Home Refresh & Plans for 2024

Hi friend! I hope your 2024 is off to a great start. My kids started back to school yesterday, all the holiday decor is packed away, and we’re starting this year off with a freshly cleaned home. That always feels so good!

Today, I’m welcoming you into our home and taking you room by room to share with you what’s changed since we moved in almost two years ago. I wake up everyday so thankful that we get to live here. I truly love it so much!

Home Refresh


The first year we lived here, we were still getting used to the house, but now that we’ve been here almost two years, we’ve really made it our own.

The home is gorgeous on it’s own and I’ve been so content with everything just the way it is. I don’t feel like I need to change things just to have something new to share. Rather, you’ll just see little decor tweaks here and there as we’ve settled in over the last two years.

If you’re new here and curious about our old house that we lived in for 10 years before moving, you can see it here – all staged and ready to sell! I even have a Moving Checklist for you.

I hope you enjoy this peek inside our home!

Paint Colors

Let’s start with paint colors because that’s a frequently asked question.

Wall Color is SW Alabaster (flat)

Trim Color is SW Pure White (satin)

Cabinets are Magnetic Grey (eggshell)

Primary Bedroom

In the bedroom, the only things that changed are the art, bedding, drapes and dog bed😉 That’s where Elliott’s sweet golden retriever Maggie sleeps when she’s here.

BedArtLampsStriped DuvetLumbar PillowSheet SetSimilar BenchRug

I was lucky that all of the bedroom furniture in my old house fit here perfectly, so I haven’t changed anything in that regard, but I have thought about it. It’s all working for now, so it’s not high on my priority list.

I do love the way the new large framed art adds visual interest to the room. I also liked this rug so much that when Luke ruined it as a puppy, I ended up choosing it again – even though I got samples of several other styles.

This rug is soft underfoot, adds a nice texture to the floor and is neutral with a pattern, but isn’t too busy.

On the bed, I ended up removing the three Euro pillows because it was a pain to move them when Elliott is here and he’s too tall to keep them on the bed during sleep. There are still seven pillows – two for the head, two body pillows, the pretty sham pillows and a lumbar pillow. Enough, right?!

I’ve had this bed for many, many years and it still looks good as new and is super inexpensive!

Similar Mirror • NightstandsLampsTrayTissue Box

I like to keep a tray on the nightstands as a way to corral all the things and make them look pretty.

DrapesDrapery RodRings

The biggest change in this room is the addition of floor to ceiling drapes. I’m crazy for how these turned out and I got everything on Amazon. Elliott is very handy and also a perfectionist when it comes to home projects, so I’m lucky to have him on my team.

The drapes were a little long, so I cut them (while freaking out on the inside) and hemmed them with iron-on hem tape. It took some patience, but the result looks great!

I have a Instagram Story Highlight “Drapes” with the whole drapery installation process if you want to check it out.

I keep this floor length mirror in the corner of the room, it’s great reflection and where I take outfit photos, but I think an olive tree would look pretty here.

I like the mirror because it has a stand and it’s not too heavy, so I can easily move it around when necessary.

Primary Bathroom

MirrorsSimilar Light & HereRugCandleTrayZZ Plant

I like to keep my bathroom very minimal, keeping most of my products behind closed doors. I often switch up the counter decor, currently with a gold tray and a live ZZ plant.

CandleTrayZZ Plant

Amber BottlesWooden Tray

Bird of Paradise Plant

Ever since our trip to San Miguel, I’ve been bringing more live plants into my home. Many I got on Amazon, and I didn’t even realize they sold live plants!

I have a full bathroom tour here with links to everything.


Side TableFiddle Leaf Fig

One of my favorite plants is this fiddle leaf fig. Those types of plants have a reputation for being finicky, but they love natural sunlight and my office gets loads of it, so he seems happy.

You can split ZZ Plants and that’s what I’ve done here. The other half is the one in my bathroom. ZZ plants are very low maintenance, you barely have to water them. They prefer being dry.

Rhonda & Melissa gifted me some plants for my birthday and the cool thing is, these come in a self watering planter! Genius! This money tree has tripled in size since I got it in February.

See my entire home office here.

Upstairs Hallway

Majesty Palm PlantPlant Stand

DresserLampSimilar Mirror

This six-drawer dresser is new and such great functional storage. I like the design and how the black contrasts the light wood and white walls, yet it ties in with the iron stair balusters.

Guest Bedroom

Bed Frame • Mattress • Euro PillowsFloral Lumbar Pillow • Lumbar PillowSheetsLinen Blend Duvet & ShamsWoven HeadboardLampsBench • Wall Art • Rug • Rug Pad 

The guest bedroom is exactly the way it was when I transferred it from the old house. The only thing missing is the Serena & Lily Feathers wallpaper and blue trim. That wallpaper really amped up the room.

I’ve been hesitant to do anything more permanent like wallpaper because I’m not sure this room will stay this style for many years.

We have had guests and Elliott’s daughter sleeps here on occasion. She just mentioned last weekend how comfortable the bed is and how soft the sheets are.

SweaterJeans Wall Mirror

Laundry Room

I haven’t had to do anything to the laundry room except keep it clean. It’s pretty simple with just a plant and some roses. This is also where I keep Kitty’s litter box.

Living Room

Rug Coffee TableWooden Tray VaseCandle Match ClocheCable Knit ThrowStriped PillowPaisley Pillow Similar Window Pane Pillow

Of course, I loved having the Christmas tree up for most of November and December, but it was time for a change of seasons. I didn’t want my living room to look too stark after the big green tree was down, so I added some blue hydrangeas and green florals to a vase on the coffee table. It’s the perfect touch of color and adds freshness to the room.

