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Hi friends!  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  We had a great time, fully enjoying the first weekend of Summer break!  We spend most of Saturday at Brian’s parents’ house with his girls and his sister’s kids.  They are all around the same age, and with Jordan being the youngest, she soaks up all the attention.  It’s really cute how she loves playing with the ‘big girls’ and they all get along so well!

Speaking of, I’ve had so many questions about that and more and I’ve been doing a Q&A Monday on Stories every week.  It’s been really fun to interact with y’all there and in case you’re not following me on Stories, I’m sharing a round-up of some of the most frequently asked questions and answers today!

I broke it down into category so you can read through or jump around to the topics that interest you most.



What brand of scale do you use? Does it show weight only or all the body composition?

I have this scale from Amazon and I since I’m doing the 9 Weeks to Beach Body challenge, I currently weigh myself every morning as soon as I wake up (it’s always the lowest then;)  The scale just measures body weight, it’s under $20 with a $2 coupon and over 70,000 positive reviews.  I get my body fat and other measurements taken at my gym with the ‘in-body analyzer’.

Do you eat back your calories you burn?

No, at least I’m not supposed to! But I find it really hard to burn calories through exercise. If my Apple Watch is correct, I usually burn about 200-300 calories for 60-80 minute workout. I feel like I’ve burned 600!

For your morning workouts, do you eat or have coffee before?

Have we met?! ha! Yes! I drink coffee first thing in the morning with my favorite Coffemate Vanilla Caramel Creamer. I’ve tried to give it up, but I CAN’T QUIT YOU!!  I go to bed dreaming of my morning coffee!  I also have to eat about an hour before a workout or I feel so weak and low energy.  I usually have a protein pancake before my workout.

Now that you’re on the beach body diet, how do you juggle making different meals for the kids?

Great question and no easy answer, but having MY meals already prepped makes it easier to make something different for the kids if I need to.  I follow the approach by @kids.eat.in.color for kids.  Such a great resource & it made me realize I can “assemble” meals instead of always cooking. Jordan often likes my meals or part of them. She loves broccoli & sometimes fish too.

I’ve also started getting the kids to set the table and help with the last minute things I need to do when preparing dinner and that really helps.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Your top 3 best self care tips?

Get enough sleep, exercise, & figure out what fills your soul and make time for that.  It doesn’t have to be something huge.  I love early quiet mornings alone with my coffee, journal, and something to read.  Taking time to write and get my feelings out on paper helps clear my head.  I write out goals for my life, relationships and work.  I actually LIKE waking up early to do this now- when I used to be a major night owl.


How do you like to order your iced mocha at Starbuck’s?

I order a “tall iced mocha with almond milk and no whip, please”.  I feel like since I’ve gotten older, I don’t tolerate dairy as well, so I drink almond milk.

iced mocha

In the winter, I love the peppermint mocha!  I order it with almond milk and no whip.

Made most of your meal-prep meals! Do you eat every 3 hours even off the beach body challenge?

Yay! That makes me so happy, thank you for letting me know! Yes, I do eat about every three or four hours, that’s just when I get hungry. But, off plan, I would normally have a bowl of cereal before bed & now my last meal is dinner around 7-8 p.m. Read more on my meal prep HERE

Any suggestions for healthy on the go breakfasts? Something to take to or make at work. TIA!

Brian eats these turkey sausage and egg white sandwiches. 270 calories, 8 fat grams, 31 carb grams, 18 protein grams.  You buy them in the frozen section of your grocery store.

What foods do you miss the most and will you still track your macros after FL?

I still have “treat” meals on the weekends – whatever I want, but since I have such a big sweet tooth, I probably miss Rhonda’s Chocolate Chip Cookies the most right now!

I haven’t decided if I’ll still track macros after Florida.  Part of me says no because I have a good feel for what I’m eating now and how it all adds up, but another part of me nerds out over that kind of thing and I want to keep going with my fitness and build more muscle.

So, we’ll see!

What’s your favorite sweet snack?

I love apples and natural peanut butter. I also love peanut butter and dark chocolate and I’m totally hooked on the caramel flavored rice cakes. For more healthy snack ideas go HERE.

Do you freeze the meals you prep ahead? Would be concerned they would not stay.

I don’t freeze them, but you could. I eat five meals a day and 3-4 of them are prepped in advance, so they go quick! You can subscribe HERE to receive my newsletter with all the Beach Body Fitness details.

Favorite wine?

I joke and tell Brian that I’ve never drank more than since I started dating him and he says he’s never drank less!  He introduced me to Sancerre and we mostly drink Sauvignon Blanc.  Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc (for a pricier option) and Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (more affordable).

Trader Joe's Charcuterie Board

Trader Joe’s Charcuterie Board


Would you recommend the lady who did your eyebrow microblading?

100% yes! I was just texting with her last week and she also offers a new “shading” technique that I’m kinda interested in trying! Her name is Lihn & she’s now at La’Me Lashes in Vintage Park Salon.

