A Day in the Life

Waking up this Monday morning feeling like it was Friday only yesterday!  Can you relate?! Weekends are pretty busy with trying to fit in all the things we didn’t get to during the week, and adding in a birthday party and sports game to the mix.  No rest for the weary and today I’m sharing what life has been like since Jordan’s been born.
We’ve definitely had to adjust our routine to accommodate the stress delight of having two kids, but of course it’s so worth it.  We got real comfortable with just one 6-year old who’s pretty self-sufficient and having a newborn hit pretty hard.  It’s been an adjustment that I feel like I’m only now starting to get a groove with.  Many of you asked to hear how I’m juggling our days lately, so here goes!


a day in the life

Let’s start at my new wake up time:

5:00 – 5:30 a.m.  Feed Jordan in my bed then get up and start my day while she continues to sleep. I’ve found that the only real way to have some alone time and get things done is in the quiet of the early mornings.  I’m so NOT a morning person, but I am now by necessity and I so look forward to this peaceful, alone time.
6:00 a.m.  Go downstairs and drink a cup of chocolate Muscle Egg and make coffee.  The Muscle Egg is flavored pasteurized liquid egg whites and I drink it for the protein and because I don’t like to drink coffee on an empty stomach, and I’m not yet ready for breakfast.  This ties me over until I eat my first meal.  Then I go into my office and work on my computer, usually working on blog posts. I’ve always known that I love blogging, but when I found myself wanting to wake up before 6am to get to it, it only confirmed it.
6:30 a.m. Wake up our 6 year old, James. Since last December we have a new routine that includes him getting himself ready for school without us nagging or screaming, “hurry up, we’re going to be late!” It works 85% of the time, so I definitely want to share that with you soon.  I knew we’d need that in place when Jordan was born, so we got started training him a couple months before she came. It’s made a huge difference in our mornings.  But, I do love to go into his room and see his sleeping body and wake him up to fun music and a little dance party.  After he’s up, I’m back in my office working while he gets ready.
7:40 a.m.  My husband has been taking James to school so I don’t have to load Jordan up in the car, which has been so nice!  I’m sure I’ll have to start doing dropoff and pickup at some point, but so far it’s worked out that my hubby has been able to make it work.  #thanksbabe!  I’ve actually missed picking up James from school, because that was such a highlight of my day.  I’d round the corner to his school and see his happy face waiting for me and it brought me so much joy!  Then, we’d have about 1 1/2 hours to ourselves to hang out before Dad got home.  It’s another adjustment I’ve had to make peace with.  James will be home for the summer soon, so that will be a shake up in the routine and I’m looking forward to having him around more.

8:00 a.m.  Eat breakfast, which lately has been protein pancakes with real butter and syrup (ahhh!!!) and a cup of milk.  I used to make my own protein pancakes but my trainer recommended a mix that I’m crazy about! I decant it, but wanted to show you the box in case you’re interested in trying it.  I make mine with 1/2 cup mix, 1/2 cup egg whites and a splash of water to get more protein in.  That makes 1 pancake the size below.  It’s really good!  You can get the mix “Power Cakes” online or at Costco.


8:30 a.m.  I’m still feeding Jordan every 3 hours (or sooner if she’s hungry), but this is usually the time of morning where I go into my room and wake her up for the day.  I love this part!! She still sleeps a ton so getting to interact with her while she’s awake is awesome.


Look at that sweet little face!!!
I take her into her room for a diaper change and change of clothes and we sit in the rocker while I feed her and enjoy the fresh morning sunlight in her room.  I’m giving her a bath about every other day and she really enjoys it.
9:30 a.m.  During the weekdays, my mom comes to help and she normally gets here about 9:30.  It’s such a blessing to have her available to help and she is the best Grandma! She enjoys her time with Jordan so very much and I love that I can trust her to be exactly how I would be with Jordan.  We’re very similar in how we care for and love on a baby.  I’ve actually been watching and learning from her more than ever now.  Seeing how completely present she is with Jordan inspires me to be better that way.

9:30 – 10:30 a.m. With my mom here, I can take an uninterrupted shower (bliss for a new mom!) and get ready for the day.  My beauty routine is actually very minimal- I used to just use Cetaphil cleanser and Sea Breeze a few times a week.  My face is prone to breakouts with just about any product so I kinda gave up trying new things.  But, my dermatologist told me to ditch the Sea Breeze and try a toner instead because it’s less harsh on your skin.  Of course, I had to research a ton before I bought anything, but the reviews on the Clairins toner were so good that I just got it and am giving it a try. So far so good!  I’m so used to my Sea Breeze that smelled like alcohol, so this is a refreshing change!

