Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

The tote bag I’ve been carrying for months is so cute, but too impractical for my current lifestyle- that being a mommy lifestyle.  Since I don’t use a diaper bag anymore, my everyday bag has to double as purse + diaper bag.  The previous tote I was using was too heavy and didn’t have any dividing compartments inside, so the contents kept getting all scrambled and I’d lose my keys, phone, etc.  Not good when you’re juggling holding a baby and all . . . image They had different color combinations that I debated for way too long over, and I almost ended up with the brown bag and red strap, but the gold won out.  They also had brown with an orange strap that was cute, and then black bag and strap. But aside from being super cute, the functionality is what I was after.  Let’s take a closer look! image image image These days, my purse definitely has to serve more functions than just looking nice.  This one seems to be working well so far.  *And can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXT THURSDAY??  To kick of your weekend, head to A Thoughtful Place for a chance to win a $30 gift card to Target!

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  1. Love it and love your Henri reciept pouch. I love Henri…I have a few purses of his. And your purse will have dual function for a long time. At 7 years old I still find I carry a few toys or books now and then in my purse.

  2. This bag is awesome! I have the older version of it (3 or 4 years old now) and it still looks amazing! (And I carry it all.the.time.!) Definitely a great "mom" bag!

  3. Love it! I've always been a smallish purse girl, now I carry two water bottles, snacks, a toy or two and who knows what else on any given day.
    I think a small purse would feel weird now.

  4. Super cute. Having everything right where it needs to be is so important when you are a mama! Good choice :)I miss those little plastic baby books!

  5. Cute bag… I only have one kiddo left to potty train before I can be back to normal sized purses again. I fyou have issues with diapers getting all jumbled, like they do in my purse, there are cute little pouched you can get at target (i can only find them sometimes).

  6. How adorable. Fashion forward and practical! Love that and love Michael Kors! I'm the same way when it comes to school bags. I don't do the whole backpack thing because they've never been comfortable on me. So I love finding big bags that are still cute to hold all my books! Right now I'm loving my Coach bag (found it at an outlet for a great deal)

    PS. your new font is so cute (:

  7. when your a mom, a good purse is essential. This purse is great. I have been loving the messenger style bags lately, it lets me be hands free!

  8. Oh I so need a new bag now! That is super cute. I have been wanting to give up the diaper bag these days too but my James seems to have a talent for getting dirty and needing a change of clothes. A new bag still is a good idea! ha ha

  9. Great choice! I too hated carrying the traditional diaper bag when mine were little, so I was always looking for a great bag with lots of pockets/compartments. Being a mom shouldn't mean giving up your sense of style! Too often we forget that.

  10. Beautiful purse and isn't it so true you need a rather large purse when you are a mom! I actually loved large purses before I had Sterling. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I went on the search for the ultimate purse/diaper bag combo. I ordered a large Gucci Tote that reminds me alot of your MK purse. I am still carrying it 9 months later and still loving it! Next I have my eye on this gorgeous Louis Vuiton, trying to save for it now! You made a great choice and I love the gold!

  11. Love me some Michael Kors…although I am not a mommy yet, I know when I am I will want a stylish looking bag and yours definitely fits the bill!

  12. Hi- I just found your blog through Leah and I am loving it. I'm actually totally gobsmacked by your closet and am hoping to do a feature soon on blogger rooms. Would you mind if I started it off with your closet? It's pretty much the best closet I have ever seen!

  13. Perfect! I wish every bag has a light colored interior and exterior pockets!!

    PS – love the title of this post 😉

  14. A great bag — Classic, which is certainly the way to go! Even though our first little one won't be here until June, I dread the thought of a traditional diaper bag … Any suggestions as to where to get a cute one?

  15. I love a good bag, but I love an organized bag even more!! Which reminds me… I totally need to clean out my purse! haha.

    Happy Weekend!

  16. STUNNING!!!! I have a purse/momma tote too. 🙂 Even with a 3 yr old…you must have a few backup things…just in case.

    Love it. Have a great weekend my dear!!!


  17. cute, cute, cute…and totally 'you.' You'll be able to carry a clutch again someday. I'm not sure when, I still carry a giant purse…but there's no kid stuff in it anymore. Sloan carries her own! 🙂

  18. Awesome Bag! I love it! I also Love, Love, Love your blog! You and baby are absolutely gorgeous and so is your home!

  19. Walked by Michael Kors yesterday in Tyson's Corner (the shop, not the man, ha) and just drooled. Instead of a bag, I dropped $100+ on new bars from Nordstroms…but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?

    LOVE that bag!

  20. Love your blog and LOVE the bag! Please tell me where you found it. I'd love to see it in person. I just had a baby and am looking for a non traditional diaper bag too. I haven't had much luck finding anything that will keep all the necessities organized but this bag looks like it does the trick. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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