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Well happy already February 1st to you!  Isn’t it crazy how fast January flew by?!  At 35 weeks pregnant now, I have a feeling February might seem to slow waaaay down over here and feel like it’s dragging on and on!  I can’t believe how quickly I went from “feeling great” to “so ready to be done!” But, gotta just take this last part one day at a time.  I’ve officially entered “nesting” mode and can’t wait to show you the progress on our nursery bathroom and also the nursery closet that I’m working on getting organized.  Soon, my friends! 
There are many days I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and getting nothing accomplished, so it’s fun and rewarding to look back and see that, no, I didn’t just nap all day (even though sometimes it feels like it), I actually did something productive and have kept this blog going.  I have no idea how blogging will fit in with a newborn, but thankfully, I have my wonderful Mom to help out and we’ll just play it by ear.  For 2016, I’ve been thinking of new content I want to share in my main areas: home, organization, fashion, fitness, and now pregnancy and life with a newborn.  So many ideas and I just hope I can get them from idea stage to actual blog posts! Did you see I created a new BABY tab at the top of my blog?  That’s where I’ll keep all the pregnancy/baby related posts for future reference. 
Having done a year-end recap was so fulfilling to see that I actually had accomplished quite a lot over the year.  And I loved having all the popular posts in one place, so I’m going to start doing a monthly recap of posts that were popular that month, starting with last month.  I know many of you don’t have time to check in everyday and I’m just thankful that you visit at all! so hopefully, these month-end posts are helpful for you to get caught up if you missed something.  Here goes! Click the link below each picture to read that post. 

top HWH posts | January 2016

I kicked off a new series, Home Styling Tips, last month and so far have shared the Kitchen and Reading Nook with you.  The next one coming up will be Desktop Styling.  Don’t you just love to sit down at a pretty, well-organized desk?!  It makes me feel energized and want to get to work! 
Home Styling Tips | The Kitchen Edition - tips for keeping your kitchen looking beautiful while balancing the need to keep certain things out- a pretty and practical guide!

Tips for styling a reading nook - it doesn't have to be a big space, just enough room for a comfy chair and some accessories
Speaking of nesting, I shared how I built the no-sew bench seat in the nursery, and also how we added the lucite and gold hardware to the cabinet doors and drawers.  This room is ready for a baby girl’s arrival! 
How to Build a No-Sew Bench Seat - an easy and inexpensive DIY project that doesn't take very long
At the beginning of the year, don’t you have a desire to get everything organized after the holidays? In the post below, I shared how we organized the biggest problem areas in our home last year (and best of all, they have stayed pretty well organized!).  So far, it’s been the most popular post this year. 
Great tips for getting many of the worst 'problem areas' of your home in tip-top shape
Hand-in-hand with getting organized is starting the year with a fresh and beautiful organizer that inspires you to stay on top of all the many things we have to do in a day.  I’m a planner addict and could easily use one of each of these! 
The Prettiest Planners of 2016 - I'm ready to get organized!
I’ve been pretty pleased with my maternity wardrobe this time around, especially since I looked God-awful the first time. #noreally I didn’t buy that many new things, but have been mixing and matching to put together maternity looks that make you feel good during your pregnancy.  Many of you are past that stage of your life, so I appreciate you sticking with me right now. #youaregoodpeople #everyonelovesababy For the expectant moms out there, I hope this maternity wardrobe post was helpful to you! 
How to Build a Mix & Match Maternity Wardrobe that doesn't break the bank #dressingthebump #bumpstyle #maternityfashion
For examples of some of my Mix & Match styles in action, January had a good recap of daily outfits for a busy mom on the go.  I included maternity and non-maternity options so everyone could find a similar look if they wanted.  The soft “need coffee” top sorta sums up how I feel most days! πŸ˜‰ 
a month of mix and match styles - cute even if you're not pregnant! #dressingthebump #bumpstyle #maternityfashion
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I had fun putting together a couple collages (love making these!) with gift ideas for him and her.  
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her - one of each please!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - that he'll actually like!

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My sis-n-law and best girlfriends totally spoiled us with a beautiful and fun baby shower last month. Even though this is our second baby, and it felt a bit indulgent to have a second baby shower, it was wonderful to celebrate this baby girl in her own right and I can’t deny the absolute cuteness of all those itty bitty baby girl clothes.  I recapped the shower in the post below. 
Pink Black and Gold baby girl shower - with a recap of food, decor and more
And finally, I have to say that ever since I published the 34-week pregnancy update, not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about your kind, supportive, and encouraging comments.  It’s easy for me to self-censor my emotions and writing, but putting it all out there for you to read was the best thing I could’ve done because I realized I needed to hear those words to help put my insecurities and fears to rest. You have no idea how thankful for you I am!  #happytears #loveu! 
34 week pregnancy update that shares all the fears/anxieties/pains that go along with the 3rd trimester
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  1. February 1, 2016 / 5:46 pm

    I just wanted to let you know that your wardrobe posts have been extremely helpful. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and although I didn't want to spend a lot of money, I realized that I looked like your "before" picture! I kept buying clothes that were too big and frumpy for only being 5'1". I'm now embracing skinny jeans, leggings, fitted shirts, and layers and feel so much better about how I look. It's hard to figure out how to dress a pregnant body, and I appreciate your clothing posts and links!

    • February 1, 2016 / 11:37 pm

      Congratulations on your pregnancy Elizabeth! And thank you for letting me know those posts are helpful. I'm scared of that "before" image! πŸ˜‰ You're short like me so wearing clothes too big only makes us look bigger! Even before I was pregnant, I think some of my jeans were probably too big. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy mama!!

  2. February 1, 2016 / 8:41 pm

    Love this post – thank you for sharing! Also…I can totally relate to trying to keep up with a newborn and a blog. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun too! πŸ˜‰


    • February 1, 2016 / 11:38 pm

      Thanks Megan! I remember when my son was a newborn, I took advantage of his naptime to get blog posts done. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that this time too!

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