Valentine’s Day Dress | with Vegan Leather Jacket & Magenta Pumps

How do these days go so fast?!  I had planned to publish my pregnancy exercise routine yesterday, but my son got sick so I lost a day home with him.  But, in retrospect, we had more alone-time together, which I do appreciate.  I’m reading In Praise of Slowness now and I think it helped me just relax and not worry about what I was missing getting done.  Being a very action-oriented person, sometimes I struggle to slow down and just do one thing at a time.  Working on this.For today, let’s talk Valentine’s Day! When it comes to that hallmark holiday, are you all in or prefer to skip all the hub-bub?  I’m somewhere in the middle and we typically do a little something, but it’s not a huge deal.  For V-day this year, I made a lunch-date reservation for my husband and I, which is a rare treat.  When we were dating, we did “date night” every Friday night with one of our favorite couples.  But that was 8 years ago, that favorite dating couple has since split, and our adults-only nights out are a rare thing these days since we tend to do everything with our son. I’d like to change that eventually, but for now, I’m just as excited to do a nice adult lunch date at one of our favorite restaurants.

At first, I was thinking of just wearing a casual jeans and red t-shirt outfit (with a leopard shoe), which I’ll show you on Friday, but then I changed my mind and figured I’d better wear this striped dress I bought several weeks ago while I can still get it over this belly!  It’s non-maternity, size Small, and does run small, so keep that in mind if you order it.  I couldn’t even get the XS on! I bought it hoping it would last post-pregnancy since I love the v-neck and slim shape.  It’s the last new thing I’ve bought and you’ll hear about my clothing spending freeze tomorrow.

For now, I’m excited to know that I can still rock a heel (even if it is only for about 45 minutes!), but we’ll just be sitting at lunch so it will be fine!  I hope my husband appreciates the effort!


#dressingthebump #maternitystyle
dress | necklace | earrings from my latest rocksbox set – 1st month free with code honeywerehomexoxo (similar earrings under $30) | similar braceletjacket | magenta heels 30% off 

#dressingthebump #maternitystyle


#dressingthebump #maternitystyle
Check out this big ‘ole 35 week pregnant baby belly!  I’m getting so big and really feeling it!  Just taking it one day at a time now.  Some mamas mentioned a maternity pillow to help me sleep, but I haven’t bought it yet- is it really worth it? I’m hesitant to buy anything else with only 5 weeks to go.


#dressingthebump #maternitystyle #thirdtrimester
I’m definitely happy with this vegan leather jacket I bought last year for under $100.  It’s super chic and dresses up jeans really well for a night out.  It does run small, I’m wearing size Small here.


#dressingthebump #maternitystyle #thirdtrimester
I posted the above pic on my Instagram Monday as a little sneak peek and for the 35 week bump update.  If you want to see more everyday snaps, you can follow me there too. I love it because the dialog back and forth is so much easier and I try to respond in real time right after I post a picture if you leave a comment.  Let’s chat!!


#dressingthebump #maternitystyle #thirdtrimester
I’m just thankful that baby is healthy and growing and I’m just letting the process play out until she’s ready to make her debut! It will be nice to be able to bend over again or actually see my feet or shave without feeling like I’ve taken a machete to my legs. #nobarelegcloseupsplease
#dressingthebump #maternitystyle #thirdtrimester


#dressingthebump #maternitystyle #thirdtrimester


#dressingthebump #maternitystyle #thirdtrimester
Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?  Whatcha gonna wear? 
keep in touch! 


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  1. I'm definitely one who thinks the majority of things people say you "need" in pregnancy are a joke, but I'm so glad I got a snoogle. I was ok with random pillows for support, but once I got the snoogle I have been much more comfortable, and sleeping like a rock like I used to! I didn't realize how much my sleep had changed until I slept with it and felt so much more rested. I'm due March 8, and the rest of the pregnancy had been great and pretty easy, but I definitely recommend a pillow!

    1. You're due the day after me! I've been using extra pillows too but now you've got me seriously considering it. My sleep has been pretty bad lately.

  2. Seriously, you look stunning! I wish you peace and comfort these last few weeks of your pregnancy (get the pillow!). Looking forward to seeing your baby girl in her beautiful nursery and learning her name. LOVE your blog!

  3. I never comment, but BUY THE SNOOGLE!!! It made me so much more comfortable, postpartum, too. I credit it with the good sleep I got through my pregnancy. My husband thought it would never leave our bed. Worth every penny!

    1. Hearing you say you used it postpartum makes me feel like it would be even more worth it. Thanks for letting me know! My friend told me ever her husband loved using it!

  4. I have been a reader of your blog for a very long time and never really comment. I think you are the most adorable thing ever, but on this post you look SPECTACULAR. The entire outfit, your bump… everything. You look like a knockout!

  5. I also didn't want to buy too many things during my pregnancy that I wouldn't use again. I finally broke down and bought a lumbar pillow (from Costco $12) when I had 6 weeks to go. Total game changer!

  6. I say buy the snoogle! I'm not due until May but my husband bought it for me around 20 weeks, at the time I thought it may be a little premature but as of a couple of weeks ago I am happy that I have it! I even went to the trouble of taking it with us out of town this past weekend! I say it is worth the money, you may only be five weeks out but it is something you will use EVERYDAY until D-day! Good Luck! You look great!

  7. Buy the pillow!! You won't regret it. Sleep is so precious at this stage. I also used the pillow after our daughters were born. It's especially useful for propping up babies who can't get sit up by themselves. You can kind of twirl it into a sort of nest.

  8. Megan get the pillow at Target. They are cheap and they have some great cover options. I still use mine – I find it reduces my occasional hip pain from running. I really enjoy your blog and I am glad you added the clothing posts! XO

  9. I'm a huge fan of the BumpNest pillow but there's no way I'd get it with only 5 weeks left to go unless you're ABSOLUTELY miserable. Is there a Facebook buy sell trade group near you where you could get a gently used one for super cheap? Trust me there's nothing that's legitimately comfortable when you get so far along. 🙁 At least the time will go by fast from here until next month!

  10. Looking great! I've never been pregnant, but I have a lot of friends who have, and I've never heard of anyone regretting getting one of those pillows. They even use them after pregnancy because they are so comfy!

    1. Hi!! Got it last night and I'm glad I did, but it's taken getting used to because it's really big! But, I already liked using it for putting behind me on the couch for back support. Sitting on my couch was so uncomfortable before!

  11. Definitely buy the pillow!!:)
    Quick ?: do you drink Muscle Milk while pregnant, or is it raw eggs? Been reading your fitness posts! Started making the protein pancakes; love them!!

    1. Hi! I don't drink Muscle Milk (the protein shake), but I do still drink the Muscle Egg (which is maybe what you meant). It's pasteurized egg whites. And I've been experimenting on my protein pancakes too! Try adding about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda- it makes them fluffier!

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