Baby Girl’s Lavender Nursery

I’m giddy with excitement, ready to show you the nursery we designed and completed in six weeks for the One Room Challenge!  I wish I could just invite you over into the room so you can see for yourselves, but I know that’s impossible, so photos will have to do!  You can find the full source list here!

When I last left you, the room had undergone quite a transformation with the addition of the custom built bookshelves and bench seat, fresh paint on the beadboard, walls, and stripes on the ceiling, and we had furniture.  Now, the room has been filled with all the decorative accents like a gorgeous rug, beautiful artwork, fun mirror and other accessories that make it feel like the peaceful, soothing nursery I had dreamed of all along.It really was down to the wire though!  I was shopping for candy for the candy jar (ending up with Mentos gumballs) and running to get staples for my staple gun Monday morning with the photoshoot scheduled for that afternoon.  I got home and finished building the bench seat just about 20 minutes before the photographer arrived.  I normally take all my own photos for my blog, but I wanted this room to be captured on film as beautifully as it is in real life and the big window gives me such a headache photographing.  I’ve never been able to get a good photo when shot in that direction.  I also wanted to do justice to the design Sita helped me pull together so she would look as good as she deserves to!

Last night, I got the photos back after 7pm, so I was up late putting this final nursery reveal post together.  I’ll definitely be back next week so I can properly and thoroughly provide you the full run down on sources and projects for the room.  If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments so I can answer everything in detail.

If you were able to come over, we’d be drinking a cup of coffee or tea and chatting before heading upstairs, so pretend I just served you a warm drink and let’s go inside!

Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home

Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery, stripes on the ceiling | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
I’m definitely thrilled that we decided to add lavender touches to the room once we found out we were having a baby girl.  It goes perfectly with the grey and white and adds that softness I was hoping for.
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery, large abstract art from Minted| Honey We're Home
While this color palette could be very grown up and sophisticated (especially with the hints of gold), I still wanted the room to feel like a nursery, and I think the stripes on the ceiling and stuffed animals certainly add to the baby charm.
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery, stripes on the ceiling | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Decorative items in the bookshelves were another way we gave a nursery feel to the room.  And I love having her sonogram picture framed to remind me of the beautiful life still growing.  It’s amazing how good the pictures are with technology now!  I’m overwhelmed with love and gratitude that we even have a baby to be designing a nursery for.  If you were here, you’d get a big sappy hug!  #hormonalpregnantmama 😉
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery - bookshelf styling| Honey We're Home
The built-ins truly look like they’ve been here all along.  I styled them with some room to grow in case we bring in anything else in the future.  The only thing missing is the hardware and it should be here soon.
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery with built-in bookcase and bench seat | Honey We're Home
One challenge the built-ins posed was that they shortened the room by about 18 inches.  It worked out okay, I just had to put the glider in front of the closet as opposed to by the crib like I originally had planned.  I like the current furniture arrangement though and think it will work well in the future.
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Can you believe how adorable little baby girl clothes are?!  I don’t even think I’m ready for that!  I’ve only bought a few things, but I know that will change soon!
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
A photo of big brother at 2 months old will welcome this little one into her room.  I wonder if she’ll also be born with a full head of black hair??
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery - bookshelf styling| Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery - bookshelf styling| Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery - bookshelf styling| Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
It’s only been a day that we’ve been completely finished (aside from that cabinet hardware), but it feels amazing to be able to sit back, relax, and just know that this baby has a beautiful room to come home to.  I never would have started on the nursery this early had it not been for this challenge, but in retrospect, I’m so glad to have this room completed and not have it on my to-do list after she’s here and I just want to chill and spend time with her and try to get some sleep!
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
For now, I’m so happy to still have a little boy that wants to give his mom hugs and kisses.
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
He’s growing so fast.  Many of you who’ve been with me from the beginning can still picture him as that tiny baby in the framed photo.  Thank you so much for your friendship, support and encouragement over the years! There I go getting sappy again!
Baby Girl's Lavender Nursery | Honey We're Home
23 weeks pregnant now and 17 weeks to go!

Phew! I know that was photo overload, but I wanted to share every square inch with you!Oh, and just as a reminder of how far we came, here’s a quick before and after for ya!

