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Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend?  I feel like it’s been busy, busy lately but all good things like birthdays and sports and fun things for the blog!  You guys might laugh at me, but one thing I did on my birthday was organize my pantry! What can I say?!  I just finally couldn’t take the mess anymore! Our pantry serves double duty as dry food storage, entertaining and decor items, and it’s where all the cardboard boxes and recycling lives before it makes its way to the bins outside. After the holidays and a few parties, it was overflowing and it’s been a couple years since it got a major clean out!

I also recently partnered with Brandless, an online market with hundreds of everyday essentials and when my package of goodies arrived, I wanted to have a specific place for everything.  I’m super excited to share Brandless with you and why I love it and you will too (hint; everything is just $3. The products are safe and healthy for your family, and every time you place an order, Brandless donates a meal through Feeding America to someone in need). But first, let’s bask in a freshly organized pantry (and hope it stays that way)!

Similar BasketsGlass JarsPlastic ContainersCan Displays

Coming from a small townhouse with zero storage, I knew when we built this house that one priority would be ample storage!  Our pantry is 9×6 with five shelves and even a place for an extra refrigerator if we ever need it.  It’s super tall and I’m super short, so I do need a stool to reach the high things!

V-Neck Pocket Tee • Modern Skinny Jeans •  Flip Flops

I started decanting my items as a way to keep things organized and pretty. It’s a little more work on grocery shopping day, but it makes storage and organization easier since all of your containers are the same (or at least similar) in size and you can see just how much pasta and quinoa you actually have!  And I keep bags and packages of things in the big glass storage jars.

organized pantry

organized pantry

ApronSimilar BasketsGlass Jars • Plastic ContainersCan Displays

When organizing this go ’round I moved the cans down a shelf, mostly for aesthetic purposes. Because they last longer, I don’t think that cans need to be at eye level. The pasta sauce is important, but it’s the trail mix and snacks we’re reaching for the most.

organized pantry

organized pantry

Tea Kettle • Slow Cooker •  Fast Slow Pro

We’re lucky to have the space to store all of our entertaining items, decor and some appliances in one, easy to reach, location. I grouped my serving pieces by color family for quick grabbing when decorating for a party or loaning them out! The appliances are on a lower shelf and easy to grab and put away after use! We’ve recently been using the Fast Slow Pro in place of our Crockpot, so maybe in future Pantry Organization posts that will be completely gone!

I also grouped all the coffee/tea/cocoa needs in one location and can easily move the whole basket over by the coffee maker in the kitchen and back to its home in the pantry when we’re done!

organized pantry

The glass jars help corral less frequently used bags and boxes and other loose items. I don’t label my containers because I’ll frequently change out what’s in them and that’s one less step!!

organized pantry

The Brandless packaging is also really appealing. It’s simple and lets you know exactly what you’re getting! Yes, I like the look of decanting my grocery items but for the stuff that stays in a a box the Brandless packaging is right up my alley!

Everything at Brandless is $3. Yep, you heard me right- EVERYTHING is only $3 and sometimes 2 for $3- like the Gluten Free Mac & Cheese.  Brandless makes all your everyday essentials including non-GMO food, snack food, personal care products, cleaners, vitamins, just all the goods.

Kidney Beans • Black Beans • Fig & Thyme Crisps • Tomato Basil Hummus Chips • Cheese Crackers

organized pantry

These snacks are so good and made with the good stuff – and NOT the bad!! Many are organic, fair trade, kosher, gluten free, vegan, and more. These hummus crisps are quite tasty as well! We served the Crushed Pepper & Truffle Oil Popcorn at Jordan’s birthday party!

With a busy family and one picky eater, finding healthy versions of what they like is important and that isn’t always the cheapest route. Brandless was created with the idea of “no one should have to choose between what matters to them and what they can afford.” Isn’t that amazing?!

Jordan loves the applesauce pouches. I’ve lined them up for her right within reach. Notice there’s only one left by picture day because of how quickly she went through these!!

Brandless also gives back, which aside from all the other benefits you’ll find with this company, that’s really my favorite part of being involved with them. For every order you place, a meal is donated to people facing hunger.

mommy daughter

organized pantry


And now that the pantry is all clean and organized, let’s hope I can keep it that way!  Have a great Monday friends!

