Bikini Contest Prep | 8 Weeks Out Recap

Happy Memorial Day Monday friends!  We’re doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend and it’s nice!  We got caught up on household chores and grocery shopping and always meal prep since I’m on this bikini competition prep for the next 7 weeks.  It’s been a rough start, but in the last two weeks I feel like my hard work is starting to pay off.  The contest is July 11, so far, but so close when I think of the changes I still need to make!


Here’s my 8 Weeks Out picture, snapped on Sunday, May 17, 2015.

NPC Bikini Contest Prep - 8 Weeks Out
sports bra (similar) | shorts (similar

NPC Bikini Contest Prep - 8 Weeks Out
NPC Bikini Contest Prep - 8 Weeks Out
I’ve made good progress over the last two weeks!
NPC Bikini Contest Prep - 10 to 8 Weeks Out
10 Weeks Out: sports bra |  dri-fit capri pants | watch (similar here & here)
9 Weeks Out:  sports bra (similar) | shorts (similar)
8 Weeks Out:  sports bra (similar) | shorts (similar
I got my body fat tested again with my trainer (using calipers) and electronically via the In-Body Analyzer and here are my results:

May 6, 2015 – 107 lbs, 23.4% body fat (I thought it was 25%, but I was wrong)
May 19, 2015 – 108 lbs, 19.5% body fat
In-Body Analyzer

April 17, 2015 – 107.1 lbs, 22.5% body fat
May 22, 2015 – 108.5 lbs, 20.7% body fat 
I lost about 2% body fat in 4 weeks and gained 1 lb. muscle, which is really hard to do (lose fat while maintaining/gaining muscle.)  I think it has to do with how much I’m eating and the quantity of protein I’m getting every day.  I’m definitely proud of these results and have been working so hard in the gym and with my diet lately.  
While the results are good, I want to be losing more like 1% body fat a week as opposed to .5.  I’m now 7 weeks out from the contest, and I’d like to compete at 15% or under, which means I need to lose another 7% (1% a week).  I’m going have to up my cardio and really stick to my diet if I want to see those results. 


I got in 3 weight training workouts with my trainer and 7 cardio sessions!  That’s the first time that’s happened! I changed up my cardio this week too, adding in SPRINTS for efficiency and also to keep from getting too bored.  According to this article, the benefits of sprinting are numerous:  more efficient fat loss, build muscle and target fast-twitch fibers, increase endurance, improve cardiovascular health, improve insulin sensibility and energy use, improve conditioning and lung function, prevent depression and save time while building mental toughness.  Read more about the benefits of sprinting here and here.

I always use my  Polar heart rate monitor, so I know for my sprints, my average heart rate was 149, with a max of 167 (which gets me in the 85-88% range).

Also, I’m using one small scoop of a pre-workout supplement (Formulation 1) for added energy during my workouts since they typically go nearly 2 hours on days I do cardio and train with my trainer.  It does give me more energy, but doesn’t make me jittery and it’s not a fat burner.  I also take BCAA and a scoop of glutamine after my weight-training sessions and a daily mulit-vitamin.

Monday:  Cardio (50 minutes on bike) 
267 calories burned

Tuesday: Train Legs + Cardio (48 minutes on treadmill- 20 minutes sprinting, 7.0 for 1 minute, then 4.0 for one minute, alternating for 20 minutes)
615 calories burned

Wednesday:  Train Shoulders and Arms + Cardio (45 minutes on treadmill- 25 minutes sprinting, 7.0 for 1 minute, then 4.0 for one minute, alternating for 25 minutes)
669 calories burned

Thursday:   Train Back and Chest + Cardio (35 minutes on treadmill – sprint the whole time)
466 calories burned

Friday:  Cardio (35 minutes – 20 minutes sprint, 15 minutes on bike)
204 calories burned

Saturday: 0

Sunday:   Cardio a.m. (60 minutes treadmill:  20 minutes run 6.0, 30 minutes sprint alternating 8.0 and 4.0 for one minute each, finish with 10 minute run at 6.0)
431 calories burned

Sunday:  Cardio p.m. – 24 minutes run neighborhood 
145 calories burned

Total Calories Burned Week 8 = 2797 (according to my heart rate monitor)

Many of you have asked more more details about my weight-training workouts, so I plan to post tomorrow one of my workouts I do with my trainer.  I figured it would be too long of a post to add it here, especially since I want to go into detail with how we do each exercise. 

I can’t talk about exercise without stressing the importance of good SLEEP!  I definitely didn’t get enough this week, staying up until 11 p.m. most nights and getting up by 5:30 or 6 a.m.  By the evening, I was so exhausted that I would fall asleep on the couch for about an hour around 6 p.m.  And, this weekend, I slept 10 hours both days!  All I can say is your body needs rest to recover and thank you to my husband for being so understanding!  Ideally, for the future, I’d be in bed by 9:00 – 9:30.  
How cute are these sleep shorts I just picked up at Old Navy?!  Fun, huh?!
Old Navy Sleep Shorts

I’m also a firm believer that good quality, cute athletic wear makes for better workouts!  Bright pink and yellow is a favorite combo these days.  Something about that pop of pink makes me feel more energized.