See the transformation from toddler boy room to baby girl nursery | Honey We're Home


Thank You


A huge thank you to all of the people who helped make this room possible in such a short time frame! First, there wouldn’t even be a One Room Challenge if it weren’t for the brain behind the whole thing, Linda at Calling it Home.  Twice a year she puts this challenge together and organizes everything seamlessly from the bloggers to the sponsors to the press coverage.  She is really a force and makes everything look effortless (but I know it’s surely not)!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this room wouldn’t have come together so beautifully, let alone in a month and a half without the talented genius of designer Sita Montgomery.  She has been such a joy to work with and so clear and decisive when that’s what I really needed or I would have been agonizing forever over rug, pillow and art selections, etc.  I appreciate that she stayed true to my vision and design aesthetic, while incorporating her taste level and experience.  She’s a gem!Big hugs to the following, who provided products/services to make this little baby’s nursery a dream come true!

I will be back next Wednesday with a full source list for all the items used in the room!  
Get caught up on my past ORC posts here:
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Each of the bloggers below are also participating in the One Room Challenge and I’ve been dying to see how their rooms turned out!  I’m off to check them out and you can too by clicking their names.

keep in touch! 

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  1. I love this room! I had the same plan when I decorated our nursery. Stick with gray neutrals and add in color based on gender. Purple has always been my favorite color and I totally love how you added the color in a subtle way! I love how the furniture placement looks, but can you open the closet with the glider there, or do you not plan to use the closet?

  2. It's GORGEOUS! What a beautiful nursery that will serve you all well for years to come. Love the color palette and that window seat with the built-ins. Stunning!

  3. Can you tell me where you got the rainbow book collection? that looks adorable. I love the lavender. My daughters room is lavender and turquoise and still my favorite room in the house almost two years later! Its the most calming room in the house. This looks to be true for this room too. It looks terrific!!
    Love your blog, I'm a Houstonian as well. 🙂

  4. Simply lovely! What a perfect peaceful place to welcome your sweet baby. I have loved following your blog from the beginning and I am so happy for you and your family! Blessings from a fellow Houstonian, Joy

  5. Beautiful reveal. I love how much the built-ins add to the dimension of the room. The way you styled the shelves makes it feel so personal to baby girl!

    Smiled when you said pretend you just served us something warm to drink 🙂 So sweet!

    1. Thanks Letra!!! We are very happy with the built-ins. Now that I've met the deadline let's pretend to share a well deserved cocktail. (I will be pretending till after she is born)

  6. Hi Megan! I love the room, but bumpers are being recalled in a bunch of places thanks to a choking hazard. I had a brother born before me who died of SIDS, which had nothing to do with bumpers, but my mom works in the baby safety business and the two things that are most recommended is nothing in the crib and the baby sleeping on their back. Congratulations!

  7. It is absolutely gorgeous! You did an amazing job pulling it all together. Thank you for your kind words. You are every bit as wonderful as I had imagined you would be. You are beautiful inside and out. What a very lucky little girl to have a mom like you and a nursery like this. Thank you, again, for letting me be part of it. The thought of your precious baby, girl coming home to a nursery I helped design, makes my heart incredibly happy. ?

    1. I know! We've been working on his room slowly too! We are probably at a stopping point for a while till after the holidays on that room though. Can't believe Thanksgiving is already into weeks!

  8. The room is beautiful Megan. The color palette so soft and serene. Nurseries sure have come a long way from when my girls were little. I am already thinking though some of the elements might have to be swapped out once she is mobile, gosh that happens so fast. Love that sweet picture of James, seems like yesterday he was your "baby".

    1. Thank you! I was leaning towards neutral the whole time, but I really love the way the light purple turned out. Gives the room more personality.

  9. This is the sweetest room Megan! It looks and feels so different but at the same time, like it's been part of your house for so long. It actually feels like a little like a baby girl version of your master bedroom. What a calm and beautiful room to take your daughter home to.

  10. This room just makes me exhale in the best way possible. Lavender can be a tricky colour, but you've nailed it here, and I especially love the subtle but sophisticated stripes on the ceiling! Most importantly, this looks like the perfect cocoon into which to welcome your baby girl. Congratulations on the room and more importantly your baby girl! xx

  11. This is so pretty:) I love how elegant and refined your nursery is but still warm and full of sweet nursery touches. The colour palate is heavenly and I adore the artwork over the bed. Your built ins look like they've always been there and the rug is so lovely. Beautiful, beautiful!

