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Welcome to the weekend, friends! Today’s post is a bit of a hodge podge, but it’s been crazy busy all in good ways over here!  We’ve had lots going on in a short amount of time with Jordan’s first birthday party, followed by repainting most of our house and my closet, and now celebrating my favorite boy in the whole wide world’s birthday this weekend!

James has been a truly delightful and wonderful child since Day 1.  Now that he’s a big brother, I’ve seen another loving side of him that is simply joyous to witness.  He’s so tender and sweet with his little sister, always insisting on giving her a hug and kiss goodnight.  He wants so badly for her to be able to say ‘James’ (she’s workin’ on it!), so he works with her daily on that and also is trying to teach her to say, ‘God’.  I mean, does it get any better than that?!

This week we also celebrated Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday at James’ school.  It’s tradition for the kindergarteners to decorate wagons and then ride in them while tossing out beads to the rest of the students in the annual parade.  Such a fun time and the kids get so excited for it.  Traditional Mardi Gras colors are purple, gold and green, so everyone dons those colors for the big party.

I had on this green dress originally and felt excited to get a little dressed up for the party, while still being comfortable.

Buuuut, I had to say RIP to it because I had an unfortunate incident on the way to the party.  I stopped to get gas- because of course I was on E when I needed to be somewhere on time-  and as I started to pump my gas, by dress blew into the pole next to the pump.  And it stuck there.  As I peeled my skirt away from the pole, I realized I had a huge stripe of bright white paint all over my dress! ? The pole had just been painted and there were no warning signs out!  Needless to say, I was ???  and my dress was ruined!  I ended up having to go back home and change into this:


These are NYDJ jeans, which are super comfortable, but have a higher rise, which some people love and some people hate.  If you prefer a lower rise, don’t get these.  I like them because they keep me feeling nice and tucked in at the belly.  They run big, so size down.

Thank you, thank you to Stacey, my sweet reader who emailed to let me know these Michael Kors platform heels (50% off!) had been restocked in my size! I scooped them right up and loooove them with all the heart eyes, but, beware, they are sky high!  The platform helps make them easier to walk in though and much easier than a stiletto heel. I love this warm tan color too- it goes with so many outfits and bags.

Today is Go Texans Day around here which means the cute cowboys and cowgirls are out in full force and the rodeo is coming to town!  I’ll add a picture of James in his outfit as soon as I get it!

AAAAANNNDDDD guess what?!  One of my favorite friends in the whole wide world is coming to visit on Monday!!  I’m so excited that she would come all the way from California to Texas to visit and love on Jordan and James!   I want to show her a good time so I’ll be planning some fun things to do while she’s here. #didsomeonesayspa?!


My baby brother (I should probably stop calling him that, but since we’re 12 years apart, and I moved out at age 18, it’s still hard for me to not think of him as 6 years old!) is getting married in two weeks!  James is the ring bearer and you know he’s excited about that- he’s already been practicing at home!  I found a great one shoulder dress that I can still wear a strapless bra with and will be able to hold Jordan comfortably.  I got it altered slightly (just taken in a bit at the waist and the length brought up) and now it fits like a charm!
Then, for our school Gala next month, I got the skirt on this dress (skirt and top combo) hemmed to fit my length.  I really love it and the top is lined so not at all scratchy.  It will be perfect for the black and white theme, but would you wear a necklace with it? I’m thinking just drop earrings.


Next week is our Spring Break and weather permitting, we’ll be heading to Galveston beach for a few days.  So, you know what that means . . . Swimsuit Season!  Yay for sun and sand and swimming pools and relaxation with my fam, but I don’t love trying on swimsuits, espeically in stores with bad fluorescent lighting.  Trying on in the comfort of my own home is much better and, thanks to you!, wasn’t half bad as I tried all these suits on with you on InstaStories yesterday.Definitely take a look at my Stories for a live video commentary on all these suits.  It’s such a good way to be able to communicate and see things in a more 3D way. I hope this swimsuit try-on session and fit/quality review can help you in the swimwear department if you’re looking for a new one. Finding the right suit that flatters can be so daunting!

I’m 5’1, currently 105 pounds and 34D for sizing reference.

