Home Decor and Organization 2018

It took me a little bit to get going, but I’m finally doing some recaps of 2018.  I really enjoy looking back and reflecting on all that happened in the last year.  I can get so caught up in what needs to happen today, that I forget all that was accomplished already!   We’ve been in our house almost 9 years now and I’m so happy here.  I love the way home feels and we made some updates that have made it even better this year!

Home Decor and Organization 2018

Spring Home Tour

Spring is on the horizon and I shared how we welcomed the change of seasons in this post.

Spring Home Tour Nursery Kitchen.2

My Organized Pantry

I always love a good organizing challenge and I’m thrilled to report that our pantry has stayed organized all year!


My Nighttime Cleaning Routine

I got majorly inspired by my friend Jen to start a strict nighttime cleaning routine and I’ve stuck with it. I also tidy the living room after this, including fluffing the pillows on the couch.  I love waking up to a clean kitchen and living room!

night time cleaning routine

How I Organize Toys in the Living Room

Of course with young kids at home, we still have lots of toys around.  I shared how I keep them organized in this post.

how to organize toys in the living room

Organized Closet

When we built our home, one of the things I took my time with was creating a closet that would be both organized and functional.  I’ve tweaked it over the years and I’m finally happy with how everything is organized for easy access.

How to organize your closet

Bedroom Makeover

One of my favorite projects this year was my master bedroom makeover.  I absolutely love how it turned out with the clean, feminine vibe.  It’s also the first room in our home to get a splash of wallpaper!

Master Bedroom ideas Wisteria Chest

Sitting Room Makeover

While we were at it, I also freshened up the sitting room.  It feels so peaceful in this space now.

master bedroom sitting area

Boys Room Makeover

James’ room also got a makeover this year and it suits him perfectly.  It’s still fun and playful, but can also grow with him for several years.

Boy's Bedroom Makeover

Fall Front Porch

Our Fall front porch was one of my most liked pictures on Instagram this year! I think y’all were excited to welcome the coziness of Fall!

Fall Porch Decor.1

Our Christmas Decor

We kept our Christmas decor more simple this year, but it still felt festive and warm.  I’ve since taken down all the holiday decor in the downstairs, but everything is still up on the second floor!

Christmas Decor - bedroom small Christmas tree

Also, I still get lots of questions about the the paint colors in our home, so this post will answer most of those questions!


I’m really happy with our home, but there are still a few things I’d like to do:

Jordan’s Big Girl Room – I still love her nursery so much, but she’s almost three and will be getting a full sized bed tomorrow!  Fingers crossed she stays in it! 😉

Dining Room – I’d love to update the furniture and add a bold wallpaper to that room and actually use it more.

Half Bath – We have a downstairs half bath that I’ve rarely shown because there’s not much to see and there’s no natural light so it doesn’t photograph well.   It would be great to give that small but highly used space a makeover and give it more personality.

Outside, I want to plant a garden and freshen up our landscaping.  Maybe that’s a project for this Spring!

What’s on your home decor agenda this year?! 

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Meet Megan

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  1. I had missed some of these great posts so I’m happy to see you bringing them back up for my viewing pleasure :D! Very inspiring as we’re heading into the new year – I’m totally drooling over your organized pantry and also thinking I should start something like your nighttime cleaning routine!

    1. Thanks so much Hillary! I’m always extra inspired to clean and organize in the new year. Working on the mudroom and bar area next! Happy new year to you!

  2. We moved from Wisconsin to Portland and purchased a beautiful Craftsman style home and I have a long list to start. Although the house is new but I would like to style it according to our taste. I barely have started working on the home office. Megan What do you use for pictures? I use my phone pixel 2 and now I am feeling those pictures are not great for to use on my site. I love your photography by the way. You are very talented and inspiring woman. I have learned a lot form you and still learning and sharing with others.

    1. What a nice comment to wake up to Bushra! Congratulations on the new house, that’s so exciting! For my decor photos, I usually use my Nikon D810 with a tripod so that I can lower the shutter speed and still get clear shots. Sometimes I hire a professional because they are so much better and quicker than me! I always appreciate you stopping by! Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m getting caught up this morning on my blogger’s posts…this was a short/long week! Haha!
    I am saving this post to refer back to this year!! Your home tips are such an inspiration. I am completely revamping our pantry this year and your pantry organization is one of my inspirations!
    Thanks for sharing your home, your life and your family with all of us! Cheers to 2019!

  4. Love your blog! I’ve been following you for over four years now, and I just noticed the hanging plant you have by your kitchen sink, and I love it! I’ve considered a hanging plant because I like to have plants everywhere. Do you have any problems with water leaking, random dirt falling through, etc.?

    1. Hi Crystal! Such a great question! I take the plant down to water about every week and let the water soak through the drain holes. Then, when it’s not dripping anymore, I hang it back up. No dirt or water leaks from the hanging pot.

  5. I am looking for the terra cottac color books you have on the gray shelves in a Pinterest post. Wanint to know where to buy?

  6. I love love love ! The sitting room look. I adore the chairs and the round table . Where did you buy the set and what color are the chairs?

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