Pool Update & What Patio Furniture I Chose

Hi friend! I hope you’re having a great week! Our pool is finally complete and I’m thrilled to get to share it with you today! And, after searching for months for patio furniture, I ordered a couch and two chairs that should be here next month!


As you may remember, I started this pool project in September 2023. That’s when I started getting bids and making plans. I choose Trahan pools and signed the contract on October 20. After the backyard was marked and permits approved, they started digging the pool on November 9. The pool was filled with water on January 30.

After the pool was finished, there was still turf to install, the fence to put back up, a new Holly tree to be planted, and additional landscaping that’s still in the works. Oh, we also added landscape lights under some of the Holly trees.


The pool has three steps into the pool from the patio that we extended. There’s also a tanning ledge with umbrella mounts for shade and three bubblers.

The pool goes from 3 feet to 5 1/2 feet deep.

Eventually, I may add lounge chairs and a side table in the tanning ledge.

pool, basketball goal

Basketball Goal

On the the deep end of the pool, there’s a bench going along the end of the pool for people to sit.


The coping around the pool and the patio tile is white quartzite. I’m so in love with the white marble look of this tile! It’s really gorgeous in person.


The only issue I’m having is that I have Holly trees surrounding my backyard for privacy and they bloom red berries every couple of years. They are currently dropping those berries and if I don’t sweep them off the tile, they can stain it.

Holly Trees
Holly Trees

The pool basketball hoop was a shared birthday gift for my kids. They LOVE it! They’ve already been using it a ton and James assembled it himself!

Pool, Basketball goal

I like how it’s got an acrylic backboard so it doesn’t obstruct the view.

Pool, Basketball goal
Pool, Basketball goal

The water is chlorine as opposed to saltwater and all of the pool equipment is located at the side of the house. I can operate the pool cleaner, lights (they can change colors), heater, bubblers, from an app on my phone.

We had to wait 28 days from when the plaster was complete to heat the pool. I have it set to 84 degrees now.

Pool Equipment

I’m fortunate to have a very handsome pool boy to keep the chemicals in check. Thank you Elliott!

Pool Equipment

He also hung two hooks on the fence so we can keep the pool net out of the way here. In the future, we’ll add stepping stones so you can walk back here with bare feet.

The original backyard plan was to extend the patio three feet and then have turf surrounding the pool. I’m so glad we chose to extend the patio further, all the way to the pool.

We just added turf behind the pool because the kids still may want to have that area to play and also for the dogs. We installed sprinklers there so that the turf can be ‘washed’ and cooled during the hot summer months.

This turf is premium grade and feels so soft underfoot. It’s interesting to note that they pour sand in the turf as the last step to make it stand up.


The tile part that’s sticking out into the turf contains the skimmer baskets. Had I known that I’d be tiling all the way to the pool, I would have kept them on the side closest to house.

Egg Chair

Egg Chair

I do like having our egg chair back here. It’s a great location to observe from and very relaxing.


You can see in the photo above where we still need to paint some of the fence boards and plant new ground cover. I was honestly surprised that our fence went back to normal after being taken down so that the equipment could access the backyard.

Also, the new Holly tree is a small 65 gallon as opposed to a 100 gallon because that’s all that was available. It should grow to be a large tree in time though.

pool, outdoor patio


Extending the patio to the pool gives us so much more room to move around. This is the table and chairs I’ve had for years, but I am considering replacing the table with a six-seater.

The patio has umbrella mounts because this part of the backyard isn’t covered. We also have enough room to put lounge chairs in this space. Maybe next winter, a fire pit.

outdoor patio

The outdoor baskets are perfect for holding balls and pool accessories, but we may need something larger in the future for pool noodles, floats, towels, etc.

outdoor patio
outdoor patio


This pole was the perfect place to install dual-sided hooks to hang towels, hats, and bags.

SPF Bag, Pool


outdoor patio


A couple weekends ago, Elliott and I went in search of live plants and planters to add to the backyard. It really helps the space look more fresh with the addition of live plants.

I found this large concrete planter at Pottery Barn and the olive tree at a local nursery. The olive tree needs full sun, so we’ll keep it out from under the patio roof.

outdoor patio

Grey PlanterTarget Planter Etsy Wall HangerFaux Potted Plants

We put a gorgeous aloe vera plant in the grey fluted planter and flowering plant in the smaller white one.

For now, I have faux flowers in the hanging planter, but I’d like to switch them to herbs or succulents.

outdoor patio

Black Planter

The outdoor kitchen with sink, grill and fridge was already in place, so we didn’t have to change anything there. It’s a nice feature to be able to keep water, gatorade or fresh fruit in the fridge while we’re spending time outside.

outdoor patio, Planters


The addition of more fresh flowers really brightens up the area.

Patio Furniture

Which brings me to the major decision of what furniture to buy for the main patio seating area.

outdoor patio

RugChairsSide TableBlack Plant Stand

I knew I wanted an outdoor sofa and two side chairs. The sofa would go where these two chairs are sitting now and the side chairs would go opposite those.

