Bikini Prep Recap | 6 Weeks Out

Being the first week of summer vacation had me a little off on my workouts this week.   I felt like I didn’t do that much cardio this week, but when I looked back over my training log, I still did 6 days, just not as long as I’ve been doing.  I’ve felt rushed this week since my son was out of school and I wanted to spend more time with him.  Next week, he’ll be at a day camp that he’s really looking forward to, so I’ll have a little more time for cardio.

Now that the bikini competition is just 5 weeks away, it feels like the end is in sight!


Here’s my 6 Weeks Out picture, snapped on Sunday, May 31, 2015.

Bikini Contest Prep - 6 Weeks Out | Honey We're Home

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Monday a.m.:  Cardio (ran sprints with my friend who’s also training for this competition at the park 3 miles.  We ran the length of two light poles, then walked two light poles.)
Monday p.m.: Cardio (Ran my neighborhood 27 mins)

Tuesday: Train Legs + Cardio (45 minutes on treadmill- running at a steady pace, then alternating sprints)

Wednesday: Train Back, Shoulders, Abs (only cardio was 15 minutes)

Thursday a.m.:   0

Friday:  Train Chest and Arms on my own + Cardio (20 min)

Saturday: Cardio (30 minute run neighborhood)

Sunday:   Cardio (45 minutes run neighborhood)

Total Calories Burned 6 Weeks Out = ???
I was having trouble with the bluetooth connection on my phone this week, so I couldn’t track my calories burned via my heart rate monitor.  My “tech team” (aka, my husband) didn’t have time to fix it this week – I swear it’s so hard to find good help these days! – but, hopefully, it’s fixed for next week! I’ve come to rely on it for that “atta girl” when it shows me how many calories I’ve burned each time and also shows me my heart rate, so even when I think I’m gonna die, I can see I’m only at 75% of my max heart rate! 

I snapped this picture below right after my Sunday afternoon run so you can see how hard it is and how hot and sweaty a good run will get you.  I’m literally dripping!  These runs serious suck.  So bad. But I keep doing them. 
Bikini Contest Prep - 6 Weeks Out | Honey We're Home
There’s no doubt about it, doing so much cardio is tough- mentally and physically.  It’s exhausting for sure, but I’ve learned that if you can battle your mind through it, you CAN get through.  Your body builds up it’s stamina pretty quickly, so what was nearly impossible Week 1, will be so much easier come Week 4. 
Just Stick With It
The Trick to Completing Your Cardio - it's a physical & mental battle you can OVERCOME!
I say use whatever you’ve got to get you through those tough workouts.  If a new workout outfit will make you feel better and get your butt to the gym, go for it!  A good quality sports bra, pair of shorts, socks and shoes will be worth it!  I’m totally loving these bright pink Nikes.  And my friend Ashley recently partnered with Hayden Reis to design this hot tote bag that you can custom monogram, so of course, I had some fun with it.  #fitchic I’m using mine as a gym bag, but these are also perfect for the pool- especially the large ones. 
#fitchic Hayden Reis tote bag & Nike running shoes
I started carb cycling last Saturday (May 30) and I have been more tired and hungry, even though it’s not a huge change in my Meal Plan.  Basically, I don’t eat any carbs for Meal #4 and then I eat less or none at other meals too.  My trainer, John Sherman, designed my meal plan specifically for me, and you can contact him via email if you want him to design one for you. 
This is going to sound crazy, but at this point, I almost don’t care what I’m eating.  I’ve been conditioned over the last several weeks to just eat to perform and for results that now, I just want to do whatever is the most quick, simple and convenient.  I’m not really even thinking about what I “want” to eat, just how I “need” to eat.  Don’t get me wrong, there are sometimes when I want a taste of something different, but for the most part, I just go on auto-pilot with my food these days. 
My two cups of coffee (with creamer!) are my treat that get me through each day.  Otherwise, I’m eating something like this (with carbs- 1/2 cup rice!), or without the rice for my no carb meals.
Bikini Contest Prep - 6 Weeks Out | Honey We're Home
This is just an onion and garlic sautéed, then add leanest ground turkey or beef (99/1 or 96/4 is what I buy) and cook through, and add in sliced mushrooms at the end.  I then add 1 cup of veggies and 1/2 cup of rice.  I’m to lazy to even separate it these days, just piling it all in a big bowl together instead. 
I did have a couple times where I strayed from my diet, and I always want to share that honestly with you too.  So, this week, I ate a couple laughing cow cheeses with Ritz crackers and a few tablespoons of natural peanut butter with dark chocolate chips on Friday night.  It seems Friday night is my “weak” time.  That actually was very satisfying though. 
Saturday night we had a date night and went to a steak house.  Typically restaurants are off limits during prep, but a steak and veggie or potato was approved. 
Summer Date Night Outfit
I ate a whole 10 ounce filet prepared with no butter and no oil and grilled asparagus with no oil or butter.  I also ate some of my husband’s baked potato- mostly the skin part that he doesn’t like.  #crazy I drank half a glass of red wine and indulged in a couple bites of the chocolate cake.  
My 5 Weeks Out picture was snapped yesterday, Sunday, June 7, 2015.
Bikini Contest Prep - 5 Weeks Out | Honey We're Home
Ah, 5 weeks out!  Better get started with posing practice and figure out what suit I’m going to wear! 


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  1. I loved following your progress last year, and I'd say you're even more fit this year! Way to go. So inspiring. I have a question about your fabulous abs: do you really only do abs once a week?? I mean, I guess if you're doing them for 1 to 1-1/2 hours each session, then maybe that's why they look so rokkin. What would you say are the benefits/reasons why you focus on one body part a day per week? When I go to the gym, my trainer and I try and hit a little bit of everything. Just curious how working one body part hard one day and then nothing until a week later gets such results. Thanks!

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