Body After Baby | One Year Later

Now that we made it through the first year of Jordan’s life, there are so many things to look back on in amazement.  So many emotions go along with that first year and I think I experienced every one of them.  In retrospect, the first 4 months were really hard and even though it’s just a short time, it feels like forever when you’re in the thick of it.  
Going on little sleep and breastfeeding all day and night is just plain HARD, no way around it.  Over time, the lack of sleep catches up to you.  Thank God Jordan started sleeping through the night at 4 months old, because I was really getting cuckoo about that time.  
It’s also a journey that your body goes through from getting pregnant, growing a tiny human inside that gets bigger and bigger until you look like you’ve swallowed a giant balloon that’s about to burst! I actually enjoyed most of my pregnancy with Jordan, even though I was older, I kept working out and eating healthy and that made the biggest difference in how I felt. Of course, there were hard parts in the third trimester, but mostly I felt great and was and thankful to be pregnant with her!
Similar Dress | Jacket (size up) | Necklace

You guys know that fitness has always been an important part of my life and I was three days out from competing in an NPC bikini contest when I realized I was five weeks pregnant!  Even though we had been trying, I didn’t realize I was pregnant, because the tests I took at first said negative! 
During those 10 month longs of pregnancy, your body goes through so many physical changes, but it takes time to lose the weight and get back to the level of fitness you were in pre-pregnancy.  I’ve been very candid about my postpartum ‘body after baby’ and did personal recaps at 6 Weeks, 12 Weeks, 4 Months and 6 Months if you want to check those out.

It was almost exactly one year ago that I posted this pic of Jordan and I on Instagram after one particularly restless night.  I still had a big, round soft belly, super tired eyes and hair that hadn’t been washed in I don’t know how long, but all I felt was just so in love with this precious newborn baby girl.  The love is overwhelming!  People said I was brave to post this pic but it’s just me.  Most new mamas probably look and feel the same way at this stage! Unless they don’t, and then we hate them! #Ikid!

Now it’s been one whole year! and what a difference a year makes!  I’ve caught up on sleep, have clean (darker) hair!, and I’m  happy to be pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy level of fitness.

Y’all have been so kind to offer sweet compliments, especially on InstaStories Friday when I was trying on all those swimsuits for Spring Break! Thank you so, so much!  I know I need to learn how to just take a compliment and say “thank you”, because my initial thought is always, “No! You can’t see up close the loose skin I have on my belly” and on and on picking myself apart.  I did work hard during my pregnancy to stay in shape and I worked hard this last year to get back into shape, so I truly appreciate those of you who take the time to send a “You look great!” my way.

One thing I’ve gotten better about over the years is learning how to dress my body to help accentuate the parts I like and camouflage the parts I don’t!  I’m super short (5’1) and petite, so I finally learned that it’s important that things fit properly (espeically not too big) or I’ll just look frumpy.

And since taking too many outfit selfies ?, I’ve realized which angles help me look better in pics. For example, if you pull your arm slightly back and bend the elbow, it’ll help define your shoulder. Twisting a  little to the side makes you appear thinner.

Floral Dress 0P

Red Dress XS

A bootcut jean that fits slim and skims the floor with a pointy toe shoe and tucked in top will help elongate your leg. 

