5 Fitness Goals to Reset & Recharge Your Body & Mind

Hi friends!  How is your week going?  So far so good here.  I went for a run outside yesterday and it felt amazing!  I used to run several times a week, and now I can’t remember the last time!  But, our weather has warmed up and it’s staying lighter out later now, so I can go in the evening after dinner if the sports schedules don’t interfere.

Ever since Jordan’s birthday party, I’ve been slacking on my diet and exercise.  I think what happened is I got busy with party planning and all of James’ sports and activities and trying to keep up with blogging and home chores, etc. and I started putting my food and exercise at the bottom of the list. We tend to do that as moms because everything else seems so important.  And there’s so little time to do everything we want and need to do.  It’s hard to stop and say, “I have to put myself back on my list.  I need to take care of me.  I’m going to make time for me.”  But, truthfully, we can care for everyone else better when we’ve also taken care of ourselves.

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I went down to just one day a week with my trainer (sometimes two and sometimes none) and haven’t been running or working out at home, so the days with him were my only exercise.  As for the meals, I know my body operates best with 5 meals a day, but I can only do that when I prep my meals in advance and I haven’t been doing that.  
Instead, I usually eat just breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a big helping of ice cream for dessert.  The dinners are sometimes cereal or cheese and crackers.  It’s not terrible, but for me, I can tell my body was suffering.  I was actually losing weight and muscle and that’s not how I feel my best.  I want a strong, healthy, energetic body!  Not a skinny, weak one. 
So, to reset and recharge, I’m putting in place some goals I know always get me back on track and hopefully, they give you a friendly nudge too if you need one.  It only takes a couple weeks to start noticing a difference in both your body and how you feel once you’re diligent about changes.
1.  WAKE UP AT 6:00 a.m.
The time change also messed me up and I reverted back to my old bartender days of staying up too late, then sleeping in.  I’m a night owl by nature, so I have to be really conscious of going to bed at a decent time.  I like to get up and get going around 6 am so I have some time to myself before everyone else wakes up.  But, I’ve been letting Jordan be my alarm clock lately, and that means we haven’t been getting up until 7:30 and that only leaves me a few minutes in the morning with James before he goes to school.
This will be hard to do the first couple of days, but eventually I’ll be tired enough at night to adjust my bedtime to earlier, usually around 10 pm because I like the whole 8 hours please!  I’m more productive with an earlier wake up time too because I can get some things done in the time before Jordan wakes up.  That helps me feel like I’m running my day instead of the other way around!
This takes some forethought and planning, but always ends up saving time in the long run.  It will help you eat healthier because you’ll be eating what your “best self” planned for you to eat instead of what your “I’m so hungry and don’t care how bad this is for me self” scarfs down without thinking.
This means deciding in advance what you’ll be eating throughout the week and then making your grocery list, shopping for those items, and prepping them in advance so they’re ready to go when it’s time to eat.  I wrote a whole post about one way to prep your meals for a week here.  
Of course, it isn’t necessarily exciting to eat like this but you can plan for meals that you enjoy and that are still healthy.  You can give yourself some wiggle room as far as which things you’ll eat when, and it ends up being a great way to go. 
Your meals don’t have to be things you are ‘choking down’ in the name of healthy eating.  There are so many vibrant, delicious healthy options out there.  I’ll stick with something similar to my bikini meal plan throughout the day because I know how to do it easily, it helps build muscle and I like it. Then, I’ll make something new or different for dinner.   This goes hand in hand with my 2017 “try one new recipe a week” goal and I give myself a B- on that one.   
Notice how specific I was about this goal.  At first I started to write, “do cardio”.  But that didn’t give me a certain goal to reach for or a way to plan that into my day and actually schedule it in.  If I don’t plan out my week ahead of time and schedule in things like my workouts, I’ll never get them done. 
The easiest way for me to get cardio in is to go for a run outside my house.  I save the extra time not driving to the gym and I get a nature boost by getting outdoors.  

I rely on this sports bra and these shoes for running (along with these socks).  
The sports bra keeps you locked and loaded and it’s sized like your true bra size for a perfect fit.  Before I found this bra, if I was going for a run, I’d have to double up and wear two sports bras and I hate doing that because it’s so uncomfortable and makes me feel like I can’t breathe. 
When I run at home, I’m jogging on the street or sidewalk, and that can be really hard on your feet, ankles, knees, back, etc.  But, when I started running in these shoes, I felt so much more cushioned. It doesn’t feel like you’re running barefoot or like most of my shoes that feel very protective, but more stiff, this shoe feels cushiony, but still very stable.  It’s my favorite running shoe I’ve tried by far.  

I need to update my running playlist, but I just added three new songs yesterday and played them on repeat: Bruno Mars (That’s What I Like & 24K Magic) and Ed Sheeran (Shape of You).  My husband got me wireless earbuds (yay!!!) for my birthday back in February, and yesterday was the first time I used them! But, I really liked running with them instead of having my wires flapping around. 

Oh, hi skin!!  More on that here.

