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It’s only been a couple months since my home office makeover was finished, but even at the time of the final reveal, there was still one thing missing – the chairs for my table, which hadn’t arrived yet. In the final reveal post, I just kept the black chairs I had originally, and they actually went pretty well with the space, tying in with the black mirror over the chest.  
Even though my desk is pretty large, it’s still great to have another flat surface to spread out on and work from.  I’ll often do flat lay photos there or spread open my planner and stickers or wrap gifts or whatever, so the table definitely needed to stay in the design plan.  If James wants to color or draw, I just put a piece of posterboard down or a tablecloth so the table stays white.  #sofarsogood 

For the table, Sita sourced a pair of killer brass chairs that finally arrived and they are even better in person! I must say that I’ve been in close touch with an associate from High Fashion Home (where they’re from) and she could not have been nicer or more on top of it as we tried to track down these chairs.   

They’re a bit bigger than I thought they’d be (which is a good thing) because the seat part is not so small like my original chairs.  Better for the booty! 
And I just dig the curved shape.  

And then I was thinking, if I do need more seating, I can just mix and match my old chairs.

This office is still a dream space for me.  I actually haven’t gotten to spend as much time as I’d like in here with it being summer and all and as busy as I am with the new baby.  I don’t usually work with her in my office since she still needs so much attention, but on occasion I might check a quick email or something while she’s with me.  
You can see how I don’t have a great cord hiding system because I work from a laptop that I’m often taking downstairs to use.  If I’d just invest in another cord, I could tape this one up and hide it.  #whatstakenmesolong?!  
You can see how I don’t have a great cord hiding system because I work from a laptop that I’m often taking downstairs to use.  If I’d just invest in another cord, I could tape this one up and hide it.  #whatstakenmesolong?!  Why will I buy 10 new purses, but not another computer cord?!  No, I must haul this one up and downstairs. Every.time. 
I do love it when James hangs out and keeps me company in here.  This small white bench looks great in the office, but turns out it’s not very practical because the fabric is super white without any texture to it.  Since I don’t want to be all, “get off of there, you’ll get it dirty!”  I’ve started looking for something else already, maybe a small loveseat would be good, but I’m not in a hurry. 
And also, a couple behind the scenes mentions:
The clam shell is now empty because I just had that plant and soil sitting loose in there.  That was one of those things I did for styling purposes because I love the look of that type of cascading live plant, but I knew it wouldn’t be a long-term home unless I figured out how to water it in there.  I’ve since repotted the plant and it’s on our dining table in this black and white striped pot.  
I think I forgot to mention in the reveal post that the etageres came with securing straps that my husband affixed to the wall to ensure they won’t tip over.  #safetyfirst
And on the chest, I went ahead and put back my mini tv although now that my back faces the tv, I’ve barely turned it on!  
Other than that, the office still looks the same!  I’m sure it will look like a tornado hit the desktop once I really get going in here, but I’m vowing to do my best to keep it tidy!  It’s too pretty to mess up! 

keep in touch! 

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  1. I love how you kept it real and showed us behind the scenes and how certain things were done for styling purposes. I think so many times we try to compare our real life with Pinterest perfectly styled homes and get discouraged and beat ourselves up for not maintaining our home. Your transparency is inspiring and it's nice to see "big" bloggers have real LIVED IN homes like everyone else!

  2. I love the abstract and palm tree art! what sizes did you go with and frames? Did you frame them yourself or purchase with the paintings? What kind of frame did you choose?

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