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So, I may be able to dress better to make my short self look as good as I can, but underneath, even a year after baby, I’m still struggling in some aspects.  Although I’ve worked hard to lose the baby weight, regain my strength and muscles, and get back into good shape, I’m still left with loose belly skin that I’m self conscious about.  
Is it okay to say that?  I immediately think my message should (I always know there’s a problem when I’m thinking “should”) be “Love yourself loose skin and all.  What’s the big deal?” And yet, I don’t love that part of my body. In fact, I really hate it. 
I also have diastasis recti (ab muscle separation) that keeps my lower belly from being taut.  My separation is only a couple fingers wide and I’ve heard it can close with certain exercises over time, but I’m still working on it.  Lots of mamas have it because our abdominals separate and widen to accommodate the growing baby inside.  Many people have it and don’t realize it, they just think they have a “pooch” they can’t get rid of.  You can do exercises to help repair (try and certain exercises can make it worse, so you have to be careful. 
The “funny”? thing is, the leaner I get, the worse it looks! The pictures above are the same, but you can see how it looks worse in certain positions too.  
I wanted to “go there” and share this with y’all in case any of you have this too and might be thinking you were the only one.  But I don’t want to scare any expecting mamas! To write an honest “body after baby” post, I have to give you my true thoughts and the real deal photos of my post-baby body.   Even though it’s scary for me to do so.  When I share these pictures and my experience with you, I feel particularly self conscious, and this is why I shy away from bikinis.  It’s also why I love these high waist workout capris (size XS for me) so much!
I was talking to my good friend Audrey about this post and these pictures and she was looking at me like she didn’t realize what I was talking about, meaning, the skin didn’t look “that bad” which led to a whole conversation about how hard we can be on ourselves and our own struggles and insecurities. 
I feel like I’ve come a long way since my 20s and even though I don’t love my loose belly skin, I’m quite confident in who I am as a person.  I’m one super loyal friend, a loving mom, a caring wife, generous sister, and responsible daughter.  No, our bodies don’t define us as people, but we can still want to look good.  Right? 
Can I share a secret with you?  Actually, it’s not even a secret, just something I only did super recently, so I haven’t had a chance to share.  I saw my dermatologist last week (after these pics were taken) for a laser skin tightening procedure.  He said I was a good candidate for it and recommended 3 or 4 total, one month apart and I’ll definitely let you know the results after I’m finished. I was even thinking I could do an InstaStory so you could see how easy and painless the 15-minute procedure is.  Let me know if you’d like to see that. 
I’m not at all embarrassed or self-conscious about doing that skin tightening procedure.  I figure if there’s something that can be done to help improve it, and it’s not invasive or dangerous, I’ll try it! It’s about $300 per treatment, worth it in my book.

But, at the same time, as women, we don’t want to be caught up in how we look all the time. Heck, as mothers, we don’t have time to! I try to get a few workouts in a week, eat relatively healthy and get spiffed up once in awhile, but then get on with life and mothering and working and being a friend, wife, daughter, and just vigorously living life.  Trying to enjoy it, take it all in, do all the things that need to get done in a day before I collapsed in a heap on my bed at the end of the day.

Sure I want to look good and feel great, yet also be healthy for myself and my kids, but I wonder can those two live in harmony in a healthy way?  Without being vain or ego driven or on the other end of the spectrum, not caring at all how we look and letting ourselves go? 

Many of you ask about my workout routine, which currently consists of training with weights 2-3 times a week and (ideally) doing cardio (usually running outside) a couple times a week also for about 30 mintues.  I haven’t run in quite awhile because “I’ve been so busy” (isn’t that all of us), but I want to get back to it soon.  I just love how running makes me feel – so alive and energetic and it puts me in such a great mood.

If I’m being strict with my diet, I mostly follow a plan with 40% protein, 35% carb, and 25% fat, staying around 1300 – 1400 calories a day.  And I make sure to have treats on the weekend so I don’t go crazy.  I love the Ghirardelli dark chocolate square and often eat a couple after dinner.  I’m also a huge Haagen Dazs lover, it’s my guilty pleasure! 

I’ve recently found that meditating just 10 minutes a day in the morning has helped calm me down and lower my stress levels significantly.  I use the Headspace app and it’s a guided meditation that’s not at all cheesy or weird and I’m committed to sticking with it this year.

Sometimes I get so busy busy that when I sit down at my computer in the morning, I want to get straight to blogging and all the projects I’m working on, but I always remind myself that I need to take JUST 10 MINUTES to meditate and get centered and the rest of my workday will go infinitely better.  

Athena Crop (Charcoal) Small | Two Tone Warmup Leggings (Navy & Charcoal) Small | Sneakers | No Show Socks
Since I “work” from home, I get to interact with my Mom and baby all day, and those interactions are more present and pleasant when I’m not so stressed out.  Even though they don’t know it, I’m sure they appreciate that I’ve been meditating. 

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I realize this ‘Body After Baby’ post is deeper than a chirpy, “Look Great After Pregnancy in 10 Easy Steps!” but you guys deserve and have come to expect the real deal and I can only offer you my honest experience and feelings.  I’m sure I didn’t say everything perfectly, but I hope my heart came through.

I’m extra aware with these quickly growing kids (two birthdays back to back!) that we only get this one life to live vibrantly and enjoy!

