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Hi friend! Welcome to a fresh, new week! We had such a fun weekend and it was the first time we got to heat the pool and have a pool party! We celebrated my birthday plus the kids with one intimate family party at home.

The weather was gorgeous and I heated the pool to 83 degrees. I pulled the trigger on patio furniture and will be sharing later this week how it looks now!

I was so happy to hear how much you enjoyed the major declutter post. I can’t believe I let go of 500 things and I’m still finding more things to let go of. I’m thinking I should show you how some of the areas look now so you can see how it’s affected my everyday living.

I do still believe that certain things have value in my live. I try really hard to shop intentionally because I don’t want to waste my money and I don’t want to have too many things.

That having been said, today I’m sharing the things I’ve bought on Amazon in the past couple of months, not including clothing. I always think it’s interesting to see those kinds of things.

What I Bought on Amazon

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blood pressure monitor

Let’s start with the health related things. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered I have high blood pressure. It was at a routine Well Woman visit that I first learned of this issue, and since it was so high, my doctor recommended I order a blood pressure monitor at home. She advised this particular brand on Amazon. That first week I had the cuff, my blood pressure was getting over 180/110 and I ended up going to the emergency room where it was 212/

My primary doctor put me on blood pressure medication and referred me to a cardiologist, which I’ve already seen and go back to tomorrow for an echocardiogram. The medication I’m on has been working and my blood pressure is normal everyday now.

We are trying to figure out what’s causing my issues, especially because I don’t have any family history that I’m aware of.

The important thing to note is that I had no symptoms of high blood pressure. In retrospect, when it was super high, I felt a little anxious. High blood pressure often goes undetected because they can be no symptoms.

That’s why it’s so important to get it checked. This blood pressure monitor is battery operated, very easy to use with a clear digital display.


After my marathon is over . . . I’m never running again! Just kidding! But, I do plan to focus more on weight lifting. More than cardio and running, lifting weights helps sculpt your body. I love being and feeling strong. It’s so important for our overall health, especially as we age.

These weights are great quality with an easy-to-hold handle and I like that they’re not too thick. Some thick weights are hard to grasp with a female hand. The weight number is easy to read and they’re hexagon shape, so they won’t roll around.

You can do a 20-minute weight workout a few days a week to see and feel results!


I can’t say enough how much I love new treadmill! I didn’t even know what I was missing until I got this one.

My old treadmill was a 2020 purchase and it suited me well for 4 years. It’s perfect if you want something small, lightweight, easily moveable with no incline. That small treadmill went up to 5.0 mph.

The new treadmill inclines up to 12% and has speed up to 8.5 mph. It’s also much sturdier, and a bit wider (still not huge) with cupholders. It also folds up and has wheels, which makes it easy to use.

TREADMILL TIP: Set up your treadmill somewhere you will actually use it! Do I love having it in my living room? Not particularly, but that’s where I’m most likely to get on it. I could put it in my garage or in the guest room, but that’s not where I’d prefer to use it.

If you want to do the 10,000 steps a day challenge, you’ll have to go for walks to get the steps in. If you have a treadmill, there’s no excuses.

Sneaker Deoderizers

Speaking of running and walking, our sneakers weren’t smelling so hot. I keep them in a cabinet in our mudroom and every time I opened the cabinet doors, the odor came out.

I found these sneaker deoderizers and they work really well. You twist them to release the deodorizer and simply slip them into your sneakers. Twist them closed if you’re not using them to extend their life. When open, they absorb all the odors. You can put them in shoes, lockers and gym bags – wherever you need extra freshness.

protein bars

I discovered these Barebell protein bars last summer when I was trying out a new gym. Now, I’m hooked! Not only are they absolutely delicious – they taste like a legit candybar, they are low sugar, only 1 gram! And they have 20 grams of protein with 200 calories. I ordered directly from the Barebells website in the summer because I was worried about them arriving melted, but I’ve ordered from Amazon without any issue since.


My son was sick in January and I borrowed my friend Jamie’s humidifier to see if that would help him sleep. It worked like a charm, so I ordered one for our house. Since then, my daughter has been congested and it helps her sleep so much better too.

I like this humidifier because it holds a lot of water with a container that’s easy to fill, has a sleek touch screen and you can adjust the angle where the steam hits. It has a light you can turn on or off.

live succulents

I’ve been really pleased with the live plants I’ve ordered on Amazon. Here are a few below.

These succulents came packaged well and all of them were in perfect shape. I potted them in this Walmart planter and have them brightening up my back patio. The good thing about succulents is that they’re unique and very low maintenance.


I found my go-to spring and summer sandal! These are a flat, strappy sandal that is so comfy and cute! They fit TTS.

woven bag

And this woven bag has already been getting lots of use. The design is cute and it zips closed. I like both of the bag straps it comes with – a dressier gold/resin chain link and a woven neutral band.

mesh tote

This mesh tote is perfect for the beach or pool because it’s and easy-to-carry size with comfortable shoulder straps and an inside zipper pocket. With the mesh design, it shakes out sand easily and dries quickly. Plus, it’s just cute!

fabric shaver

This is the fabric shaver that my friend Anna brought to our favorite things party. I had a different one I bought years ago, but when I pulled it out to use recently, it had stopped working so I bought this one.

This fabric shaver works even better than the one I had before. It has several speeds, comes with additional blades, a cleaner brush and

I use it on sweaters, but also on my upholstered furniture to freshen it up.

ipad case

After many years in the same ipad case from Target, it started falling apart. I searched for a ridiculous amount of time before setting on this ipad case on Amazon. It’s perfectly minimal, a pretty shade that would look nice on my nightstand since that’s where I usually keep it – but it comes in every color. It acts as a stand too and comes with a slot for an ipad pen.

fluted vase

I like keeping fresh flowers in my home and these bright yellow tulips were a birthday gift from my friends Rhonda and Melissa. This glass fluted vase looks sophisticated and high end, perfect in your bedroom, living room, dining room or wherever you like to see fresh flowers.

I definitely feel like I’m at a time in my life where I scrutinize every purchase. I want to be able to enjoy my things, but I don’t want them to rule my life if that makes sense. I need to not have so many things that I’m spending most of my time taking care of them. My things need to serve me, not the other way around. Can you relate?!

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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