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Wasn’t it just Friday, like, five minutes ago?!  That’s how I feel today, but isn’t that always the case when you’re trying to get ready to go out of town.  Thank you so much for weighing in on all the outfits– it actually really helped!  I’ll show you on Wednesday everything I’m bringing and see what you think. And of course now, I’m getting all those sad feelings about leaving the kids- espeically Jordan since she’s still just such a little baby!  And she’s at that stage where she wants to be wherever I am.  If she sees me walk out of the room, she starts crying. 🙁 I’m going to miss her like crazy!  But she loves her some Grandma, so I know she’ll be just fine.
A couple weeks ago, I did a little bit of decorating for Fall, but now that Halloween is just over a month away, I’ve got that on the brain too.  James hasn’t committed to a costume yet, but said last night that he’s thinking of being a ninja.  Ok, didn’t see that one coming.  As for Halloween decor and costume scheming, Etsy is one of the first places I search.  They have tons of creative, unique things there that you won’t find at your typical Target or Amazon.  I also feel good when I order from small business owners because I respect what they do.  My Dad was, and my brother and husband are small business owners, so I know how hard they work and the effort they give their clients.  I was invited to share my favorite Halloween shops and things on Etsy, so I rounded up so many unique things you may want to check out.
But, first things first.  On Friday night, the girls got together to celebrate my friend Ali-Shaun’s kitchen reno completion and it was pot luck, with wine and light bites to snack on. Everything was so good (espeically her hubby’s tuna tartare), but what everyone on Snapchat (@honeywerehome) was asking me about was the strawberry and tomato salsa that Marianna brought.  She is such a good cook (her Tres Leches is my fave!) and that dish was unexpectedly delicious!  I didn’t realize tomatoes and strawberries would be so good together, but I should have known because I like salads with fruit in them and did put this on my salad that night.
I shared the recipe on snap, but it went by too quickly for most of you, so as promised, here you go! Most people ate this with tortilla chips.
Also, I’ve been making Jordan’s baby food and sharing some of that on Snap also, would you want me to share that here too?  So far, she loves it!  Below is pureed green beans, broccoli and pear.  I never made James’ baby food, so this is new for me, but I feel great about feeding her healthy homemade food.
And this week ends my 40 Day Challenge, so I’ll update you next week after I ruin all my progress in NYC! Ha!
And without further ado, check out this Halloween and Fall goodness on Etsy.  I could go on and on, but then this post would be ridiculously long.


Be still my hand-lettered heart!  Oh, how I wish I could write like this!  If anyone in Houston wants to get together and take a class, let me know!  But, until then, Paper Case Studio custom letters all kinds of goodies, from pumpkins to place cards.  I don’t even like pumpkin spice flavor (the horror!) but I’m smitten with this pumpkin!


Custom Calligraphy White Pumpkin ‘Pumpkin Spice Everything’ GOLDEN DESIGNS BY SARAH

But I know those of you who do love pumpkin spice are really crazy for it, so this mug’s for you!


Even though we don’t do big Halloween decorating over here, pillows and art are right up my alley.

Happy Halloween pillow


Boo art


Trick-or-Treat art


And knitting.  I don’t knit.  My Mom does and really enjoys it, but I’ve never even tried. And if you don’t either, luckily we have Nevada Knits to make cozy things like coffee cozies and knit pumpkins. Aren’t they so cute?!



I love Milk & Honey Luxuries’ philosophy that luxury shouldn’t be dependant on wealth.  On her list of luxuries is a hot cup of cocoa after playing in the snow with her kids, fresh flowers in the kitchen, the first sip of good coffee in the morning and nestling into a warm bed at night.  She’s speaking my language!  And her shop has the perfect things for enjoying those little things.

Witch’s Brew Mug

Cereal Killer Spoon



My son was crazy for this set of vinyl bat decals.  They are actually pretty fun for Halloween! And big too!


If you’re having a Halloween party, you know the invitations set the tone.  You can order a custom printable invitation here.   They have party decor signs too.


We could easily hang this Happy Halloween Banner and instantly feel more Halloween festive. The Trick-Or-Treat banner is fun too. If you’re having a party, the Treats banner would be perfect hung by the candy!

This Happy Halloween banner caught my eye too.


What about adding this black burlap wreath to your Halloween decor?!  I dig it! They have an orange wreath too if you wanted to go with more traditional Halloween colors.


What about this baby pumpkin costume?!?!  I die! James was a pumpkin for his first Halloween so I kinda want to get this for Jordan so we can compare our Mr. and Miss Pumpkin.



The new mom in me thought these baby Halloween outfits were darling!  The little leg warmers kill me!


Just Boo-tiful Outfit What are you and/or your kiddos being for Halloween?



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  1. That salsa sounds delish and I can't wait to try it. On another note, how can you not like pumpkin spice?? Just kidding (sort of, although my sister also hates it). I'm so happy to have woken up to cooler, rainy weather in Dallas today, and my first thought was- "I'm going to need a pumpkin spice latte today!" Hope you're also feeling some relief from the heat!

  2. Yes please share how you are making Jordan's food! We went in for Isabella's 4 months check up and were given the green light to start her on solid foods. I think I'm going to wait a bit still because I feel like she's still a little young. But I was going to reach out to you and ask how you were doing it.

  3. Would love it if you shared how you make Jordan's food! I'm also interested in how you made the change to just formula and Jordan's experiences with solids. I have a 3 month old and I've never produced enough milk for her for some reason (I've tried just about everything & don't respond well to pumps). I've always felt guilty having to supplement with so much formula but I'm excited for her to start solids and want to make her the healthiest meals I can.

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