I want to be healthy and have energy (I need it!) to run around and play and chase after my kids and do silly things like handstands and cartwheels and somersaults with them!

I know my kids don’t care what my body looks like, they care how I treat them, that I pay attention to them and that we have fun times together.  

I’m feeling all vulnerable and yet so happy to just be putting all this out there.  It’s been a year in the making and I’m looking forward to sharing more of this journey with you in the future.



keep in touch! 

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. Megan, thanks so much for sharing this. At first I didn't want to read this because I felt like, "give me a break! you have it all together" but I am so glad I did. Thanks for being vulnerable and putting yourself out there. Reading this has made me so (unexpectedly) emotional! I too have been wondering about the 'correct' balance – I want to look good and feel great but how do I focus on it without focusing on it too much. I think you've helped me figure it out a bit. Thanks again for the inspiration and the tips! Keep it up you look great *smile*.

    1. That balance part of it all is a work in progress for lots of us! It's so hard to do everything well at the same time, so we do the best we can.

  2. Love this! I'm breastfeeding my 6 month old and for some reason my body holds on ton fat and I can't lose anything! It's hard to not be vain and just focus on what I'm providing for my baby! I know I will have the rest of my life to work on my body. And not long to be the mama to this little baby.

    1. And your body is still changing at 6 months! It's really hard to make Time for yourself when you're still breast-feeding, but good for you mama for sticking with it! Congratulations on your little one!

  3. Bravo Megan! Thanks for being so real, one of the many reasons why I love reading your blog. You look fantastic and your post reminds me that we really are our own toughest critics. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves!

    1. Isn't that so true Katie. We are our own worst critics and maybe something we think is terrible is a 'problem' someone else would love to have we have to keep it all in perspective and be as positive as we can.

  4. Love this! You do look fantastic! I understand the lose skin though. After three kids back to back I have lose skin that sort of hangs there. I work out and eat relatively well (most of the time) but that just won't go back to normal. Yes my kids are totally worth it, but that skin still bugs me regardless!

  5. I was looking to your blog this morning to find some fitness/healthy eating motivation. And i certainly found it. Ive never been pregnant but i think all women can relate to what you were saying, i know i definitly did. (My issue is my legs, harder to conceal in bathing suits, lol)I also struggle with work/fitness/life/being a happy/healthy/better person.Love this post for keeping it real! You look great! Keep us posted on the tightening procedure! 🙂

    1. I'm glad to hear that other women, even without babies, I can relate to this post and find inspiration in it. Thank you for letting me know! Have a great day!

  6. I love, love, love this. You are so beautiful and your honesty is inspiring! As a girl mama, I know how it feels to want to always show examples of loving your body- but it is okay to also take an honest look and not be crazy about certain parts. You are a great role model for your kids, showing them how to live a healthy and full life. Not to mention how to set goals and completely crush them (hello, fitness competition!). It has been so fun to watch your journey, thank you for your candor!

  7. Megan you do look great and there is nothing wrong with having loose skin unless it bothers you. I fought for a few years doing anything about the loose skin and finally did a tummy tuck. I had huge 10 pound babies and I have a small frame. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

  8. Megan-I've been reading your blog for a while and don't think I've commented until now. But I just had to stop and say how incredible you are for how and what you share. Your honesty is SO appreciated. Your bravery to show the things so many people (me, included!) that work so hard to hide is SO encouraging. I'm a fitness mom, many years away from new babies, but I struggle and that struggle crosses over no matter the stages you are in, from one mom to another. I believe the connection you put out there is so important. The picture of you holding your new baby girl is so sweet and tender. You are an inspiration and I'm thankful for you.

  9. You're one hot momma! Love this post! Even as a very young mom, I struggle with letting my "young" body go, but one look from Graham and there is not an ounce in me that has shame for my 'mom-bod'! I'll be signing up for some tummy tightening after we are done having babies, so I'm anxious to see how it works!!

  10. Thank you for being so open and honest! Loved this post! It is so hard to balance everything as a new mom and find time for yourself. You are beautiful! Keep up your hard work!

  11. Thank you so much for being open and honest! I loved this post! It is so hard to find time to balance everything…especially with a new baby. You are beautiful! Keep up the hard work!