Big thanks to Nicole Young for these awesome photos of the pantry space!!

And to Brandless for partnering on this post! 

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  1. Your pantry looks amazing!! #goals
    I’m excited to try out Brandless, as I am trying to make the switch to all organic and healthy. Thanks!!
    Happy belated birthday, btw! May the year ahead be blessed!

  2. Our pantries are similarly laid out, though I think mine is more narrow. I love that you put all of your entertaining items in there. Mine is mostly organized, but there are some things thrown in that I maybe need to find a better home for when I get around to doing a pantry clean out! I love decanting things as well.

  3. Wow I love all your space! And Jordan is adorable!! Love to see pictures of that personality shine through, it makes me miss the days when my girls were that age. 🙂

  4. The organizer in me loves this post…but the mama in me REALLY loves that sweet black and white picture of Jordan hugging you!! Oh, my word…a forever imagine for sure!

  5. I love your pantry! Definitely #goals.

    One question for you. I’ve always wanted to empty things out into matching containers but how do you remember how long each type of pasta cooks for? I hate having to cut the instructions and/or serving size out and tape it to the outside of the container…it just looks ridiculous! Thanks!

  6. This is seriously my dream pantry! Right now we have a few shelves in a kitchen cabinet that do, but they aren’t great. When we build our forever home, a big pantry with storage for serving dishes and appliances is a must!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  7. Looks great Megan. I would have swapped the shelves around though with the glass jars where the pasta etc is & the pasta above that, only because I couldn’t be stuffed stepping on to a stool every time I need to reach into a jar, the pasta containers are easier to reach & pull down if higher. Pantry to dream of though. Great job on a painful but rewarding job x

  8. Love your organized pantry and the size of your pantry! A little jealous. Lol The snacks look really good. I love finding new snacks that tastes good plus are good for you.

  9. Where did you get the metal mesh bins that you put chips in? And the tiered trays for cans?? ? Trying to get organized!

  10. Hello! Your pantry is stunning. Love how you organized it. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your pantry? I am currently working on plans for a remodel of a hall pantry. Thank you!

  11. Megan, this looks so great! I am lucky enough to have a large pantry too, but it tends to be a catch all for everything. I’m curious to know where you keep things like extra paper towels, plastic ware, lunchboxes, stand mixer? Do you put cereal in the plastic containers? And are all the plastic stackable containers from The Container Store?

    1. Hi Lisa! Great question! Our paper towels and lightbulbs are in the mudroom cabinets across from the pantry. James’ lunchbox is in his backpack. Plastic wear (we don’t have much) is in the bar area drawer. Cereal is in the boxes in the cabinet above the stove so it’s most handy- I also keep my protein pancake mix, peanut butter and syrup there. We are fortunate to have tons of storage in this house. I think most of the containers are from The Container Store or Target.

      1. Thanks for the info! One more question…I love how your decor items are out on the shelves. I have a lot but they are mostly packed up in boxes/bins. How do you keep them from getting dusty?

  12. I keep wondering how pantries like this ae used in reality. When you see a container running low, do you top it off (so that you end up with some super old stuff at the bottom), or do you only fill it up after it’s completely empty (so that you either run out of something while cooking if not planned immaculately, or have to store refills in their original packages, which sort of defeats the purpose)? This has been esting at me for a while, as I’d really love to organize my pantry like this, but just can’t see past this practicality point!

    1. Hi Anna, I don’t overthink it! I like things decanted because it looks pretty to me, but sometimes we’ll have boxes of packaged things in there too. 😉 I usually make a meal plan for a week, so if it looks like I need to buy something, I grab it and add it in, you can stir it up so it’s all mixed together. You can also put a sticky note on the bottom of the jars to remind you when things expire. If you want to try this, maybe start with just a few containers and see how the system works for you. It’s not meant to be stressful, but rather enjoyable. 🙂

  13. Wow, looks amazing! If you enjoy cooking, this will make it so easy to find exactly the ingredients you need. And your daughter looks like she appreciates the organized pantry, too!

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