Meet Shannon, My Blog Assistant!

Today  is a super exciting day, like realizing it’s serious with you and your boyfriend and finally bringing him home to meet your parents!  I have that same giddy feeling today because I’m introducing you to a special person, Shannon, who’s been working with me on my blog for the past several months!  I’ve come to know and love her and I hope you do too!

What does a blog assistant do

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Let’s start at the beginning so you can understand why I brought Shannon on to work with me.  When people email me for blog advice, two things I always say upfront is that:  1) it is so very fun and rewarding and the thing I still wake up excited to do everyday, AND 2) it can be so much more work than you might realize.  More on that below! 

This is why many established bloggers have whole teams – or at a minimum – spouses, moms, and their older kids helping them behind the scenes nowadays.  Without help, it’s easy to lose yourself to blogging and social media all day long!  For the last 7 years, I did everything myself on my blog and social channels.  Last year, I realized that it was just too much to keep up with on my own if I wanted to blog and have a quality family life.

Also, I realized that I was pouring all of this time and energy into my blog to create quality posts, but then I wasn’t maximizing them!  I didn’t have time to properly keyword or SEO the posts, share them on social media or pin them to Pinterest, or boost posts on Facebook.  All that “extra” stuff you can do to help grow your blog.


Last summer, I was at a point where my son was home from school and didn’t want to go to camps (which is fine by me), but I didn’t want to be holed up in my office all day while both of my kids were home and not get to play with them.  One of the main reasons I stepped away from my lawyer job was so that I could be a work-from-home mom and set my own hours.

I realized that if I wanted to enjoy more of the summer with my kids and still have time to workout, run the household, etc. I would need to step out of my comfort zone and get help.  There are lots of time consuming blog tasks that I didn’t personally need to be doing and could easily train someone else to do.

I put a call out on Facebook and also let friends know that I was hiring, and Rachel came as a recommendation from a friend.  She was home from college for the summer and after interviewing her, I knew she’d be perfect!  She worked with me for a few hours each day, and you know what?! I absolutely loved it!

First of all, she was darling, fun to be around, I felt like I was actually teaching her something useful, AND she was great at snapping quick outfit pics!  She took the pictures in these posts (here, here and here) when my photographer was out of town! 

With Rachel here, it was absolutely awesome to be able to give her those easy tasks that take forever, shut it down early, focus on family and dinner and whatever else we had going on that day, go to bed early, then wake up early to workout.

But, after Rachel went back to school, I found myself not being able to get everything done during my “work hours” so I’d often be up late on my computer and then not able to wake up early to workout.  I hated it!


After several months of struggling like that, I decided to bring on a more permanent assistant.  I had originally interviewed about 10 people for the position and Shannon was one I really liked, but she was already a full-time working mom and I was hesitant to pull her away from her job when I’d never had an assistant before.

All kinds of questions swirled in my mind.What if it didn’t work out and she had left her job?  What if I didn’t have enough work to keep her busy?  What if I didn’t like having someone work with me in my home??

But one of the most common pieces of advice I’ve heard about being a mom or a blogger or really just an adult is “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” So I did it and I can honestly say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my blog and my own sanity!

What does a blog assistant do

When to hire a blog assistant


We’ve given Shannon the official title of Creative Director, and she works 9-3, Monday-Friday.

I still do the things you see here, create all the blog posts, collages, Instagrams, Stories, writing and responding to comments and DMs, so that hasn’t changed. But having Shannon here allows me to focus 100% on that, while she does all those little things that you may not see, but are important aspects of blogging and take up so much time!

