One Room Challenge Week #4 – Painted Trim Farrow & Ball’s Lichen

You guys!!  After last week’s One Room Challenge office update went live several of you let me know I had the bench legs on wrong!  Thank you! One sweet reader, Beth, emailed me privately so as not to embarrass me!  Isn’t that nice?!  But, it’s okay!  I remember thinking when I put the legs on, ‘this looks funky, I need to check to see how they go’, but then forgot! Oh well, easy fix, another turn and the legs are all good!

And we have the pillow covers from Arianna Belle just waiting on their 20×20 down-filled inserts to give these babies a place to call home! They are gonna look so good once the lucite and gold drapery rod goes up and the new drapes are installed. 

(Arianna Belle Pillows) Pink | Aqua Spotted | Abstract | Nautilus Upholstered Bench | Rug

painted trim 
Since last week, my friend Ruben and his assistant came and painted all the trim in the room the most gorgeous shade of olive green, Farrow & Ball’s ‘Lichen’.   I’ve never used Farrow & Ball paint before, but have admired it for years in other people’s homes.  They are known for their high quality and luxe colors.  We almost went with one of their new colors, Yeabridge Green, but ultimately decided on Lichen.  It seemed softer and a better fit with the colors in the rug, art, and accessories in the office plan.

Since they were only painting the trim, including the baseboards, crown moldings, door and window trim, it didn’t take these professionals long.  Please email me ( if you want to get in touch with Ruben for a paint project in your house (in the Houston area).  He also painted our nursery (walls, ceiling, and built-in cabinet) and I highly recommend him and his team.

We used a high gloss paint finish so that the trim would really pop and give that glamorous sheen.   It’s so super shiny that even after it completely dried it still looks wet!  It’s so, so pretty in person!!  

I’m glad we chose this color, it’s so soothing in the room and really compliments the rug.
Having the trim painted that shade of green really pops against the crisp, white walls. 
And now that all the trim is painted and I love it so very much, I’m wondering if we should’ve went ahead and painted the doors too.  There are three doors in this room (closet, hallway, bathroom).  Might have to make that call at the last minute once everything else is in place.  
Would you paint the doors also? 
My new office chair from AllModern arrived and it’s great! 
Not only is the chair super cute with the white weave back and gold frame, it’s on the petite side so it fits me better than my old chair.  I also love the functionality of the swivel.  
Funny story about assembling this chair: I’ve been intentionally seeking out ways to spend time with our 6-year old son now that we have a new baby at home.  Not only do I not want him to feel left out, I was truly missing spending as much one-on-one time with him as I used to.  With that in mind, when this chair arrived in the box, I knew assembling it together was a perfect mother-son project for us to do together.  But he came up with the idea, “let’s pretend we’re Chip & Jo and I’ll be Chip and you be Jo and you tell me what to do because the woman always tells the man what to do!”  Ha! Then, as we worked on it, he’d say, “please hand me the wrench, Jo” and I’d tell him, “great job, Chip!”  Now, this chair will always be a reminder of that fun bonding time with James.  Not to mention, he really did use his young skills to help assemble this chair! 
Finally, we veered a bit from the original design plan and opted for this cool, black mirror, also from All Modern.  It’s a big piece, 42″ H x 32″ W and will go above a chest that’s still yet to arrive!
Gah! She’s getting so big already!
The major components are falling into place, but there’s still more to be done!
to do list

Install drapery rod
Receive and hang drapes 
Install ceiling light fixture | buy light bulbs
Hang art
Large Abstract Art ‘Mesmerize by Melanie Severin’

Receive pillow for desk chair
Receive and install decorative wall objects
Source desk lamp (other option didn’t work out)
Receive/install small chest
Cross fingers that chairs for table arrive in time
Style bookcases

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And don’t forget to check in on the progress of our friends!  Just click the link below to see where they’re at with their room transformations!

keep in touch! 

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  1. Your office is looking great! I would paint the doors1 I think it would add just a touch more color, but I just thought you might want to wait and see after you get other pieces into the room.

    1. I've been through several painters and it is great to finally find one I trust who does great work and is priced reasonably! Now, if I could just find a handyman . . .

  2. Hi Megan,
    Would you mind sharing the size/dimensions of your room? I am decorating my office as well, and I see how nicely your table fits in the space and was wondering if it would work in my office without being too "cramped".

    1. Sure, the room is 12.5 x 12.5, basically just a box. I'm wondering how the table will fit once we have the small chest in the room, I think it will be okay. I love having another flat surface to spread out on.

  3. It's looking beautiful! I absolutely LOVE the chair and the rug! I would really support the notion of painting the doors as well! I think it would make the room looks more cohesive. Can't wait to see the post next week!

  4. I hadn't thought about painting just the trim an accent color. I love it. It looks fantastic and the gold accents on that chair make me swoon. I love seeing your baby. She is blessed with gorgeous hair. Don't know how you keep up your blog with a newborn and look so great everyday. You are inspiring.

  5. Looking so good in there, and I just LOVE the green. But yes I think the door definitely need to be painted too! I was thinking that exact thing as I read then got to your paragraph where you contemplated the same 🙂

  6. White walls and painted trim is my favorite look right now…love it in here, too!! And that shade of green is perfect! Love the bookshelves and chair…can't hardly wait to see it all come together!!

  7. It is coming together so beautifully and the best part of this post is seeing Jordan! She is SO cute Megan!! xo

  8. It is looking fabulous. I love the paint, and the rug. Your desk and the bookcases such beautiful focal points. Marty

  9. Looks great so far. However, my first thought was, it'd look even better if the doors were painted too. But then I love painted doors and have been dropping hints for a good year now that I'd like to paint a couple in our house. I'm starting to wonder if my husband even hears me when I start talking about decor. I might just go ahead and paint one and see if he even notices. Ps I'm bowled over that you're getting stuck into a big decorating job just 8 weeks after your beautiful baby was born. You're doing so great!

    1. I've painted several doors in my house and always love the transformation. Go for it! Doors are actually pretty easy to paint. I was a little worried about the timing of this project too, but luckily we didn't have to do any construction, that would've been too much!

  10. Really loving the painted trim with white walls……you've got my wheels turning. Loving all your sweet baby pics on insta too! xxoo

  11. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! Love the entire room so far and that chair golden :D. That green really grounds the room and makes it pop. Your daughter is beautiful 🙂

    Can't wait for more!

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

  12. The room looks great with the painted trim. Personally I like the doors white. If you only had one door in the room I could see the green, but with three I think the green might be too much.

    Whoa, those Arianna Belle pillow covers are expensive! Too pricy for my budget.

    1. I'm tending to agree with you on the doors. I'm loving how the trim pops against the white doors and white trim. Yes, those pillows are pricey, but I can vouch for the quality in both fabric and construction. These aren't "toss" pillows, they are "keep forever" pillows!

  13. With three doors, painting them all to match the trim might overwhelm the trim and what it does for the room. I wonder if painting the doors a barely there, much more neutral shade of green that coordinates with the trim color would be an option? It might be too busy, but if not, it would let the trim stand on its own as the "pop" of dimension in the room but also allow the doors to help subtly add a hint more color. Just a thought. Beautiful progress!

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