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Hi friend!  I hope you’re having a fabulous week! We celebrated Fat Tuesday at school yesterday with little classroom parties and then my girlfriends took me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday.

I’m so thankful for this crew of amazing friends.  Most of us have known each other about 10 years – since our kids started preschool together.


Can you believe it’s been almost one year since we moved into our new house?  I’ve shown the whole home tour here, but there are still a few rooms that I haven’t fully shared.  Today, I’m inviting you inside my closet!

This closet is smaller than my previous closet, but still plenty of room for two.  It’s also taller and as you’ll see below, there’s lots of space I don’t even use.

closet tour closet organization

JeansTee Wedges

Closet Storage

Headband HolderAcrylic Compact Holder

When you first walk into the room, you’ll see the double dresser drawers straight ahead with open shelving and additional hanging storage.

Inside the dresser drawers are intimates, pajamas, workout clothes, swimsuits, coverups, shorts and belts.

I don’t really need this space right now, but it is handy how the builders installed a pull down bar for easier access for us shorties!

Since I’m not using all of the hanging space for clothes, I made use of the hanger bar with these acrylic handbag hangers. I like how they keep your purses in great shape and how you can see exactly what you have.

Closet Organization

I’m often rearranging things, but I do use the shelves above the dressers for storing bags and accessories.

Headband Holder, Bracelet Storage, Closet Storage

Headband HolderAcrylic Compact Holder

Closet Storage, Bracelet Holder, Earring Stand, Jewelry Box

Bracelet HolderStorage BoxEarring Stand

I like to see what jewelry I own, so I keep it on a shelf and generally color coded.

Closet Storage, Bracelet Holder, Earring Holder, Storage Box

Bracelet HolderStorage BoxEarring Stand

Jewelry Organization. Necklace Holder, Ring Holder, Jewelry Box, Bracelet Holder

Bracelet HolderJewelry Box • Earring StandNecklace StorageRing Storage

I especially love the acrylic necklace holder.  You can attach it to your wall with the adhesive strip it comes with or with screws.  I chose to use the screws.

Closet Storage

I have one hanging row of dresses and a pretty gold 3-step ladder so I can reach the bags of the shelf above.

Closet Storage, Shoe Rack

There’s a lot of shoe storage, yet I still ended up overflowing to the shelves on the next side.

Purse Dividers

Purse Dividers

I use these shelves to store my jeans and recently started going through them.  Since I always try to link what I’m wearing and to help me quickly find the pair I want, I store them by retailer and label each stack.   I have since added clear dividers there too.

Purse Dividers

Below the jeans are clutches and crossbody bags stored upright in acrylic bag dividers.

Acrylic Dividers, Closet Storage

I like using these acrylic dividers to separate my folded sweaters.   My hangers are from California Closets.  I love how thin these space saving hangers are, but they’re not velvet, so they don’t get dirty with fuzz and lint.

Monogram Hook

A feature that I quickly got spoiled by is that the lights turn on automatically when you walk into the closet.  It’s insanely satisfying to not have to reach for the light switch!

closet tour closet organization

JeansTee Wedges

I really love the hardwood floors in here – they’re the same as throughout the house, Palladio Wide Plank in color “white wash”. 

I’m thinking of adding a rug or possibly a center island in the future.  I also think a chandelier would look really pretty in here since the ceilings are so high. What do you think?


Below are some helpful closet organization solutions:


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Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. Hello!
    Thanks for sharing a peek! Quick ?- do you label denim by retailer because it helps you with blogging? Meaning, I’d you didn’t have to identify each piece would you label by style of Jean? Also, do you store other clothes (diff. seasons elsewhere or does this encompass everything? Finally, I would love to know what you personally keep from each try on if you’d be willing to share. Thanks! Happy Friday!

  2. OMG! I don’t even know where to begin on my love of this closet! The purse and jewelry organization, the pull down bar for high hanging clothes storage! We are moving into a new home next month and this is giving me lots of ideas for what to do with my new walk-in closet!!!

  3. OMG! I don’t know where to begin on my love of this closet! The pull down bar for high clothing storage or the purse and jewelry storage! This is giving me so many ideas for the closet in our new home in Austin we move into next month!!!

  4. HI – Any tips for storing swimwear to keep organized. You mentioned them in the drawers- can you elaborate?
    Great closet – buying the gold steps – I need them too!

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