My Minimal-ish Makeup Collection

Hi friend! We recently decluttered a drawer in my bathroom that holds beauty products that don’t fit well in my shallow makeup drawer. Today, I thought it would be fun to actually open up my makeup drawer and show you my makeup collection.

I’ve been thoughtfully considering the products I like to use and letting go of the rest. What’s left is makeup that I use on a regular basis. I’m calling it minimal-ish because it’s not like I only have 5 things, but it’s minimal in that everything is in use, nothing is wasted. There’s the perfect amount of things for me.

At the end of this post, I’ll share a look back at some of my makeup collection from several years ago. It’s cool to see the progress towards a more minimal lifestyle.

Several days a week I do a “full get ready” with hair and makeup and I do feel confident and productive on those days.

Dress Sandals

I don’t experiment that much with makeup, but I will try something new from time to time. I’m most comfortable with my go-to look that I can accomplish in less than 10 minutes.

But a red lip is fun from time to time;)

Mac Red

And recently, I’ve really been enjoy my completely makeup free days. I used to ALWAYS at least wear mascara, but now I’m not even wearing that when I go makeup free.

My Minimal-ish Makeup Collection

I’m thankful to have this shallow drawer in my bathroom vanity that is perfect for makeup.

Bathroom Tour

Makeup drawer

This is all of the makeup I own, minus the lipsticks that I keep in the next top drawer and also in my purse. Oh, and a couple in my desk drawer – I like to have them handy! My favorite is the Charlotte Tilbury Liv It Up and the Tarte Juicy Lip.

I removed my lipsticks from that other beauty drawer and now they’re all here in one place. I also have those press-on lashes. Here’s a tutorial for how to apply those.

mOcha glass, makeup brushes

Mocha Glass

I keep most of my makeup brushes in this glass jar on my vanity counter. I like being able to grab them here. The few brushes I keep in my drawer are ones that are two sided, so the bottom of one brush isn’t getting smushed by standing upright.

makeup brushes

BK Beauty BrushEco Tools BrushesMac Brushes

I do have several brushes and they all serve different functions.

The BK Beauty brush on the far left is for foundation and I’m currently using a pressed foundation that is applied perfectly with this brush.

The next brush I use for contouring.

Beside that is a stiffer brush that’s great for blending out eyeliner.

The little brush I use for highlighting my eyes under the brow and by the tear ducts.

The rest are eye shadow brushes and I use them for blending, swiping, or for creating contrast.

Makeup drawer

KVD Highlight/ContourNars BronzerMakeup by MariDM Blurring BalmTarte BlushTarte Powder FoundationManeaterSeint MakeupTarte HighlighterSimilar Mac EyeshadowEye Shadow PrimerMorphe Eye ShadowTarte Eye ShadowConcealerTubing MascaraPanda EyesPencil EyelinerLiquid EyelinerBrow PencilTarte Contour & Highlight BrushSeint Brush Makeup Brush

I’ve tried to organize the drawer in three sections.

Left: foundation, pressed powder, blush, contour, and bronzer

Middle: Eyes – eyeshadow palette, primer, highlighter & Seint makeup

Right: concealer, mascara, eyeliner, brow pencil, brushes, eyeshadow and pencil sharpener

Right Side

Makeup Drawer

Tarte Eye ShadowPencil SharpenerConcealerTubing MascaraPanda Eyes MascaraMAC EyelinerTarte EyelinerTarte Liquid EyelinerBrow PencilTarte BrushSeint Brush Makeup Brush

Here’s a closer look, going from left to right.

When I’m doing a full face of makeup, I start with concealer. This one is perfect for mature skin because it’s more lightweight and blends easily. I’m shade 12B.

I’m loving the Tarte XL Tubing Mascara so much that it’s all I’ll buy going forward. It gives you bold lashes with just one coat and comes off so clean only using warm water. I’m also using up the Panda Eyes Mascara since it’s almost out.

I’m down to two eyeliners – a dark purple from MAC and a perfectly smudgable clay liner from Tarte in brown. I use these on my lower lash line.

