Neutral Master Bedroom Refresh

How was your weekend friends?  Ours was a full one.  We celebrated my husband’s birthday on Friday with a fancy family dinner out and then back to the house for a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Then, on Saturday, we had our school’s fundraising Gala and it was so much fun!  I jokingly call it Prom for Adults because everyone gets all gussied up- women in gowns and men in tuxes or suits – and it’s exciting to see how everyone cleans up.  My dress was on sale and has sold out online.  And I have to say this self-tanning spray rocks!  My girlfriend Angela told me about it and it helped give this pale girl some color for the night.  A used it a couple days in a row to let the color build.
At the Gala, we had a DJ (playing all the get-down songs from the 90s!) and it was awesome to see everyone on the dance floor- men included!  Well, not mine. He stayed at the black jack table with some other fellas the whole night. 😉 Over the past two years our son has been at his school, we’ve made tight friendships with the families in his grade and beyond.  Both Jimmy and I are actively involved with the school (I’m a room mom and PTO officer and he coaches sports) so we spend lots of time with the kids and adults.  I’m so thankful for all the wonderful families we’ve come to know.  I didn’t really realize that when James started school that it would be the beginning of new relationships for me and my husband as well. And on Sunday, we continued with our family dinner tradition.
Back at home, I photographed our neutral master bedroom refresh and can’t wait to show you the space today.


neutral master bedroom, love the Restoration Hardware leaning mirror and white bedding with neutral rug

The room was about 3/4 done in terms of decorating for the past couple years, but it still lacked that layered feel.  Adding in a few finishing touches including a new rug (from these 24 grey options), mirrors over the nightstands, and changing out the bedding brought it all together.
neutral master bedroom, white bedding with neutral rug grey accents, abstract art
These x-bench stools were first spotted at our annual holiday market in the Paul Michael Company booth, but before I could buy them, they were gone.  Things go so fast at that booth!  You have to get there first thing in the morning and guard you item to guarantee it’s yours.  There’s no Paul Michael store in Houston, but when my cousin was out of town, she stopped by their store in Monroe, Louisiana  and called me when she saw my stools.  She was so sweet and offered to pick them up for me and let me pay her back! So sweet!  They go great at the end of the bed.
Finding a rug was a challenge.  I wanted one I wouldn’t get tired of and that would be soft and big enough for our room.  This one fits the bill.  I found our rug at Joss & Main, but since they are a flash sale site, their products come and go.  If it’s sold out, check back or do a google search for it since lots of retailers carry the same merchandise.  If you’re not a member of Joss & Main, it’s free to sign up via email.
We had a very pretty paisley duvet here previously, but it was creamy and it just looked way to beige with the beige headboard, stools and rug.  I swapped out the white bedding I had in the guest room and now the room looks more crisp and clean.


neutral master bedroom, white bedding, gray pillows and accents, sunshine mirror
Three small throw pillows from Homegoods add a touch more pattern and color.
neutral master bedroom, gray and white pillows and bedding
The grey lamps are also from Homegoods, but the beveled mirrors are new from Pottery Barn.
neutral master bedroom, gray lamp and mirror accents


neutral master bedroom, white and gray bedding mirrors, lamp, night stand and pillows


neutral master bedroom, mirrored nightstand and gray lamp
I was a little nervous about putting mirrors above these mirrored nightstands (too much mirror?) but I like how it turned out.


neutral master bedroom, mirrored nightstand with pink flowers and gray lamp
Our headboard (this one, but in cream) was one of the first things we did to change the look of the room a few years ago.  We previously had a dark brown leather headboard that’s now in the guest room.  I found our upholstered platform bed at Overstock and I’m happy with the quality, fabric, color and nailhead trim.  I do think a taller headboard would be better for our tall ceilings.  But for now, the Devon sunburst mirror sits above the headboard and fills the space nicely.


neutral master bedroom, gray and white bedding, white headboard, sunshine mirror w/gold
The biggest splurge in the room is this leaning mirror from Restoration Hardware.  I originally bought it for our foyer, but decor has a way of changing places around here, so it’s no surprise that it ultimately ended up in the bedroom.  And I can tell you, that was no easy task to move.  It weighs 100 pounds and moving things with my husband (especially a 100 pound mirror that is taller than me) is not my favorite thing in world.  Not his favorite either.  Pretty sure I heard, “this mirror isn’t going anywhere else” after we placed it here.
neutral master bedroom, full size leaning mirror w/wicker basket holding gray and white pillows
One of my favorite things about this room is the flood of natural light it gets from the 3 windows here and four windows in the sitting room.


neutral master bedroom, love the Restoration Hardware leaning mirror and white bedding with neutral rug
The 4-piece framed art was a DIY project where I framed pages from a botanical book.  Our paint color is A New Gray by Sherwin Williams.  See all the paint colors in hour home here.
If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments and I’ll answer you back.  Hope you have a great week!
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Meet Megan

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  1. The bedroom looks so calming yet has so many interesting elements of style! I love that mirror from restoration hardware! It definitely makes a great statement in the room.

  2. Your bedroom is GORGEOUS! I seriously love the neutral palette, and my favorite part of it is that big mirror you have leaning against the one wall. I just love that look. I have been on the hunt for something similar for our master bedroom. Our TJ Maxx and HomeGoods don't always have a big selection, but they do have a fast turnover rate, so I'm constantly checking them.