  12. Thank you so much for this post!! It couldn't have come at a better time. I've been a long time reader and as an introvert, I rarely comment on any blog I read but I just feel inspired to today. I recently had my second baby (he's 5 months now) and I've really struggled this second time around with feeling like myself again. The body changes after #1 I could deal with, but the second time around definitely takes a toll and I've been feeling very down on myself for it…yet at the same time conflicted about making myself too much of a priority because it's all about those babies right now! Such a struggle we moms have, and with all the "look how great I look 6 weeks after baby" posts, while great for them, it is refreshing to see other women have the same struggle as me. Thank you so much for it and you look gorgeous!

    1. You're making me remember those early months! And you're describing that conflict we go through so well. We want to be all about the babies but we have to take care of ourselves too.

  13. After having three kids my stomach has a lot of stretch marks. I've finally come to accept them and 15 years later I'm finally going to wear a two piece! thank you for sharing your story and being honest! I enjoy reading your blog and photos on Instagram! You look amazing by the way!

  14. Great post! Thank you for your honesty. I think you look great and it's obvious you take care of yourself. I too am interested in the skin tightening laser treatment so I would definitely like to hear about your experience and see your results.

  15. Thank you for writing from an honest place. You are one of the few bloggers that I continue to follow. You look awesome, but if you are bothered by your loose skin, I admire you for doing something about it. I want to say something to all the girl mamas. Daughters observe everything we do, so it is important we approach fitness from a strength and health aspect, as opposed to a diet and thinness aspect. I luckily took this approach and raised a beautiful, healthy and fit daughter.

    1. I agree! I started to write about that as well but decided to save it for another time. It's definitely on my mind though, especially having a new daughter of my own. ?

  16. This is a great post! You say it like it is and personally I think you show a great balance in accepting things and trying to make them better. As you said, our kids don't care what our bodies look like but if we feel better by taking good care of ourselves, go ahead! I am on a similar position as you. My baby (2nd) turned one a week ago, and I've enjoyed running for a few years. After the baby came, those first hard months of course I thought I would never run again because I felt so off, my body was so different. I've since completed two half marathons, two trail races and two full marathons. My times are not the best and I am so hard on myself for that, but I have to stop and remember the big picture. I wish I looked as good as you, not yet, but working on it! You look amazing! And you are setting a great example for your kids by taking good care of you.

    1. Your second is just the same age as Jordan! Dang, I admire you so much for completing those marathons! I usually only run 3 miles! I think the most I've ever done at one time is 6! That takes just mental and physical endurance. Seriously, good for you! I'm glad you stuck with it!

  17. Girl you look SO amazing! I love all of the honesty in this post. You are at a great place, but we are all human and there is no fault in acknowledging you don't love every part of your body every day. But trust me, you look incredible!!

  18. Megan, thank you for being so honest and sharing from your heart. You look AMAZING and I would kill for your figure. I too have that loose post baby skin plus stretch marks. My stomach has always been the part of my body that I dislike the most. I am too self-conscious to wear a two piece swimsuit. I admire you for being so vulnerable and showing us the real you. You're a wonderful mother and an inspiration!

    1. Yes, that's why I prefer one pieces lately! I'm hoping I can share some good results from the skin tightening. I always see ads for creams and lotions, but I really don't think those work.

  19. I can't tell you how much I applaud this and you! I love your positive, yet realistic, approach and tone. Thanks for putting it out there and for uniting us mommas. Btw- you look fantastic!

  20. Girl, you look amazing, and I appreciate your honesty more than you know! I'm three years post second baby and I just cannot get my abs to look the way they used to. They are toned, yet my belly button still sinks down in the middle a little. Not to mention my belly button just looks plain weird. I will have to look in to that skin tightening procedure. I can't wait to see what a difference it makes for you!

  21. INSPIRING! I'm at this same stage with my body after baby #2. The skin sagging on the tummy is my frustrating spot also which diet and exercise can't fix! Uggggggghhhhhh!!!!! I look forward to hearing about your skin laser tightening therapies and if they work! P.S LOVE LOVE LOVE Your blog!!

  22. Great post, Megan!! You do look amazing, but I do agree, we are our own worst critics. We often don't see ourselves like others do because we only concentrate on the negative. We are all works in progress. I would love to see the InstaStory on the tightening procedures.