On my upper lash line, I love the Tarte Liquid Eyeliner also in brown.

My favorite brow pencil is the Revitalash Brow Pencil in soft brown.

My double sided blush and highlight brush is old from Mally, but I found one similar at Tarte.

The Tarte In Bloom eyeshadow palette is probably all I need, but I have two more.

I bought Seint makeup last year and really like it. Seint makeup is cream based and they have foundation, highlighters, contour shades, and blushes. You purchase through one of their reps that are ambassadors for the products or from the Seint Official website. The last brush you see is from Seint and helps apply and blend.


Makeup Drawer

Seint MakeupTarte HighlighterSimilar Mac EyeshadowEye Shadow PrimerMorphe Eye Shadow Palette

My Seint makeup palette is at the top. Next to it is a gorgeous Tarte Highlighter.

Below that is my MAC eyeshadow palette. That’s pretty old, so I’m wondering if I should toss it. They don’t even sell it anymore.

The Morphe Eye Shadow Palette is really pretty and I just got that one a few months ago.

I don’t always use the Eye Shadow Primer, but my eyeshadow goes on smoother and lasts longer when I do.

Left Side

Makeup Drawer

Kat Von D Shade & Light PaletteNars BronzerMakeup by MariDanessa Myricks FoundationTarte Blush PinkTarte Powder FoundationManeater Lip & Cheek Duo

The Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette has 3 different highlight colors and 3 contours. It’s great!

I’m forever a lover of the Nars Bronzer, been using it for several years now.

My friend Mari has a makeup line and her contour is great too. I also love her lip gloss.

I have two different shades (3 & 4) of the Danessa Myricks Foundation. It’s a skin blurring balm powder that gives the most beautiful coverage. It absorbs oil and balances sweat while maintaining hydration. I love how my skin looks when I wear it. I wear shades and apply it with the

My go-to blush is the Tarte Blush ‘natural beauty – pink berry.

I also have Tarte Powder Foundation. I like how it absorbs any greasiness and helps balance my complexion. It’s so easy to apply with just the little powder puff. I’m shade 12N Fair Neutral.

The foundation I choose each day depends on how my skin is doing and how much coverage I want. The Seint makeup is good for dry skin since it’s a cream product. The Tarte Powder Foundation is what I use when I want to go more minimal and also quick. The Danessa Myricks Foundation is more for a date night or when I’m taking photos.

Finally, the Maneater Lip & Cheek Duo is a multipurpose product you can use on your cheeks and lips. It comes with two colors, but I donated one since I like this color the best.

Simplifying Makeup

I’ve been simplifying my makeup because too many choices overwhelm me. When I open my makeup drawer, I want it to be simple and easy to identify what I need to use. That’s also why I organized my makeup from right to left in the drawer- it’s the order I apply my makeup.

And, as promised, I found an old photo from June 2020 with my lipstick, lip pencils, eyeliners and brushes . . .

I’d love to hear how makeup is a part (or not) of your life. Do you have lots of products or just a few? Are you adventurous when it comes to trying new things or stick to your tried and true faves? Let me know in the comments.

Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. I’m a freak about lip balm and lip gloss- I need options. And also, skin care. But I try and use what I have before I allow myself to buy another.

  2. I really want to learn how to apply highlighter. I rarely wear makeup, usually for a special occasion. I hate coming home late and having to take it all off, I’ve never gone to bed without removing make up.

    1. I always take my makeup off before bed too. I like to add highlighter at the top of my cheekbones, on the tip of my nose and under the brow, and at the tear ducts. It’s adds a nice bright lightness.

  3. I love this. I really need to edit my make-up. I’ve kept so many things for years “just in case” and I know they are probably too old to use (such as eyeshadow). This has inspired me to tackle my collection. Thank-you.

  4. For years I’ve collected a lot of make up products and in real life I used few of them, so I started declutter gifting products to my friends and have a small bag with mascara, lipbalm and few lipstick for special occasions. In thi period I am a fan of free from make up, the only thins I use is face cream!!!!

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