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Welcome back to my series HWH Loves Bloggers!  Each week, we get to peek inside bloggers and instagrammers’ gorgeous real life homes when they tag their photo on Instagram with #HWHlovesbloggers.  You can check out the series opener 5 Tips to a Perfectly Curated Home and see last week’s gorgeous BEDROOMS here and the beautiful LIVING ROOMS here.

This week y’all were kind enough to share your KITCHENS with us and I’m always blown away by getting to peek inside another family’s home.  This makes the voyeur in me very happy!

The kitchen is surely the heart of many homes and if it’s anything like ours, doesn’t stay clean for long!  In fact, mine needs a good cleaning right now!  But when the dishes are done and the piles that naturally accumulate on the counters are cleared, our kitchens breathe a sigh of relief and their true beauty shines.  You can see our kitchen all cleaned up here.

Next week, I’ll be looking for your BATHROOM spaces.  Just tag your bathroom Instagram picture  (it doesn’t have to be the whole room and you don’t have to have a blog to be featured!) #HWHlovesbloggers for a chance to be featured on my blog and on my Instagram. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your spaces!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | The House of Silver Lining
Shauna’s blog is coming soon- yay!! If the rest of her house is anything like the kitchen, I’m sure I’ll be in love!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | This Is Happiness
Becky’s light and bright kitchen sure is cheerful, especially with that yellow rug!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | AM Dolce Vita
Wood + white is a beautiful combo in Michelle’s kitchen. 

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Christina's Adventures
I love these thick, wooden open shelves – and how Christina styled them.  The “Fresh Produce” sign is so cool too.  It’s amazing how different white subway tile can look with different colored grout.  

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | The Sweet Honey Do List
Creating this series has brought me several new blogs to read, The Sweet Honey Do List is among them!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Nesting with Grace
This kitchen is so cute and full of charm, I couldn’t wait to share!  And it was a total remodel- you have to check out her blog to see the before and the details on the whole process!
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | @carpendaughter
I wasn’t surprised to read that Whitney’s kitchen was going to be featured in a magazine!  It’s cover material!
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | The Chronicles of Home
Jennifer!  You are killing us with this glimpse of your room!  But the light fixture is that good!
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | @daysieann
The big wooden island is so warm and inviting!  I love how the counter stools sit right there- I bet it makes for great lounging and hanging out in the kitchen. 
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Dean Designs
I love everything about this kitchen!  The nice table and chairs are the icing on the cake!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | @lucyinspired
How cool is this backspashe and range hood here?!  It makes such a bold statement!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Whimsy Girl Designs
I’m smitten over the clean, rustic charm in this kitchen!  

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | @ac_grayscale
White upper cabinets and grey lowers are perfectly on trend in this kitchen!  It looks great!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Brittany Makes
Oh Brittany, the glimpse of your kitchen off this dining room is too good not to share!  Love your cabinet color!
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Little Dekonings
The whole world doesn’t have or necessarily want a white kitchen these days!  How pretty is this one with the brick backsplash and that adorable galvanized “market” sign?!
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Jeanne Campana Design
Jeanne’s kitchen is so pretty!  I like how the dishwasher is disguised to look like another cabinet!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | The House of Figs
What a cozy spot in this kitchen!  I think I need a plant like that!

20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | @kaylawtaylor
Oh what a cool shot this is! Brass is back baby!
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Sunny Side Up
Of course, I’m obsessed with Erin’s entire house, but her kitchen is truly special!  This is only a portion of the space- she actually has two islands in here!  
20 Gorgeous Real Life Kitchens | Dimples and Tangles
Jennifer’s painted kitchen island and unique light fixtures make her kitchen stand out!  Love that chalkboard calendar too!
How sweet is Nicki’s kitchen with those lemon branches hanging at the top of that bright window?!?! I’ve never seen that before!

Thank you again for linking up!  
I can’t wait to see everyone’s BATHROOM spaces this week!

P.S.  You still have time to enter the giant $1800 value Swag Bag GIVEAWAY!  Good luck!  
keep in touch! 

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  1. Thanks for including mine. These are all beautiful and hardworking kitchens! I am gravitating towards those with lighter cabinets. Creamy white is timeless; lighter upper and darker lower cabinets are on trend; white cabinets with a darker island is another idea. So many inspirations! I seriously love your #HWHlovesBloggers series!

  2. Megan! You are seriously the sweetest thing ever. SO flattered that you shared my house twice! I truly can't thank you enough! I am LOVING your #HWHlovesbloggers series. Beyond kind of you and SO much amazing inspiration! Thank you thank you! You made my day… again! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for including me with all of this beauty! You have a few of my favorites here too 🙂 I ripped all the doors off my kitchen island last week to paint then, kind of on a whim, so the end is in sight with my kitchen updates! Wahoo!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! I am so delighted that my kitchen is featured along side all of these other beautiful and wonderful kitchens!! You've made my night!

    Thanks Megan :):)

    XO Kass

  5. I need to redesign a kitchen and love @nlckl for inspiration. How do I contact her to ask for other angles??

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