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My friends and family truly spoiled us this weekend with the sweetest baby sprinkle (no registry, just diapers and girlie things since this is our second), and I’m all choked up over the adorable, tiny baby girl things we brought home.  You could tell everyone choose everything with love and we really felt it.  I’ll do a recap post of the party as soon as I get my pictures in order, I’d love to get to share it with you since you couldn’t be there in person.  
It’s funny how with your second you don’t buy nearly as much, partly because you still have things you can use and also because you know that you don’t really need that much anyway.  Before this sprinkle, our baby only had a handful of clothes that I bought her.  How crazy is that?! Even I thought I’d be snatching those up like only a first-time girl mom can!  Maybe in due time. 
Baby girl nursery with gold accents and striped ceiling | Honey We're Home
But now that baby girl (still no name yet!) has acquired some super adorable clothes, blankets, bibs, swaddlers, bath towels and such, I’m turning my attention to the bathroom that’s attached to her nursery so I can get it ready to organize and house lots of those things.  

I finished clearing everything out of the bathroom this weekend so that we can redecorate it and make it into a bathroom fit for a baby girl. When it was our son’s bathroom, it was decorated in aqua and lime green, but I’m thinking we’ll continue the lavender theme from her nursery into this room.  
When we were having the nursery painted, I went ahead and asked the painters to paint the walls and cabinets here too.  The walls were more creamy beige and now they are Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray, the same soft grey that’s in the nursery.  The cabinets are Sherwin-Williams Divine White.  They just needed a fresh coat of paint from all the use over the last five years and especially from where our son’s blue step stool kept kept hitting the doors by the sink, leaving lots of scuff marks I couldn’t remove. 
Neutral bathroom | Honey We're Home
Although I’m not planning any major renovations to this room, I would love to switch out this light fixture.  I remember six years ago choosing all the light fixtures for our entire house in one afternoon with a two-month old baby in tow and I had no real idea of what I was doing.  Since then, I’ve seen so many other light fixtures that would look better than what we currently have.  I’m sure I can find something more feminine. 
Hello, baby bump! 
I’m also thinking we could add some shelving above the toilet.  We’ve got a decent sized wall space there that we could be utilizing for additional storage and as a pretty spot to decorate. 
A few images of bathroom shelving caught my eye:
Gorgeous wooden open shelving in bathroom - Blesser House
Beautiful white open shelving in neutral bathroom | A Well Dressed Home
How gorgeous is this rustic, neutral bathroom - love that ladder shelf! | Jenna Sue Design Co.
Fresh and clean white open shelving in a bright bathroom | Shades of Blue Interiors
All of the bathrooms above are neutral gorgeousness, but since this bathroom is for a baby girl, I plan to add in that purple I mentioned above.  I already ordered this fun gingham shower curtain with ruffles
This bathroom was designed specifically with a baby in mind and the large countertop is where I used to lay our our son after a bath and dry him and get him dressed.  I’ll need to get another infant bath pad like I had with our son.  A friend gave us hers when she was done with it, and it was one of our most used baby items, but unfortunately I didn’t hold onto it. 
Those two large drawers are really deep and perfect for keeping most of the baby clothes, but I want to make pretty drawer liners before I put her things in there.  

Bathroom with deep counters perfect for drying and changing a baby, with extra large drawers to function as dresser for clothes or other storage | Honey We're Home
I’m excited to get started on this new project!  If she arrives on her due date, we have 7 weeks to complete this bathroom, but of course I’d like to have it ready in the next month.  I better get to scheming! 
keep in touch! 

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  1. Can't wait to see it finished! Our little girl's birthday is On the 8th!! I might just need to buy that bath pad. I got the puj tub and hate it. It's pretty awful. All of our sinks are standard and it doesn't fit them well. Also I'm in love with that shower curtain. The blue will work in our kids' shared bathroom. Enjoy your last 7 weeks!

    1. I used that pad as a soft spot to lay him on after the bath, and it worked perfectly. Wish I'd kept it now! I'll keep you posted on our girl's birthday- they might end up sharing!

  2. We bought a spec home with similar lights in the bathrooms. Before we moved it, I had the builder flip them all to point down instead of up. It give a whole different look (more feminine maybe). Might be something to try before you buy something new. 🙂

  3. What a functional space! I have a similar light fixture in my guest bathroom so I took the "globes" off and put in Edison bulbs for an update and let the light bulbs be exposed. However, that won't look much more feminine in this bathroom. I do love the idea of shelves above the toilet though. And I framed art work from my niece for the space between the cabinet and the counter (where a back splash would be) in her bathroom. It is cute kid drawings, but when framed looks super adorable. 🙂

    1. I love the Edison bulbs, really cool design. And I did that with James' artwork too when he had the bath! Maybe he could make some paintings for her! Thanks for the reminder Katie!

  4. Was going to say flip the lights too. Maybe paint the fixture. Our girls have similar but in chrome. I will be curious to see how adding lavender works with all the brown tiles and earthy counters.

    1. I'm wondering the same thing. I'm thinking some art will help tie it together too (there's a large wall opposite the toilet). We'll see . . .

  5. Megan,

    So excited to see how baby girls bathroom space turns out! It must be so nice to be able to have a bathroom space that you can change up a bit to accommodate a baby!

    I am sure you do not need any help with your bathroom design however I was recently looking at a house that had similar bathroom light fixtures as the ones in the link below! I can only imagine how cute they could be for a girlie bathroom!!

    Good luck! I am currently on the hunt for a "Mandelier" for our baby boys nursery arriving in May!!

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