Body After Baby | 12 Week Progress Report

Hello lovelies!  Did you have a great weekend?!  Ours involved the last T-ball game of the season, a new two-wheel bike for our son who’s learning to ride without training wheels, and me trying to take a nap every time Jordan did.  After almost three months of middle of the night feedings, the lack of uninterrupted sleep is catching up to me big time.  I feel like I’m going through the motions during the day, but my mind and body are exhausted.  The good news is that yesterday, she woke up at 7am to eat, then fell back to sleep until 11:30 a.m. (which she never does!), and I got to sleep that whole time too!  I feel like a new woman!  
Can you believe that our precious baby girl will be 3 months old on Wednesday?!  It’s true what they say, that time flies!  We are having so much fun with her already!  She loves to laugh and smile (this one was certainly contagious!) and there’s nothing cuter on a little baby.

And, she’s getting some adorable baby chub!  It’s great to see her thriving and growing.  She was 10 pounds at her 2-month check-up and has already outgrown her tiny newborn clothes.  She’s wearing 0-3 months now and even a few 3-6 months. 

body after baby | 12 weeks postpartum
Now’s a good time to update you on my 12-Week ‘Body After Baby’ progress.  My last one was 6 weeks post baby and now another 6 weeks have flown by. These fitness-type posts are always the most popular on my blog, so I’m happy to update you on my progress.  Or in this case, what feels like the lack thereof!
I actually haven’t been very committed to losing weight so I’ve kind of plateaued. I still have those last 10 pounds hanging on. It’s hard to take care of yourself and a newborn and a child and a household and blog and and and . . . .  I’ve always been a proponent of making time for yourself and taking care of YOU, and I stand by that, BUT, there are seasons in life where other things take priority and maybe you don’t get to do everything you want all the time.  That’s my life lately.  I have to choose my priorities carefully.  
This pregnancy changed the way I see my body in a good way and I’m so much more comfortable in my own skin.  I’m not in the “get bikini body ready” season right now.  I’m more in the “enjoy baby and eat ice cream” phase.  😉  I’ve got a small baby pouch still happening, but my diastasis recti (ab separation) is partially to blame.  More on that below in the exercise section of this post.

But, I do fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes (even jeans), so I’m happy about that!  It was forever until I fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes after I had my son.  I’ve done good job hiding my soft, pouchy belly in loose-fitting tops. #Amenforthose

top (40% off) | jeansnecklace | bag | sunglasses | shoes

One thing I’ve found that helps me feel more secure in my clothes is a good bra.  Because I’m nursing, I’m usually in this nursing bra.  I have it in grey and black, but it comes in six colors.  I also just ordered this racerback nursing bra because so many of my tops are racerback style and I’m not a fan of the bra straps showing over your shoulders. It’s gotten over 200 positive reviews, so I hope it’s good!
Most of the time, if I’m just hanging out at home, I wear this nursing tank.  The snaps on the straps are perfect for easy one-hand opening (you get pretty good at doing things with one hand when you have a baby!), but I do wish the body of the tank was slimmer.  There’s quite a bit of loose fabric on mine. 
If I’m out on date night or when I don’t think I’ll have to stop and breastfeed, I’ll opt for a regular bra. This one is my go-to and has great support while still being comfortable.  I have it in ‘French nude’ which isn’t visible under my clothes.  I gave up white bras years ago because they always showed through.

For when you want to feel extra special under your clothes, this is a great bra.

This tank (now 40% off) is good at holding you in, but the scarf added another layer to hide the belly and add more color to the outfit. 
This convertible strapless bra is my all-time favorite if you need that style.  And, if you are still feeling insecure, don’t underestimate the power of shapewear!  I bet this pair would be perfect at camouflaging that post-baby belly!