You can see my microblading before and after HERE and the touch up (with video) a year later HERE.  I warn you, the results are DRAMATIC!!  It’s so wild because I thought my pre-microbladed brows looked good when I filled them in, but when I look back at them now, I think they looked so puny and thin.  And they aged me! Fuller brows look more youthful!

Favorite shampoo and conditioner?

After seeing the results of Olaplex No. 3, I tried their shampoo and conditioner too. The patented Olaplex line is the only one designed to maintain and repair your hair by restoring the broken bonds from the inside out.

The shampoo repairs, strengthens and hydrates your hair, plus it smells amazing and you get great lather. It also eliminates flyaways and breakage.

The conditioner also smells great and has the same repairing properties. I don’t feel like its too heavy on my hair, and its a lighter weight consistency.

What is the best way to refresh your hair after a workout without washing?

It sounds counterintuitive, but I add more (cool) water to the damp parts of my hair, and then just treat it like I came out of the shower! Let it air dry a little bit then put a cool blow dryer to it and re-style as normal!  And of course, dry shampoo!

Face tanning drops? Brand and did you like them?

My friend Andrea gifted me these face tanning drops and I do like them! You massage several drops into your skin at night before bed and wake up with a subtle glow!

Good set of tweezers?

Try these, they have worked really well at getting those stubborn hairs with a precision tip.

What self tanner to do you use and any tips?

I’ve been using this self tanner every week or so since I first tried it! It’s the BEST COLOR & goes on evenly without streaks. You can also adjust depth of the tan by rinsing after applying. Rinse 1, 2, or 3 hours depending on how dark you want your tan. I usually put it on in the morning and don’t rinse until that night or the next day.

I have a more detailed post on how I use it HERE.

How often do you self tan?

I like to keep a tan color so I do it about every week or two.

Have you tried the T3 hair dryer?

Yes! That’s what I use to dry my hair! It’s fast & efficient & gives me a smooth blowout!  But, I still use my Revlon dryer brush when I want a voluminous blowout and don’t feel like using a round brush.  It was out of stock on Amazon for a long time, but it’s back now and on SALE! 

T3 Wand 1 inch • T3 Wand 1.25 inch • T3 Hair Dryer

This post has all the details about my hair, cut, color and style.

Hair removal in the bikini area? You always seem swimsuit ready while I feel like a yeti!

The Billie works great for every area! Once I started using this razor, I haven’t used another razor since!  I tried waxing once many, many years ago and besides the ouch factor, I couldn’t get past having to wait for hairs to grow between wax visits.  Billie for me, please!

Swimsuit • Hat • Tote


Best Strapless Bra?

I think this is one of my most asked questions! Try THIS ONE, it’s super comfortable and keeps the girls up! I have the nude one and a black one and they are the only strapless bras I wear. Fits TTS.

The famous Amazon sun hat, do you feel that it provides enough coverage?

The Sun Hat provides moderate coverage, but I still wear it most often and with sunglasses. This visor provides better coverage. It’s cute, adjustable, & rolls up for easy packing!

Do you keep all the fashion items you share or do you just keep your favorites?

There’s no way I could keep everything I order, it would be too expensive and excessive!

But, I have to order a lot of things so I can show you several new styles & outfits. Most of it gets returned, but I do keep my faves & what I know I’ll wear repeatedly.

Where are your gold layered beaded bracelets and Megan bracelet from?

My Grandma Nola gave me my Megan bracelet many many years ago. It’s traditional Hawaiian jewelry & she used to live in Honolulu.

The gold beaded bracelets can be found HERE and from my friend Hillary’s Etsy Shop @joy_bead_bracelets, you can shop those HERE.

Any suggestions for a good sports bra? With lining that will hide the headlights!

Ha! I know what you mean! This one is my go to and when I wear it in black it’s pretty dim 😉

What’s in your bag?

That’s a fun question! I”ll have to do a bag reveal with you in Stories soon! Lately, the minimalist inside me has been carrying this black/white crossbody bag, with just my wallet, keys, phone, and a lipstick!  It’s large enough to hold more though!

Ideas on what to wear for graduation party?

Check out my Best Dressed Guest post.

Any recs for comfy jeans (not ankle length)?

This is a great pair of everyday jeans with a high waist and dark wash, without distressing. They come in regular and curvy and regular or petite.

Do you leave (Amazon or otherwise) reviews online for products and clothing?

Nope, all of my reviews are on my blog! Go HERE for all of my Amazon reviews.

Underwear from super humid days?

These are the best Seamless Undies I’ve found.  They stay put and are virtually invisible.

How do we find your Amazon Storefront?

I swear it’s hard for even me to find it, so I have it book marked!

Here’s the link >> www.amazon.com/shop/honeywerehome

I like to wear casual summer dresses around the house. Any recommendations?

I like this t-shirt dress on Amazon. It’s lightweight, comfy with stretch. Under $20 & several colors. Fits TTS

No-slip sunglasses you’ve mentioned before?

