12 Weeks Out // My Bikini Contest Meal Plan

This week we’re turning it up a notch in both the workouts and meal plan.  I still have fat to lose so, right now, there will be no fat in my diet, no sugar, no dairy.  I have to say that the meal plan is not very exciting, just a balance of lean protein, carbs, and veggies – 5 times a day.  
This is similar to how I’ve been eating, but there are things I’m cutting that I previously had been enjoying:  coffee with creamer (I can have coffee but don’t like it without a lot of creamer, so I’m trading it for black unsweetened tea), peanut butter and syrup (on my protein pancake), peanut or sesame oil, egg yolk, low sodium soy, salt-free seasoning (in my stir fry), and milk (in my cheerios), nuts.  
Keep in mind that this meal plan was given to me for my specific goal of competing in a bikini contest in 12 weeks, and based on where I am in my fitness journey.  I’m sharing it with you partly to document my process and partly to just give you an idea of what these “fitness girls” eat like if you’re curious. 
Here are some examples of lean proteins and carbs:
  • Tuna or most any fish.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Eggs (especially the whites).
  • Chicken breast (boneless skinless).
  • Turkey breast (boneless skinless).
  • Lean beef.
  • Low fat or no fat cheese.
  • Low fat pork.
  • Milk protein isolate.
  • Whey protein.
  • Soy protein.
  • Essentially most any other source of protein so long as it is low in saturated fat and carbohydrates.
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Oat meal, oat bran, oat bran cereal (i.e. cheerios).
  • Bran cereal.
  • Brown rice.
  • Wheat bread (try to limit to 2 slices per day).
  • Beans.
  • Low fat popcorn (low fat butter spray makes this a delicacy).
  • Fruits (limit to 2-3 servings per day).
  • Malto dextrin (during workout).
  • Dextrose (during workout)
  • Vegetables.
  • Stay away from refined grains and anything that says “enriched” or “high fructose corn syrup” on the label
My breakfast (egg whites and oatmeal) will be made into a pancake and eaten dry (no PB or syrup)- boo. 
Meals 2 and 3 look something like below, on a smaller (9-inch) plate.  It is actually so much food.  This is 5 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breast, 6 oz. sweet potato, and 1 cup veggies. 
I’m still eating on the go a lot.  
Meal 4:  3/4 cup egg whites, 3/4 cup brown rice, and 1 cup mixed veggies cooked in a skillet with nonstick cooking spray, but no seasonings 
Meal 5:  Protein shake with one scoop of protein, 6-8 oz water, 2 ice cubes.  I make it like this because it doesn’t make a huge drink. 
I’m now buying bags of frozen veggies and frozen chicken because it’s so much food to keep preparing.   
And I bought a food scale that I really like so I can get the measurements exact. It’s super easy to use and lightweight.  I poured through all the reviews and think this was a great choice- well worth the money.  
I think I will get one cheat meal a week and I’m already craving my iced tall 2-pump mocha from Starbucks.  But, I’m so excited to see the changes in my body.  I can’t say I LIKE to eat this way, but I’ve never done it so cleanly or consistently and I have been wanting to cut sugar for a long time, so here we go.  Since the beginning of this journey I just keep thinking, “Do the work. Trust the process.” 
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  1. Trust. The. Process. will become your mantra! It gets tough but it's all mental. Keep pushin'! Your body will thank you. Honestly, I feel THE BEST during comp prep and probably because the diet is so clean and the way we should be eating all the time! Can't wait to see where you take your body over the next 12 weeks!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I've been enjoying following your journey. You definitely have to have some serious will power to do what you're doing. Hitting it hard in the gym is one thing but diet is the hardest part for sure. You're truly an inspiration. Good luck!!

  3. Good luck! Can you let us know what your biggest challenges are? My goals are to be fit and healthy, but I often find weekends and kids meals distract me from my goals. Any advice? Best of luck the next 12 weeks! Also, your body fat couldn't have been right?! You look great already.

  4. Hi Megan! I just recently found your blog, and I'm so happy that I did. I definitely needed this kick in the butt to get started with my diet again. Quick question. Do you recommend any lunch to-go containers? I've noticed that the ones labeled as "lunch boxes" are kind of pricey. Thanks so much!

  5. Just found your blog; very inspiring! Keep up the great work! FYI, have you seen Dr. Oz's 2 week detox diet? I've been following it and lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks. It cuts out all the chemicals, fat, sugar and high glycemic foods.

  6. I love your blog! How did you go about finding a fitness competition for beginners? Did you join an organization first? I've always wanted to do one but didn't know how to pick a show/find the right one for beginners. Good luck!

  7. What brand frozen chicken do you buy? You are such an inspiration to me. I am almost down 20 lbs thanks to finding your blog and working hard with me!

  8. Is this meal plan prep only for someone your size? (lbs) I'm looking to lose 15lbs and can this meal plan be used as a life style meal vs just for prepping for a show?

  9. Unlike other diet program, the 3 week diet does not require detox or liquid diet. It involves using real foods that not only taste great but also help losing weight. There are no detox juices, special teas or diet shakes required in the program.
    The exercises required in the program are minimal. This only helps to accelerate the process of weight loss with diet. You certainly do not need to join any gym. Just perform light exercises described in the guide that take quite less time.
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  10. For people who don’t respond well to carbs AND don’t workout 2-3 hours a day, they’d be better off on a carb cycle. When I ate oats and rice I got fat quick. I quit oats and lost a bunch of fat.
    That is a metric ton of carbs so I’ll just assume you are a high metabolism (naturally thin) person.

  11. Hi there!
    I have a question about this meal plan.

    When you say:
    5 oz. lean protein, 6 oz carb or ¾ cup brown rice, 1 c. veggie

    Do you mean I can have a “lean protein and a carb” OR “rice and veggies” as two separate options? Or, do you mean that I can have a “lean protein AND a carb/rice AND veggies”? I hope this makes sense, lol!

    Thank you in advance.

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