November Loves

Good morning friends!  I’m getting so giddy because tomorrow is my annual trip to our local Holiday Nutcracker Market with my Mom!  We’ve gone every year for the past several years and it’s one of the times I look most forward to all year because it’s one on one time with her.  We don’t get that often, so it’s very cherished. ♥

My Mom so much fun to hang out with and even though doors open at 10am, we always start with mimosas!  The Nutcracker Market always signifies the start of the holiday season for me and I’ve actually already started decorating for Christmas.  I’m glad too because it’s taken me days to get started and I have lots more to do! I just enjoy it so much!


Today, it’s time for a new Monthly Loves. If you’re new to Loves, it’s where I share things I’m loving each month, with the aim to highlight fabulous things I swear by, some things I want to try, great deals, and under $50 finds!  All perfectly appropriate for the flavor of each month!  I love sourcing goodies and sharing them with you!

As I typed “November Loves” I can barely wrap my head around the fact that we’re nearing the end of the year.  Wow!  Did it sneak up on you too?

As far as what I’m watching, I go in and out of Real Housewives, but I marathoned last season of RHNJ and now I’m following along this season.  I enjoyed watching Teresa prep for her contest and I like the new girl Jackie.

I also got hooked on Brianna K’s You Tube channel.  I love her cleaning and decor motivation!  She has two really darling kiddos too and they seem like such a sweet family.

I also got my first red Starbuck’s cup of the season and my first ever Peppermint Mocha (nonfat with light whip) and it was delish!  I’ve been missing out!  What’s your favorite drink? Let me know in the comments! I usually take the kids after school on Friday as a treat- they love the cake pops- or as Jordan calls them, “pop cakes”.

November Loves


Teddy Bear Fleece

Our weather went from “when will Fall arrive?” to “Winter is here!” in a blink.  Of course, this teddy bear fleece pullover was the first thing I pulled out to wear.  I love it at home inside as much as I do for venturing out.  It also happens to be 35% off now!  It’s super soft and keeps you so warm and cozy!


This hat just arrived and it’s extra!  It’s made of wool and has a cool velvet belt accent to dress it up a bit. The shape looks great on and it’s adjustable for a perfect fit.  I have the taupe and it’s a beautiful light tan color, but it also comes in sleek black.  You can’t go wrong with both!

Reversible Scarf 

This scarf is gorgeous in person and it’s reversible.  There’s a pretty pink plaid on one side and a pink leopard on the other.  I also like how you can wear this scarf so many ways-  I usually wear mine as a scarf, but it can also be worn as a wrap if you get chilly.


How pretty is this star necklace?! A lot of you ask about my choker necklace, but I like this one for a change and a more festive option.


You guys, this is kinda sad and very personal, but I put on my wedding ring this week for the first time in over a year just to see what it felt like and man- so. many. emotions.  The ring was so very beautiful and precious and I still have it.  Maybe one day it will go to James to give to his future wife or to Jordan.  I’m not sure yet, but I felt like gifting myself a new ring, and I chose this one.  It’s just a little gift to myself for everything I’ve been through this year and as a reminder that there’s a lot of inner strength inside.  I thought it looked like a ring that a strong woman would wear and I loved the style.  I hope it fits!


My pink tassel keychain that I had for about 2 years fell off and I lost her.  🙁 When I hopped online at Amazon looking for a replacement, I found this key ring bracelet.  They are all the rage right now (even my photographer Tisha has one), and Amazon has them in so many colors and patterns for under $11! I like this snakeskin print because it’s super neutral and goes with almost any outfit- and I got one for my Mom in her favorite color, teal.

The keychain is super convenient because you can wear it as a bracelet or carry it in your hand.  It’s also easy to find in your purse without loads of digging!

Nail Polish

Two new things I’m loving in the nail department – 1) a new, oval shaped longer nail.  I used to keep my nails super short and more square shape with rounded edges, but I had them filed in an oval shape this time and kept longer and I love it!  I think it looks so feminine and pretty.  The shorter, square style is good too, but looks more ‘sporty.’

2) I’m crazy for the polish I got last time and it just might be my new signature color.  It’s a mauve/lilac that looks great on all skin colors.  I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it.


You wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would!) the amount of time I’ve spent searching online for a perfect Christmas wreath.   I looked and looked and held my breath when I ordered this one from Amazon.  It arrived this week and is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!  If you need a new wreath this year, get this one and you won’t be disappointed!  It’s nice and full and fluffy and looks so good with the pinecones and red berries!  It came securely packaged and in perfect condition and seems like it will go the distance.

If you’re a few steps behind me, this is the Fall wreath that’s still currently on our front doors. 😉 . You can see more of our Fall decor home tour here.

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Door Mat

Out with the pumpkin mat, in with the Christmas trees! I love adding Christmas flair to nearly every room (and the patio) this time of year.  This mat is nice and vibrant and sturdy, perfect for wiping off your shoes before you come inside.