Fun Workout Wear - Bikini Contest Prep 8 Weeks Out

Fun Workout Wear - Bikini Contest Prep 8 Weeks Out
Nike running shoes (I have been known to be an ASICS running shoe kind of girl, but these Nike’s have me converted!  They are comfy and I just love the hot pink!) 
Sports Bra – many of you asked about what kind of bra is super supportive for larger chests and hands down it’s this one by Moving Comfort.  You buy based on your bra size and it hooks in the back like a bra.  I love to wear this for running and the shoulder straps are comfy and adjustable.  It comes in other colors and sizes 30B – 44D.


I’m still sticking to my meal plan and did SO GOOD for the whole week until Friday (Starbuck’s Iced Tall 2-pump mocha, Tiger Eye sushi roll) and Saturday (hummus and pita bread, half a gyro, and a PINT of ice cream- Haagen-Dazs Carmel Cone if you want to know.  Texas is BlueBell country and everyone is freaking out right now about the BlueBell recall and it’s not being sold in stores, but give me my HD over BB any day! #gasp #sacrilige!)  But, I digress, or maybe I was trying to distract you from how bad I fell off the wagon.

I hate that I’ve been working so hard just to eat all that, but I have to just accept it and move on.  Of course on Sunday, I picked up the pace with my cardio- as you saw above.

I might go straight from the bikini stage to Yia Yia Mary’s after prep is over.  This is the best warm, fresh pita bread and delightful hummus ever! Seriously melts in your mouth!

I made Tex-Mex Turkey Meals with Rice this week, but honestly, I didn’t like them so thankfully, my husband ate most of them for me.  Of course, he was able to doctor them up with beans and sour cream and cheese (like the below pic), so of course they taste better that way.

I used Extra Lean turkey breast (2 packages) and one package of Lean Beef (96% lean) and brown them up in a skillet, then adding in the two seasoning packages with water as stated in the directions.   (My husband bought the Mrs. Dash brand seasoning, I usually use Old El Paso or McCormick low sodium seasoning- which I think is better).  With the Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning, you need to add  some salt or fattier beef for a better tasting meat mixture.  But, with fresh pico or guac, it’s better.  (I don’t eat the avocados right now).

By the way, that’s the same meat mixture I use in my Turkey Meatballs and I’ll have to show you those next week- they are so good!

Healthy Tex Mex
Below is how they taste pretty good!  Even though I’m not eating that right now, I wanted to show you an example that might work for you. 
Healthy Tex Mex
My 7 Weeks Out picture was snapped yesterday, Sunday, May 24, 2015 and I’m seeing progress.  I decided to put on my stripper stage heels because I haven’t worn them since my last contest! Now I remember why I hired a posing coach and how difficult it is to stand all sucked in and positioned correctly.  
Bikini Contest Prep - 7 Weeks Out
sports bra | shorts (definitely worth the splurge on these! I’ll be getting a second pair asap!) 
Bikini Contest Prep - 7 Weeks Out


If you missed some of my bikini prep posts, you can get caught up here:

And check out my FITNESS tab for all health & fitness related posts.
Wishing y’all a wonderful Memorial Day! 
keep in touch! 

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  1. You should totally get "Honey We're Home" monogrammed onto your workout clothes- I totally thought they were the first time you posted these pictures- it's super cute and free advertisement for you! 🙂

    1. Ha! I just watermarked them to help prevent theft! Some people have sent me links to sites selling supplements with my picture and I never used it or authorized it! And then there's no way to contact them to get it removed!

  2. You're doing awesome! I've been trying to eat healthy and workout more often, but It's hard to keep up with! Love your workout outfits also!

  3. Great job!

    I've made your Tex Mex meal before and it was delicious! Have you ever figured out how many calories are in a serving?


  4. Great work! Wow, you are inspiring. I wanted to use this summer to re-establish some serious fitness plans (I am a kindergarten para pro and we are out of school where I live.) Your workouts and guidelines are very helpful. I also thought your workout clothes were personalized. It would be so cute!

  5. Awesome work! I adore your blog! And awesome progress! I have a question for ya! Maybe you have covered it in a previous post… What is the in-body analyzer?

    1. It's a project that measures your body composition by scanning your body – you just stand on it and put your thumbs on the handles and it gives you a printout of your body fat and how much of your pounds are muscle vs. fat and where you hold the most fat- for me, my booty!

      Here's the link for more info:

  6. You are looking amazing!! Don't worry about your weekend splurge! You'll easily make up for it. I'm right beside you and yesterday meal prepped and thought of you and your journey. I'm trying to lean out by diet alone before adding in more gym time. You're such a huge inspiration and love love love reading your days. Can't wait to read a few workouts! P.S. Supplements confuse me so appreciate you telling us what you add!

    1. Dieting alone can make a big difference! We are meal prepping together! But it makes it so much easier to stick to your plan that way!

  7. Yes, sprints! Glad you are seeing and FEELING the benefits. Definitely better for your body in the long run then long cardio sessions. You look right on track so keeping trusting the process! Can't wait to see how you transform even more over the next 8 weeks! YOU CAN DO IT! It's been two years since I competed but, man, I love it and I love watching other people reach their goal and step on stage!

  8. To be honest-it's great to see some "real life moments" during your prep. One of the things that discourages me the most from competing is the rigidness of eating. I don't want to live a completely separate life for that long! I know prep is short lived, but for many of us who won't end up competing-it's nice to see that you can be so fit AND still live life 🙂

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