Same with the Kiehl’s moisturizer.  I’m not getting any younger and I did notice that I needed to add in a moisturizer for my skin.  Knock on wood it hasn’t broken out my face, but keeps it moisturized and not feeling dry.  A teeeny bit is all you need for your whole face.  I linked a few other beauty/skin products that I’ve heard great things about, but haven’t tried myself.  I’d love to know what products you swear by for your skin.  Especially if your skin is prone to breakouts, like mine.


robe (XS) – softest ever!
After I’m done getting cleaned up, I’ll spend maybe 5 minutes putting on makeup.  I’ve got it down so it doesn’t take long to apply powder, eye shadow, eye liner, brows, and blush.  I’ve been wearing lash extensions for a few months now, so I don’t need mascara anymore.  This quick makeup routine is just enough to pull myself together and look refreshed (even if I’m not).  I don’t usually like to wear lipstick at home, but I’m addicted to having something on my lips (I used to forever be applying vaseline), but now I swear by Fresh Sugar lip balm.  It’s feels like you’re wearing nothing, but moisturizes and gives you a bit of sheen with SPF protection.  Smells great too!
When I’m done getting ready, I’ll quickly tidy my bedroom and bathroom.  I’ve gotten into the habit of putting everything back in their drawers and leaving the counters clean.  It only takes sec and looks so much nicer.
I never used to be a bed-maker, but now I’m hooked on it because it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something during the day and it’s wonderful to get into a neat bed at night.  And, I like seeing the bed all made up when I come into the room during the day.
11:30 a.m.   Feed Jordan
old top by Hinge | jeans (right before she peed on me and I had to change) 😉 
That blanket in the back was handmade by my Grandma for me when I was a baby.
second pair of jeans 😉

12:00 p.m.  Eat lunch.  I’ve been making chicken spinach salads lately for me and my mom, but other go-to lunches include chicken quesadillas or whatever leftovers we have from dinner.

12:30 – 2:00 p.m. If I have an errand to run, this is usually when I try to do it, or I might go for a 40-minute walk around our neighborhood at this time.  Maybe I jump on the computer to do some blog work or respond to emails.  I still have blog commitments so if I need to make an appointment, work on a project, or snap some outfit photos, I’ll try to do it at this time.  The One Room Challenge starts Wednesday! so I’ve also been getting a start on that too.  Never enough hours in the day!
2:30 p.m.  Feed Jordan
3:00 p.m.  Grandma leaves 🙁  So sad.
3:30 – 4:00 p.m.  James comes home and we go through his school folder and he unpacks his backpack and lunch/snack bag.  He eats a snack and then plays for a while.
5:30 p.m.  Feed Jordan and James does his homework.
6:00 p.m.  We eat dinner.  We’ve been blessed with meals brought by our friends about three times a week, so we’re living on those and leftovers mostly.  They end soon, so we’ll be back to cooking our own dinners and I have no idea how that’s going to work since Jordan wants to be held so much and I can’t seem to put her down.  I will probably start doing my meal prep so we can just heat things up! We try to clean the kitchen at night, but if dishes are left in the sink (it happens), I tend to them in the morning when I wake up.
7:00 p.m.  If I didn’t go for a walk earlier in the day, I’ll go in the early evening after dinner and before the bedtime routine starts.

8:30 p.m.  We start James’ bedtime routine which includes a shower, brush teeth, floss and floride, then we all pile into his bed for story (he reads to us), prayers, and pillow talk.  We always share our favorite/least favorite part of the day and I’m usually Feeding Jordan in James’ bed during this time.  We spend a looooong time (an hour??) at the bedtime routine because it’s one of the only times of day when everyone is completely unplugged at the same time and we can just be together without distractions.  #familyselfie


9:30 p.m. It’s downstairs on the couch for some t.v. time and I’m probably on Instagram chatting with y’all.  You can follow me here,  please do!  I love instagram for the instant chats back and forth. It seems like people don’t comment on blogs as much anymore since it’s so much easier and more instantaneous to communicate on Instagram.  But, I truly love the dialog and interaction that makes blogging so much fun.10:00 p.m.   I head up to bed and Feed Jordan in the bed while I read books on my iPad or play around on Pinterest.  I keep her swaddled in the Ollie swaddle that my friend Karen gave me and she’s been sleeping in it since I brought her home from the hospital.  She’s usually pretty good at going to sleep right then and me too!