I wasn’t given the clearance to workout until 6 weeks postpartum. I started walking in my neighborhood at 4 weeks, but only because I wanted needed to get out of the house and get moving. We are blessed that breastfeeding is going well, but it happens and sitting for such extended periods of time was making me stir crazy!  That might not be the popular thing to say, but it’s true for me.  I like our couch very much, but man, I’m so sick of sitting on it!  I try to stay off of it if I’m not breastfeeding or feed her in different parts of the house.
At around 6 weeks, I upped those walks into jogs.  I LOVE running out the door in my neighborhood with my iPod on!  Even if I’m not in the mood for a run, I know I’m going to feel so much better after, which pushes me out the door. My biggest fitness tip is to download songs that pump you up and make you want to move! I’ll share my updated playlist soon.  And I’d love to hear your favorite workout songs too. Always looking for more.  

Seeing myself in these pics really shows where I’ve still got extra weight around my middle. I should just invest in the next size up shirt, but I’ve been stubborn and stuck to my XS, thinking I don’t want to buy a shirt that (hopefully) won’t fit in a few more months.  Do you do that too?
It’s been difficult, but with my Mom over to help for a few hours during the week, I started working out 2 days a week with my trainer.  I’m still trying to take care of me and get those workouts in, along with a couple runs outside my house each week.

Since I only workout with John two days a week, we split upper and lower body into those two days. He’s so awesome and started me back very slowly, noticing my strength had diminished in the 6 weeks off.  With every workout, my strength is improving.  Now we’re starting to incorporate active rests back in between sets.

Even throughout my pregnancy (including the day before Jordan was born), I was still lifting weights and felt pretty strong.  The biggest battle in the fitness department was won when I kept eating healthy and exercising while pregnant.  If you are pregnant, I promise you, even if you don’t feel like exercising, you’ll be so happy you did after your baby is born!  I gained 35 pounds this time (as opposed to over 50 with my first!) and kept up a good bit of muscle tone.  Even though I have a ways to go to get back to my prepregnancy shape, my overall shape is so much better now because I kept up those workouts during pregnancy. 

diastasi recti 
Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy, so we have to give ourselves a break.  I also have diastasis recti (ab separation), so there are certain exercises that are off limits right now (crunches, planks, situps, certain yoga positions, etc.), but I am doing pelvic tilts to try to correct it.  It will be difficult to get a flat tummy until my abs have healed and come back together.  This short video gives a great explanation of the condition, shows you how to check for it, and demonstrates how you can do pelvic tilts laying down.  
Some women have diastasis recti and don’t even realize it.  If you’re not sure if you have ab separation, please check because if you do, you don’t want to make it worse with certain exercises.

I hope you’re not disappointed that I don’t have a “12 Weeks and Back to Your PrePregnancy Body!” post for you.  You guys rock and I know you always appreciate more the honest truth, even the truth that includes a  s l o w  return to prepregnancy shape.  I’m sure I will want to get rid of those last 10 pounds soon (hey, the pool is calling!), but for now, you’re most likely to find me playing with this little sweetheart . . .

Have a great Monday, friends!
keep in touch! 
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  1. I 100% prefer to see a realistic post about getting your body back after baby! And I'm with you, I'd much rather play with the baby and enjoy some ice cream ;). And yes, there are phases in our lives when we wont get to do everything we want, and that's fine. You are doing great… Much better than I did after my pregnancy. I think it took me a year!

  2. I'm shaking my head yes to so much! The sleep deprivation…ugh! Chris took G the other morning and gave him a bottle so I could sleep and I felt so rested! He was 10lb 12 oz at his one month check up, so the boy likes to eat all. day. long! And YES to getting off the couch! Getting back to workouts is tough, but getting out of the house is so refreshing!

    1. I'm so in love with your son!! I love seeing his picture on Instagram, such a cutie!! Is he napping in his crib? I need to start trying that with Jordan, she naps in the Mamaroo now.

  3. I love this post Megan! Your honesty with your postpartum shape, struggles, and successes have been very inspiring. Keep being amazing (!!!) and remember that it took 9 months (give or take a few weeks lol) for your body change for Jordan to be born-that means your hips widening, etc. Those can take a little longer to go "back to normal". You still look beautiful!

  4. I do believe you might be a perfectionist… we are a lot alike. 😉 You look fantastic!!! Those last 10 lbs are happy lbs (at least that's what I tell myself!)… but they will come off. You are one dedicated Momma! You're doing great!

