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Last week, I went to order my bikini competition suit at Stakked Couture in Houston, at the recommendation of my trainer and posing coach.  Lining the walls when you walk in is a sample of the type of bikinis they make.  It was explained to me that for the “bikini” division, the women wear bikinis with “connectors” (the blingy side things) as opposed to a “figure” or “bodybuilding” suit, that has the high “V” sides that connect with the bikini top in the back.  I had no idea. 

I had to fill out a form with my measurements, anticipated contest weight (I’m 108 now when I weigh at the gym, but I’m 104 at home first thing in the morning).  I guessed 104 (gym scale) for my contest weight.  
Then, I had to choose my fabric color.  
I originally had in mind that I would wear turquoise, but still wanted to see what they had.  Upon seeing their selection, I knew right away I didn’t want pink, orange, or yellow.  I considered purple for a minute, and possibly red, but stuck to my original idea.  Below is a sample of the fabric I choose.  
The salesperson asked, “Do you want a regular bottom or pro bottom?”  “What’s the difference?” I replied.  She showed me an example of a regular bottom that was so tiny, I was stunned speechless for a second.  I mean, I knew the bikinis were small, but when I was looking at it in person, I was just in shock.  This freaked me right out into thinking, I better get my ass in shape fast if I’m going to be wearing one of those.  The pro bikini bottoms are even smaller, so I’m going with the regular.
Then, you choose your connectors (they have various styles). I opted to wait until my bikini fitting in two weeks to pick the connectors.  That way, I can see more of how they will look on.  I like the drapey connectors like in the photo below, but she said they make short girls’ legs look shorter.  Boo. 
I’ll probably end up doing something simple like the connectors on Amanda Latona’s suit below.
I’m really nervous to go back for my fitting.  I’m doing everything I can to have no regrets about this bikini prep, so my best just has to be good enough.  I’m also concerned about that crazy spray tan and am considering using a makeup pro to do my makeup- even though I usually like how I do my own.  My posing coach (a black female) keeps reminding me, “you’re gonna be my color” and she really wants me to use her makeup artist to do my makeup.  They have makeup artists at the show that you can hire.  
This week is 5 weeks out.  I posted a progress pic on Instagram (@honeywerehome), but I’ll do another recap here soon too.  Have a great week!

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  1. Take it from me. Hire the MUA. They know how to do "stage" makeup to compliment your tan. Are you doing your own tan or using a booth? You'll be so nervous the day of the show it will be nice to not have to stress over makeup.

  2. Be sure to use someone reputable for the spray tan. My oldest worked in a salon in high school…it is not as easy as it looks! Some are downright awful.

  3. Great fabric choice! I think the color will look great on you. And while I have not competed in a fitness competition so I am not speaking from experience, I am sure you will have lots on your mind and be a little nervous. Hiring the make-up artist and someone to do your spray tan will be two less things to worry about. Keep up the great work!!!

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