My New Bathroom Tour

Hi friend!  I’m so excited to share another room in our new house with you!  It’s been exactly one year that we’ve been here and I still love it so much!  Maybe even more now that we’ve lived here awhile and have really made it our own.

I’ve shown you the full house tour here and my closet here, today I’m bringing you into the primary bathroom where I get to get ready everyday!



And you know Luke is never far behind me . . .

MirrorsSimilar Light & Here

I like having a rug in the bathroom to warm up the slate light grey floors.  It gives my feet a cushion and also dresses up the room a bit with some pattern and pale pink/blue/rust color.  This one is from Amazon and I got the size 2’6″ x 7’6″.

The bathroom is complete with two sinks, I’m sure designed for his and hers- but right now, it’s hers and hers with my side being on the far left and my daughter taking over the right side.

As you can see, there’s plenty of cabinet and drawer space for storage.  If you want me to show you how I organize everything, let me know in the comments and I’ll do that in a future post.  Y’all know I love that kind of thing!

Two large gold mirrors and gorgeous wall sconces were already here so I didn’t even have to choose them!

I like to keep the counters relatively clear, except for a few things I reach for daily.

Acrylic JarsGlass JarTrayCleansing Balm

Opposite the large double sink vanity is a smaller personal vanity where I put my makeup on each day.

I keep my everyday makeup in those two shallow drawers and then other products in the larger double drawers.

This large gold mirror wasn’t there when I moved in, but I purchased it from to coordinate with the existing mirrors.  I use the standing vanity mirror when applying makeup.  I like that it lights up and is cordless.

The pink upholstered ottoman used to be in my closet, but I moved it here so I’d have a place to sit.  I like how it easily slides under the vanity and doesn’t take up too much space.

I also really like the white fluted trashcan.  It’s automatic, so you just move your hand on top of it and the lid opens and then closes automatically. I liked it so much, I got the smaller size for our half bath downstairs.

Just off of the vanity is the toilet with overhead cabinets for additional storage. I always prefer a toilet behind closed doors for privacy.

The two art prints are from Target.  And you might not be surprised how convenient a double roll toilet paper holder is!

Arlett Pendant Light

Are you a bathtub person?! Oddly enough, even though we have this deep, beautiful tub in here, I’ve never soaked in it!  My kids have, but I haven’t.  I’m sure I should give it a try soon.  What’s wrong with me?!  I have all the salts and bubbles handy . . .

Tall StoolVintage StoolBasket Similar Scrub BrushSisal BrushBath Bubbles

There was no towel rack when I moved in, so I got this double towel rack from Amazon.  I like that it holds two towels over the bars so they can dry quickly.  My mom just gifted me these large bath towels from Walmart for my birthday.  I really like them and they are absorbant!

Double Towel RackTowelsWall Art

The custom shades were here when I moved in and they are from the Shade Store.  Only the bathroom, bedroom and hall had shades so I found similar, but more affordable options at Budget Blinds.

I also love the brass Arlett Pendant Light  that’s installed above the bath.  It’s such a pretty globe shape and gives off a lovely glow at night.

So, since I prefer showers, this one is nice and built for two with double shower heads as well as a handheld shower.

I love how there’s a little nook for all your shower supplies.


Shower SqueegeeShampooConditionerScalp ScrubPumice Stone

Billie RazorOribe Clarifying ShampooPurple ShampooOlaplexShave GelBody Wash

Here’s the view from the bathroom to my bedroom, just past the sliding barn door.

And the view from the bedroom into the bathroom.

I’ve loved getting to share this space with you!  I tried to link all the sources, but let me know if I missed something!  If you have any questions, let me know in the comments- I read every one!

Bathroom Tour


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Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. Your bathroom is so pretty, calm and relaxing. I can see another reason you fell in love with this house.

  2. Bathroom goals right there! and YES to the bathroom drawer organization. I love a good organization post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. And perfect timing as I am about to start my own master bath reno! I love everything about the space. Would you mind pretty please sharing the cabinet paint color, wall color, floor tile, and countertop info? 🙏💕

    1. Oh that’s exciting! The wall color is Sherwin Williams Alabaster in flat and I’m not sure of the cabinet colors or floor and counters. It was all here when I moved in but I’ll see if I can find out and update the info for you!

      1. Oh yes, please! That would be incredibly helpful! I am struggling to pull the millions of options together cohesively. Thank you SO much!

      2. Hi again! Just following up to ask if you were able to track down the bathroom cabinet, flooring, and counter info. Still hoping! It’s all so perfect together. Thank you in advance!

  4. hey girl- Ooh la la – Love your bathroom! Oh so pretty! I would enjoy getting ready in that bathroom everyday.

  5. Beautiful, and absolutely your style!

    Another vote for seeing how you organize bathroom drawers. Mine are a huge mess.

  6. Such a beautiful bathroom! Do you happen to have sourcing info for the wall tile in your shower? It’s so pretty!

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