  12. FRIEND!!!! I could weep tears of joy for you…this space is absolute perfection!!! So serene, and beautiful, and classy. I love the stripes, and mirror, and chair…and all the people that live there!!!! xoxoxoxox

  13. Looks SO SO good! So serene and beautiful! She will love it and it will make everything seem so much more "real" now that it's done. I STILL need to finish Wyatt's nursery and he'll be 10 months tomorrow! OOPS! 🙂

    1. Thank you Holly! I've never done stripes on the ceiling, but I love how they came out for this room! Loved your room too! So glad we made it!

  14. What a lovely room. I can just imagine your little one sleeping in that crib. Thank you for your kind words. I'm so happy you jumped into the challenge. And I can't believe those built-ins were not always there. They look fantastic. Bravo!

    1. Will just use the top of the dresser, that's what we did for my son. Need to pull out the changing pad still, I'm thinking we still might have one in the attic stored away.

  15. I love your blog and have never commented before. This nursery is beautiful, but I'm concerned about the cords on the blinds. Can you shorten them somehow? Strangulation hazard, C

  16. Congratulations, Megan! Your nursery is just lovely; what a wonderful space for welcoming that sweet bundle of joy! I know you work hard to be a good mom; your baby girl is blessed to be joining your family!

  17. SOOO pretty and calming — perfect for a nursery!!! I can't believe how great the built-ins look! Such a fun space for her to read as she gets older 🙂 The grey paint color is gorgeous!

  18. Came out amazing-so much to love about this room, especially the soft purple touches! That is one very LUCKY baby girl, and this will work perfectly right up to her teen years and beyond. Congrats on a beautiful room and your growing family!XX

  19. This is such a beautiful bedroom! I love the use of gray in a nursery, so fresh! Those built in cabinets and bench is amazing. I also took part in the challenge and created built in bunk beds. I love the look of built in pieces so much. This room is so dreamy and perfect for your little girl!

  20. Man you and Sita knocked this out of the park! It is lovely and I could see it all go right into a bedroom for me. The soft lavendar and gray is a wining combination …so so pretty! Congrats on the room being finished and your pregnancy!

  21. You must be absolutely thrilled! It turned out so great. Love the lavender and grey colour palette and the large scale art. And it is so much fun choosing girl clothes! (Until they are a tween and have a say in the matter!)

  22. What a beautiful nursery Megan! I love the colors you chose. Very soft and feminine. That rug is gorgeous and the striped ceiling! You and James are so sweet sitting in the chair and he is going to be the best big brother. He has such a sweet manner and the biggest heart. How fun to have the nursery done and now awaiting baby girl!

    1. Allison, thank you so much! We are super excited over here to have a baby sister! James is such a sweetheart, I know he's going to be a great big brother! Get ready for some major pictures in the future!

  23. I was so excited about seeing your reveal! It is everything and more. The built-ins are perfect. The rug – love. The mirror is fab. I could go on and on. Bravo!!!


  24. Megan it's been such a joy to follow you and be inspired and was so thrilled to see you in ORC this round! What a beautiful room this will be for your sweet baby girl! I love how calm and bright it is with the grey and purple! From the rug to mirror to the built ins it's hard to have a favorite piece in this room! BRAVO on a job well done! XOXO, Sarah

  25. So many things I love about this room, Megan…. the lavender is perfection. We've been joking that's my Lu's best color" since she was born, she looks great in purple! And it's appropriate because her February birthstone is an amethyst : ) Also, you look amazing so cute and tiny and preggo! So excited and happy for you, friend. PS. Didn't see a shot of the closet door to the right… are the Cars stickers still on there? ; ) I had major second baby guilt issues and had a hard time letting go of things that changed HDawg's world, so I would have definitely kept those stickers up if I were you! Love you, friend!

  26. Megan! This room is absolutely stunning. I love every aspect of it and think you and Sita did an amazing job with this space. I can't even pick a favorite because it is all so beautiful! I love that it is also a space baby girl can grow into as well!

  27. I really love the room! It is beautiful!!! Please, please source the print/art over the baby's crib as well as everything else. I feel like it could go so well in many different places in the home. Great job!

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