Of the many things that keep us both busy throughout the day, Shannon helps me with my email box.  She has her own account now: and I’m still

What does a blog assistant do

What does a blog assistant do

Blog Assistant Tasks

Goal setting, implementation and execution

Respond to collaboration inquiries

Maintain relationship with brands during collaborations and afterwards

Help plan my editorial calendar (we plan 2 months at a time)

Manage ads on Facebook

Pin blog images to Pinterest

Assist on photo shoots

Adding things to the database so I can link them & link them in blog posts

Creating the shoppable widgets in blog posts

SEO each blog post

Research and learn new blog tools so I can incorporate them into my blog

Use Co-Schedule to post blog content on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter

Manage Quickbooks

Check PO Box and Mail Giveaways

Help create and update Media Kit

What does a blog assistant do

My Bedroom

What does a blog assistant do

What does a blog assistant do

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The Unintended Benefits of Having a Blog Assistant

The biggest unintended benefit of having Shannon work with me is that I have someone to interact with during the day and I can bounce ideas off of her as opposed to living in my own blog bubble!  It can be really lonely blogging by yourself all day, so it’s great to have someone you enjoy being around.  Also, I’ve come to trust her opinion and at the end of the day, am still able to make my own decisions.

I got lucky with Shannon because she’s smart, very motivated, and cooperative.  And our personalities mesh well!  She’s fun to be around and we have some of the biggest belly laughs.  She’s married with two precious little girls, ages 1 and 3 that go to a wonderful daycare during the day.  My whole family (including Jordan and James) love her!

When to hire a blog assistant

It was scary for me to bring someone on to work with me because I didn’t know if I’d have enough for her to do, if I’d like working with someone, if we’d get along well, if I’d like having someone in my house and around my mom and Jordan.  But, it’s been better than I could’ve ever imagined!

I wanted to wait before introducing her to y’all because it’s a bit like bringing your boyfriend home to meet your parents!  You want your parents to like your new BF and vice versa!

Meet Shannon

Hi y’all!! Just popping in to say hello and introduce myself! I’m 31 years old, grew up in Atlanta, graduated from LSU and have been in Marketing and Events since moving to Houston in 2009. I “fell into” this job while up  in the middle of the night with my youngest daughter and saw Megan had posted in our neighborhood Facebook group that she was looking for help. It had been a particularly bad day in the office and I thought I’d try and see if this type of part time work was for me. Turns out – it was!

My days used to be spent in an office, my kids were the first and last kids to be dropped off at daycare, and though on paper I had my dream job, Director of Events, it was not all it was cracked up to be. With this gig, I can work some from home when needed and I get to pick my girls up from school at 3:30 every day – though some days I wish they could stay there a little longer because sometimes this toddler-mom needs a break!

I am loving my 6 hours a day at work now – and don’t let anyone fool you. It is WORK. A lot of effort goes into each post and keeping up with what’s new and interesting to readers takes a lot of focus! My marketing and events training really comes in handy when editing, planning, budgeting and organizing the blog. I’ve been a follower of bloggers for a while (I follow about 50 on Instagram, if we’re being honest) and it’s been really eye-opening to step behind the scenes (in a good way!).

The hardest part of this job is probably not spending my entire paycheck on the cute stuff that Megan posts. I keep a running list of things I like and as I’m checking for sales for you guys, I tend to jump on the things that I like as well! Honey We’re Home has introduced me to a lot of things I never would have known about before – like white jeans, microblading and Zella workout clothes!! I’ve also got a new “Work Bestie” that I look forward to seeing everyday and finding out what we’re getting into next!! #awwwww

What does a blog assistant do

I’d love it if y’all would be amazing and give Shannon a warm welcome in the comments below!  -M

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


    1. Shannon….Welcome! I am Jacqueline. I operate my own small business and would like to collaborate with Megan in the Sugar Land Town Square for Project One Way on September 13, 2018. Can you or Megan please call me at 832-439-2032?
      I reside in Fort Bend County and am at the SLTS ALL the time! Please see the following below for more insight. I look forward to speaking with you and Megan soon. Again, congrats to you in your new role. Exciting!!!!

      Kind regards,


  1. Welcome! Its so refreshing to hear full time bloggers say they need help! A lot of people don’t admit to that. I only started reading HWH last year and it has quickly turned into one of my favourites. Both of you keep up the good work 🙂 x

    1. I’m so glad to hear that. Yes, I think it’s hard for people to admit they need help or be in a position to step outside their comfort zone and request it. But, it’s made the biggest difference in quality of life too!

  2. How exciting for both of you! Looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store for the future.

  3. Hey Shannon! I love following Megan and have met her in real life and she is sooo sweet and kind! I feel like she would be so fun to work with. I’m looking forward to seeing what you and Megan cook up for the blog!!

