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Hello friends!  How was your weekend? Ours was filled with spoiling our sweet son and celebrating his 8th birthday! I swear I could not love him more and everyday with James is truly delightful.  He wanted a simple football party at the park with all the boys he plays football with at recess, so it was fun surprising him with this big yard sign!

James 8th Birthday.-1

I was lucky to snag a pic with the birthday boy.  At this age, it’s hard to get him to get in a picture!

Mom and James 8th birthday

Striped Tee • Similar Jeans • Similar Slip on Sneakers

I swear, between the ages of 7 and 8, these kids’ face structure changes so much!  They are suddenly looking so much more like adolescents! He’s such a cutie! I’ll forever love this face! That second front tooth will be gone any day now!

And Grandma Nola- Happy 92nd Birthday to you today! I love you so much and am so thankful for your influence in my life over the years!  I’m in awe of how you continue to learn and help others every single day!  


Today I’m excited to welcome you to the Decked + Styled Spring Tour! I’ve partnered with this group of friends in the past on several home tours, but this one is all about Spring!

If you’re coming from Bree’s house at Z Design at Home, isn’t it gorgeous?!  I’m seriously smitten with her knack of combining simple, yet stunning decor.  It always looks effortless, but I know it requires a keen eye and serious editing to pull off!

She’s a hard act to follow, but I’m excited to welcome you into our home today!  I’ll be sharing our kitchen, breakfast room, foyer and dining room with you today!

Spring Home Tour Honey We're Home-1

Similar Wedges • Similar Top • Destructed Jeans  • Mug

If you’re new here, I’m Megan, a wife and full-time blogger with two young kiddos. James is 8 and Jordan just turned 2.  I like to say they are keeping me young because Lord knows, they require loads of energy to keep up with!


At the beginning of the year especially, it always feels like a time to refresh and renew.  I always go on a crazy-woman cleaning and organizing spree in an effort to rid the house of anything we don’t love or use, then it sure feels good to open up the house and let it breathe in the fresh air of Spring! Over the years and after much purging of things, I like to keep the decor simple with just a few fresh touches.  For instance, I hung the macrame plant hanger from the ceiling and I love seeing my plant thriving and happy up there! It’s fun watching her grow longer!

Spring Home Tour Nursery Kitchen.1

Kettle • Coffee Maker • Produce Basket • Similar Macrame Plant Hanger • Rug

I’m keeping lots of wooden elements out and I like the natural feel it gives against the white cabinets and subway tile.

Spring Home Tour kitchen

I gave 5 bags of Oreos the Khloe Kardashian treatment as a fun decoration and way to display those cookies! Luckily, I’m not tempted by Oreos, and I don’t mind people eating out of the cookie jar;)

Spring Home Tour Nursery Kitchen.2

If you know me at all, you know me and my coffee are BFFs. Well, me and my coffee and my vanilla caramel coffee creamer!  They recently discontinued it at my grocery store, now I buy 3 big containers at a time at Target and keep 2 in the freezer so I never have to fear running out again! #thehorror!

Spring Home Tour Nursery Kitchen.4

Similar Wedges • Similar Top • Destructed Jeans  • Mug

Nothing says Spring like freshly cut flowers in a pretty vase.  This variety is from the grocery store and makes such a lovely display.

Spring Home Tour Nursery Kitchen.3

Breakfast Room

Our breakfast room is where our family of four eats our meals and does homework, crafts, colors in coloring books, plays with play dough, etc.  The marble table is from Restoration Hardware and the chairs from Ballard Designs.

Spring Home Tour Nursery Dining room.15

Plates • Vase • Table • Chairs

The counter stools are a new addition and I like how the keep the space nice and bright! They are also very easy to wipe clean, which is great because #twokids!

Spring Home Tour Nursery Dining room.16

Counter Stools

I couldn’t do an honest home tour post without paying respect to my new bff cleaning tool! I was literally going crazy hauling out my big vacuum to sweep up all the crumbs and mess under the counter stools. When I shared my struggles on a Stories, y’all couldn’t believe I didn’t have a cordless stick vac and recommended this one!

I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s SUCH a game changer! It’s so easy to whip this baby out for quick cleanups and I can easily vacuum the stairs now! Even James likes using it and will pull it out on his own without being asked!  I’m embarrassed to admit that I used to often just let the crumbs and mess sit there for days because I didn’t want to deal with it. Now, I’ll whip out this baby even twice a day if I need to!

So, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you that recommended it to me! p.s.  this isn’t sponsored! I just really love this thing and had to tell you about it!

Spring Home Tour Nursery.14

Dyson cordless stick vacuum

Stick Vacuum

Spring Home Tour Nursery Dining room.16 (1)

Console • Lantern • Flameless CandlesBlue Vase

Spring Home Tour faux tulips (1)


If you’ve been here before, you know I’m a big fan of faux botanicals as long as they look good!  A big bunch of them can make a statement in a room without much else going on. I added a bunch of green stems to the large urn on our pedestal table under the stairs and I love the pop of fresh green color there!

Spring Home Tour foyer with curved staircase

Pedestal Table • Urn

Spring Home Tour dining room large urn and faux flowers

And what home with a toddler would be complete without a ride-on zebra, roller coaster and slide?! Santa brought the zebra last year for Christmas and it slides on roller skate wheels when you bounce up and down on it.