    Beautiful room! Thanks for sharing and have a good Monday!

    "The Busy Brunette"

    1. Oh yeah! Our stores do too. You gotta be ready to buy as soon as you find one and then I'm always having to put them on hold till I can come back with our SUV.

  3. It's quite pretty….similar to what I'm redoing in mine…..just a suggestion, if you use a rug pad under your new rug, it will lay completely flat and look even more inviting!

    1. We should do that! I noticed the rug coming up in some spots too. We had a heck of a time getting the rug under the bed, trying to fit a pad under there would be a challenge too. I don't even want to ask my hubby about that! 😉

  4. I can't believe your beautiful wall color is Accessible Beige! I painted our kitchen and window-less office that color, but it looks so much more beige on my walls than gray like yours does. I'm also having a love affair with your rug! This room is gorgeous all around.

    1. Erica! You are right! We have Accessible Beige on our first floor, the bedroom paint color is A New Gray by Sherwin Williams. I updated the post to reflect that- thanks for catching it! 🙂

  5. Looks fantastic! Love the peaceful look. I have two of those mirrors & love them! I hear you on the husband front..we dragged one of them up a set of steep stairs to my daughter's room. I may have hear some grumbling as well..ha.

  6. I love this look – so refreshing and relaxing at the same time! I'm curious… is your bed a king? And do you have 3 regular sized pillow shams? Just this past week I told my hubby I was tired of fighting with our duvet cover (the insert never stays in place) and that I wanted to look for a quilt for the bed. I never considered getting shams in regular pillow size, but I would definitely prefer that because we both use regular pillows, not king! Thanks Megan!

    1. Thank you! Yep, we have a king bed. We have two regular king pillows each and three Euro shams on the bed. Our duvet insert gets crazy too. 🙂

  7. The Gala sounds like tons of fun and your dress is stunning. Love your bedroom, so relaxing and inviting.

  8. Your bedroom is gorgeous! Elegant and peaceful. You did a beautiful job Megan. Those pink peonies are lovely! One of my favorite flowers. Have a great week!

  9. Love the gray and white! So classy!
    What do you do with your pillows at night? It kinda looks like you have a basket next to your nightstand, but I don't know if I could find a basket big enough for three euro pillows from our king bed. I hate putting the pillows directly on the floor because of the dog hair in the house 🙁 I'm desperate to find a solution

    1. I love your room and colours you have put together! What colour is your carpet? It goes really well with the colour of your walls!xx

    1. I've been wondering the exact same thing…I hope Megan can shed some light on this. I am moving and want to buy the exact same bed but don't want it to be too low.

  10. BEAUTIFUL room Megan. It's absolutely perfect! I was laughing at what your husband said. Sounds exactly like mine! 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, I had to go check the dimensions. The rug is 7'6 x 10'6 and works perfectly with our king bed. Hope this helps!

  11. Hey Megan… Love this room. My husband and I are redecorating our bedroom and I was curious if you could give me the name of the rug. I looked on Joss and Main but thought I would do a google search. Thanks!! 🙂

  12. Love the room! It is the inspiration for my master makeover. Can you tell me where you got the gray blanket that goes all the way across? I can't seem to find a cute one that will go all the way across our king bed (they are all too short). Thanks!

  13. Your bedroom is beautiful Megan! I was wondering if you have been pleased with your Pintuck duvet cover? I have read reviews about other name brands where people have complained about the tucks pulling apart or holes forming. I am interested in purchasing one and was wondering if you were pleased with yours. Thanks!

    1. Great question! No, we don't have dressers in the room – they are built into our closets. But before we had built-ins, I I still moved the dresser into the closet since we had room for it.

    1. Our paint color is Sherwin-Williams A New Grey- not sure what it would be in the Bher line, but you could ask and see if they color match.

  14. HI Megan! I want to paint my bedroom the exact same as yours – Anew Gray. Did you specify any special formula (ex. 50% lighter or darker, etc)? Also, are you using a box spring under your mattress? I looked at this bed online and other people said it was too low. Yours doesn't look very low…another complaint I read on Amazon was that it wasn't sturdy. How is your bed holding up?

    1. Hi Karla, our paint is not lightened. I do have a box spring and the bed has held up very well, no complaints with the quality. I only wish the headboard was taller because we have high ceilings. Hope this helps!

  15. Amazing bedroom, LOVE it!
    I was hoping to inquire about the bed. I noticed you said your beds height was 43" and the color was 'cream.' With the link you supplied it states the bed height is 52" and the color is light beige. Could you clarify that it is indeed the same as yours or is it just similar? They only have 4 left….. I'd be honored to hear back from you. Keep up the great work, two thumbs way up!!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much, I went back and checked the link and that's our bed- I may have called it cream because that's how it looks to me but overstock calls it light beige. I just went and measured and it is 52" at the highest part in the middle of the headboard. I need to go back and see where I said 43" and change it! Oops! But, overstock has changed the link since I originally purchased the bed because in my order history the bed was just "Aisling Fabric King Platform Bed" and it's not there anymore and it was more expensive at the time $819. The one I linked to seems to be the exact one we have.

  16. Hi, I love, love this room. I just painted my room gray and bought a white comforter set. I would love to get the same blanket you have at the end of the bed. I did not see it listed…. Where did you get it? Hoping it is still available! Thank you!

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