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Hello and Happy Thursday!! If you’re here visiting from Style House Interiors, welcome to our happy home! This Decked + Styled Spring Tour was arranged and organized by our friend Bree ZDesign At Home, thanks so much Bree for including me!
I’m happy to finally pull out of all the paint mess that was here recently and share a look inside our home (that was miraculously clean for approximately 22 minutes) so photographs could be taken! That’s no easy feat with a baby tornado running around! Am I right mamas?!  So, while our house normally has random tupperware, toys, and whatever else Jordan can get into strewn everywhere, let’s just pause for a moment to revel in some pretty pictures!  Since there are lots of photos, I’ll try to keep the talking down, but let me know in the comments if you have any questions- I’m happy to chat decor all day long!
I shared last week the design plan for our living room and now I can show you all the pieces in place! We added another rug on top of our existing one, replaced the lamps and ottoman and switched up the pillows to create a cozy, mostly neutral living room with a few pops of color and pattern.


I mentioned before how different the ottoman looks in person as opposed to the website, so here you can definitely see what I mean.  The base is nearly black and not tan as pictured.  We have this ottoman for baby safety, so in the future we may replace it again, but it’s good quality and fits our space perfectly.
I’m definitely crazy over the new navy lamps we got to replace the lamp that shattered and the gorgeous throw pillows!  These pillows definitely add visual interest to the room and are just freaking awesome in fabric weight and feel so luxe.  They zipper close and have the pattern on both sides so I don’t have to worry about them not being on the ‘right’ side when my kids are playing and they end up everywhere.


Our 4-piece sectional is the same one we’ve had for the last 7 years and it’s also held up well, except for the back cushions, which tend to get smushed.  I’ve realized over the years that they are filled with the same polyfoam you can buy at any craft store, so I periodically refluff and restuff.  The problem with the stuffing it it gets matted over time, which is why the pillows lose their shape.  Before I realized I could restuff the pillows myself, I ordered new inserts once from Pottery Barn.
I popped into PB recently and they had our same couch on display in a pretty grey fabric and it was gorgeous!  They have so many color options available in several different types of material.  Ours is “light wheat” in Everyday Suede.


One of the things I’m often asked about is our living room media cabinet.  It’s a huge piece with the perfect spot for the huge tv my husband had to have and 4 drawers and closed shelving  for extra storage and organization.  The unit was built-in when we built our house and I painted the back Urbane Bronze so it would pop against the pale background.
Over the years, I’ve corresponded frequently with a few people who boldly chose to create a cabinet like this in their own home and I so admire their ambition and skill.  I have a post here that shares all the dimensions if you’re inclined to take on a project like that.
In the picture below, you can also see how the rug looks and we’ve been pleased with that purchase an an added layer of softness when Jordan was crawling around and also how the colors play well with the blues in the room.
Our floor plan is semi open concept, with a wall dividing the kitchen from the living room and breakfast room, and here, behind the couch is a console table and extra chairs for our breakfast table. Lately, we keep the console table shelves clear from little hands, because she’ll destroy a magazine in two seconds flat!
I don’t know if I’ve ever captured this angle in our house before, from where the entry is, looking toward the stairs and living room.  This wide open foyer is where the boys love throwing football and running around.  I don’t care as long as they know the rule, “you break it, you buy it.”
When you enter our home, the formal dining room is on the immediate left and then you enter the foyer.  We have a console table that got a little DIY marble magic and it’s still going strong!
Vase | Similar Mirror
As you enter and approach the living room, there’s a half bath and the focal point staircase.  I searched a long time for this table and thankfully, it works so well here. We had Precious Baby Protectors install our baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.
Pedestal Table | Small Vase | Tall Vases from Homegoods | Rug
After 7 years, we recently updated our breakfast room table with this round marble and wood table and we’ve been enjoying those families dinners with this new seating arrangement.  I’m so glad this 60 inch table fit here, just barely!  You can read more about the table here and the updated chairs here.
 Table | ChairsVase | Faux Flowers | Similar Placemat | Similar Napkins | Round Rug | Similar Mirror
Last but not least, like most families, our kitchen is the workhorse of our home and generally hustling and bustling with the activities of the day.

The bookshelf at the end of the island normally holds useful things and books, but until Jordan is a little order, we’re keeping it clear.

Years ago, I painted the inside of this cabinet Urbane Bronze and inside we keep all our white dishes. I love how they pop against the dark background.