Threading Along Bikini Top (8) | Bottoms (4)

First off, this suit is gorgeous in person and the aqua blue is amazing! I loved the colorful stitching detail too.  It feels sporty and would be great for splashing around in the pool or getting some sun. This triangle top said size 8 is recommended for bra sizes 34-36C, so that’s what I tried and they didn’t offer anything that said size D. But after getting it on, I think I should’ve went with a size 6 because the top was too big and I couldn’t adjust the straps to pull my chest up higher.  The bottoms fit will though, no pinching or pulling and really comfortable.
I think you can see the pretty color better in this pic:
I loved this suit so much that I ordered it in two sizes to see if one of them would fit me! Isn’t it just so cute?!  The picture online didn’t show the back, so I was curious about that, but I knew I loved the print and front.  It has a removable halter straps and removable cups and side ruching that is very flattering.  The 2 is what I’m wearing above and it fit perfectly!  It also comes with removable straps if you want to wear them.
Below is a close up pic so you can see the texture on the suit and the way it’s cut modestly in the rear.
I liked the zig zag pattern and shape on this suit a lot with the high neckline.  Bonus that it was under $70. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this suit was bagging on me, so I’d say I needed to order size Small instead of Medium to get a proper fit, but other than that, I really liked this one!
This is obviously not me #hellosupermodel, but I ordered a couple suits that haven’t arrived yet, but still wanted to point out to you.  It’s recommended to size up in this swimsuit and I ordered Small.  I wasn’t sure how well the girls would be held in in this high-neck suit because I can’t tell how much elastic is on the sides, but I loved the shape and style so I can’t wait to try it on.
This one is similar with it’s crochet fabric and actually felt great on with adjustable shoulder straps.  The cutout crochet makes it look like a bikini but you’re still covered up like in a one piece.  And the fabric is soft and smooth, and angled in such a way that it flatters your middle, making it appear smaller.  It’s recommended to size up in this swimsuit and I did, but the rear was the slightest bit loose on me.  It seemed that if your torso is longer, it would be really cute on you and fit even better.

Laundry Cutout One-Piece (XS)
How pretty is the color and pattern on this swimsuit?! It’s a kaleidoscope floral print with a modest cutout in front.  The shoulder straps are nice and wide and it felt amazing on.  It can be so tricky to feel great in a swimsuit, but I felt great in this one and also secure like I could run after kiddos in it and not worry about flashing anyone.  It’s got removable padding in it too.  I felt like this one was the perfect combo of classy and fun.
Vince Camuto One Piece (4)
When I opened this suit from the package, I literally thought they sent the wrong one because I didn’t remember ordering a suit in such a bright coral.  This suit is almost glowing!  Look at it compared to the picture online below:

And it also comes in olive, but who knows what that would look like in person.  Although I wasn’t crazy about this suit on me (the fabric was on the thin side so I didn’t feel all that secure in it), y’all really like it based on the feedback from InstaStories.  You pointed out that the bright color accentuated my (spray) tan and thought the color fun and vibrant.  I did like the side cutouts though.
I also didn’t like the rear booty part on me- it felt to straight across the back and wide on the side, but most of you liked the criss-cross feature.  I didn’t realize from the online picture, but the suit also had tiny rhinestones lining the v-neck.

Ted Baker London Citrus Bloom One Piece (34C/D)

This DARLING swimsuit I wanted to fit so badly.  You’re supposed to order by your band and cup size, and I also read all the reviews that said this suit has a short torso, so best for petite girls, so I ordered 34C/D and crossed my fingers!  It still hasn’t arrived but I can’t wait to receive it! #pleasefit!!!
I ordered three suits to pick up at the store (to get them quicker) and tried them on first there.  This black one piece came home with me for a second look, but the two bikinis below I returned after the initial try on.

Black One-Piece (4)

Now he’s a spicy one piece that felt kinda like a Baywatch front with the deep V neckline and cheeky rear.  The criss cross sides are open, but I still felt more covered in the front with this one.  If you want a sexy one-piece, this one’s for you!  The material felt like a great quality, on the thicker side, so I felt very secure in this one.

Crochet Halter Bikini Top (Medium) | Crochet Bottoms (Small)

The crochet on this suit drew me to it, and it’s nice and stretchy but one thing I didn’t realize when ordering was that the top ties in the back with several strings that were super hard for me to tie by myself.  There’s a good picture of that online that I missed when ordering.  It wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but just know it in case and you might want to cut the strings shorter because they are super long. The size Medium top fit fine, but the Small bottoms were too big and it might be hard to tell, but they are loose on.  So, even though the website says size up, I wouldn’t.  And I felt like this particular top made me look top heavy.

Floral Bandeau Bikini Top US6 | Floral Bottoms US4

The print on this floral bikini is really pretty in person, but is darker than it seemed online.  I sized up in the top because that was recommended, but I think it was too big, and a US4 would have fit me better on top and the US2 on bottom because this was a very full coverage bottom in this size and it’s supposed to be medium coverage.  Also, I forgot that the top can be tied twisted in front and I think that’s much cuter.  The top did hold up well though, with side boning and gripper tape for structure, which is important for larger chested girls.


Rashguard (Small)

I forgot to snap a pic of this cute striped rashguard, so here’s a screenshot from Stories.  I loved the top, but felt like the arms were tight.  I think it’s supposed to feel like that though.  The material is nice and thin and silky soft so I may keep it.  I know I appreciate being covered up sometimes at the pool when you’re over the sun, so this is a good option and of course #stripes!


