Jordan’s Preschool Playroom

Hello friends! I hope your week is off to a great start!  Since the kids didn’t have school yesterday, we ran some errands, had a friend over, and picked out some surprise balloons for Jordan’s birthday today!  I literally cannot believe this girl is four years old.  I feel like she’s growing up before my very eyes and it’s going so, so fast!

Today, we’ll take #4 cookies to her classroom and then have a small celebration at home with a homemade cake.


I’m also excited to share Jordan’s playroom with you today.  The room used to function as an office, hence the dark wood panels.  When I decided to turn it into Jordan’s playroom, a makeover was in order!


I started by painting the walls white and the paneling grey.  It instantly brightened up the room and made it much more appropriate for a little girl. But, even if she moves out of this room someday, the color scheme could easily work for a home office again or extra living area.  That door back there leads to a large walk-in closet where the holiday decor is stored.

Jute RugSimilar Medallion RugLavender Art

If you remember Jordan’s nursery, I took several things from her room and relocated them here so that I wouldn’t have to start completely from scratch.  For instance, the lavender rug and Lavender Art were in her baby room.  The Jute Rug was formerly in my dining room.

Toddler Playroom

Table & ChairsToybox/Shelf

Since we tend to do a lot of art and pretend play in here, a table and chairs was a must.  This was the first thing I bought for the room last year and it’s held up great.  If we’re painting or doing something messy, I put down plastic cartoon placemats to protect the table.  It wipes clean really easily and seems to be the perfect size for two people.

Toddler Playroom

Toddler Playroom

I found this wooden block on our trip to Magnolia Market and it’s perfect for corralling crayons.

Toddler Playroom

This little shelf/toy box was something my mom and I put together for Jordan so we’d have a little extra storage space here.  Right now, it’s just holding stuffed animals and some dress up shoes, but I’m thinking of getting a little dress rack to hold her princess dresses so that they’re easily accessible.

Toddler Playroom

Similar Name Puzzle

My mom bought Jordan that name puzzle for her birthday.  Isn’t it cute?!

Toddler Playroom

KitchenLarge Round Baskets

For Christmas this year, Santa brought Jordan a play kitchen and she absolutely loves it! We play restaurant often and she loves to serve us at the table.  I love all the adorable details and the gold hardware – and that Santa’s elves assembled it so Mama didn’t have to!

Similar Galvanized VaseFaux Lavender Bouquet

Toddler Playroom

I found the cutest play dishes on Amazon and keep them together in this white mesh basket.

Toddler Playroom

Play Dish Set

Toddler Playroom

Eva Love Pink Art

On the opposite wall is a super handy white Ikea shelf that holds toys and books.  I was pretty proud of myself for assembling this by myself.  The woven bins are hand-labeled so we know what goes where for easy clean up and play.  I keep her playdough in a bin and all the playdough accessories in another bin behind it.

I do find that even toddlers are pretty good about putting things away when they know where they go.

Toddler Playroom

The art is super special and made by the talented artist, Lindsay Letters.  The piece is called Eva Sky and named after Lindsay’s young daughter that suffered a traumatic brain injury after a short fall from a golf cart last year.  News of this tragic injury has touched millions of people across the globe and it’s been truly humbling and amazing to see Eva’s parents keep the faith and speak God’s healing over her.  Eva is actually making amazing progress and I still follow her journey daily.

Toddler Playroom

Eva Sky Art

Toddler Playroom

Toddler Playroom

Similar Wheeled Cart

This little metal cart used to be in James’ room and holds craft and art supplies.  I’ve seen prettier ones, but this one is functional for now.

Toddler Playroom

Toddler Playroom

CouchSimilar Wire BasketFluffy Throw Blanket

The petite couch is the newest addition to the room.  I wanted something that my mom and I (and the kids) could comfortably sit on while hanging out in here.  The size is just perfect and doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Toddler Playroom

It’s so well done and I love the shape and style.  The end table and lamp are also left over pieces that I may change out in the future.  I’ve seen a pretty white/gold table I liked and I think another lamp may look better.

Toddler Playroom

The big plush unicorn was Jordan’s Valentine’s gift this year.  Below that you can see a better look at the rug we’ve had for 5 years now!

Below the unicorn you can see a better look at the rug we’ve had for 5 years now!

Toddler Playroom

I’m so grateful to have this big space for Jordan to play in and to keep all these toys out of the living room (although lots still end up in there).  I’d like to possibly add drapes and then do something with the big blank wall behind the kitchen.

I was thinking maybe something to display Jordan’s art since she loves to create?  Maybe a gallery wall?  Wallpaper??  I’d love to hear your ideas! 

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Have a fantastic day friends!

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  1. You have created a lovely room for all those special times you and Jordan will share. Well done, Mom! It’s so beautiful!

  2. It looks beautiful and functional! I love the idea of a plank wall behind the kitchen and I’ve seen cool ideas with a simple string and clips or clipboards to hang their creations.

  3. Beautiful job Megan! What a wonderful playspace for you guys! I agree with Haley, I love clipboards or just simple bakers twine and cute mini clothespegs for hanging art…that way it’s easy to switch it in and out.

    1. I’m so glad we put the couch in there- we were just cuddling in it yesterday! It’s a very useful addition to her playroom!

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