Ali-Shaun gifted me my first pair of Goodrs and I’ve bough several more since.  They’re polarized, look great on everyone and don’t slip off your face- even when you’re sweating at the pool or while running!  And, they’re really affordable!

Goodr sunglasses

Suggestions for wireless T-Shirt bra?

This bra is so comfy without wires and looks seamless under t-shirts.  It’s on sale 30% off!

Cute short sleeved black maxi that can be worn with a belt?

This Amazon dress looks great with or without a belt.


I know you probably answered this, but I missed it. Where did you meet your boyfriend?

Brian and I met on the dating app, Bumble. You can read all the details HERE.

We’ve been dating since February 2020 and it’s been a slow progression, but we have a wonderful, close relationship and are definitely in love!  I can’t believe I’m even saying it- I still want to pinch myself!  There are still plenty of good guys out there if you’ve been discouraged!

Excellence Playa Mujeres

Is a trip with Brian and all your kids in the works? Have the kids met?

We are going with the kids to Florida in June- next week!!  They have met & all get along really well!  Brian’s girls are 11 and 13 and lovely. I really admire and respect Brian as a dad.

You can read about our trip to Mexico HERE.

Excellence Playa Mujeres

Have you and Brian talked about moving in together or getting married?

Yes.  But it’s still just talk.  I think we’re both really happy with how our relationship is now.  We’re both pretty cautious and since we have kids there’s more to consider than just us.  I like this dating phase and how we get alone time, together time and time with the kids.  It’s a good balance right now.

I love that y’all are excited for me and us and that you’re cheering us on!  Who doesn’t love love?!

Favorite baby names that you didn’t use?

Such a fun question! I’ve always liked the name Christian for a boy and Lauren for a girl.

What’s the one thing you desperately want but don’t have (yet?)

As for a physical thing, I love Gray Malin Art.

I keep wanting to meditate more, be a more patient parent, better blogger, more generous giver. Be more “in the moment.” All works in progress. ♥


Can you link your air fryer?

I have this 3-quart one and just used it today to reheat my lunch! When I’m being indulgent, I love to make chicken wings in it! But also fries and veggies!

Do you have any recommendations for a handheld steamer?

I have this one  that is great for travel, but I use a larger one for day to days since I’m often steaming many things at once! Fun Fact: Brian still uses a regular iron/ironing board and irons his dress shirts every day 😉

What material are your kitchen counters? They’re gorgeous!

Thank you! I have Carrera Marble counters. They are pretty, but they do scratch and stain because they are delicate. I would get them again, but I would also consider something different.

Where is your wooden kitchen bowl (with fruit in it) from?

Lam Bespoke

What items do you think are worth splurging on for home decor?

That would usually be items like furniture that you intend to have for many years. You want it to be comfortable, durable, hold up well, and be well made. I invested in things like our sectional couch, dining room tables, lighting, & Jordan’s bed. I’m super happy with all of these items even years later.

That being said, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on furnishings- my upholstered bed was a steal for a king!

Jordan’s Room

My Bedroom

Neutral Dining Room

Our Dining Room

I really enjoy just chatting with y’all and if you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!  I had lots more questions/answers I could’ve added, but this post is already so long.

If you want a Part 2, let me know.  There was lots more about fashion and skincare and also about organization and productivity.  Those are two of my favorite topics!

 Top • Pants  • Sandals • Necklace • Bracelets

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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  1. I have enjoyed this post!!
    I can not find an eye liner that stays all day long.
    I would prefer something easy to apply …. Any suggestions?

  2. I loved the post, especially the health and fitness section–your tips are always the best. And it makes me feel better about my coffee situation…I can’t give up the creamer either, ha! (Oh how I’ve tried!)

  3. I had my eyebrows micro bladed for the first time 2 weeks ago and I LOVE that you posted this touch up video. Perfect timing! Love your blog by the way.

  4. Such a great post, thanks for all the recommendations. I love Gray Malin too – if you subscribe to his emails, you can get sample sale notifications. I recently got a large framed print for a huge discount. I love his work, it makes me feel like I’m on vacation!

  5. I wanted to say a huge thank you for being so brutally honest with your readers. it’s refreshing in the world of social media! When you are truly transparent about what you eat and how sometimes you don’t stick to your plan I can totally relate. It is so hard when everyone is having the ice cream and you are….not! I am a long time follower of yours and I never comment but I wanted to give you kudos for keeping it real! Have a great summer and you look amazing so enjoy your ice cream! 🙂

  6. I’m a teeny bit confused. Or maybe nosey… lol

    You said in an earlier post you started dating right before covid. But above you say you guys got together in feb 2019.. a month after your separation.

    What’s the real scoop for us nosey lurkers?! Lol.

    1. Ha! Oops! Typo! We first texted in the dating app at the end of Feb 2020, and first date was in March 2020! I need to go back and fix if I said 2019! Thanks for catching that! I love how invested you are! 🙂

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