Spring Home Tour foyer with curved staircase (1)

Plush ride on zebra

Zebra • Crocks

Grandma gifted Jordan the roller coaster as a 2nd birthday gift and she loves it!  Maybe we’ll eventually move it outside, but she uses it so often, it’s currently sitting right in the foyer welcoming guests into our home! #momlife

Toddler roller coaster

Roller Coaster

Toddler slide (1)

Toddler slide


Dining Room

Our dining room got a Spring makeover with a pastel table set-up!  The runner and blue gingham plates are new, but everything else we already had on hand!

Spring Home Tour dining room2

Dining Table • Similar Dining Chairs • Flatware •  Gingham Salad Plates • Hyacinth Chargers  • Glasses • Pottery Barn Table Runner

Spring Home Tour dining room

Spring Home Tour dining room8

Spring Home Tour dining room5

White Jeans • Similar TopHeels • Rug

For the floral arrangement, you can’t go wrong with white hydrangeas and I added a few sprigs of eucalyptus in there for added height and volume.  I did the my Hydrangea Trick before putting these in water and they are still going strong a week later!

Spring Home Tour dining room9

I like adding a little whimsical touch with the miniature birds in nests.  I found these at Hobby Lobby years ago and they make the cutest decorations.

Spring Home Tour dining room4

Spring Home Tour dining room6

Spring Home Tour dining room7

Spring Home Tour dining room3

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside our home!  I love having you over! Next up, I can’t wait for you to see Erin’s house at Sunny Side Up!

And you can see all the beautiful homes in our Spring Home Tour by clicking the links below!  Please stop by and say hello!
Courtney at A Thoughtful Place
Jen Style House Interiors
Have a great week friends!

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Meet Megan

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  1. Yes!! to the Dyson stick vac! I have two- one upstairs and one down- and would love a third! Love how the newest one holds a charge for 40 minutes! And… I did NOT know you can freeze coffee creamers! I’m going to start stocking up when they are one sale! Question- what kind of plant do you have hanging in your kitchen? Is it tough to keep it watered? I’m imagining it dripping and ruining our wood floors.

    1. Oh yes!! Freezing the coffee creamer is life!! I never want to run out again! #Nightmare!! ha! The plant is from Home Depot- just a ‘closet plant’ but maybe someone else knows the exact name. I stand on the counters every week and pour about a cup of water in it. The pot doesn’t have drain holes so I try not to overwater.

    1. Oh I should have mentioned that! I ordered it from a local company, Event Yard Signs. They deliver it and remove it the next day!

  2. Beautiful home!! I love the kitchen. I have to share – I got the Dyson stick vac for Mother’s Day last year… it’s my favorite gift ever. I use it every day, multiple times a day. And both my girls (age 8 and 4) love to use it!! Best vac ever 🙂

  3. I think I need that vacuum!!! Everything looks so pretty, M. Love the roller coaster photos. My kids LOVED that. Happy to be on this tour with you. Enjoy your Monday.

  4. Hi! Love your beautiful home! Is your fiddle fig tree real or fake? If fake…where did you purchase it?

  5. Hi Megan, love your tour. Don’t know how I made it before I got my Dyson stick. I love your counter stools but they are pricey. Can’t afford them because I need six.

  6. love your blog! Love your style, we definitely have similar tastes! Where did you find the Birthday sign? Thinking my almost 10 year old girl would love it!

  7. Megan, everything is so pretty and the kiddos look great too! I always love seeing your seasonal home tours as they leave me feeling so inspired…I don’t know how you get it all done and you make it look so effortless to boot! Thank you for being on the tour and here’s to next time, sweet friend!! Happy spring! xoxo

    1. You are too sweet!! I love being a part of this tour and I find so much inspiration from everyone else in the group!! Thanks again for including me! Looking forward to the next one!!

  8. I freaking love that your kids get to be kids and have a rollercoaster in the entryway! Also, what is this Dyson stick??! I must have one! I am so terrible about the crumbs in my kitchen and I hate pulling out my central vac and 30′ cord ?. I love your springy touches, the gingham plates are my fav! Your kiddos are darling and getting so big! Thanks for sharing with us!! Xxj-Jen

    1. Thanks Jen! I’ve learned that we did not design the house with Jordan in mind… or Grandma and her presents, so we’re just rolling with it! haha!! Loving our Dyson Stick Vac – it’s been a real life saver!!

  9. Your home is so beautiful! Love all the spring touches.

    Do you know where your shutters are from, in the first photo, on the 2nd floor windows? I love that style. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!! The shutters were built in whenever we built the house in 2010 – so that’s just a distant memory. But I know there are tons of companies that will create and install them!

  10. If you posted it and I didn’t see it I apologize but can you tell me all about your coffee maker???? ?☕️❤️

  11. Megan your home is so beautiful! I love all of your Spring touches! And especially love those new barstools. GORGEOUS!! Your kids are getting so big! Darling pics of them.. I loved seeing you all! So fun touring with you cutie! Can’t wait to see you again and catch up in April! XO

  12. Your home looks great! I’m a big fan of my coffee machine too. I have a Keurig. Love it! I love all of your fresh flowers in your home. Your table looks beautiful with all of the place settings. I have my home decorated for Spring too. My Spring decor in my kitchen is on my blog.

  13. I came upon this link on Pinterest and I love your home! Can you tell me where your kitchen pendant lights are from, above the island? Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and darling family!

  14. Hi Megan!
    Love your kitchen & the Famers Market sign. Can you send the link where your sign is from?

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