Thank you so much for stopping by our place! We’ve been here 7 years now and it’s our refuge from the world and cozy place for our family that I’m so happy to share with you!
Next on our home tour, you can visit Bree at ZDesign At Home.  Her beautiful home gets me every time, just so much gorgeousness and style!! Below is a sneak peek!
And you can see more gorgeous Spring Home Tours with my friends below by clicking on their blog name:


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    1. Oh yes, gotta have the zippers for easy access to the insides. That's the one downside of this couch- the cushions getting mushed!

  1. Megan, I have been shopping for a dining table forever, so I was excited to see your update there. I have 4 kids, so the table must seat 6 on a regular basis. Do you think your table would be too cramped with 6 chairs around it daily?

    1. Not at all! But, I had to give a long thought about if I wanted a marble table as our everyday table because it will likely get scratched if I don't use a cover for arts and crafts ect. We have marble counters so I'm used to this. But no, 6 chairs fit perfectly around this 60 inch table.

    1. Thanks Michele! We've been here 7 years so the house has evolved slowly over time. I like where it's at, but still have lots of projects on my list!

  2. OMG!Here I have been stressing feeling like I couldn't incorporate bamboo shades because I would have to say goodbye to my blinds and you just blew the lid off of that!!!! Your house is so amazing and really in line with my style thank you for the post and the bamboo shade goodness!

    1. Yeah, that's a tricky one! I'm not 100% crazy about the look and sometimes think I should open the blinds all the way or remove them, but sometimes the view to our backyard isn't the best or the windows are dirty, etc. I wanted the blinds though because they are hung way higher than the actual window, so it draws your eye up and makes the windows seem larger!

    2. Thats the reason I wouldn't want to remove the blinds, on the west side of our home we have a wall of seven 8 foot windows lining the back wall of our living/dining/kitchen and the sun literally beats in all afternoon so there is noway I could even think about taking down the blinds or we would die from heat stroke in these Oklahoma summers!I love it and you just gave me hope lol! Plus I couldn't imagine our neighbors seeing every single move we make if they wanted too.

  3. What's going on with the mirror next to your wine rack in the third picture down? It looks like half of it was erased off the wall?

  4. Where did you get the gate at the bottom of your stairs? I don't have any littles that I need to keep off the stairs anymore but I have a dog that's not allowed upstairs. Right now I have a plastic baby gate there.

    1. The gate is from Precious Baby Protectors and they came and installed it too. I'm not sure if they are outside Houston, but it would be perfect for a dog too!

  5. Elegant but relaxed, which is easier said than done, I'm sure! Love the recent choice of the dining room table and the bamboo chairs. Do you find the layered rugs get out of place, or does your furniture placement prevent them from sliding out of place? Love the look! P.S. Yes to an Evernote tutorial, btw!

  6. Megan!! Everything is so pretty my friend!!! Thank you so much for joining the tour again and for making your home so beautiful and spring ready❤ Can't wait to meet you soon and hug your neck!!! Xoxo

  7. I looooove your house and have major envy : ) I'm especially in love with the stairs and kitchen. You have great taste!!!! Do you have a formal living room too? How do you keep the kids' toys out of the way and organized? I would love if you could post about how you purge your kids toys and decide what to get rid off and what to keep and how often you do this. I only have one child and feel like I'm drowning in toys. lol.

    1. Hi! We don't have a formal living room, but there is a formal dining room and my hubby's home office also on the first floor. We have a playroom upstairs for a lot of toys, and two toy boxes downstairs on either side of the media cabinet. Day to day, there are also 2 baskets holding Jordan's toys downstairs- I just moved them for these pics. My son is really attached to his toys and it's hard for him to get rid of anything! We are drowning in his toys too. 🙁 You can see part of the playroom organization here:

  8. Do you keep the table settings up just for the photos and take them down? Would it be weird to keep them up all the time on a table you didn't normally eat at simply for decoration?

    1. We do keep the little placesetting there and just move (the dishes) away at dinnertime and use the placemats. I like how it looks so I keep it that way during the day!

  9. Do you still have your Fiddleleaf Fig Tree you bought years ago. I am thinking about purchasing one from the Houston Plant Place you mentioned. I think they are $159.00 now for the 5-6 ft tree. Is that the one you bought?

  10. What a lovely house Megan! I wish I have that big space in my home. Your living room looks so cozy! By the way, are your plants alive? how do you maintain them?

  11. Your spring-ified house looks beautiful Kris!! Love the touches of blush pink in the living room, that is such a pretty addition, and the flowering branches in your office!!!!! Definitely need to make flowers on your desk your “new thing”, you deserve them!! Enjoy your pretty house and let’s hope winter is over for us!

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