  23. Megan, you're beautiful, and I'm so glad to always read your honest/real posts on here and Instagram. We need more women like you online! I totally understand and support your skin tightening procedure and would love to see how it goes via posts here or on Instagram. Physically, I think you look fantastic, but more than that, I respect the fact that you stay healthy for both yourself and you hubby and babies. What a great post!

  24. A very real and honest post Megan. I agree with some of the others, as a girl momma we do have to watch what we say and do in regards to body image. Approaching it from a health and fitness standpoint is best (I will say however, sometimes even the "fitness" approach can take an "unhealthy" turn). I also am in agreement that if you can do something about it without it being invasive or dangerous, then do. I have had a lot of work done on unsightly, painful varicose veins, and will need touch ups soon. I am not for altering ones looks to the extreme that some have that you no longer recognize the person.
    Have a wonderful time visiting with Courtney!!

  25. I love this post, Megan! Us mommas can be so hard on ourselves. Why do we hold ourselves to such a crazy high expectation? You are simply beautiful, but more importantly healthy and a wonderful momma!

  26. Hi Megan! What a great post. I read your blog religiously and love your attitude and outlook on all things health, fashion, décor and parenting. I am not a mom yet but I have already gotten great tips from you and look forward to more in the future. Thank you for putting yourself out there through this blog! 🙂

  27. After 5 babies I have lots of loose belly skin and I used to hate it and stress about it, truth be told I still don't love it but I am choosing to look at it as a reminder that all that loose flabby skin made room for five healthy babies to grow Thanks for sharing this today

  28. Megan, What an inspirational and awesome real life post, you nailed it Sister! Thanks for being so honest, that's why I've read your blog for years now. As a mom of two I know how you feel concerning your body and how important it is to stay active for your kids. I read this comment from another Mom blogger and thought it was just perfect so I had to share…"God gave me a body that is able to do something so grand as grow a human life, and not every woman is so fortunate. My body is FAR from perfect, but because God has given me one of the most precious gifts a woman can receive I am thankful for this body!" Blessings and positive thoughts sent from Florida to you and your sweet little family! P.S. YOU LOOK GREAT!!

  29. My kids will be 14 and 12 this spring and I have the skin too mine is below the belly button. I call it my sad skin that looks like its melting, lol. And I have lost weight recently and the thinner I get the melty-er it looks. I am there with you. I am starting the Venus sculpting in a month (8 treatments) to help with tightening the skin, I am trying to get my weight down as much as possible by then so my end effect is based of me at my thinnest possible. I am curious what the treatment you are doing is called if you dont mind? If mine doesnt work to my expectation then I plan to keep trying. Its time for the sad skin to go. I would love to exchange info on the treatments.

  30. I'm almost 1 year postpartum and I can't stand the belly skin either. I also have the ab separation so you can barely tell I'm less than my prepregnacy weight. Reading your posts on fitness postpartum have been inspiring and motivating. Thank you!

  31. I rarely comment, but THANK YOU for such an honest post. The struggle between feeling good about yourself and not being ego driven is HARD!!!! There are so many things I can pick apart about myself but then feel like, LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be so hard on ourselves!! I love your posts and your blog!! <3 <3

  32. This is such a true and wonderful read! Thank you for sharing all the ups and downs of managing motherhood and getting your body back. I would definitely be interested in the procedure you recommend as o have the same loose skin issue!

  33. Thano you for this post! I am expecting first baby now and am older and I worry about after baby body. I'd def be interested in a post about skin tighteNing! I think u look wonderful tho 🙂

  34. Megan, you look amazing! I really appreciate your hard work and owning up to the derm appt:) nothing wrong with a little tightening! I am a Physical Therapist and just wanted to let you know that kinesiotaping is helpful for diastasis recti and a women's health PT can show you then you can tape yourself. I usually recommend leaving it on for exercise (usually lasts 2-3 days) in addition to being very compliant with the exercises, daily to get them in if you can! Hope this helps! Thanks again for sharing:)

  35. Thank you thank you thank you for this refreshingly honest post! I am working out harder and in better overall shape now, at age 36 and with 2 c-sections under my belt, than ever. But my tummy! Eek. I can't wait to hear about your procedures. Please post!

