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Hi friends!  I hope your week is going really well!  Today’s post is all about a mini bathroom update, just in time for Summer!  The bathroom is the first room I enter when I wake up and the last room I see before bed, so I like to it be a place that looks nice and functions well.

I recently bought some new bath towels at a discount retailer to save money, but then was so disappointed when they fell apart about a month later.  The seams on the side literally started shredding. I’ll probably be cutting them into cleaning cloths now. ;(

I knew I needed to replace them, so this opportunity to partner with Macy’s was perfect timing. Macy’s has a huge selection of beautiful home decor.  When I used to have time to shop in the store more often, I loved visiting the home department.  It inspired me so much to see all the fun cooking tools, dinnerware and bedroom and bath selection.  I even got my upholstered bed there last year! If you can wait, Saturday April 27th through May 5th, you can save 30% off select styles during Macy’s Friends and Family Sale using code FRIEND.


When I hopped online to look at towels, I had pink on my mind.  I’ve usually stuck to grey or white towels in the past, but I thought pink would be a fun color towel I’d like reaching for everyday, and perfect for summer.

I did find pretty pink towels, but that led me to other pink accents, like this textured rug!

RugRose Gold MirrorGlass & Copper Canisters • Similar Vanity Tray

The texture on this rug gives it a playful stripe pattern.  It’s 100% cotton and really soft underfoot.  I got the big baby – 30 x 45 inches, but it also comes in a smaller 20 x 36 version.

I know y’all will want to know more about my robe too – James actually picked it out!  I love it even more for that reason!  It’s a waffle knit texture with an inside tie and outside belt to keep you secure.  The sleeves are 3/4 length and it has pockets.

Waffle knit bathrobe

Robe Fit : TTS, I’m wearing size XS 

Okay, let’s talk towels.  I’m really in love with the ones I found at Macy’s! First of all, the color is the perfect shade of pale pink I had in mind.  But, they also come in tons of shades to choose from.

They’s super soft (100% cotton) and feel really luxurious on your skin.  They’re big, but not too big (27 x 52).  I’m not surprised they got such amazing reviews – over 2,500!

Pink bath towels

Can you see how they are reversible with a striped side and solid side?!

Pink Bath Towels

Most importantly, they are quick drying to prevent mold and smells from building.  You simply machine wash them.

pink bath towels

I feel like good quality towels are something every adult needs in their life!  We shower everyday, and there’s nothing worse than a falling apart, stained (stinky!) towel.

No ma’am!  Get the good towels and USE them! 😉  They’re 60% off now, so you have no excuse! 

Pink bath towels

I could have sworn I ordered the coordinating hand towels, but #mombrain I forgot to add those to my cart.

I did get the washcloths, because I had to have the set, but I don’t normally use washcloths, so I put those in Jordan’s bathroom for her to use.


I like to keep my counters relatively clean and clear, but with the necessities within arm’s reach.  Using containers and trays to corral your things makes them look so much prettier!

In keeping with the feminine pink theme, I found these rose gold canisters in the kitchen department at Macy’s.  You don’t have to stick to the bath section when looking for containers, trays and the like.

Copper top canisters

Glass & Copper Canisters

These glass canisters came in a set of three and I’m using them for my cotton rounds, qtips, and cotton balls.  The lids twist close and they have a large mouth, so it’s easy to grab what you need.

I also use a similar mirrored gold vanity tray to hold all the beauty products I use often.  I like the size and style of this one!  The decorative handles make it easy to move or hold when you want to wipe it down.

Gold mirrored tray

Similar Vanity Tray

So, where’s all my other “stuff”?? I’m lucky to have under counter space and six deep drawers to hold things.

In the drawers by the sink are my toothbrush, toothpaste, floss. Then more hair products in the second drawer, and nail polish and extra skin care in the bottom drawer.

The top drawer on the adjacent side holds hair accessories like hair ties, clips and bobby pins and my wet brush.  Beneath that are my round brushes, hair dryer, and curling wands.  And in the bottom drawer is my microblading tool kit, extra cotton swabs, cotton rounds and cotton balls.


I like to keep a hand mirror at the counter so I can easily see when I’m putting in and taking off my contacts, or if I need magnification to see better.  #oldeyes

This rose gold mirror has 1x and 5x magnification and an LED light to help you see better.  It also swivels 360 degrees.  The only thing is that it’s not very tall, only 11.25 inches, so I may exchange it for a taller one.

I just hope I can find one as pretty!

Rose Gold Mirror • Glass & Copper Canisters

RugRose Gold MirrorGlass & Copper Canisters • Similar Vanity Tray

I hope I’ve encouraged you to get some good towels! 😉 Have a fantastic day!


Have a great day friends! 

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  1. This is a gorgeous bathroom, just like in a top-class hotel! I was wondering the same thing as Amy about convincing your husband, although maybe men don’t notice bathroom colors as much as we do. 🙂

  2. Beautiful, I love the fresh look and it’s such a classy pretty pink color. …… If you know what I mean, some pinks look child like. Love it, you have such great taste!

  3. Is that Pink Hibiscus, by chance? The Macy’s site doesn’t appear to have a pink in the same shade as yours.

  4. Hi Megan! Always love to see your fun finds! Do you mind sharing where that cute little stool is from? Love it!

  5. We are building a home and I am looking for a tub just like yours because I love the shape of the bottom. Do you have any info on the tub you can share?

    1. How exciting! I really don’t know anything about this tub, my builder chose it and I’m not sure the name or retailer. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful on this one.

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