Cover Up (XS)
I love a long sleeve cover up for long days at the pool when you don’t want any more sun or get chilly and I loved the hoodie style.  It’s lightweight, stretchy and a little sheer, but super cute! #keeper!
With Jordan literally running around lately, she needed something more substantial than her moccasins (blue, pink, gold), and I ordered these adorable baby shoes!  I can’t believe how seriously cute they are and also how much bigger they look than her initial tiny baby shoes. She’s in a size 4!

Gold Sandals | Purple Sandals | Pink Sneakers | White Sandals “I’m ONE year old and wear real shoes! . . .  My mommy’s gonna go broke!”

If you caught James’ “shoe interview”, he liked this pair of flip flops.

The workout capris I wore yesterday are amazing!  They have a comfortable waist, figure flattering fabric, and cute perforations along the side.  They are supposed to keep you cooler, but I just like how they look.  The bold cobalt blue is ?  (and also come in teal green and black).  One reviewer said she didn’t like them because she was only 5’3, but I’m 5’1 and I love them!
Finally, y’all were all heart eyes over the genius and curious little contraption that is my tea brewer and it’s the one I got at our Favorite Things Christmas Party. I still love it and use it often!!  It’s by Teavana and you heat your tea separately (I microwave a cup for 2 minutes), then add your loose leaf tea and (optional) rock sugar and steep according to directions (usually 3-5 minutes). Then, you put the brewer on top of your cup and the perfectly brewed tea pours directly into it!
I love it in the afternoons or evenings when I want a hot drink, but don’t want the caffeine.


Have a great weekend, friends! ?
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  1. LOVED this post today, Happy Friday! You rocked those swimsuits!!! You look amazing in all of them and especially look so good in two pieces! I ended up buying the La Bianca two piece as soon as I saw it on you. Can't wait to get it. Swim suits are so funny- as soon as you NEED them, you can't find one you love so now I make sure to swoop one or two up just because every season. Thank you for the help with the sizing- that sure does help. I can't believe the story about the ruined dress… seriously? That is crazy- crazy sad! I hope you have fun with your girlfriend on Monday- yay!

    1. Thanks Corbie! I love that La Bianca suit, I'm gonna see if I can order in the smaller size top and maybe that'll fit better. Let me know how you like yours!

    2. Hi Megan! I ordered a size 6 top and it arrived yesterday. It is too small! Yikes. I am going to try and swap it out for an 8. Swimsuit sizes are so weird! In normal clothes I am a 2-4!

  2. Happy Birthday to sweet James! Seems like yesterday we were saying Happy 1st to him. So many cute swimsuits to choose from. Love the gingham one. We are headed to Naples in April, so I need to start looking before they are all scooped up by spring breakers.
    And, SUPER jealous you are getting to spend time with Courtney. One of these days I will finally get to meet you both face to face. Two of my favorite bloggers.

    1. That's true, they go fast! But there's lots in stock at Nordstrom, almost too many, so I hope the review was helpful! We are bound to meet sometime!

  3. Just an FYI…I was shopping at TJ Maxx this morning and came across the Laundry suit above, only in a blue pattern (only $29.99). You are right, it fits beautifully!

  4. I love all of the See Kai Run shoes and always see them on sale at Nordstrom Rack. So cute! And that tea brewer is the best. So easy! Thanks also for the swimsuit ideas. I'm definitely in the market for a new one piece this year and loved that gingham one!

    1. I need to get ahead of the game so I can buy shoes on sale. I'm not sure how long she'll be in this size though. That gingham suit was one of my faves! I'm so glad it fit!

    1. Very sweet Debbie! I have a "body after baby" post coming up on Monday, so it'll share the details of my workout and the parts I still struggle with. Have a great weekend!

  5. Check out Salt Waters-they're relatively cheap, around $35, so cute for little girls and they come in all sorts of colors! Hannah always ends up with a couple pairs each summer!

  6. Gorgeous! I really love that rash guard, looks so comfy and cute for chasing the kids around. I agree, no necklace with the black and white dress…. drop earrings will be perfect! Happy weekend.

  7. So much good stuff in this post!!! I think drop earrings and a loose up-do will be stunning for the gala. No necklace! And that navy taffeta dress is so classy. I want to try the one-shoulder look and can't wait until I have ab occasion to wear it. And the swimsuit selection– I am a fan of the turquoise bikini, and I actually really like the bright coral suit. It's very flattering, and the criss cross back gives it even more of a wow factor. You can rock any suit! Looks like you have some fun events and activities coming up! Can't wait to read the post re-caps!

  8. I just ordered that tea brewer…just wondering what your fave teas are…I'm new to the tea world! Do you have the rock sugar too? Does that really help "sweeten" the tea? Thanks!

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