PRO TIP: You can keep your hydrangeas lasting longer by trimming to your desired length, splitting the bottom of the stem about an inch, putting the end of the stems in boiled hot water for 30 seconds. Then change the water every couple days. I’ve had mine last as long as two weeks! You can also rehydrate a wilted hydrangea by submerging the head in a bowl of water overnight.

In this room, the coffee table, rug, side chair, and side table are new.

I’m so happy with this rug! It’s a subtle pattern neutral colored rug with hints of blue and super soft underfoot.

The round coffee table is lovely and adds curves among all the square edges and straight lines in the space.


To warm it up, I added this large wooden tray that I found on Etsy. You can customize the size, colors and handles.

Little Luke’s fave spot!

Accent ChairSide Table • Green Velvet Pillows

I had good luck ordering this chair from Amazon before getting to sit on it. Jordan actually loves it and calls it her “throne.” The side table is from Target. I like the cool shape and black contrast.

ArtSimilar Frame • Basket

I’m still loving the winter art print I got at Etsy. I have several other behind it for when the seasons change.

One of the best things we did to our home this year was get this wifi extender. My regular router is in my office, so sometimes the internet signal wasn’t strong throughout our downstairs. Elliott researched and found this one, only took him about 30 minutes to set up!

Top to bottom: Console Table • old Crate & Barrel Candle Holders • Large VaseReal Touch MagnoliasStoneware BowlsPlantJug Vases

The black console table is new this year too. It came in a wood tone, but I’m glad I got the black. This console gives me something to style and I like how it helps separate the kitchen and living room.

I especially loved styling the console table for Christmas this year.

Open Shelving

It’s been fun having open shelving in the kitchen/dining room and I’ve changed it with the seasons. I try to find the balance between visually interesting & pretty/useful/not too cluttered.

Top to Bottom: Gold Planter Black Handel Vase Terracotta Pot • similar Wine GobletsWatering CanRattan Vase & Similar Cups Similar Black Bud VaseCups & SaucersAro Charging StationCat Bowls

Dining Room

Our floor plan downstairs is mostly open concept, so you can see the kitchen, dining room and living room all in one glance.

Similar VaseTray BlackTravertine Candle HoldersCandle Snuffer

A very simple way to style a dining table is just with a vase of fresh flowers. Here, I put them on a tray with candles, candle snuffers and marble coasters.

Dining Table • Similar End ChairsChairs (Recovered) • Fig TreeBar Cart

I have started looking around for art for this wall. Maybe a gallery wall since it’s so big. I’d love to find something thrifted, but I’m taking my time.


Counter Stools

I have the same counter stools that we had in the old house, they look fresh and are easy to wipe clean.

VaseOlive StemsBowl

Years ago I started a habit of having a clean sink every night and it’s stuck. Such a great way to wake up in the morning! I try to keep it clean throughout the day as much as possible too.

Black JarWhite Jar Faux Plant • Similar Cutting Board Match Holder

I keep Luke’s food in the black jar and treats in the white. Cute way to hide them;)

TraySalt & Pepper GrinderAlexa • Salt Bowl from San Miguel • Green Bowl

Kitchen Rug

TableChairsLighted Mirror

And since James took over the downstairs extra room, we made Jordan this dedicated play space off of the kitchen. There are a couple of bins underneath with her extra “stuff.”

Sometimes we cover it with a tablecloth, but we also have the plastic surface protector.

Half Bath

Such a cute little half bath! Fresh pink roses in a mercury glass vase for the new year!


Table (similar on sale) • Art • Similar ZZ Plant

I scored this petite travertine table at Homegoods. Did you know you can order online from them? It’s since sold out, but I found one probably even better at Pottery Barn and it’s on sale for half off- was $500, now $248.

I change out the art for the seasons, and this textured piece is from Etsy.


We added woven baskets for quick storage and I got it cleaned up for you! Since it’s a room we see all the time, I like to keep it as clean as possible.

Front Yard

We did have to redo the front lawn after our brutally hot summer where everything died and weeds took over.

During that time, we donated our old basketball goal (the one with a big base), and replaced it with the in-ground kind. Both of my kids love playing basketball, but I think Jordan plays the most.

Basketball goal


The biggest plans we have for the home is the pool build that’s currently underway. Since this post is already so long, I’ll share all the details on the pool in a separate post soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the progress on my Instagram Stories, see the POOL highlight. I’m really excited because the tile guys should be out today tiling all the new concrete that was poured to extend the patio.

After that, it’s clean out the pool, plaster and fill the pool! The last step will be turf, repairing the plant beds and fence. Shouldn’t be long now!

If you have any specific questions about the pool, let me know and I’ll be sure to answer in the pool update post. Or, if you have any questions at all, I’m happy to answer.

Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since you moved in, time flies. A beautiful home. Wishing you the best for 2024.

  2. Your home is just lovely—thanks for sharing! I appreciate you always sharing the little details as well! I have been following you since James was very little (my grandson and James are the same age) and I loved your other home, but how wonderful that you are able to have this new home! I’m so happy for you!! You are an inspiration. My youngest is going through a separation and most likely divorce and I admire how you have handled yourself through what was I’m sure a very painful time. Keep up the wonderful work, sweet girl!

  3. Hi! Your home is gorgeous! Question—where did you find that giant rattan bowl in your laundry room? I love it!

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