  5. Can you talk more about diastasis? I have realized I still have it- and I've amped my workouts lately and was getting frustrated that my belly was poking out more and more. What are good exercises to do, and what to avoid?

    1. Hi Frannie! Click the link in this post that has the video- it tells and demonstrates good exercises. I don't know much more than I already wrote about in this post, but for sure avoid crunches and do pelvic tilts instead.

  6. Megan, I love these posts! You look amazing and I love to read about all of this, as I am currently pregnant with our 4th at age 39 and love to work out and try to eat well ;-), this hits close to home for me! Thank you!

  7. This post is so encouraging! My first child was born 11-weeks ago and although 20 pounds melted off right away, the last 12 haven't budged even with increasing activity and eating better. I've always been fit so knowing that it's fine and normal for that extra weight to still be there makes me feel so much better! Thanks for your honesty and I look forward to future posts. You baby girl is an absolute doll!

    1. Sounds like me, the first 25 pounds 'melted' off, but last 10 sticking around! I know I need to lay off the ice cream! It's like my stress relief- I don't go for wine, desserts for me!

  8. I am enjoying the attitude you have regarding your body post baby. I think it is honest, healthy, and balanced. Before you know it, you'll be back to your pre-pregnancy body, and Jordan will be walking and talking. There is no need to rush any part of your life right now. As an active mother of two, trust me when I say that if you keep up the healthy attitude the rest will follow in due time!

    1. Wise words! She is already getting so big and I know it goes so fast. Now I'm considering cutting back blogging to 3 days a week this summer so I don't stress out and so I can enjoy the kids.

  9. Grace! You are doing an incredible job — don't get hung up over trying for perfection. You just created a human and you're sustaining her life right now. It's miraculous! Make time for yourself when you can, how you can, as often as you can. There will be plenty of time for workouts in the months to come!

  10. I have to recommend Glamourmom nursing tanks. You can get them on Amazon and they make two styles–I needed the full bust style. It was amazing! The tank is fitted and supportive without being tight, and they are nice and long. It makes nursing in public much easier because the tank keeps the belly covered while you can just lift a loose-fitting top up to feed the baby. I bought one in every color!

  11. I would love to love running but so far I still don't:( but I do enjoy dancing so I try to do that 2-3 times a week after baby is in bed. I'm about 10 weeks postpartum and although I'm only 5 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight, my body holds that weight differently so for me I can't focus on that number on the scale, it's hard trying to change that mindset though but I'm working on it!

    1. It's easy for me to tell you to not worry about it, to just rest and relax and enjoy that baby! I need to tell myself that too!!

  12. I love this post so much. There is so much pressure for women to "lose the baby weight" that oftentimes it takes the focus off what is most significant about having a baby – The beautiful life that you have grown and nourished and get to love on. Kudos to you for getting it right.

    1. I'm trying to keep that perspective. It's gotten easier with age and experience. I'm just so thankful that she is here and healthy!

  13. Thank you for being so honest and open about what it's truly like after having a baby! 🙂 I think you look great and you obviously worked hard when you were pregnant to ensure you were being healthy.

    1. Come to Houston!! Or better yet, maybe we can come to you! I'm still looking forward to all our kiddos meeting and playing together!

  14. I think you look fantastic! It's admirable how hard you've been working. You shouldn't be unhappy about how you look in your workout top. I wish I had that little of a tummy! Lol.

  15. 1. Jordan could NOT be cuter!!
    2. You look AMAZING!! The weight will come off in due time.
    3. Thanks for being real! It keeps me coming back!?

  16. I'm looking forward to the blog where you will share your motivational playlist. Also in that post it would be great if you could include some other advice on the ear phones you use when you exercise, etc. Do you just hold onto your phone when you are walking or running, or do you use an arm band of some kind?

  17. I am new to your blog and am addicted! Your attitude is amazing and love that you are so open to share the good and the struggles! You look amazing and as someone 5 weeks away from delivering a little one myself I will be coming back for inspiration! Love the mix of home/fashion/fitness/kids!

