitely needed a mental break from decision making so I switched gears and added some easy Fall decor to our dining room.  Because I was looking for a retreat from the stress of having to make so many decor decisions about the baby’s room, I wanted to take the pressure off with these Fall decorations.  I used mostly items I already had from years past. Hey, it’s okay and maybe even preferred to use things you’ve used before!  Let’s take a look!
Fall decor using items in your home and natural elements like real pumpkins, yard clippings and firewood | Honey We're Home
The only thing new are 4 wooden block letters I picked up at Hobby Lobby on sale and some fresh pumpkins and firewood. They had every letter in the alphabet and the possibilities for what you can spell are endless, but I settled on the simple word “FALL”.  
Fall decor and block letters from Hobby Lobby - too cute!
I was thinking ahead to where I would store these letters later since I’m trying to be more thoughtful about the things I bring into the house given all the effort I’ve given getting rid of things over the last couple of years.  I currently have two big plastic bins of Fall decor, and when I pulled them out this year, the only thing I used for this set-up was the little bird and ceramic metallic pumpkin (both from Hobby Lobby). 
Fall decor and block letters from Hobby Lobby - too cute! | Honey We're Home
It’s so easy to get caught up shopping and bring home so many cute things, only to be donating them later!  Such a waste!  Given that I tend to gravitate toward more natural items, like these white mini pumpkins and fresh yard clippings, my two bins of decorations could probably be whittled down even further. 
Easy Fall Decor- white mini pumpkins in a wooden bowl with yard clippings | Honey We're Home
After I spread the Fall love around the rest of the house, I’ll have to go back and see what I’ve actually used.  One thing I return to time and time again are my trusty faux flowering branches.  I love the color and height they give to the room and they are easily stored in a large wicker bin in our pantry. 
Fall decor using items in your home and natural elements like real pumpkins, yard clippings and firewood | Honey We're Home
I’m trying to remember where I got the eucalyptus branches, and I think they are from Hobby Lobby, but most craft stores carry them.  The orange blossoms are from World Market. Target is an easy go-to for decorative items and we’ve had the wooden bowl and metallic ice bucket for ages.  The wooden bowl is usually in the kitchen holding fruit or onions, potatoes, and garlic.  

Fall decor using items in your home and natural elements like real pumpkins, yard clippings and firewood | Honey We're Home
I have to say, I’m still crazy over this wall color we chose.  Even though it took about a million swatches to find the perfect color (Sherwin Williams Comfort Grey – lightened 75%), this one looks great with every accent color I pair it with.  It’s light and bright and gives great energy to the dining room that’s just off of our front door.  Our trim color is SW Divine White, which is actually pretty creamy, so if you have true white trim, the Comfort Grey will probably look different next to it. 

Fall decor using items in your home and natural elements like real pumpkins, yard clippings and firewood | Honey We're Home

Fall decor using items in your home and natural elements like real pumpkins, yard clippings and firewood | Honey We're Home
Browns and oranges are typical Fall colors, but adding that pop of pale blue is so pretty! I mixed our traditional plaid Pottery Barn pillows with the Robert Allen Vintage Plums pillow and drapes. 

Fall pillow decor

Mixing colors and prints for fall | Honey We're Home
As a home decor blogger, I often feel the pressure to create something bold, new and/or unexpected, but really, I don’t consider myself any kind of trendsetter, just a regular wife and mom who likes to show what we’ve done in our own home using modest skills and design intuition.  While putting this Fall dining room together, I admit to thinking, “I’ve used most of this stuff before and I hope people don’t get bored with what I’m doing.”  
I have to remind myself to just do what I love and be true to myself so that I don’t end up with a home that might look good to others, but doesn’t feel genuine to me.  So, yes, I often use the same things repeatedly (although I try to mix it up in new ways), and I shop my home to save money. If you’ve followed my blog for long, you’ve probably seen many of the decor items in this post in the past.  
Most working families don’t have the time or inclination to spend lots of time or money on their seasonal decor, but they still want a home that looks cozy, personal, fresh and inviting.  
Do you use the same decor items over and over too? 
1.  It’s okay to shop and spend money, but only on things you really love and will use for years to come.  

2.  With those loved pieces, use them yearly, but in a new way.  Put them in a different places and pair them with different things.  Try mixing various colors and patterns.

