If turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving main course, then pie must be the traditional Thanksgiving dessert.  I read that pumpkin, apple, sweet potato and pecan are some of the most common varieties eaten at end of the Thanksgiving meal.  I know I’m looking forward to eating some pie next Thursday! My sis-in-law will definitely make a pie or two from scratch, but my parents will have baked some of those frozen ones you find at the grocery store.  I love to enjoy a homemade pie, but I’ve also had some great “buy frozen and bake” pies too.   I think there are three ways to go for pie at Thanksgiving: 1) bake from scratch, 2) buy frozen from the supermarket, or 3) get one premade from a specialty store. From Scratch If you are so inspired to make your own pie, you can read Smitten Kitchen’s Pie Crust 101 and Pie Crust 102 posts. image Smitten Kitchen’s Apple Pie image Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Pudding Pie And here’s a cool tutorial on how to make that gorgeous lattice topping. image image Elsie Marley Frozen One of the best frozen-just-pop-it-into-the-oven-pies I’ve ever tried is the Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish Apple Pie.  This pie is really flaky and has great flavor.  It’s sold in the frozen section of the grocery store and, in my neck of the woods, it always sells out, so if I want it for Thanksgiving, I buy it early.  It takes 60-70 minutes to cook.  image  image Specialty Store In Houston there are some wonderful bakeries and specialty stores who do all the work for you and make delicious pies.  One store in particular is known to have a line an hour long on holiday eves like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I guess if it’s tried and true, it can become a tradition to get in line for one of these pies each year. image Grand Central Bakery image Will you be having pie at your Thanksgiving table?  If so, which kind? P.S.  I am guest posting at Michaela Noelle and Ten June today (Thursday Nov 18).  I shared what Grace means to me with Michaela and our updated Thanksgiving table at Ten June:)  Thanks for having me ladies! 

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  1. Nicolette- what can I say except that I so admire how you've taken control of your family's diet for the sake of the health of the whole family. Good for you mama. And aren't SK's photos gorgeous?!

  2. Megan-

    You had me at pie.


    This is the time of year were being gluten-free is DEPRESSING.

    I could care less about cake and ice cream, but pie?

    That's the deal breaker for me. I waited tables at a pie shoppe in high school…coconut creme, french apple, pecan…sigh…

    I love that you love smitten kitchen as well. Been following her for sometime, *but it's like window shopping on Michigan Avenue for me*…can't eat anything she makes!


  3. So funny as I was just on a website of an amazing bakery near us ordering a pie for a luncheon tomorrow! I love it. I have a confession: never baked a pie in my life. Is that bad??? Excited to see your guest posts!

  4. We have pie every year at thanksgiving, I love pie. I confess I make it from stratch all year long so my family is spoiled on pie. But I think if we didn't have it at thanksgivng they would still strike. We will have apple, pumpkin and a pumpkin layered cheesecake. Along with a pumpkin roll. We like pumpkin around here. 🙂

  5. Used to make them from scratch, but have found alternatives that are just as yummy and less time consuming. Too funny…my parents pick the frozen all the time too! (mom can't cook) My sil is bringing Pumpkin and Apple this year. We've found that our local Costco makes the best pies! They are super yummy, fresh, and huge!!

  6. I'll be making my first pumpkin pie from scratch this year and I can't wait! I've also gathered some other pumpkin recipes from Martha Stewart that I plan on making as well and can't wait to taste test them all 🙂

  7. I must admit I've never make a pie from scratch before, but I'm tempted to try. My favorite pie is apple, so that's probably what I'd make. And I did see that SK is coming out with a cookbook- she has some great baby recipes on her site too.

  8. Don't you just love Smitten Kitchen?? and I just found out they are coming out with a cookbook, I can't wait! The chocolate pie you posted looks great. I am not a huge fan of pympkin or peacan pie but that chocloate pie would make me very happy!

  9. Mmmmm…..PIIIIIIE. My mom is bringing pumpkin, of course, and I always make Banoffee Pie (banana toffee pie with graham cracker crust). It's my favorite pie EVAH, and I was introduced to it on a trip to England/Ireland, where you can get it at almost every pub, and you can bet I DID order it at almost every pub. So. Good.


  10. Since I delegated this year, my aunt will be bringing pies (not sure if they will be store bought or not), but this was very disappointing to my dad, so I am guessing one might have to be made as well, at least in the pumpkin variety for him! 🙂

  11. I grew up eating pumpkin and apple pie on Thanksgiving, but we spend the holiday at my in-laws these days and they serve pumpkin and peanut butter pie – neither of which I care for. So I started bringing pecan and apple pie. I might surprise them and do a sweet potato pie this year too.

    PS – my pies are always 100 from scratch.

  12. VIsiting from Ten June…beautiful blog! I'm certainly adding you to my list! Those pies look a.m.a.z.i.n.g too:)

  13. Delish!! I love apple pie 🙂 I've been enjoying reading about all the Thanksgiving traditions everyone has and follows as it's not celebrated here in Australia. Seems like a wonderful occasion to get together with loved ones and enjoy a yummy meal 🙂

  14. This post has made me want a pie buffet in front of me. I LOVE pie. We will absolutely be having pie!!…pumpkin and perhaps a pecan one. I am scared to death for some reason to attempt making my own crust.

    Yum yum yum!! 🙂

  15. I love the Mrs. Smith's apple pies. My mom used to buy those occasionally when I was growing up as a treat for dinners at home. We'll be doing pumpkin pie (my absolute favorite!) this year for Thanksgiving.

  16. I knew I was going to like this post by the title, "PIE" haha. We are doing a Pumpkin Cheesecake requested by the hubby and his sister!

    I'm also going to make some cakeballs in the shape of a Turkey, acorns from mini nilla wafers and hershey kisses, pumpkins from cupcakes and some sweet toasted pecans. OMG I need to stop cuz I'm getting hungry : )


  17. Thanksgiving will be a little different for me this year — Mr. M will be working in Alaska and, unfortunately, I won't be able to go to my parents' house this year … So, I'll be spending it with friends!

    My friend Amy traditionally makes about a bazillion types of cookies for Thanksgiving dessert fare, but I'm planning on bringing at least one pie — Pumpkin — What else?!

    P.S. Nicolette, there are some GREAT recipes and mixes for GF pie crusts out there! Although I don't have Celiac, I have been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance by my allergist and doctor. It's been an adjustment, certainly, but don't let being GF keep you from enjoying your favorite holiday goodies!

  18. I feel like that dog on the Beggin Strips commercial right now….pie,pie,pie,pie! I'm insane for pie. Last spring break we took the kids to Glenrose and there is a pie shop. They make a bunch of pies everyday, then stay open until sold out. We bought 10 pieces of pie and sampled every one!!!!!

    I've never passed up a piece of pumpkin pie around the holidays (duh, it's my bday cake!)…and fruit pies and chocolate pies the rest of the year. I expect you to crank out some serious pies in that kitchen of yours, missy! just sayin

  19. And ps — you've pimped my blog every day this week…where's my mention today?!? how can we maintain our SL status?!

  20. Chocolate + Pie = Pure awesome.

    I Love pie. Especially this time of year. This weekend I will be making my first homemade apple pie of the season. can't wait!

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