Hi friends!  Happy Monday!  I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!  I kicked off the weekend with a fun couples date night with Ali-Shaun and Rhonda and their husband’s.  We’ve been trying to get this date on the books for what feels like forever, and we finally made it happen!  When you’re jugging work, kids, sports and school, sometimes you gotta just book things in advance and wait for the date to get here!

Also, we wanted to get the girls together for lunch recently, but decided to order in and eat at my house.  That made it much more convenient since we all live close and didn’t have to drive to a restaurant.  While we were eating, Marianna mentioned that she’s ready to see more home decor posts, so this one is perfect timing!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve really worked hard to streamline our home into a place that feels minimal, but still cozy and inviting.  I’ve decluttered so.much.stuff and I feel like I can really breath easier because of it.  But, minimizing and decluttering is an ongoing process.  I still find things to donate on a weekly basis and I keep a donation box in my pantry so it’s always handy and ready to fill.

You might have seen a peek at my organized kitchen with some half empty cupboards and a few empty drawers.  I love it like that and I like to keep the counters clear.

That having been said, I still enjoy decorating and want our house to look pretty!  A little bit of decor here and there keeps my home from looking sterile or unlived in.  I’m excited to show you some of these little touches throughout the house!  C’mon in!


WreathsTop • Pants  • SandalsNecklaceBracelets

At the front entry, I have cheerful double tulip wreaths that make me smile every time I see them!  They are so vibrant and happy and the tulips look awesome in person.  Plus, the wreaths are nice and large, so they don’t look too puny on our double doors.

WreathsTop • Pants  • NecklaceBracelets

I found the cutest Honey, I’m Home mat and had to have it since it goes with my blog name!

Honey I'm Home door mat

Checkered MatHoney I’m Home Mat


RugSimilar TableVaseFiller

As you walk into our foyer, you’ll notice the curving staircase and nook by the half bath.  I struggled for a long time with what to put in this space, but I really like just having a rug, table and vase with faux flowers.  I change out the flowers seasonally and these green bunches are from Pottery Barn.

The table could be bigger, but I like using the bigger table as my living room end table so I can fit a lamp, books, laptop and drink comfortably.


Leopard PillowCheck PillowTrayWood ChainOttoman

We spend most of our time in the living room.  I always take the chaise lounge part of the couch and we often play games, magna tiles, Jenga or build puzzles on the floor.

I’ve been so happy with the fabric tufted ottoman with nailhead trim and then I found a custom large wooden tray to fit on top so I could display books and a candle and we can also use it for drinks/snacks.

Leopard Pillow • Lumbar Pillow

I’ve been keeping our pillows on the neutral side, but I love the shape and texture of this lumbar pillow.  It’s really well made with a hidden zipper and tassels.  I never get tired of the leopard pillows I got from my friend Arianna’s shop.  I feel like they are timeless and go with everything!

Similar Neutral PillowLumbar Pillow

My little lumbar pillow also looks great on this armchair.  I have this little nook that fills in the corner and is great for extra seating when guests visit or we have parties.

Console Table • VaseCherry Blossom FillerGinger Jars

This console table has moved around my house so many times in the last several years.  I’ve probably had it nearly 10 years and still love it!  I added pulls to the drawers and think that elevated the look.  I have fun changing out the decor here, but really like the collection of blue and white ginger jars (Homegoods is a great place to find those for less).

And I’m really crazy for the black vase and white cherry blossoms!  They look so pretty in person!

Faux PlantCandle Snuffer

I love decorating with books because I think they look so beautiful with their color and shape.  I also like to read them!  And isn’t that little found faux potted plant cute?!  It came in a set of three and each one is slightly different.


TraySimilar VaseLife Love VaseFaux TulipsDelonghi Coffee Machine

Our kitchen is open to the breakfast room and I try to keep it pretty minimal as far as decor goes.  But, a little tray with a vase and flowers always brightens the space.  These are the realist looking faux tulips I’ve seen!  I love the white, but the pink are really gorgeous too.

TraySimilar VaseLife Love VaseFaux Tulips

Similar Banana HookFruit Basket

I do like to keep a small vase of real flowers somewhere in the house too- either in the kitchen, my bedroom or my office.  I love the look of white hydrangeas and if you want to know the secret to keep them thriving for weeks, go HERE (and scroll to the bottom)!

I got this decorative wire bowl at Amazon and have fun putting different things in it- from fruit to towels to decorative items.  I also love that it has soft feet to it doesn’t scratch the marble.