    I think it's totally ok to say – I love my body and am thankful for what it's done for me, but there are things about it I don't like, and I want to do something about that!

    Thank you for sharing those pics. You are truly an inspiration – and you are clearly SUCH a good mama.

  36. Megan…there's nothing wrong with honesty and transparency. You're brave enough to put your thoughts and life out there. Most of us would hide from that level of public judgement. You say the things we are all experiencing, please don't think that you're alone. Thank you for your thoughtful posts. Be kind to yourself. You are a beautiful mama with so much heart.
    Your faithful reader,
    Angela (Angelalaville)

  37. Love your honesty, Megan. Be kind to yourself, you're a magnificent mama! We all struggle with something. Just know that you're not alone….and if something makes you happy, DO it!
    xo Angela (IG: Angelalaville)

  38. You look PHENOMENAL.
    I know that's not the point of your post. but I felt it needed to be said. Because, damn girl. You look awesome.
    I've been a reader of your blog for years and years, and this is one of my favourite posts ever. Would love to hear about the skin tightening treatment, too. If you can afford it, and it is safe, I say do it. I'm looking into this weird fat-freezing thing called cool-sculpting, because after three babies in three years, my tummy has bulge that gets worse and worse as I lose weight elsewhere — and it just won't come off. I say if you can fix something that bums you out, inside or outside, do it!

    1. Jenny – If you do the cool scuplting I would love to know about it. I am doing Venus sculpting starting in April for the loose skin, but cool sculpting was one I researched a little bit.

  39. I'm a long time reader and yet never commented- until today. Loved this post. Thought about it throughout the day yesterday and again this am, so I thought I had to comment. Love the honesty on all fronts- refreshing. Definitely keep us posted on the skin tightening ?

  40. I loved this post!!!! Your willingness to be vulnerable and transparent is so inspiring! I can relate to every word. I'm a 46 year old mama of 6 who works hard to stay healthy and age well. For the most part I'm happy with my body except for the loose tummy skin and the sad, deflated boobs. I gotta ask, your boobs are fantastic! Lol. I would really like to have breast augmentation surgery but don't know the first thing about how to find a reputable surgeon who will give me the look I want. Anyway, just had to comment. I've been following you for years but have never commented. Sending you all the love!

  41. You look fantastic! I loved reading your thoughts.
    I've had 7 kids in all and have a tummy pooch. I've had several C-Sections and it just seemed to create that weak tummy area. I just have to be clever in how I disguise it.

  42. I don't usually comment much on blog posts but I had to let you know how much I appreciate the candor with which you share both the ups and downs of life. As a 51 year old mom (last baby born 11 years ago), I sometimes struggle with the effects that age has on my body (yes, skin does get looser!) but, like you, I do what I can to stay fit, strong and healthy and then try to focus on the wonderful things that all of those years and life experiences has given me. That said, I'm not opposed to giving Mother Nature a little assistance so I will look forward to hearing about your laser treatment 🙂

  43. I just now got to read this post! You are amazing! I too had diastasic recti after having my son. I went in with the big guns. They went in and sewed up all of my stomach muscles and took off my extra skin. I found that I had to be so careful with the diastasic recti and I just wanted to do sit ups again and workout properly (I couldn't). Also I had two huge folds of skin I would tuck into my pants each day that had no where to go. I am 5.2" and 120 lbs. So… I did it. It HURT, I have a scar super low that I hide, my stomach looks great but geez even for me I would say it was aggressive. I am super curious to hear how your skin tightening goes. They didn't even have that offered yet when I had my son. Keep us posted!

    1. I have a friend who did that too and is really happy with her results. It is a big decision that only you can make. But I say do what makes you feel good! I have my second appt coming up soon with the skin tightening, but I feel like it's gotten a little better even with the first one! I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much for sharing what you've gone through too Corbie!

  44. Hi Megan, you look fabulous and I admire your braveness in this post! I too have diastasis recti and my "pooch" was really bugging me so I mentioned it at one of my annual Gyn visits. My doctors office has a physical therapist that meets with patients to show them how to properly do the exercises to correct it. My gap was 4 fingers wide so it was pretty bad. I exercised it down to 2 fingers wide. I don't think I could have done it without the PT though because if you do the right exercises the wrong way it may not improve.