Flocked Christmas Tree

The newest big addition to our Christmas decor this year is a brand new 10 foot tall flocked Christmas tree.  This baby is tall and gorgeous.  It fits the space where our tree goes so much better than the shorter tree we had last year.  And, I’d go as far as to say it’s the most beautiful tree I’ve ever owned (by the legendary King of Christmas) and I couldn’t beat the price – but it didn’t come prelit.   It comes in 6, 7, 8, and 9 foot also and the branches and flocking look so good! It’s really fluffy and full and has lots of dimension to it.  I can’t wait to photograph her and show you soon!

Christmas Tree Lights

These are the lights James help me put on our Christmas tree, and we love them!  I’ll have to show you on Stories how I strung them.  I actually took the time to light nearly every branch and it took 9 boxes of lights to complete.  In the end it was totally worth it- the tree looks magical all lit up at night!


I credit this tool for helping my skin look as youthful as possible. I love it because it’s so easy it is to use (just a few minutes a few times a week), how effective it is, and also relatively inexpensive compared to a dermatologist visit.   I did a whole blog post about it and shared on Stories how I use it and so many of you said you love yours too.

Down Coat

You guys will see a full try-on of this coat tomorrow in my next Amazon post, but it’s so good that it made the LOVES list.  First of all, I love the white color and style of the coat- it looks so fresh and bright for a long, cold dreary winter, but it also comes in a rainbow of colors.

Beyond that, the quality is outstanding.  It’s a down coat that will keep you all toasty and warm and it has a detachable fur trim on the hood.   It’s got pockets and a front zipper and is fitted at the hips to help you keep your shape.  The elastic cuffs will keep your arms from being exposed to the elements.

The coat also has interior pockets for your phone or keys. And it’s water proof!  You’d think this is a $200+ coat, but it’s only $89 Prime!

I liked it so much better than the Amazon Coat everyone raves about!  You can see me in the Amazon Coat towards the end of this post.

Jacket Fit : I’m wearing size XXS and it fits perfectly with enough room for a sweater.  I’m normally an XS or XSP.

That’s it for today guys! 

I’d love to hear what you’re loving this month! Sound off in the comments! 



  1. Kellee
    November 14, 2019 / 6:25 am

    That ring is gorgeous! I remember seeing you wear a ring that said FAITH in your pics. Where did you purchase the FAITH ring? I am definitely ordering a new Christmas wreath!

  2. Rachel E Cope
    November 14, 2019 / 6:55 am

    Can’t wait for the amazon coat post! As for what Starbucks drink I am currently obsessed with, Skim Milk Mocha with Toffee Nut flavor. Its like a melted heath bar in a cup! Yum!!!

  3. Lee Ann
    November 14, 2019 / 7:15 am

    Can’t wait to check out these “loves”. I really want the pullover.

    My FAVORITE holiday drink is a Starbucks (half sweet) peppermint mocha. I don’t buy them any other time of the year because I want to keep that drink feeling like Christmas ?

  4. Elizabeth Lawrence
    November 14, 2019 / 9:04 am

    I hope you and your Mom have so much fun at the Holiday Market! I used to do something similar with my Mom and I sure miss it now that she’s gone. Those little special memories are the best and remind me I was lucky to have her 🙂

    I just LOVE everything on this list! Especially the wreath (simple and beautiful!) and the door mat!! And thank you for recommending Brianna K’s YouTube! I need to watch them all to motivate me. I really like your new ring. You can never go wrong with Gorjana!

    My favorite Starbucks drink is Cafe Misto with 2-3 pumps of white mocha. I got my first Holiday cup last weekend. I think it was green.

    I’m so excited to see all your Christmas picks over the next few weeks!

    • November 14, 2019 / 3:06 pm

      Hi Elizabeth! I’m so sorry your mom is gone, my Dad is too and we miss him so much. I always think he would just adore Jordan and vice versa- he loved being a Grandpa so much. My heart goes out to you! If you like those cleaning/motivation videos, you’ll enjoy Brianna. She’s a doll! I got a green cup today! 😉

  5. Patti
    November 14, 2019 / 10:21 am

    Not to be personal but since you wrote about it, I will ask. Why do you not wear your wedding ring and why does it make you sad? As a faithful reader, have I missed something?

  6. November 14, 2019 / 4:57 pm

    Hi Megan,
    As always I love your posts! I started taking my kids to Starbucks when they were in middle school for one-on one time just one at a time – I also have a boy and a girl and we would make a “date” of it to talk about life. So good. Now as college students when they get Starbucks gift cards, they invite me to go!
    I am not really a holiday drink lover but do adore their London Fog latte (black tea) or my go to coffee drink is half soy
    and half non fat milk. Just the right sweetness.

  7. Gosia
    November 14, 2019 / 7:42 pm

    I have been reading your blog for over 8 years, on and off. I have always enjoyed the kindness and happiness that pour thru your writing. Today your confession has brought me to tears. Big, warm tears of hope. I have been struggling with taking my final step and signing a legal retainer since June. The fear of the unknown and looking into my daughter’s sweet face have kept me paralyzed. You have touched my heart and given me a gift of strength and hope. Thank you.

    • November 16, 2019 / 11:54 am

      Oh girl, I know just how you feel. I’m sending you so much love and courage and strength. Lots of us are going through the same thing.

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