Similar Banana HookFruit Basket

Similar Hand Soap & Lotion Bottles

At the sink, I’m currently just keeping my hand soap and lotion out, and the sponge and dish soap is living under the kitchen sink.  I love the simple look of this.


Glass VaseSimilar Floral FillerClocheGoblets

My friend Aryn helped me redecorate my dining room last year and I love how it turned out!  It’s one of the first rooms you see when you come inside our house, so I wanted it to be beautiful.  Honestly, we don’t eat very often in here, but I do sometimes eat lunch here by myself!  It’s so peaceful and the big window provides lots of natural sunlight.

Glass VaseSimilar Floral FillerClocheGobletsFaux Plants

I found these wooden and wire cloches at Amazon and if I didn’t know better, would swear they’re from Pottery Barn!  They come in a set of two and you can leave them empty or add a candle or some kind of filler.

LampsBlack Bowl

At last, I found a great big bowl to hold all of our wine corks.  I have to admit, my collection has grown exponentially since I started dating Brian!  We love to enjoy wine together and I also keep the corks from when we go to a restaurant.  If it’s a special occasion, I write the date on the cork.

The big black bowl is gorgeous and you don’t have to keep corks in there!  It would be pretty with faux fruit, beads flowers, you name it.  It also comes in a smaller size.


Target framed art

Framed Art

You’ll see below how I updated James’ bathroom mostly with things from Amazon and Target, and while I was shopping Target, I found this art that now hangs in our upstairs hallway.

I like this scene and the frame and matting looks great.  It also fits this wall perfectly at 30×36 inches.

Framed Art


VasesSimilar BasketsSimilar TrayMirror

Ahhh, the bedroom!  Did you notice I took out the TV in my sitting room and replaced it with flowers?!  I rarely watched the tv anyway and you may remember I cancelled cable at the beginning of the year.  I’m really happy without the big electronic device in here, it feels more peaceful!

The baskets are mostly decorative, but I do have one filled with belts for when I try on clothes.

Similar LampFaux BooksFaux Plant

I keep the sitting room decor minimal with just some books, a candle, faux plant and lamp.

Those books are so darling and are have actual, real pages inside.  And, the pages are blank, so you could write in them!

That faux plant on top is part of the set of three that you saw in my living room.


MirrorBasketFaux Plant

We spend LOTS of time in Jordan’s playroom!  It’s a bright, happy space and I hung her artwork on the wall with just a wire, pushpins and mini binder clips.  It’s easy to change out the art this way.

BasketFaux Plant

It can be hard to buy faux plants online when you can’t see what they look and feel like in person, but this little guy is so good!  He looks so real and you can bend and shape the leaves to open it up!  I have him in a little woven bin with tassels and it fits her playroom perfectly!


Little girl bedroom

Upholstered Bed • Chandelier • Night Stand • Rug •  Similar Rug • Similar Check Bedding • Softest Sheets • Wall Decals

Jordan’s room is still pink with Peppa Pig wall decals, but we added a darling macramé sunburst mirror above her bed and I love the texture it adds.

Little girl bedroom



Eucalyptus PlantGreen PlantTissue BoxToothbrush HolderSoap DispenserSoap & Lotion SetFramed Art (van & surfboard)TowelBath RugMirror

James’ bathroom got a much needed makeover recently!  It’s actually the Jack and Jill bath between his bedroom and my office, so we share it.  The bathroom before had a 10-year old shower curtain with rusted! rings! And, the bath mat and waste bin from his baby boy room.

The decorative accessories were hodge podge, so revamp was in order!  A couple of trips to Target and an online browsing session at Amazon spruced it right up and I love how it turned out!

Soap & Lotion SetTowel

Since we have two sinks in here, I kept two soap dispensers- one on “his” side and one on “mine.”

Tissue BoxToothbrush HolderSoap Dispenser

I’m so glad I got this little mirror for James because it helps him see how well (or not!), he’s brushed his teeth.  And this is the electric toothbrush he uses and really likes.  It doesn’t hurt his teeth like some other electric toothbrushes did.

Eucalyptus PlantGreen Plant

A little greenery looks great in here, even if it’s faux.  It zero maintenance!

 Framed Art (van & surfboard)Towel

We’ve never had art in here, but I thought the framed set from Target would appeal to a young boy, but still look good for a shared bathroom.  The bus is here and the surfboard is above the toilet.