    1. Oh congratulations!! Is it your first?? Sending love and good energy for a healthy rest of your pregnancy and a smooth delivery!

  18. I love how you're making it a priority to be with Jordan and your family right now! These beginning months are so precious with a newborn (or so I've been told) and they go way too quickly. Not that I'm not a proponent of taking care of YOU (sometimes taking care of YOU is the best way to take care of the family), but it's nice to hear that you're being comfortable in your own skin. You LOOK amazing and those 10 pounds and extra inches can hardly be seen =). I also love the fact that you made it a priority to be healthy during your pregnancy. I'm usually reading your blog posts between classes so I don't always comment, but I absolutely love reading your posts! Thanks for keeping it real! Congrats on such a beautiful office space. Love the professionalism mixed with a little feminism ;). Oh and just a side note – when you asked for people's opinion on painting the doors to match the trim – I had just the idea you had. The trim color makes it pop and painting the doors would just dull that effect. However, by the time I read it all the comments recommended to paint the doors, so I didn't comment as I felt out of place for thinking the opposite. lol

    1. We were on the same page with that trim. I'm glad we kept it that way! Good luck in school- even though I'm not practicing law anymore, I'm so glad I have that education and it keeps doors open for the future.

  19. Megan. . .you look FANTASTIC! I had to chuckle about your daughters weight and size now . . . When my son was born, he weighed 10.2 !!!! I delivered natural with no drugs! Not for a lack of trying . . By the time I waived the white flag of surrender it was too late! I still honestly don't know how I did it . . . .lol.
    Enjoy this time . . . You will be so glad you did!
    Donna Doble-Brown

    1. Oh now way! I can't even imagine! My brother's baby (due in August) is in the 95% so they think he will be big too. I can't wait!!

  20. You look great and should give yourself a break for now. It is not easy to have a newborn in addition to all the rest of life, and all without much sleep! I had to laugh at your apology for not being back in shape at 12 weeks – I am not back to pre-pregnancy shape and its been 18 years!!! Those last few pounds are always the hardest, and exercising for health and energy are better than focusing on weight. Good luck, though I am sure you will be back to your former shape in no time. I wish I was that motivated – LOL. Loved the cute pictures of Jordan. She is a real cutie!

  21. Thank you for taking about Diastasis Recti. I had it after both kids and was so tired of reading conflicting information on the Internet and feeling hopeless. After trying multiple programs that didn't work for me, I was finally able to close my Diastasis Recti using the Di-Recti program from – an online Workout program for momma. MommaStrong is lead by another Houston momma, Courtney Wycoff. You should check her out. Her program is awesome and it's super affordable ($2/month)! MommaStrong also has HIIT workouts that are awesome and effective.

    Also, did you know Norsdtrom can turn any bra into a nursing bra? Their alterations department does it all the time.

    1. Thank you for posting about! I too felt hopeless after reading about Diastasis Recti, which I didn't even know I had until I read this post! Thank you, Megan! After four kids, I am looking forward to finally getting my stomach back!

    2. My girlfriend strong recommended her too! And NO! I didn't know that about the nursing bras! What a great idea and THANK YOU for telling me that- I've never heard that before. Genius!!

    3. Jen! Be encouraged! You can start doing those 'approved' exercises and see a big improvement over time with consistency! I'm so glad you know now so you can correct it! Let me know how it goes!

    4. Megan – thank you for this post! I was feeling hopeless when I recently learned that I had this condition after my 3 month old baby was borned and my doctor said the only way for my stomach to look back normal again is to have surgery. I will try the exercises. How soon do you think improvement will be noticeable? If that doesn't work, I'll try momma strong program.

      P.s. My 5 yr old son just started riding on 2 wheels. Your son will get before you know it :). I'm a newbie and I'm loving your blog and IG. You rock!