  4. Welcome! I love following HoneyWereHome blog and all her social media. It looks like you are fitting right in and enjoying your job.

  5. This is such a fun post! I’ve been a follower of HWH for quite some time and when I heard Shannon (who happens to be a college friend of mine) was working with you I was so excited! Cheers Shannon & GEAUX TIGERS!

    1. How cool is that?! I couldn’t have asked for someone better to work with! She is amazing, super smart, and a ton of fun!

  6. Hi from Atlanta, Shannon! Of all the bloggers I follow, Megan seems the most kind and genuine so it sounds like you’ve landed your dream job. Congrats!

  7. WOW – congrats to you both! Thanks for sharing all that’s in this post Megan, very informative info. And thank you for your intro post Shannon, also very interesting to learn why you made this change for yourself, and I can relate to wanting to buy everything that Megan posts! 😉 I LOVE Megan’s blog! It’s the first one I’ve ever followed and by far my favorite for many many reasons!

  8. Welcome Shannon! You have so many talents for this position and will add great value to the blog. Keep up the great work! When I was in my early 30’s , I switched from a high pressure corporate work environment into a home based business……it’s still a lot of work, but the flexibility and reduced work hours was so great for my family. Congrats!

  9. Welcome! I have read this blog for a long time, it’s one of my favorites! Megan, congrats on your success and thank you for being so genuine…I love your IG stories!

  10. Shannon, I adore you! The first I met you at our Favorite Things party, I loved ya! Your bags were a hit and you just were able to hang with the ladies, which can be hard when you are meeting a many for the first time, but you made it seamless. Love to see you on the blog! Hope to see you pop-in more.

  11. That’s lovely! Welcome Shannon. I think it’s great that you both are balancing work and children. I worked part time when my kids were small (they are now teens) and I have zero regret! The investment I made it them is paying off in the best possible way!

  12. This sounds super fun and is so so interesting, congrats to you both for finding a great fit! I am totally loving seeing how the blogging world is evolving and the new kinds of jobs that are being created. Thanks for sharing!

  13. How great that you both found a solution that works so well for you! Always love the blog. It is wonderful to “meet” you, Shannon!

  14. The relationship you all have developed while working together on the blog sounds wonderful! Shannon’s girls are adorable!

  15. Good for both of you! Shannon, congratulations on a position that allows you to spend more time with your family and actually doing something you like (I made a career change myself like that), and Megan, congratulations on being able to let someone else handle the “day to day” operations. Now if I could only find someone for my office like this!

  16. Hi Megan and Shannon! So lovely to meet you Shannon and I wish you all the best in your new job with Megan. While I only “know” her from her blog, she is darling and I’m sure are too. It is great that you can have a better life balance with this position. God has perfect timing, Right?
    p.s. Love the Tigers!! My cousin-in-law, Andrew Stevenson was the Centerfielder for LSU baseball and now plays for the Washington Nationals in the big show, MLB!!
    (I’m in Houston too!)

  17. Welcome! I really enjoy reading your blog and your Instagram posts. I don’t read/follow that many bloggers, but love your posts and have gotten some great practical clothes ideas from your Instagram posts.

  18. Welcome! It’s a blessing that your girls will get to be with Mom more – I think that’s what they all want at that age! Enjoy 🙂

  19. Welcome, Shannon! Your job sounds fun and busy. Who knew all of that went on behind the scenes? Anyway, I can totally relate to the hardest part of your job (not buying everything Megan blogs about) ! My wallet is a lot lighter since following HWH – Haha.

  20. Welcome Shannon! I think working with Megan would be a dream!! You girls seem like a dynamite team.

  21. Sounds like an inspired collaboration! I’ve been reading and enjoying this blog for years now, and it just gets better. All the best to both of you!

  22. A big welcome to Shannon! I’ve been following Megan’s blog for a couple of years and it is the best! She is such a kind, sweet, and genuine person and her blog brightens my day. She is lucky to have found you and you are lucky to get to work with such a wonderful and talented lady! Blessings to both of you.