 Framed Art (van & surfboard)Towel • Shower CurtainRingsMemory Foam Bath Mat

And we so badly needed a new shower curtain and rings.  I didn’t even realize it, but the rings we had previously were all rusted! Now we got the kind with little balls on them, so the shower curtain slides easily.

I bought about six shower curtains and brought them home to see how they looked, before deciding on this striped, 100% cotton curtain.  The others I returned.

Shower CurtainRingsAmazon Bath Mat

He got a new bath mat, it’s the same one I have in my bathroom and it’s the most heavenly thing to step onto when you’re getting in and out of the shower.  It’s made with thick memory foam and comes in many different sizes and colors.

Shower Caddy

Similar Shower Caddy • Shampoo & Body Wash LabelsPump BottleScalp brush

To (hopefully) make showering and actually getting clean easier, I bought James this shower caddy and put the shampoo and body wash in clear bottles with easy-to-read labels.  I also just ordered him the “face wash” label.  Why are boys and hygiene like oil and water?!

James helped me choose everything, and I’m so glad he likes the way it turned out too!

Top • Pants • Sandals • Crossbody

Top • Pants • Sandals • CrossbodyBracelets

I loved bringing you inside to share some of our home decor!  Do you like these kinds of posts?  Would you like to see more home decor, organizing and productivity posts too?  Let me know in the comments.  I got some new organizational things this weekend and I’ll be happy to share if you’re interested!

And if you missed it, you might like 10 Habits to Simplify Your Life – I enjoyed writing it!


if you’re reading this via email, click through to my blog to see the shoppable photos

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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  1. Would LOVE more posts like home decor, organizing, positivity, meal planning, time management, travel, beauty etc. No offense, but I would really like a break from all of the fashion posts. I really enjoyed your more diverse, earlier blog posts but yours is still one of my favorite blogs. xo

  2. YES to more decor, organizing and decluttering posts!! They are what drew me into your blog about 8(?!) years ago and I miss them! This post was great, love seeing spaces in your home that aren’t often shown and can’t wait to hopefully see more!!

  3. I would love to see more decor and organizing posts also. That’s how I found your blog years ago.

  4. Yeiiii. Love the home decor posts. I purchased the wire cloches when I saw them during lunch at your house and now just ordered the faux books. Thank you for making home decor sooo much easier with the great ideas!!

  5. Another vote for decor, organizing, decluttering and fitness posts. They’re inspiring and motivating! Appreciate the effort that you put into all of them.

    1. Thanks Cathy. I have been doing detailed fitness posts in my weekend newsletter- you can see those if you’re subscribed. I wasn’t sure if most of my readers wanted to see that kind of stuff here, so I made it exclusive to my subscribers.

      1. I would love to see the fitness posts too!! I feel like it’s all part of “you” and that’s what we love! I would love if the fitness posts were on the blog!

  6. Yes, agreed I’d love more home decor posts, organizing, small business success, beauty. It seems like there is too much fashion posts on blogs/instagram these days, when our work and personal life has taken a break due to Covid/shifts etc. I also love your Tuesday goodies, always great to see the little things that make life easier and more enjoyable. You continue to be my favorite Blogger! Thanks for all you do.

  7. Yes, I love these kinds of posts! These are what brought me to your blog about ten years ago and they’re definitely my favorite. I would love to see more!

  8. Yes to more home decor and organization posts please! I found your blog SO MANY YEARS ago when I was looking for a way to organize something (can’t remember what it was but I know I found it on your blog!). I already saved a few things from this post onto my Amazon list! Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog and IG/stories, I really look forward to the content! Quick question, I know it benefits you when we order from one of your links. If I click your link and save it on my Amazon list, will you still get credit if I order it at a later date (along with changing the color/size)?

    1. Hi Jenn! Thank you for being here for so long!! I still love organizing I’m looking at my spice drawer next! I’ll share over weekend when she’s all prettied up! And you’re sweet to ask about the links. I get credit if you use my link, unless you click on someone else’s link before you check out. Does that make sense? Basically, the last link clicked earns the credit. But, you can always change color/sizing, etc.

  9. I love the simplicity of everything. This gives me motivation to start a purge of many items I am ready to part with!

  10. Love all your posts!! Thank you for sharing pics of your home decor! Where did you find your sectional sofa? What brand is it? We’ve been trying to find a comfy cream colored sofa for our family.

  11. I love your all your posts!! Thank you for sharing your home decor! Where did you find your sectional sofa? What brand is it? We’ve been trying to find a comfy cream colored sofa for our family.

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