    5. As a Mom of two who had a severe diastasis recti (i.e. a five finger width split) I just wanted to offer my experienced opinion in case others have questions. It should be noted that depending on the width of your split, the muscle may not come fully back together even with doing any approved exercises, and it certainly does not happen overnight. The muscle can't actually reattach itself back together but rather can draw closer and close the gap. A two finger width or less is the safe zone where you can then begin to incorporate any type of crunches or rotating things like oblique work. If your gap is wider than two you should absolutely not do anything that involves rotating or crunch type moves as that will drag the muscle further apart. It all stems around the lower, transverse abdominal muscle that acts like a corset and by strengthening that you can gradually make progress. I worked for thee years with a PT and was able to get to a 1 1/2 finger width gap ultimately. It involves a lot of breathing and engaging your core as you would in Pilates class or as they say 'draw your navel to your spine', and gradually you move to things like bridges, leg lifts, things you would do in beginning Pilates. An abdominal binder can be extremely helpful and I would recommend wearing one as often and as tight within reason as you can. However, any extra skin that you have from this will not go away as that is different from body fat which can be lost and toned. Because I also had an umbilical hernia I did end up eventually having the medical 'tummy tuck' surgery to repair everything for good. I think it is important to be thoroughly informed about this issue though and know how to check your width etc. and though there may be programs that say you can 'heal it'…it's not necessarily that type of issue that can just magically be healed and everyone's case will be different so there should not be a 'one size fits all' approach to any exercise plan or treatment. Just my two cents in case that helps anyone 🙂

    6. I think that could work just as well but I am not as familiar with them and haven't used one. You can also easily order binders, I ended up getting two extra after my surgery and got them online through Walgreen's.

  22. Megan, you look amazing and you're doing the most important job on earth all while looking great. Last week, your post on having your son get ready for school on his own inspired me to get my two little ones doing the same thing. They have been doing it without issue and it's been a game changer. Thank you!

    1. So happy to hear it helped! I know it's almost summer, but I was hoping someone could benefit from it. Thanks for telling me!

  23. Hi Megan, you look amazing! Do you have any recommendations for a good running/sports bra? My first baby was born 9 weeks ago and I have a hard time exercising because I'm also nursing and can't run/jump in my old sports bras.

    1. Thank you so much! For bigger busts or great support when running or for jumping exercises, etc. I swear by the brand Moving Comfort. Their Juno and Fiona bras have thick straps and clip in the back like a bra. They are really comfortable and fit so well. Here's a link:

  24. Megan-
    I tried to post earlier but I guess it didn't publish. Is this bra (Maternity 'Body Silk' Seamless Nursing Bra) supportive enough to wear out in public? Also, can you review the racer back bra when you receive it? I am heading back to work soon and looking for a comfortable yet supportive nursing bra to pump in.
    New reader around here and I can't get enough. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for stopping by! Yes, this bra is supportive enough if you get the right size and adjust the shoulder straps to fit properly. It's not as supportive as my non-nursing bras, but it's good enough and I do wear mine in public all the time.

  25. hi Megan. You are such an inspiration! I am fairly new reader (started when you were pregnant as I was just 2 months behind you) but haven't commented yet.
    I do want to congratulate on your progress and commitment. I'm the same way so i know how hard it is.
    I have a question regarding diastasis recti. I also have it, although just about 2 cm. I love working out specially running but I'm not sure if it's safe exercise to do while having DR. Did your doctor or PT clear you for running?

  26. hi Megan. You are such an inspiration! I am fairly new reader (started when you were pregnant as I was just 2 months behind you) but haven't commented yet.
    I do want to congratulate on your progress and commitment. I'm the same way so i know how hard it is.
    I have a question regarding diastasis recti. I also have it, although just about 2 cm. I love working out specially running but I'm not sure if it's safe exercise to do while having DR. Did your doctor or PT clear you for running?

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! My doctor did say I could run, but she and I didn't discuss the DR, so I didn't specifically ask her if it was okay to run with that. I didn't realize I had it until after I saw her and was cleared to run and workout fully at my 6 week postpartum visit. It would be best to check with a doctor for sure.

  27. I'm pregnant with my 3rd, and I'm nervous about getting my body back after the baby is born! I just bought a pregnancy/postpartum fitness and diet book, all about maintaining health and proceeding cautiously. Lots of great exercises for preventing diastis recti too!

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