  23. Y’all seem to make a great team! I quit reading most of the blogs I used to follow because the content was so repetitive and fashion focused, but I still come back to Honey We’re Home over and over. I love the posts you’ve been doing with self care and healthy daily habits!

  24. Welcome Shannon! Blogging is lots of work. It would definitely help me out if I had a blogging assistant. It can be hard balancing my family and home along with my blog.

  25. Welcome, Shannon! I am equally parts happy for the two of you and majorly jealous haha! Love that you two have hit it off and create such awesome content together!

  26. Hi Shannon! So awesome to meet you! (this is Jennifer your account specialist from Simple Pin) Im honored to be a small part of the Honey We’re Home team 😉 Good for you Megan to get help, that is so hard I know! I love working with your blog and I can appreciate how much work it is. Im right there with you Shannon, Im always shopping off of blog posts and Instagram feeds, its dangerous 🙂 xoxo

  27. Shannon – You’re adorable! HWH is one of my favorite blogs and I’m so glad you and Megan have found each other. Congrats and welcome!!!

  28. Welcome Shannon. Meghan keeps my credit card hot!?. She has great taste and her blog is so well written. You can tell the two of you have been working hard and it is great!

  29. Welcome Shannon! So happy for you on the new job and how it is allowing you to have more of your family time which is so very important. Much success and happiness to you! Your family is beautiful!!!

    Megan congrats to you as well for hiring an assistant so you can balance it all out with your personal life.

  30. Hi Shannon! Congratulations to you both on taking steps to better your life. I wish you the best!!

  31. Hi Shannon ,welcome to the group. I live in north Georgia and hope you like Texas. As a long time follower of Megan,I’m sure you are loving her. You family is beautiful.

  32. Welcome! I actually wondered how Megan did it all, now I know 😉 love reading this blog, one of my favourites!

  33. Welcome!! Y’all are super cute in these pictures and it looks like you’re having so much fun. I’ve been reading HWH for years and love your posts – keep up the great work!

  34. Congratulations, Megan, and welcome, Shannon! What a win-win situation!! Shannon, you couldn’t have been more blessed in partnering with a blogger. I’ve “known” Megan via her blog ever since she started, and she is the real deal! May both of you be blessed in your work together.

  35. How wonderful! It sounds like a Win/Win. Shannon, your family is beautiful and I’m so happy you have found a good fit with Megan. I really enjoy reading this blog and know a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to make it look so effortless. Congratulations to both of you!

  36. Welcome Shannon! Megan’s blog is at the top of my favorite’s list! Reading it is my “me time” to relax and take a break in my busy mom day 🙂

  37. It’s so nice to see you taking on help! It makes the blog a lot more realistic for us to read. Welcome!

    1. That was also something I wanted to share! People need to realize that no one can balance everything without dropping balls or getting help!

  38. Congrats to both of u!!! Always nice to work with people u truly like!!! Good luck to both of u!!!

  39. Welcome Shannon! I love the behind the scenes info on what a blog assistant does! Her job sounds FUN & stimulating! Good for you making more family time! I love your blog and have been following you for several years. Keep doing what you do! You do it very well! You’re blog is on my FAVORITES list!

  40. Asking for help and knowing when to outsource is such a hard thing for most women to do. I don’t know why?!? I’m so glad that you saw an area where you could get help and found someone who works so perfectly with you!

  41. Welcome Shannon! What wonderful hours you have as a mom! That’s perfect! Best of luck in your new endeavor.

    Megan, I have been reading your blog for 4 years and it’s the best one , in my opinion, out there. You really seem to take time and a ton of effort in every post. A lot of girls just seem to do a collage called obsessions or loves with little thought. I understand the links are part of the job and an excellent way for a sahm to make money. You go the extra mile with try ons, stories, and descriptions of what you like and don’t. That makes me more likely to trust your judgement especially as a fellow shortyin what to purchase. I appreciate all that you put into your blog. And you deserve an assistant! Best wishes to you and your family!


    1. Hi Anne! Your comment really means so much to me! It’s wonderful to hear you appreciate what we do here! Big big hugs to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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