2:00 a.m.  Whenever I hear her fussing, I roll over and Feed Jordan in the bed.  It might be 12:30 a.m. and then again at 2am and I’m so tired at this point that it’s just easier to feed her laying down. I use my iPhone for a little bit of light so I can see what I’m doing.  Thank God she usually goes right back to sleep so I can too!  I’ll sleep until whenever I hear her fussing again, which seems to be right about that 5-5:30 mark, when it starts all over again!

I didn’t track when Jordan sleeps because it’s hard to say, but in general, she does sleep between feedings, throughout the day.  I’m glad I’m writing this down because you do get baby amnesia (it’s a real thing!) and can easily forget how it was in those early days!
She is truly a joy and a blessing and everyday we’re thankful she’s here!





































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keep in touch! 




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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. I love Rodan and Fields products. I have been using them for almost two years now and can't believe the difference in my skin.

  2. My goodness, your day is packed! My son is 10 now, I vaguely remember the newborn days, it's not easy! I have found those PowerCakes at Target, never thought to try them for a quick weekday breakfast, I can't wait to mix up my morning routine now! Would love if you shared your spinach salad recipe/ideas. I need something healthy and quick to bring to work for my lunches everyday. I really like Cerave moisturizers. They are easily found at the drugstore, etc and they are affordable and full of awesome ingredients (ceramides, hyalurnic acid, etc). Jordan is beautiful, keep up the good work Mama! 🙂

    1. Target has them?! Would be much more convenient for me to get them there since Costco is further away for us. Isn't it funny how we forget?! My spinach salad is super easy- I just keep grilled chicken on hand, then mix in spinach and romaine, and lately I've been using poppy seed dressing, dried cranberries, pine nuts and a little goat cheese – oh and chopped bell peppers!

  3. Okay 1. these photos are gorgeous and it was so nice to have a peek into your daily routine! and 2. i absolutely NEED that mirror in your bedroom (heart eye emoji!!) – can i ask where you found it!? happy monday!

    1. Hhi! That mirror in my room is from Restoration Hardware- I think they still have it. Search standing mirrors on their site. 😉

  4. I have a friend that's a trainer and she's always posting pictures of protein pancakes, I might have to try them. I can totally second a helpful mom being a blessing; I don't know what I'd do without my mama!

  5. Our newborns seem to be on the same feeding schedule!! Although I admire how much you manage to fit in your day!! I'm still dragging around and not getting much done on the home front and on my blog. We finally ran out of our meals provided my friends and our church so now I will have to start fitting that in as well?

    1. Some days are more productive than others. I'm trying to keep in mind that everyday we keep the baby healthy, happy and fed is a productive day! Those meals were a Godsend!!

  6. I love seeing a peek into other people's day! It must be so amazing to have your mom to help out during the day. I have been using Kiehl's face moisturizer for 10 years and love it. I use Pond's cleansing cloths to wash my face. I have rosacea so I use products that don't make it flare up and don't make me break out. I am not one to experiment with my skin because I am prone to break outs. As long as I stick with the same products, I'm break out free, except for once a month. 🙂

  7. First of all, your children are so precious! Secondly, how awesome that your mom comes to help out! Just having someone with you can give you such a boost, I wish everyone had that available. You are doing an amazing job!!

  8. Love getting a peek into your day! I remember when my 2nd (now 10 months) was newborn and adjusting to dividing my attention between her and her big sister (who is 3), and having those bittersweet moments of not being able to do things exactly as I did before. And as time goes on, things just keep getting better than I ever could have imagined, and our new normal as a family of 4 is pure love!

    1. That is such a big adjustment! For a couple weeks I felt REALLY sad and lonely because I was missing time with my son. We've started to get more into a routine lately and it's helping. 10 months is getting so fun! I remember that age with James. Will be fun to see Jordan then- I know it'll be here before we know it!

  9. Love this post! I'm hoping to have a child soon, so it's interesting to hear what the days will be like. That is amazing that you have your mom during the day every day! Ahhhh!

    For my skin, I use Acanya (prescription combo of benzoyl peroxide and Clindamycin) in the morning after just rinsing with water. I follow that up with Elta MD spf 46 clear sunblock (love this product – pricey but worth it). Then I wear a foundation or a tinted moisturizer such as Laura Mercier oil free. At night I use Neutrogena facial removing wipes to remove makeup and wash with Cereve face wash. Then I use Differin .03% and Cereve PM. I can't use any of the prescriptions one I get pregnant, and I'm nervous because at 34 I still will get major breakouts without this regimen. Recently I also did a few months on Doryx, an antibiotic for the skin. This helped to (finally) eliminate the one scary zit I would get prior to my period.