The chairs I have in the space now go on our front patio and I’ll move them back with the new furniture arrives.


I ended up choosing a black couch from Pottery Barn, along with two coordinating chairs.

I looked at so many places in person and online before deciding. So many things to consider including the dimensions, seating width and depth, fabric material/upkeep and color. Not to mention the design and cost.

Elliott and I went to several retailers to try to see the patio furniture in person, but many places (including Pottery Barn) didn’t have the patio furniture on their sales floor. I will say I really appreciate him talking this decision over with me at length He’s very thoughtful with these kinds of conversations and I appreciate it so much. He’s also had a pool and outdoor furniture before, so he’s been a helpful resource throughout this process.

LEFT (high performance slub weave “linen”) | RIGHT (high performance slub weave “natural”)

I ordered fabric samples and ended up ordering the one on the right “natural” but I like the linen too. Fingers crossed!

Eventually, I want to add a side table for between the two chairs and probably a coffee table.

Backyard Makeover

123 4567891011 1213

It’s wild to remember what the back yard looked like before compared to how it is now!

Soccer goal

I’ve never had a home with a pool, so this is all new. I can tell you that I absolutely LOVE sitting out in the patio in the morning with my coffee and journal.

I’ve also been taking my lunch outside and eating at the table.

The kids have been swimming in the pool daily and Jordan started getting in even before it was heated! I wouldn’t let her stay in too long, but I’m so happy that she wants to use it so much.

When we had our family birthday party last weekend and everyone was outside and enjoying the pool, it made my heart so happy!

And my 14 year-old son requested a pool party with his friends this weekend!

We live in Houston where it gets unbelievably hot and humid in the summer, so I’m sure this pool will be our hang out spot all summer and beyond.

If there’s anything I left our or you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. Loving your pool and I am so jealous. I am having a giggle at the fact that you didn’t want Jordan in the pool for too long before it was heated (and I know that we are all climatised to our own temperatures) as my daughter is constantly wanting to go into the sea at our beach (no matter the time of year) and its normally a steady 44/45 F. Im not even sure our public pool is that warm, maybe 70F. I am always having to drag her out of the water before she gets hypothermia haha. My friends from Aberdeen moved to Houston many years ago and their kids were born there. They think my daughter is mad with the temps that she will put up but then there is no way we could live with the outdoor temps that you have to live with throughout the summer. I would have to move to the Arctic or something. Enjoy your pool, if I am ever in Houston, I’m coming for a pool party haha

  2. WoW, Honestly if I’d have a pool like this I’ll spend months out, relaxing and having sunbath all at once. Temperatures are not so good yet, but when hot season will arrive I’ll spend more time in outdoor!!!

  3. We have a pool and last year invested in a solar skimmer here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BW33M286/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1.

    It’s not cheap but it has been a game changer. You essentially let it run all day and you never have to use the hand held skimmer anymore and we have a lot of trees in our backyard. Honestly it felt like a part time job skimming all the time! It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you have it!

  4. I’m so curious how the turf is with dogs? Does it start to smell at all? I noticed you mentioned sprinklers to wash it?

  5. I think you will love the Malibu PB furniture! I have two of the Malibu Adirondack lounge chairs and two of the stackable Malibu lounge chairs and they’ve held up well against the sun and rain. I found covers for when it rains on Amazon (much cheaper than the PB versions). Your yard looks beautiful! And I’m so impressed by their swift timeline – our pool permit took almost four months!

  6. I grew up with a pool in CA & loved it. At age 40 started having Mohs surgeries. Now at age 53 , I’ve had 6 on my face. The dermatologist believes it’s from sun burns in my youth. I share this as a caution. I’m still a swimmer! I just use better face sunscreen & reapply often. Hope your little mermaid has a wonderful childhood with the pool!!! Check out Towel Maid on Etsy. I would purchase the product but they don’t ship to hi.

  7. Love your new backyard! I hope for you and your family to make many wonderful memories with it.

    One thing I noticed is the purple flower by the fridge, is that a heliotrope? If so, all parts of it are poisonous to dogs. I’m an avid gardener and always check to see what plants are poisonous to dogs before planting. Any dog could be curious about a fallen leaf or petal.

  8. I had to giggle when you had Jordan get out because the pool may be too cold. We are from MN, and I can almost assure you Northlander kids are very use to cold water (and no they don’t become sick).

    Enjoy every moment and I just love you sharing! FYI – When me kids were in elementary, we drove to Houston to visit family. One night was spent at the Sheraton in McKinney. My kids swam in the (probably unheated) pool in March and had a blast. Naturally NO ONE ELSE was even outside. I am sure the staff thought we were crazy.

    Cheers to happy pool kids everywhere!

  9. Love love your new backyard and Ahh a pool! On my bucket list but I’m also wondering if I have room for a cocktail pool – can I ask the dimensions of yours? Being in CA we have small backyards but thinking I could maybe try a dipping or cocktail pool or even a spa, it would be so lovely. The quartzite is beautiful, your family is going to be out there all the time. Enjoy!

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