$200 Nordstrom Giveaway

Good morning friends!  I’m popping in with a special post, giving YOU a chance to win a $200 Nordstrom gift card!  Maybe you grab something from the new Gibson x Hi Sugarplum resort line or a Valentine’s Day treat for yourself, or whatever your little heart desires!

Nordstrom $200 Giveaway


Join the Get Fit Done Challenge!

Take a picture now! If you haven’t taken your ‘before’ picture yet, do it today!  If you’ve been following along this week, your body is already experiencing some changes (aside from being sore from all those pushups;) and we want you to see a difference from the day you started!

Take a picture after your last day! You’ll want to be in the same location, same position and the same clothes (or as close to it) as your initial picture.

Post your pictures on social media by March 10th! Create a collage or just upload both pictures. You can post it on your Instagram feed or Stories. Tag #GetFitDone, @honeywerehome and @carifit. You can also post it in the Get Fit Done VIP Facebook Group.

It’s not too late to start the 4-week Get Fit Done Challenge! We’re only on Day 4 now, but you can start today and still see results and be able to get your photos in on time!


We know that if you stick to the GFD 4-week plan, or even implement just pieces of the program that work for you, you WILL see multiple benefits. The goal of this Guide is for you to improve not only your appearance and body, but your overall health, focus, and attitude!  We want you to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Use the printables in the GFD Guide to help you stick to the plan.

The “Track My Progress” printable is where you can record your weight and your measurements.  The “Goals” page will help you remember your WHY and the “Workout Tracker” will chart your workouts.

But, the best indicator of your success will be seen in pictures!  So, get those phones out and get yourself selfie ready!  Of course you might feel silly snapping a picture of yourself in the mirror (I’ve been there, trust me!), but you will LOVE seeing the AFTER!!

We hope this GIVEAWAY is a little extra incentive to stick with it to see your best transformation!


You probably don’t need these tips, but just in case, here are some tips for taking a good BEFORE picture.

  • Stand somewhere with good light. It doesn’t have to be studio lighting, but make sure there aren’t shadows covering you. Natural daylight is best.
  • Clean up the background. It’s ok if the laundry is in the background, but don’t stand in front of a bookshelf or decorated wall.
  • Wear a swimsuit or tight-fitting workout clothes. Maybe it’s the swimsuit you want to wear on Spring Break or your favorite sports bra and leggings.
  • Make sure your full body is in the shot (head to toe).
  • Stand naturally with your arms at your side. Avoid sucking in or pushing out. Also, don’t do the opposite and push out all your worst areas so that they’ll look better in the after photo. You will look better in the after photo anyway!
  • Make sure your face is in it! You may be tempted to hide your face, especially if you take these first thing in the morning. You cheeks and jaw line may change so you’ll want to be able to see that in your photos too!
  • Take multiple pictures at different angles. At least 1 straight on and 1 of the side. Don’t get too complicated with your poses, you’re going to have to do the EXACT SAME POSE again in a few weeks! If you have someone to take the picture of you, get one from the back as well! There’s some booty workouts in this guide, you’ll want to see the difference!
  • SMILE 😉


Get Fit Done

If you haven’t ordered your Get Fit Done Lifestyle Guide yet, here’s what you’re missing out on :

  • 4 Weeks of Detailed Workouts
  • 4 Weekly Meal Plans
  • 4 Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Bonus 7-Day Fitness Restart Program
  • Meal Prep Tips
  • Recipes with Color Photos
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Habit Tracker
  • GSD List
  • Goals Worksheet
  • Progress Tracker
  • and more!

We are so excited to have you joining us and sharing your progress! I absolutely LOVE cheering you on and seeing you post about your workouts and meals. I’m sharing mine on Stories too! This has truly been a dream of mine and I’m so honored that you’re taking part in it with me!

Who’s taking their ‘before’ picture today?!



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