3.  Use fresh, inexpensive “ingredients” where possible.  For example, real pumpkins, flowers, or wood.  The wood shown here was $5 at my grocery store.  

4.  Get rid of those decor items you’ve stored for years, but never use.  

5.  Incorporate everyday items like bowls, vases, and objects into your seasonal decor.  Everything Fall doesn’t have to include those themey items.  For example, a candle placed in a shallow bowl of coffee beans can look very cozy. 
Easy Fall Decor - Using What Have in Your Home
Paint :: Sherwin Williams 
World Market :: Console Table (on sale) | Orange Flowering Blossoms 
Hobby Lobby ::  FALL Letters | Metallic Pumpkin | Bird | Eucalyptus 
Homegoods Mirrors
Target :: Hammered Vases | Wooden Bowl | Gold Ice Bucket
Pottery Barn :: Clock  (on sale) | Plaid Pillow Cover (similar) | Rug (similar) (on sale
West Elm :: Chevron Throw (similar) (on sale)
Wisteria :: Chairs (on sale)
Grocery Store :: Pumpkins | Firewood 

keep in touch! 

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  1. Love what you're saying about holiday decor items. Year over year I find myself using less things, and I've been on a huge purge kick lately. It feels better to have a few fresh seasonal items that you rotate in and out, instead of doing a major overhaul for each holiday. You're doing a great job, and I love that your home styling is relateable for the average family. Keep up the great posts, Megan!

  2. You are really great at styling. I love what you said about getting rid of things you've stored and don't use. I'm so guilty of keeping things for years but never really using any of it.

    I've had two boys so I can't speak to differences between being pregnant with a boy versus a girl. But I just had a feeling both of mine were boys. Both times, everyone thought I was having girls. All the typical signs, fun little tests, etc all said girls both times. The reason everyone (especially my family) thought they were girls is because I was ridiculously sick (like all day every day the whole 9 months sick). In my family, the women are only sick when pregnant with girls, not boys. Except for me. Yay! Lol

    1. Our Christmas bins will be getting a big purge this year too. Our attic is overflowing! Oh no for being sick. I felt really bad for a few weeks, but so much better now!

  3. Hey Megan

    I read your blog all the time, I never miss a post but I rarely comment. I LOVE this decor you have done; just thinking about getting my autumn (UK name for fall) things down from my loft and you've inspired me.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Sara! I do feel more in the autumn spirit now that we have some decor out. Now I want to spread it around to other areas in our home!

  4. Could not agree more. I have been purging quite a bit lately. At this stage in my life I want our home to truly reflect who we are as a family and only incorporate things that are necessary or have meaning. I received a huge compliment today from a girlfriend who came by after having just removed a few things from our kitchen and painting our island back to its original color…she immediately knew something was different, but remarked how much larger it looked. I have done the same with both our library and dining room as well. It feels so good. And yes, I do reuse decor. I find it wasteful to buy just for the sake of having something new or for a blog post. When you have lived in your home as long as we have, there is only so many times one can justify repainting, buying new furniture or buying all new decor. If you buy what you love and need as you stated, there is no need for that. That does not mean you can't change things up and create a new look with what you already have on hand. Loved this post Megan!!

    1. Very well said Lauren. You get my point exactly! Next I'm looking forward to carving pumpkins with James. He hasn't been very into it before, but now he has all kinds of ideas for Star Wars inspired jack-o-lanterns. 😉 And he's still stuck on Hulk Smash if we're having a boy! #ohmy!

    2. ROFL about Hulk Smash! I think it is darling when siblings come up with names for each other…they tend to stick and become quite fun over the years. I have to share that when ours were younger, our apple corer became our best friend when carving pumpkins. Perfect hole, eye, or a great starting point for the knife for mom and dad.

  5. Very pretty! I love the natural look of everything – gorgeous! I especially love the "FALL" letter blocks – great idea! You could even go back and get two more "A" blocks and perhaps use them through Christmas to spell "Falala" : )

  6. It's all so lovely, M! I love the little white pumpkins in the pedestal bowl! And I've had my eye on that console table forever…everytime you show it I almost pull the trigger! The sale may make me do it!!

  7. I love how you are reusing things. I recently pulled out a few favorites and got rid of a bunch of unused items. I love those letter blocks! I wonder if my hobby lobby has them!! And love the idea to get 2 a's for Christmas.

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