I’m totally off my game here too.  Why is something so simple such a challenge sometimes?!  I have two big tumblers I like to fill up and keep one upstairs in my office for when I’m working and one downstairs when I’m down there so I don’t have to chase them down when I want a drink.  
I’ve noticed that my skin has been breaking out lately and I’m hoping the water helps it.  It also just makes me feel better.  Most people go by the 8, 8 oz glasses a day rule for a total of 64 ounces a day rule, but it’s not necessarily what you need (and remember all fluids count toward that goal).  I chose 75 ounces because I know I need more when I’m running and exercising.  Also, one of my tumblers (pictured below) is 24 ounces, so multiplied by 3 = 72 ounces and I rounded up. 

I’ve actually been doing great on this one.  I downloaded the Headspace app and use it every morning.  Since it’s just 10 minutes, it’s easy to commit to.  I feel so much more aware and present during the day and able to focus on Jordan when I’m with her.  I often catch myself “in my head” and meditating daily helps remind me to bring my attention back to whatever I’m doing. 
I guess I should mention the details about these crop pants and Zella top since they’re featured in all the pics.  I’m crazy for the crop leggings because they fit and feel so good on with a figure sculpting stretchy fabric. I also appreciate the wide waistband.  The perforations are cute, but they actually have a purpose- to help keep you cool while you’re working out, and they come in more colors.  They fit TTS, I wear XS. 
I always wear a sports bra and tank or tee like this one to the gym.  They are utilitarian in that they let you get a great workout in without being irritated by your clothes and yet still stylish.  I always avoid boxy shirts because those just make you look bigger.  This style with a slightly tapered waist are so much more figure flattering- and I like the longer back that covers your rear too. 

Anyone else need a little fitness boost today?! 

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keep in touch! 

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Meet Megan

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration and practical tips, Megan! Meal planning and getting up earlier to exercise can seem like yet another chore, but the payoff is more than worth the effort. You're inspiring me to get back to Headspace, too! (why can't I find 10 minutes in my day?!)

  2. Love this much needed encouragement and advice… I need to change my habits starting today and get back to my old incredibly hard shaped self! ❤ xx

  3. You should try cushioned running socks, they are amazing. I can feel a 100% difference when I run with them. For the winter I had ones called Smartwool, you can buy online through their website. I bought a different brand at Academy for the summer both are great!

  4. Love this post, as always! I have to ask… is it ever awkward saying to your photographer… "So today we are shooting for a fitness post so I'm going to need you to take pictures of my bum and wandering around in my bra?" LOL!!!

  5. Such a great post, thank you. There are lots of things here that I really want to start doing (or get back to doing!). I'd love to know when and how you fit in your exercising around your children? Its something Im struggling with because my little boy doesn't go to childcare. Id also love to have a peek into your typical day-in-the-life…especially with the 6am wake ups…what do you like to get done before Jordan wakes up?

    1. That's a great idea for a blog post- I always like to see the day in the life of other people too. Right now, I workout during the day while my mom stays with Jordan, but we used to go together and take her. Some gyms have a daycare on site. Or if that's out of the question, I run in the evenings after dinner when my hubby is home. If I'm up at 6, I enjoy my coffee, meditate and usually start working on my blog posts.

  6. I love your earrings! Can you share where you got them from? Would love an article on accessories and how to accessorize outfits.

  7. This post is gold! Especially waking up early, 6am would do me good! I started using an app called Alarmy Pro (I know, right?) and you have to get up and go scan the barcode of an item in your house before it will turn off! I'm reading this post as my husband and I are chatting about getting back on track and he took a quick phone call break! Thanks Megan!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing! I love reading your posts, they are inspiring! I am sure you get this question a lot (and its probably the most annoying) but I was wondering how long it took you to start seeing results with a diet change? You inspired me (thank you!) to start a macros based diet and while I don't feel as bloated as I had been I haven't seen a change on the scale or a huge one in pictures after almost a month. I have never been toned and just recently started working out a little over a year ago so starting from scratch here 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Hi Nicci, that is actually a great question! I posted my week by week progress photos and report when I was prepping for my last bikini competition and you can see it here: https://www.honeywerehome.com/2016/01/getting-fit-in-new-year-healthyfit.html

      I think it took a good 6 weeks of strict dieting and lots of working out to REALLY see a big difference, but small changes were noticeable within 2-4 weeks. My scale never really changed that much either- the proof is in the pics!

  9. Enjoy following your blog, you look great and love how real you are! Great post!Just what I needed to help me get back to an early running schedule; increase water intake; and getting more sleep. I struggle with this one the most as I am a night owl as well! Im also planning to try your meal plan (hopefully I'll have bought everything by this weekend to start on Monday)! Thanks Megan!

  10. I have recently started following your blog and I enjoy your passion for fitness and sense of style! This post was the extra push I needed today to get out in the sunshine and run! I love to listen to Bible teachings as I run as my form of meditation. They fill me up with the truth of God's word and I find myself able to go back and serve my family in a more positive way! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Emily! I'm so happy you found my blog and enjoy it! That is such a good way to listen to the Word while you get active! Good for you! It really does make a difference for our whole family!

  11. lol get out of my head! when you said you added three songs to your playlist I was thinking of those in my head! they are my three favorite songs right now! lol #greatminds

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