  10. So for acne issues I use a probiotic that actually eats the yeast overgrowth in your gut. It not only helps with acne but lots of other skin issues as well! ☺️

  11. I always like seeing these day in a life blog posts. Thanks for the tip for the protein pancakes. I just tried a different protein powder this week and I'm getting ready to get a different organic one soon. I've been thinking about making protein pancakes as well.

    As for skin care, there's a couple products that I really like. I only started 4 months ago and I'm almost 60 lol but I have really good skin and have been blessed with pretty good genetics so I really don't have any wrinkles. I also don't drink alcohol, have stayed out of the sun for the last 25 years or so and try to stay away from processed foods and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. That all makes a huge difference too. For facial toner, I really like the Christina Moss Naturals organic facial toner. You can find it on Amazon. I'm pretty picky about what's in my skin care so I try to stick to organic products whenever possible since our skin is the largest organ on our body. One of the things that I also love is Dr. Denese facial firming pads. They have a higher percentage of glycolic acid (10% if I recall)than other ones and they're super easy to use. I use them once a day; it will even out your skin tone but also gets rid of the dead skin and makes your skin look great. I've used two different kinds of organic serums but I don't have an opinion yet on those. Both seem okay and both are vitamin C based serums. For moisturizer, I've been using NOW Foods organic coconut oil for years. I put it on at bedtime, I put it on in the morning after I cleanse and do my skincare routine. It works great. Using the toner, the glycolic pads and the serum really shrank my pores and made the organic coconut oil work much better. A lot of products have hyaluronic acid in them however I think the best is just using the organic coconut oil itself. It's $10 for a glass jar and I use it both for as a moisturizer and also as a makeup remover. It is the best makeup remover you ever use and it's organic to boot. I do decant it from a jar into a glass dish to specifically use in the bathroom. Hope this helps.

    1. No wrinkles! Good for you! Sounds like my mother-in-law. The sun is the biggest culprit, right? I have coconut oil at home- not sure if it's organic. Great idea to decant for the bathroom!

  12. I love Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic toner- it's the green makeup brand at Target. Cleared up my skin so well that I'm at the point where I feel comfortable to just wear mascara when I walk out the door!

  13. Hi Megan! I enjoyed getting a peek into your day and how your routine has changed with baby Jordan added to the mix. It's great that your mom can help out, too 🙂
    Just wanted to share a few things that have made a HUGE difference in my skin lately. I'm in my early 40's with fairly normal skin, but I tend to get a couple nasty hormonal breakouts every month…the kind that take weeks to go away. I did a lot of reading up on Korean skincare regimens (it's some serious stuff!) and I bought this product that's called an "essence" – it's used after toner. There are tons of essences out there, but the one I heard the most about was the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (you can find it on Amazon for about $30…big bottle, too). You put it on after toner, before a serum or moisturizer. It looks and feels like water, and I take a little bit in the palm of my hand, press my hands together and then pat it all over my face. It sinks in within a few minutes. It has an ingredient in it derived from yeast that helps to soothe skin, helps hydrate and retain moisture, and refines the texture. It is seriously amazing.
    I though you might be interested in it, because it doesn't feel like adding another moisturizer or something rich or heavy…but it definitely does something to help skin look and feel better.
    I have used it for a couple of months…and ZERO hormonal breakouts.
    I'm not affiliated with it in any way…just really really happy I found it, and want to spread the word. You can find lots of other reviews and such online, too.
    Those Fresh lip balms are amazing, too!

    1. That's really interesting- and something I know nothing about so thank you for taking the time to explain! Sounds good that it feels like water and great that it's not too expensive. So many skin products are really pricey- which is okay if they really work.

  14. Your family selfie is precious!! What a lucky and blessed Mama…. I loved seeing into your daily routine. Also, you and I are the same age and I was always so scared of moisturizers for my face because I broke out all the time too. Then I found out that I was breaking out BECAUSE I needed moisture, sounds like an oxymoron but it help balances the skin. It's worked! I just use regular bar soap to wash and Aveeno Facial Moisturizer and NO MORE TEENAGE BREAKOUTS! Have a great week !
    ~Kim @ Irishman Acres

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean about those breakouts. I love Aveeno baby products, need to try the adult ones! Thanks for letting me know!

  15. Loved this post Megan! It brought back many memories! Mine baby is now 13 :-)… and we are in a whole different world now.! ha! Loved the pancake recipe here and can't wait to try. Normally I read your blog every morning over coffee and never post a comment but you were so cute to say that you love reading them- so this one is for you! Ha!

    1. The teenage years!!! I'm not ready for that!! My son is already getting too big for me and all about DAD! :((((((( And thank you for commenting!!! I DO really appreciate you taking the time! 🙂 Big hugs!

