Day in the Life with a 6 Month Old

Can y’all believe Jordan is six months old already?!  And she just turned 7 months old yesterday! Since our son is 6 years old, it’s obviously been awhile since we’ve had a baby in the house and little Jordan is making me vividly remember those early days with James.  This is where it really gets fun though, right?!  She’s just the cutest thing! I can put the top of her hair in a teeny bow now and it keeps it out of her face.  So adorable!!

But this girl is already on the go and so much so that I can’t keep my eyes off of her.  She started rolling and sleeping on her tummy at 4 months, scooting at 5 months, and now full-on crawling, sitting up, and even pulling up at 6 months! We had to lower her crib mattress because she pulled herself up in there!  She’s also tipping over some, and has banged her head twice, so I went ahead and put her crib bumper back on so it would soften any falls.  Hopefully, she’ll be steadier in a few weeks and then I’ll go back to the mesh bumper if she needs it.  I still had to tie the bottom ties in the pics below, in case you were wondering. 

Jordan is 15.13 pounds/26 inches and I’m feeling it!  I remember now that my arms got more toned carrying James around so much and the same thing is happening again with her.   Although the schedule is ever-changing, here’s a look at what a typical day looks like for her.  You can read her 3-month eating/sleeping schedule here
7:30 a.m.  Wake up, Bottle #1 (6 oz.) then playtime
9:00 a.m.  Eats breakfast (we started introducing solids right after she turned 6 months) 
9:30 – 10:30 a.m.  Nap #1
11:30 a.m.  Bottle #2
12:00 p.m. Eats lunch 
12:30 – 1:30 p.m.  Nap #2
3:00 p.m.  Bottle #3
5:00 p.m.  Eats dinner
5:45 p.m.  Bathtime
In between eating and sleeping, she’s doing all kinds of things exploring her world.  She was gifted the Brilliant Baby Laptop that she enjoys playing with.  She’ll push the big colorful buttons, and it lights up and introduces colors, shapes, and animals. 
Not much holds her attention for long, but this baby laptop gives me a few minutes while she’s enthralled with the animal sounds and music that it plays and it also lights up.  I also appreciate that you can choose a loud or quiet volume, but it’s good that this toy’s sounds are pleasant! 
It’s also sturdy enough for her to bang around on and crawl on.  I  bet it will even keep her entertained in the car soon!

What she’s really all about though, is her big brother!  She lights up when he’s around and always wants to be a part of what he’s doing.  

VTech sent a Kidizoom Camera Pix, which operates as a real camera/video camera and also plays games, so I was a little worried about it being a complicated set up, but James opened it up, inserted 2 AA batteries and figured it out all on his own!  He set the date and time too, but that’s all there was to it!  Super user friendly! 

It even takes selfies!
I love the look on Jordan’s face while she’s watching him! 
James was super into the four games it plays and got right into those.  Of course, Jordan wants to see what’s going on too, but sometimes he wants to play alone! I get it, I had two little brothers and my first brother is 6 years younger than me, the same age difference as James and Jordan. 
But she’s persistent! 
So I told him, just show her what you’re doing and you can teach her.  She’ll probably lose interest soon enough anyway! So, he took her picture and showed it to her!  He’s such a good big brother!  
Life with these kiddos is really the best.  I’m so thankful to be their Mom!


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  1. I love all your posts! My youngest is now 13 and we are done with the baby years but I miss them! Seeing your posts reminds me of them and brings a smile to my face!! Thank you!

  2. Adorable! Love the sibling bonding – I have 4 year old b/g twins and a 9 month old boy. Seeing the "big kids" look after the baby warms my heart like nothing else! PS I love that the Cars decals are still hanging in there in Jordan's room. 🙂

  3. I have an almost 6 month old, my first! I've enjoyed following along and reading your tips. Curious if I am reading correctly — Jordan takes just 2 one-hour naps? Thanks!

    1. That's great to point out. She always takes 2 one-hour naps, so I put that there, but she sometimes (50% of the time) takes a nap around 3-4 also. Lately, if she takes that afternoon nap, she's happy to stay awake to about 6:30, if not, she's ready for bed by 5:30.

    2. Thank you! My 6 mo old is a crank unless she gets about 4 hrs in naps during the day, so of course was curious. She's also only sleeping 7:30p-7a. Can't wait for those longer stretches of wake time!

  4. Love your baby update posts!Jordan is growing up way too fast! Jordan and my baby are 2 months apart. Just curious…do u feed her solids 3 times a day?! If so, what do you feed her?Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you! I need to do a post about this! She does eat solids three times a day- like breakfast, lunch and dinner- rice cereal with fruit for breakfast, then usually veggies for the other two. I'm cooking her food and pureeing or mashing for her and also letting her try baby led weaning to some extent too. She loves mashed sweet potato, roasted potatoes, carrots/peas blended together. She's had avocado, broccoli, green beans, fish, bread. I let her taste most of what I'm eating if it's soft enough for her to mash because I can tell she's interested in it and wants it.

  5. I read your previous post about the modified sleep training for J. What was your main resource for how you did it? Was it Tracy Hogg, Baby Whisperer? Would love to read more about it. Thanks.

    1. I was reading lots of articles I found on Pinterest, but definitely not Tracy Hogg for sleep training, she recommends picking up your baby when she cries and then putting her down the minute she stops, and then picking up again and so on. That would have exhausted me. I think that Richard Ferber's book (that I've only read part of) is actually a good resource that could help. I misunderstood his approach for a long time until I dug deeper.

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