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Well, our weekend didn’t go as planned! We were all set to have friends over to watch the big game, but unfortunately, a stomach bug took out 3/4 of our family! ūüôĀ ¬†We had to cancel our Superbowl party, but the good news is we’re all feeling so much better today and Jordan never got it! ¬†Isn’t that the worst when your baby is sick and can’t really communicate what she’s feeling? ¬†It’s even hard to see your 6 year-old looking so pitiful. ¬†We did watch the game, wasn’t it crazy when they tied??!! What a comeback! And I thought Gaga rocked it, but I’m a big fan of hers and several of her songs are on my running playlist.
I’ve slowly but surely been updating our breakfast room ever since my hubby mentioned he’d like to have a table in his office for additional work space. ¬†It didn’t take long for the lightbulb to go off in my head and realize that if he used our old breakfast table, we could get a new, round table for this space!
If you remember, our old table was great, but it was a heavy, wooden rectangular table¬†(similar) and I’ve been dreaming of a round, lighter table for this room. ¬†There’s just something so nice about gathering around a round table if it isn’t too big. ¬†He was sold on the idea, so the hunt for a new table began and you saw the one we chose here a few weeks ago.


Dining Table | Similar Chairs | Rug | Mirror | Similar Barstools| Drapery Fabric Kravet Pelagos Mist (I had them made)
It’s a 60-inch marble top pedestal table with a gorgeous wooden base. ¬†Because it’s such a big and important purchase, I searched all around the web and in stores to find a round table that we could have for many, many years to come. ¬†Some options we considered, but ultimately didn’t go with are¬†Similar this¬†(54-inch) and¬†this¬†(under $800) – all round options, but without the marble top.
Below you can see better how pretty the marbling is. ¬†The marble is 2-inches in depth, so it’s nice and thick. I was initially concerned it might be too much marble since our kitchen counters are also marble, but the base is wooden, our floors are dark brown as is our kitchen island. ¬†I felt like I wouldn’t know for sure until I got the table here, so I took a chance and ordered it and love how it lightens this room! ¬†You do have to be somewhat careful with marble, so if the kids want to do art projects or something like that here, we’ll have to use a tablecloth.
Our old upholstered chairs (similar here) are still in good shape, but belong to our formal dining room table.  They are super comfortable and the fabric wipes relatively clean with a warm soapy cloth and water.  For this breakfast room, I wanted chairs that had an open back, so the view is more open and airy.
These side chairs were exactly what I had in mind!  I went back and forth between warm grey and rubbed cream, but ultimately chose the grey to provide more contrast.  I love how they correspond with the pattern on our drapes.
I wasn’t sure how comfortable they would be with the bamboo back, but they are fine. ¬†The padding in the seat isn’t as substantial as our old chairs, so I am a bit disappointed with that. ¬†The seat is removable so you can easily recover it.
The chairs are sold in sets of 2, I called to see if I could order just 5, but no, so I went ahead and got 6. ¬†They’re currently on sale, so that was a bonus. ¬†The table seats six comfortably, but for now we’re keeping 4 at the table and pull up Jordan’s highchair when it’s time to eat. ¬†The other two chairs are on either side of the console table behind the couch.


I picked up this vase and faux flowers at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago.  As much as I adore real flowers, I like a good fake one too!  Pottery Barn has an amazing selection of faux flowers and branchesРjust in time for Spring!
Of course, now that this breakfast room is evolving, I’m envisioning a different chandelier and perhaps a larger rug. ¬†The current rug is usually under our stairs and was put here initially as a way to visualize how large a table could fit here. ¬†Isn’t that how it goes, you change one thing, then things start to look different and it makes you want to change something else!
Those things will have to wait though because I’ve got lots of unfinished decor projects happening over here and I’m working on the finishing details of Jordan’s first birthday party. ¬†It’s just 2 weeks away! ¬†I still can’t believe how fast this year has gone!
Have you had your eye on these chairs too?  Do you think I made the right choice with the grey?


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  1. Love the chairs! And, you will not regret going ahead and getting six. You'd hate to find out you want them down the road and they are discontinued. Trust me, been there done that. I love the gray color as well. Ties in really well with the grain in the marble and your drapes. I could see a patterned rug with grays working well. Natural fiber rugs are a pain to clean with kids dropping things on them. Cannot believe she will be a year already. Seems like James was just her age.
    On a side note, not sure if anyone else is experiencing it, but when your page first loads it scrolls down so the reader has to scroll back up to start at the beginning. Just thought I'd mention it in case I am not the only one.

    1. I've got a work order in on it now! Thanks so much for letting me know- those issues are so annoying. Hope to get it fixed asap! ūüôā

    2. I have been looking everywhere for a round white marble table with a wooden base like that! Can I ask where you got the breakfast table? Or any suggestions?
      Thank you!

  2. Looks great! I have similar chairs in navy in my dining room. I just moved to Houston a few months ago and I've been looking for a good workroom or seamstress for curtains. Where did you go and we're you happy with them?

  3. Love love love this table!!! I also was thinking about new lighting when I saw the new table and chairs. There are so many beautiful options I know I don't have to point out to you…we have so many great design buds on IG don't we!!?? Just love this space!!!


  4. This is such a beautiful and airy room, Megan! Could you share information about your light fixture and window shades?

    1. Thank you so much Kate! The light fixture is from Lighting, Inc, in Houston, but I don’t recall the style or brand. The window shades are from Home Depot I think!

  5. Any feedback on if this marble table stains easily? Is it really practical in breakfast nook in a house with kids?

    1. We use it everyday, but Jordan still sits in her high chair. The table has help up incredibly well so far. We also have marble counters that have taken much more of a beating.

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