  16. You are so sweet to share your family with us! Have you tried to freeze the pancakes for reheating later? I try to keep a few things in the freezer for the mornings we are running late and need something quick.

    1. No, never tried that, but it does sound like a good idea for grab and go, especially since weekday mornings are so busy. I bet it would work, I'll let you know if I try it.

    2. I ordered some of this mix off of Amazon (I live in the middle of no where – not even a Target!) and love it. I didn't like the protein cakes I had made for myself but this mix is good! I looked on their website and they have lots of recipes, I'm thinking if the pancakes don't freeze well some of the other things might! Thank you again 🙂

  17. I love CeraVe products I have super sensitive skin and can use all of these products. I buy them at Target very affordable and work great rarely have a breakout now and my skin feels amazing. My dermatologist recommended these products and she was right. Jordan is just beautiful, makes me miss the newborn stage

    1. You're the second one to say that. I think that brand is close to Cetaphil. Thanks for the compliment on Jordan, new moms love hearing that!

  18. Darn it. I was hoping someone else would mention this– you said that you roll over and feed your baby. I hope Jordan is not sleeping in your bed. Hopefully in a nearby bassinette. You are a very intelligent woman and can read fhe literature regarding the dangers of sleeping with an infant. She is beautiful! God bless you!

  19. Hi, Megan! As a pediatric dental hygienist, I just wanted to commend you on the time you take at night to not only brush James' teeth, but also floss and use fluoride. Kudos to you! I tell parents every day how important those things are. Thank you for making this a priority.

  20. Fun post! You have such a good routine with 2 kids, I am always so worried about what I am going to do once I have another haha! I also wanted to let you know that I have problems with breakouts to, I have had this mainly in adulthood. I have been struggling with this for a while but when I got pregnant with my son it got worse and then after having him it didn't go away. I started using Beauty Counter just a few weeks ago and I have already noticed a huge difference. It is a great product and a clean product. My husband and I have really been working on getting rid of toxins in our home and products and this is just one the ways we have. I also use their bath collection and will be ordering their makeup soon. You can go here for more research: http://www.beautycounter.com/kelliesibley/

  21. Hi! I am 45 and also was having issues with breakouts. I have super sensitive skin and most products make it break out. The products that work best for me are: Neutrogena make-up removal wipes (in the blue package – they do a great job cleansing without overdrying, which most cleansers do for me); Neutrogena oil-free Moisture – sensitive skin (great, light lotion that I use both night and day since it has no sunscreen, leaves a great, dewy finish); Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (slight tint for my very fair skin, and this is where I get my sunscreen for daytime); and Neutrogena on-the-spot treatment for acne (does a great job clearing without overdrying). For anti-aging, I use Bel Essence Anti-Wrinkle Oil Treatment (yes, even with acne-prone skin; the only place it seems to make me break out is my chin, but I don't have wrinkles there, anyway :0)). I have tried more expensive lotions and oils and the results are just not as good, or they make me break out. Between the Neutrogena Sensitive Skin lotion and the Bel Essence, I am so moisturized that I don't need a night cream, but if I do I use a variety of Neutrogena night creams that I have in my cabinet. All these items do a great job, but my big secret to clear skin is Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash. It's truly gentle enough even for sensitive skin to use every day, and after about a week of using it almost daily, I started to notice big improvements in my skin. Smoother, softer, smaller pores, and any zits I had pretty much cleared up. I don't use it daily now (due to not enough time), but if I notice I'm breaking out, I'll pick it right back up and my skin clears. I also use the Microdelivery Peel on occasion. I get great results with it and would use it more often but I just usually don't have time. Hope this helps!

  22. Hi !
    Is every baby in the US swaddled like your sweet Jordan during the night ? In France, it's almost fordibben, because scientic studies say that it'as not good at all for the baby's hip. Have you hear about that ? (Or is it only french ? ^^)
    I like your blog, your home, and your Jordan ! 🙂
    Have a nice day !

  23. Thank you for sharing your daily routine! My son is 20 months old and it's so hard to imagine how it would work to add a newborn to mix..! One of these days I hope…
    p.s. Your son seems like such a sweetheart. Good job, mama!! 🙂

  24. Love a peek into your life during the day and all the cuddles with Jordan! Don't you feel like the quest for products that don't break us out is a never-ending struggle? After a facial last year at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, I was introduced to Eminence Organics and absolutely love their clear skin line and the strawberry exfoliant! Amazing stuff! Plus the Elta MD clear Sunscreen or Skinceuticals are top quality items for the summer and have yet to break me out! I've struggled for years to find the best match of products and still searching for that holy grail eye cream!

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