    I can't wait to hear how the laser treatments turn out. Did you post an update on your eyelash treatments? Maybe I missed it.

    1. Hi Robin, I love that you show there's hope for us! I haven't done an eyelash update- I need to. My lashes have definitely grown longer with the NeuLash, but they aren't any thicker or fuller. I'm not sure if the product made them grow or they would've grown on their own, but I still use it every night before bed religiously.

  45. Hi Megan,
    You look amazing! If getting your skin tightened makes you feel better, you go for it! You worked hard to get off the baby weight and deserve to feel good about yourself! On another note, you have mentioned briefly that you had breast augmentation. I'm a petite girl similar to your body type. I would love to know more about your decision and how you feel about it now. I am very flat chested and am finally in shape and feel so disproportionate. 🙁 Not sure if you would be willing to post, but I would love to hear about your experience!

    1. Hi Rebecca! I got my breasts augmented about a year and a half after I had James because they lost volume and fullness after pregnancy and nursing. They were a full C before and a D now. Now that I'm pretty lean, they sometimes look a little too big to me, but ultimately I'm very happy with the results. I think they sometimes look bigger in pics or depending on what I'm wearing. I'd just say research, research, research and talk to everyone you know that has them to get the inside scoop. I went with a referral from a trusted friend and am so glad I did.

      1. Hi Megan! Curious if you could go back, would you have preferred to wait until after your daughter was born? Or did having another pregnancy not really impact the breast augmentation?

        1. Hmm, that’s a good question. I’m glad I did it when I did, since my daughter was born 6 years later. I was able to breast feed fine. But, they got extra huge since I already had implants.

  46. Chiming in to tell you that you did a wonderful thing by posting this. You are so cute, put-together and seem to be practically perfect in every way so it is refreshing to see that you have real life quirks and imperfections like the rest of us! I know that you're helping many ladies out there who are struggling with their bodies after babies. Thanks for putting it out there!

    1. Well I'm glad to put that perfect myth to bed! I definitely have the same struggles and like that we can all relate to each other.

  47. I'm not a mama-yet. But this is one thing that I worry about so much, especially since I have so many parts of my body that I already don't like.

    But this post truly made me feel better, because even really beautiful, strong women like you too have insecurities. Sometimes it's just good not to feel alone!

    Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  48. I love your blog and your honesty. You have inspired me to get my ass moving again! Ive got loose skin and its not great, but the joy of being fit again totally outweighs my fears of it looking worse as I get slim again. Thanks for posting. x

  49. Thank you for writing this. I think you managed it in a balanced and honest way.
    I'd love to hear more about the headspace app if you could share your feelings about it.

  50. Hi Megan! I came across your blog through either Sunny Side Up or A thoughtful place, and I am hooked! I have been inspired by your fitness routine and diet plan and it has been a life changer for me! It has been three weeks and it is the easiest plan I have came across! Its a life changer! I am 5' with a similar stature (need to lose a good 20lbs). I started out using a 5lb weight and after some research I am now using 10lbs with some of the full body routines. Thank you so much for displaying your honesty and inspiring us!

  51. I am a recent regular follower of your blog. I don't have kids but am similar age and love your style-home and fashion-and your focus on food/fitness. When I am not thinking, "I wish I could just hit a button and have the entire outfit arrive in a box" I am usually thinking, "How on earth does she do it all and look so damn good doing it!?" Despite not having shared the pregnancy experience, I can relate to the courage it required to share such personal information and have a whole new respect and appreciation for you. We all go through our body-image ups and downs and can all use the motivation and inspiration to stick to our healthy lifestyle (or get back to it!) and it is so wonderful to have for inspiration someone who is so open and honest. I needed this today, thank you. xo

  52. Hi Megan! I was wondering if you could tell me if the tummy tightening laser procedure produced the results you were hoping for? Did you do a post on this and I missed it? If not, would love an update on this. You look amazing BTW! 🙂

    1. I would love to know about the procedure too! I have twin nine month old babies that really did a number on my body- diastasis and lots of extra skin. Would love to hear if it worked for you!

      1. Hi! I think it helped a little, but I still have loose skin. The biggest changes I’ve seen have been when I’ve started doing more ab work, but that’s tricky if you have di recti. Some of the exercises I’ve been doing aren’t recommended for that issue.

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